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  1. Anybody local want to buy any rainbow Acan frags with multiple heads ? Smallest frag is 1 head largest is about 20-25 heads,all are super healthy just got washed out from the leds,all were super rainbow under T5's. Will also trade for some nice Z's and P's or put together a pack with everything for a bomb ass price. If anyone is interested let me know and I'll take pictures.
  2. Also will trade some of my rainbow Acan's for a few off the list..
  3. What's going on reefers? Here within the next few weeks I'm going to be looking for some Z's & P's. I'm really looking for local people (Orlando/Sanford),mainly also looking for only single or possibly 2 polyp frags. Not looking to score everything off of this list,but at least a few would be nice lol. Here is a short list of what I'm looking for: Fruit Loops Yellow Hornets Rainbow Hornets Rainbow Incinerators Bam Bam's Vivid Rainbows Mary Jane's Pink Zippers Space Monsters Mamba Jambo Tutti Fruiti Goblin on Fire Let me know what you got !!!!!!
  4. Just out of curiosity did this light ever sell ?
  5. Whew,its been a long 3 weeks for the tank let me tell you. So since I started my new job I haven't really fed the tank and hadn't done a water change in that whole period and with not changing the carbon after dosing Fluco nor putting my skimmer back on the tank it held up surprisingly well. Yesterday I did a 2.5 gallon water change and fed everything and wow,everything looks amazing again. I deep cleaned like crazy,using a old gift card to scrape the algae off the side and back glass panels,even in the corners,picked all the frags clean of the lovely hair and slime type algae I was getting,changed out the old carbon and gfo,cleaned and put the skimmer back on,cleaned my ATO container. Once I get my body used to my schedule I will get back into regular routine and get everything looking good again. I am still going to sell off some frags mainly Acan's and a few Zoa's and limit my stock down some.
  6. Those pink acan's are just too unreal !!
  7. Enjoy the trip man. Im actually demoing (putting new ac units) the Yacht Club down there at the moment lol.
  8. Good lord,that growth and colors look top notch buddy !!!
  9. Okay,thank you !!! So tomorrow I will renew the carbon and throw the skimmer back on. Indread the micro bubbles to come back,it took almost 2 months to get them to go away. Thanks man,I worked for my family for almost 10 years and just the amount of belittlment and how unappreciative they were just got tiring and disgusting. So time for a new journey in life.
  10. Man I wish you would have ran this,I've been dying to know how this performs compared to the MAME and or even the Gnome skimmer. Although I'm sure it works just as well.
  11. Super good price for a killer camera.
  12. How is everyone doing up in here ?! Tanks been put on the back burner for awhile,I had to quit my due to some family issues ( hence why I hate working for family ) but it was ultimately my choice. Thank goodness I know some high up people including my brother n law who works at a HUGE hvac company here in central florida and will start that job next week. All of that aside,the tank still does have a little bit of bryopsis hanging around but tomorrow Im going to do a gallon water change and suck all of that out. I will be posting some of my beloved Acan's to clear some space and thin the heard some. With all of that being said,does anyone know when a good time would be to resume skimming and running carbon again ? I'm starting to get some organic build up on the top of the water.
  13. Awesome new additions !!!
  14. Send em to me,I want the boards !!
  15. Those look like something you would find on Mars or something...