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  1. Looking full and happy Teeny !!!
  2. Let me know how it works,I was talking to a guy in a local store recently and wow,that stuff supposedly did a number on Bryopsis in his tank.
  3. Those can be dimmed via a pot correct ?
  4. Where did you get yours from ? My tank is only a 7 gallon so I'm assuming a 200mg dose would be okay ?
  5. How many doses of the fluconazole did you had to do. I'veen struggling for almost a year with Bryopsis and cannot defeat it...
  6. Hey guys, I need a dimmable driver to power my back up light for my holding tank. Not looking to spend too much. If anyone has a Rapidled Nano driver with pot that would be perfect. Let me know what you have. -Steven.
  7. Deinitely a awesome build,can't wait to see this thing fill in.
  8. Just for supplementing yes,but I would look into the ReefBrite LumiLite on Marinedepot. Also,what size is your tank measurement wise ? They come in 12" and up and a combo of blue and whites (which I believe comes with a dimmer) and all blue for around $50.
  9. Stevesled's has a 6" strip you can customize with all royals for $30,get hisntube heatsink for like $5 and its all plug and play,and just get a driver from rapid for $15 and boom,you're set. No soldering or anything. Steves even has some semiled royals for $1.50 a piece.
  10. I'm just wondering of the colors and how it looks. Figured I'd ask to see if anyone has pics of their tank and or corals under the light.
  11. I saw 2 links for this bulb specifically.. one on Reef Builders and 1 on Reef Central. Nothing really helpful.
  12. Is this a special sprectrum build ? God I hope these don't sell before I get my tax return.. Dob they come with individual power supplies and a dimmer ?
  13. Does anyone own one,and care to share some pics ? Doesn't matter really on the led lay out. I can't really find any reviews,pics or videos of them anywhere.
  14. Does anyone have one who can post some pictures ? I've really been thinking about getting one when I get my tax return but can't find too many pics,videos or reviews about it or how it looks. Thanks, -Steven.
  15. Oh woe,that was super quick !!! That light is going to be amazing !!! Wanna get rid of that kessil ?!