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  1. That is awesome,they are clearly enjoying it. I couldn't get mine to stay rainbowy under high light. The lower light they got the better they looked.
  2. Man things are filling in nicely. Do you know how much par your Acan's are getting ?
  3. Wow,this is awesome. Nothing great happens like this in Florida lol. Id love to take the light and ato -___-
  4. Man that stinks about the mushroom,is it glued down or maybe you can take it out ans dip it ?! How are the sps doing with the AquaKnight light ?
  5. Pics or it didn't happen 🧐
  6. I used RSCP salt on my .9 g,2g,7g,2g again never has a bad batch until the last batch of salt I ever bought. Param's were kept high enough with the salt I never had to dose much. Alk was always high though,so when I set up my tank,I will use the regular salt. They say mixing normal red sea and coral pro it can keep alk lower.
  7. I can agree with that. Every single tank of mine has been different with how long it takes before things level out and things settle in and be happy. The 2g was started with live rock from TSA main tank and I somehow waited over a month before I really loaded it up with frags. There is 1,001 ways to run a reef and none of them are 110% right but I feel like a lot of people shock the minimal amount of beneficial bacteria off rip by cramming such small tanks full of stuff and running into issues from day 1 and a system never runs good. That's my opinion of it which is completely different from just about everyone's.
  8. It was awhile,the tank started with just Zoa's and Acan's then after about 3-4 months I tried sps,they took off so I eventually leaned towards all sps. So all in all,a few months. They were also getting blasted with high par,good spectrum and I was using a good salt.
  9. More: Red Robin: Pink Mille Monti: Various Acro's:
  10. When things are stable Acro's will be happy as can be,these are from my 2g cube that ran for about a year with about 22 different Acro's,Mille,Monti's: Sunset Mille: Purple Horrida: PC Rainbow Orange Mille & Blue/Pink Mille: Rainbow Mille: The light I was using:
  11. In a nutshell,yes. You shoukdn't have to rely on too much more.
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