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  1. Reefkid88

    KND107 - The Goldilocks of Tanks

    YES !!! I thought you disappeared !! Looking good.
  2. Reefkid88

    Lighting upgrade

    I say another Prime (I see a lot for sale on R2R) ORRR go 4 bulb t5 😎 !!!
  3. Reefkid88

    Rapid LED info

    Have you gone to their site and browsed their stuff ? It's probably just royal blues and neutral and warm whites. Post some pictures of your light,that would give us a little more of an idea of what you have.
  4. Reefkid88

    Changing spectrum on Chinese black box led

    Do you already have the light ? If not take a look at these: https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B07G42FR32/ref=sspa_mw_detail_3?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  5. Reefkid88

    2G Cube [Casa Del Zoa]

    Well my grabdparents treat me as if I'm 12 years old still gave me a $100 gift card so the tank process if moving along a smidge quicker than I thought !!! So I ordered a 12"x12" sheet of black acrylic and then some stuff from @Marine Depot !!!
  6. Reefkid88

    Nano Box Owners Thread

    that is super clean !!!
  7. Reefkid88

    2G Cube [Casa Del Zoa]

    It really is,but its supposedly pumps out like 170-180gph. So,I guess I'm just gonna run a AC30 with some media. Should keep a bit of flow in the filter chamber to keep poo from settling and keep things clean.
  8. Reefkid88

    2G Cube [Casa Del Zoa]

    Thats what I'm saying !!! I was not expecting that at all.
  9. Reefkid88

    2G Cube [Casa Del Zoa]

  10. Reefkid88

    Fly fishing equipment for sale !!!

    $75 plus shipping !!!
  11. Reefkid88

    Pico 4 gallon

    Good lord that has a huge filtration area !!! Man I wil I had the money for this..
  12. Reefkid88

    2G Cube [Casa Del Zoa]

    Has anyone ever had a issue using a gift card on fish-street ? I'm trying to order the Mini X filter but its saying declined,but showing up on my FS account ? On another note,my DC650 will be here tomorrow !!!
  13. Reefkid88

    Les Bon Tanks Rouler - Tank Key

    I'm surw within no time you will have it colored up and then when your colonies grow out,you can sell me frags !!! I call dibs on: Cherry,Red Dragon,WD,Cali Tort and HW