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  1. Manfred

    The Little Blue One (Blue Marine 60)

    Haha I think he is stunning... but about no allergies, it depends if you are allergic for a cats' hair or for his skin scales...
  2. Manfred

    The Little Blue One (Blue Marine 60)

    Actually he is not annoyed... He is just curious what I was doing because I was making strange sounds to get him to look in the camera...
  3. Manfred

    The Little Blue One (Blue Marine 60)

    Here an update.... I changed my skimmer for a Tunze 9001 and it runs perfect..... I also added an Jebao SW2 Powerhead.... and the biggest change is that I added Live Sand from Pink from Red Sea.... I must say starting with Real Reef Rock is pretty boring.... Oh and the first residents of my tank are 2 Trochus Snails !!! Hey thanx ... I am not sure this is the right forum to place pictures of my cats but her is one!!
  4. Nice tank, and nice Rockwork.... I am gonna subscrib to your tread, because I think, your tank is gonna be amazing...!
  5. Manfred

    The Little Blue One (Blue Marine 60)

    Thanx ..... I do have a list in my mind, but I a am not totally sure yet. Anyway I like to stock it with colorfull species, as much as possible, which are not too difficult to keep: Fish: Green Clown Goby Griessingei Goby Neon Blue Goby Clown Fish ??? Invertebrates: Fan Worms Tridacna Maxima (after all its namesake of our Queen) Acans/ Ricordea
  6. Manfred

    The Little Blue One (Blue Marine 60)

    Cycling in with real reef rock is less fun, compared to live rock... I hope its worth the benefits....
  7. Manfred

    Minimal ADA 60P "low tech" setup

    Nice rockwork...!!
  8. Manfred

    Mac's Fluval 13.5

    Nice set up good luck with the cycling....!
  9. Hey There, I am Manfred and live in the Netherlands, so first let me exuse me for my bad English. Together with my three dogs and five cats (breeding sphynx cats is another great hobby of mine), its pretty crowded in my home, but I figured that there was still room left for a small nano reef... I started up a Blue Marine 60 (almost sixty gallons). I have used natural seawater, with real reef rock and added biodigest. The BL comes with the following equipment: Pump: Blue Marine Reefpower 600 / pompcapaciteit 660 l/hSkimmer: Blue Marine Skim 130Lighting: Nano LED 11Heating: Fluval Edge comes apartFuture changes:- change the Blue Marine Reefpower 600 for a pump with some more power because there is a thin film on the surface in the compartment where the pump is situated.- The skimmer, makes you wanna say bad language haha, so I will change this for a Mame skimmer or a Reef Glass Skimmer. Not sure yet which one to chose. - Adding a Jecod 2SW wavemaker- Lighting a AI Prime HD or a AI Hydra 26 (Ik think the AI Hydra 26, in case I may go bigger in future ), - In the first compartment I want to place a Media Rack. I have seen some nice onces from InTank, but they don't have the right size for me. The compartment is just about 6,5 x 9 cm (sorry I am not used to inches). I guess I have to made one my self, sais somebody with two left hands. - ATO: Tunze Osmolater 3152. Like I already said I started with natural seawater, real reef rock and some Biodigest, so the starting cycle may take a while. It gives me the opportunity to think about, which live stock is going to live in the Little Blue One.