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  1. Thanks for the well wishes, everyone! I'm taking the day off on Wednesday to get the root canal done so hopefully I can catch up a little bit It's Day 19, only two more days to go! And the test frag is showing real progress now. Even the stubborn little bits of green at the base of the left most polyp are getting discolored. On the other hand, I noticed this frag has been mostly closed up. After taking a macro shot, I can see why I did a peroxide dip and it should be better tomorrow. Can anyone id this? I'm not sure if it's bits of algae growing on the skin of the zoas...it almost looks like zoa spiders if I squint my eyes and ignore the fact that they don't move. I still don't have a pest eater in the tank, hopefully I'll find something this weekend.
  2. Looks great, I'm really impressed how well the chemiclean worked!
  3. Sorry I've been missing in action lately...last week I had an abscessed tooth that turned into a bone infection, and I missed almost the whole week at work. Then just as that seemed to be getting better, I got some kind of creeping crud cold/flu that knocked me out completely all weekend. I'm finally feeling better and hopefully by tomorrow night I can start catching back up on N-R. I've fallen behind on tank maintenance, none of the tanks have had a water change in two weeks. But since this tank can't have a water change until the 21 day Fluco treatment is done, that doesn't matter too much. Running the skimmer without the cup is driving me crazy though. If I keep it turned up enough to keep the water foaming freely out the top, I get salt spray crusted all over everything in the inside of the cabinet. If I turn it down low just to keep the water aerated, it actively skims crap out of the water and it accumulates on the lip of the skimmer. I suppose I shouldn't complain that the skimmer works great, but still The new fish are doing fine, Hank the Hawkfish loves brine shrimp and little bits of other frozen food, but I haven't seen him go after pellets yet. The Lorax (Starry Blenny) grumps around under the rocks, and comes out to survey his domain every once in a while. The algae treatment seems to be progressing along, with hardly any traces of gha left. Since I added the new rocks, I've got diatoms everywhere, and I've also got the usual filmy brown algae growing on everything. All part of the Ugly New Tank Syndrome which I'm perversely glad to see at last now that the gha seems to be under control. I tried to keep up on the daily progress pictures but missed a few days over the weekend. First, a few that I didn't get posted last week: Day 14 (Round 2): Day 15 (Round 2): And here's today, which is Day 18 (Round 2). You can see that there are just a few tiny traces of macro algae left, and nearly all the film algae is gone now. There's something slimy/shiny where the film algae was, though. Not sure if that's a snail trail from somebody eating the algae, or what. But I do know the frag plug was completely turned around today, so something was definitely working on the frag.
  4. Vibrant worked great in my FW tank for nuisance algae.
  5. I don't care what sex he is because he's my fish and I say he's a boy
  6. I think I've got it maxed out at about 50%. It always depend on how many rocks and corals are in there to slow down the flow.
  7. Thanks! The Starry Blenny is getting less shy now, he's been swimming all over the rocks instead of just staying underneath them. When I got home today I got a quick cell phone shot of him. I've decided Greta is not a good name, after. So meet The Lorax
  8. Yep! So far he really likes the front left corner of the tank and he's out all the time. Lol, thanks!
  9. Nope, it was totally blah and non-holiday-specific. But my 10 year old daughter's friend said the sandwich I made for her was "the bomb" so I'm going to ride that one for at least a couple years
  10. I had a grilled cheese sandwich. But I dressed it up with a slice of ham!
  11. Yeah, it's a two seater. I got it used from a local reefer, but it didn't include a skimmer so I don't use it much.
  12. I can make it, on the way!
  13. I love chicken parmesan
  14. 30Q

    First he makes us all sad by winning the tank, now he makes us all sad by withholding updates
  15. That's the nice thing about keeping monticaps, I always have half a dozen little frags that I keep around to just to monitor water quality or to see how a change in the tank is going.