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  1. Harry’s Riddikulus Reefer 350: NEW LIGHT?!

    That PE doe Harold !!!
  2. Nano led light for sale:SOLD.

    Close'er down mods,she's been sold.
  3. Nano led light for sale:SOLD.

    It would do fairly well,I don't think it would have a problem at all. I had it on a 16"10x10 tank and had sps on frag racks on either side of the tank and they stayed colored up and happy. @Travis55
  4. Nano led light for sale:SOLD.

    Yeaj sorry,thats why its only $15 lol.
  5. Nano led light for sale:SOLD.

    Nope,just for purposes of showing it works. But you can get a cheap meanwell driver for about $10.
  6. Nano led light for sale:SOLD.

    Okay,you are aware its just the housing,heatsink and leds ? No power supply or anything.
  7. Definitely a species of Proto-paly under the main coral.
  8. Nano led light for sale:SOLD.

    $50 shipped on the light !!! $15 shipped on the diy all blue light.
  9. looks to be a short tentacle goni maybe ? It looks happy though,maybe keep it where it is,maybe move it down a hair,and it will probably regain a lot of its green color.
  10. Lighting recommendations

    24"x10 (I think ? I would have to measure it tomorrow) x 1.5 maybe ? It's definitely thin width wise compared to other 4 bulb t4's I have seen.
  11. Lighting recommendations

    well if you want t5's let me know, I have a old FNI 4 bulb t5 with a bunch of giesemann,red sea and ati bulbs for like $30 bucks. Perfect for a retro.
  12. Lighting recommendations

    If you're worried about spillage of light,just get some acrylic sheets from HD and cut them at like 2 inches wide and glue or tape them on the ends of the fixture. Other than that you really don't have too many options other than full led or mh. As for heat,a 150w wouldn't over heat that tank,but you know that lol. That's the only thing that sucks about odd shaped tanks,lighting is a pain in the ass.
  13. Lighting recommendations

    SMH.... I would never go led again if they brought back 70w mh. I love my t5's but I keep small tanks so it's just pointless,but I have kept my 7g under t5's numerous times despite the few inches of overhang on each side. I always had the best luck with growth and color. I was never fully happy with leds,honestly.