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  1. Reefkid88

    Les Bon Tanks Rouler - Smourbon

    Hahaha I just cannot with your stories lol they kill me every time. Tank is looking mighty fine though bud,really starting to come into its own and mature.
  2. Reefkid88

    nano dosing containers?

  3. Reefkid88

    How often WC going with no skimmer?

    As long are you aren't going full blown sps,I would say weekly 15-20% water changes. Most creatures are pretty tolerable of params outside of Acro's,for the most part.
  4. Reefkid88

    Zoanthids inhibited by coralline?

    Yeah its more than likely not the algae,Zoa's are...tempermental to say the least,give them a few days. Anything could be making them mad,probably some pesky pods messing with them.
  5. I give credit where its due. Everything you touch or build is absolutely sick,so golf clap for you sir. Simple but easy,I love it.
  6. I absolutely love the new tank and setup. That plumbing is so nice. What light fixture is that ?
  7. Reefkid88

    Muffin's 2.5 Pico

    I may,but I need to get my 5g aio up and running first lol I have changed up what I'm gonna do with it about 20 times already 🤔
  8. Reefkid88

    Muffin's 2.5 Pico

    I know exactly what you mean lol. I don't have a problem with pico tanks,my biggest is 7g amd smallest is 2g but just keeping a like 2g with shrooms would be fun.
  9. Reefkid88

    Muffin's 2.5 Pico

    I have always wanted to keep just shrooms,because of how easy they are but I can never keep them alive. They are just so crazy,and come in sooo many colors. I may have to try a super small pico with just shrooms here soon,that would be fun.
  10. Reefkid88

    Muffin's 2.5 Pico

    Wow,the more and more I see awesome shrooms it makes me live them more !!
  11. Reefkid88

    Muffin's 2.5 Pico

    I totally forgot about this tank !!! You need to do more updates 😄 got any close up shots of anything ?
  12. Reefkid88

    Custom 3up violet ?

    I have used those before (but thank you !!),I am looking for a 3up with 1x 400-410nm,1x 410-420nm,1x 430nm diode. I guess the only option is buying individual diodes and reflowing them myself.
  13. Reefkid88

    Coraltopia - The beginning !

    Thank you bud,I tried to text you a few weeks ago but have like 5 numbers for you lol.
  14. Reefkid88

    Need a new light

    Me personally I have none,but there are a handful of people like @Gourami Swami who has been using it for a good amount of time and there is this gorgeous tank: https://www.advancedaquarist.com/blog/remarkable-floating-nano-reef Par readings:
  15. Reefkid88

    Coraltopia - The beginning !

    So since the tank will be ran as a penn style tank,I decided to spray the section of the tank everyone will see..but I'm stupid and sprayed it while it was sitting upright and a lot of paint ran..so I will have to scrape majority of it off and re-spray laying down.