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William's Red Sea Reefer Nano - The Final Countdown


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After taking a year off from the hobby when I moved from Houston to NYC in June 2015, I have decided to get back into the hobby with a mixed reef tank. Started July 10th 2016

Aquarium specifications:

  • Aquarium: Red Sea Reefer Nano White (28 gal total water volume)
  • Sump: stock, no modifications so far
  • Return: Waveline DC2500
  • Skimmer: Aquamaxx WS-1
  • Waterflow: (2) MP10 wES
  • Heater: 100w Cobalt Neotherm
  • Controller: Apex Lite with WXM
  • Light: Nanobox Duo Plus M on SPS preset 
  • Dosing pump: Jaebo DP-4 for 2 part, brightwell amino 
  • Auto-top off: DIY auto top off with aqualifter, IKEA vase as container
  • Sand: special grade arag-alive
  • Rock: 15 LB KP aquatics uncured Caribbean live rock
  • Salt: brightwell neomarine 
  • UV Sterilizer: green machine 36W run 6 hours a day
  • Misc:
    • DIY CO2 scrubber (skimmer air intake)
    • Artfully Acrylic screen top
  • NO3/PO4 removal:
    • Aquamax biopellets 
    • Marinepure Plate
    • Miracle mud in stock ATO, running as a fuge
    • Activated carbon, 2 Tbs in media bag changed monthly
    • Water change, 5 gal monthly 
  • Additives/Food:
    • Red Sea 2 part CA and ALK (via dosing pump, titrated as needed)
    • Acropower, 3ml every day (BRS doser)
    • BWA Lugols iodine, 1 drop per week, unless my gorgonians look upset then I add an extra 
    • BWA Microbacter-7, 5-10ml monthly 


  • Fish:
  • Male Red Bandtail Waspfish, Paracentropogon zonatus
  • Flurry Clownfish, Amphiprion ocellaris
  • Algae Blenny
  • Flame angel 
  • Longnose Hawkfish
  • Aptasia Eating Filefish
  • Golden Dwarf Moray Eel


  • Inverts:
  • Rock anemone(s), Epicystis crucifer (varied colors)
  • Mini-maxi Carpet anemone(s), Stichodactyla tapetum
  • Various tunicates (came with rock)
  • Various encrusting sponges (came with rock)
  • Various tube worms (came with rock)
  • CUC (various hermit crabs and snails
  • Emerald crab x6
  • Curlique sea anemone, Bartholomew annular (came with rock) - trying to kill 
  • Red brittle starfish
  • Red Snapping Shrimp "Satan" 


  • Coral:
  • Purple Sea whip (2), Pterogorgia anceps
  • Green Slimmer, Acropora yongei
  • Neon orange Montiopora setosa
  • Neon pink Cyphestria. sp
  • Green Duncan coral ,Duncanopsammia axifuga
  • Neon green clove polyps, Clavularia sp
  • Birds nest coral, Seriatopora hystrix
  • Tan Candelabra gorgonian, Eunicea sp
  • Purple plume gorgonian, Pseudopterogorgia bipinnata
  • Assorted Ricordia florida
  • Assorted Zoanthus. sp
  • Nuclear green Palythoa. sp
  • Pink Goniopora. sp
  • Corky sea finger - Briareum asbestinum
  • Spiny Orange Sea Rod - Murices elongata
  • Lime green warty corallimorph - Discosoma sanctithomae
  • Blue Ricordia florida
  • Fluorescent green Zoanthid
  • Lime green Ricordia florida
  • Assorted leather corals 






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Awesome tank choice! I'd say go for 170.

Also check out Manhattan Aquariums on 37th st. They have or can order the tank you want for regular price.

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Thanks, I'll have to take a look, now just to decide if I want the Black or White stand?....


Thanks, I'll have to take a look, now just to decide if I want the Black or White stand?....

I know. I kind of prefer the white myself; but the fact they made it more money with no justifications makes me just want the black one. I would prefer to not contribute to their unjustified increase in margins.

At least lie to me and say the white paint cleans easier or shines more.

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I have Reefer 170 on order. It is supposed to arrive Friday. I have been researching skimmers as well.


Seaside Aquatics ES5

Simplicity 120 DC

Ice Cap K2 120


This will be my first skimmer. Seems like everyone has favorites and war stories!

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So after doing some reading, my Tunze 9004 will not work in my sump, so I will need a new skimmer.



- Reef Octopus classic 110 $229

- Skimz SN 123 $199

- Ice Cap K2 50, or 120 $120/&279


Wondering if any of you have any recommendations ?



Also, I received my Jaebo doser today, looks solid, but is really lacking in instructions....

Get the unofficial guide for the jebao it's much easier. Great doser

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Icecap K2-50 Skimmer is in, it is comically small, but seems very well built and very solid. It will be a while before I get it wet though

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  • 1 month later...

Finally placed the order for a White Nano, if BRS is accurate, it should be here in 3 days


Hahahah you gave in and paid the man for white!

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Hahahah you gave in and paid the man for white!

Had one of my friends who is an interior designer make the decision ...., he was actually surprised by how nice the tanks look as "most aquariums are very tacky".....


Apparently it will ship out Friday (delivery date unknown)

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  • 2 weeks later...

Update: I have been super busy at work (July 1st is the start of the hospital calendar, lots of new interns/residents), but I was able to assemble most of the stand tonight (everything except the door), and I must say that it is beautiful. Hopefully I will have time to finish it tomorrow and get it into place with a goal of getting it wet by no later

than this saturday.

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Tank and stand are assembled and I think I have the tank in the location I want it (I live in a Manhattan studio, so space is tight). I will need to disassemble everything so that I can get my Alex mounted in the stand and I need to route all of the cords, but this is the general idea.





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I know it's very premature, but I'm already trying to decide on what fish I want to stock (will have a huge effect on how much rock/sand I put in the tank)


A) pike blenny, yellow head jawfish, small scorpion or leaf fish

B.) yellow or red fuzzy dwarf lionfish

C) Fu Manchu lion fish

D) trio of ORA assessors

E) 3-5 cardinals (not sure on the species)

F) Pair of yellow head jawfish and a Red Podge


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i like your unique choice in fish. very cool.



After taking a year break, I want to do something interesting and well thought out. Im leaning toward choices (A,B, or C), and therefore will have to decide if I want to have the ability to keep jawfish in the future or not.

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Side cabinet wired and apex, vortech controller, and other electronics mounted. The Light was mounted, (this Radion is way too big, will need to get something more appropriate in the near futur), and the tank will be leak tested tomorrow.


I actually light the way everything looks, but the "light spill" from the Radion is extreme (which is why I have it in an anterior posterior orientation).



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Tank is now cycling with Dr. Tim's and ammonium chloride


I plan to do a complete cycle of the tank with sand and marinepure blocks before I order my uncured Liverock from KP Aquatics

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Anyone know how long this should take? For the chemical cycle as opposed to a traditional one ...

I have read and watched some videos on YouTube and it seems that it only takes a week or so. My Dr. Tim's One & Only and ammonium chloride will be here on Thursday so I'm excited to get it going as well! Keep us posted on how long it takes you!

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Looking good! what % are you running the lights at? if you have not used the radions before check out the preset template called AB+ it works well.

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