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  1. Reefkid88

    WaterBox 4g SPS Pico

    I used Red Sea Coral Pro salts,but hear the blue bucket was way better. I had a batch of Coral Pro test off the charts for Phosphates,I guess because once every few years with the tides it stirs up sediment which is packed with PO3 and I had one of those buckets. If you want,check out my thread,I believe its my 7g thread and about mid way thru there is all the 2g sps stuff lol. I think you are on the right track,just like I said be patient and everything will be fine !!!
  2. Reefkid88

    WaterBox 4g SPS Pico

    Patience is a huge key with sps in a pico. I had about 30 sps frags in a 2g frag for awhile back in the day and it went well but awhile. Just don't go overboard and try to hard,keep it simple and test and keep everything at the right levels and STABILITY is one of the biggest factors. The slightest changes will be detrimental in a tank this small. The slightest alk,cal,mag or salinity changes will cause chaos REAL QUICK. I would get good test kits ( Red Sea ) is what I used. I would get the Foundations,Colors and good reliable kit for Phosphates,Trites and Trates. Good filtration and random flow is going to be another key thing along with temps. Also,in no way am I trying to talk down whatever knowledge you may have. Just giving you my .2 on my experience. If you have any questions about anything,let me know and I will try and help the best that I can !!!!
  3. The Teenster,awesome awesome awesome work you have managed to accomplish. I'm glad to see nothing happened with all that bad weather you guys were getting up there. Congrats on TOTM too,well deserved buddy.
  4. Reefkid88

    Potter’s SPS (CLEAR MY RACKS!) Sale:

    Wow Harry,awesome prices and even better pieces !!! To everyone who asked,I believe he is in South Florida.
  5. Reefkid88

    Ninja's Fluval Evo 13.5 - New Pics

    That torch though !!! Never disappointed when I come to your threads 😎.
  6. Reefkid88

    Par38 options UK

    I'll just leave this here: http://www.marinereefled.co.uk/par20-fiji-blue/
  7. Reefkid88

    Muffin's 2.5 Pico

    Love the tank,I lived my aquamaxx pico. I love all the shrooms too.
  8. Man Teeny,looking soooooo good !!!
  9. Reefkid88

    Living Room Nano Peninsula

    Oh I'm not back,just checking in !!! Have you thought about scraping some coralline off of some rocks to spur some growth ?
  10. Reefkid88

    Les Bon Tanks Rouler - Space-Time Failures

    I love coming back here and seeing things looking amazing !!!
  11. Reefkid88

    2G Cube [Casa Del Zoa]

    It's definitely been a tough time. But what can you do. I watch a bunch,mainly people from Florida like BlackTipH,Lawson Lindsey,Addictive Fishing,Landshark Fishing. Morning Tide Fishing is AMAZING makes me wanna take off to another country and fish for massive GT's.
  12. Reefkid88

    2G Cube [Casa Del Zoa]

    Yeah ?!?!? You can't go wrong there. I will swing by the thread and check them out. Hah,I know. I'm dying .I have absolutely no hobbies at the moment besides working. No tanks,no more vaping,no fishing in the past 2 months,no nothing. I'm slowly dying inside..
  13. Reefkid88

    Living Room Nano Peninsula

    I leave for a few months,and everything still looks absolutely amazing !!!