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  1. teenyreef

    Reef Glass Skimmer vs Algae Reactor?

    I used the Pico Skimmer, not the Reef Glass, but yeah, I found replacing air stones and scrubbing out the skimmer every month or two to be a drag after a while. The Eshoppes Nano I have now skims much better and I only clean it a couple times a year. I've never had much luck getting enough chaeto to grow in the back chamber of the IM10 to do any meaningful nutrient export. And as @Cannedfish noted, the extra aeration from the skimmer is a nice bonus. I also think a skimmer provides a nice safety net in case something goes out of whack with nutrients. Personally I'd run both a skimmer and a refugium if I could but there's no room for both in an IM10.
  2. Yeah, I've definitely outgrown this one!
  3. After I took these pictures, I realized the yellow wrasse was missing...he ended up in the back chamber. At first I thought it would be fairly easy to get him out because he was in the second chamber and there's not much in there. So I turned off the pumps, which raises the water level in the back chambers above the dividers, by the way. As soon as he saw the net he swam over into the third (pump) chamber and headed straight for the bottom. For a while I thought I was going to have to take out the pump AGAIN. Fortunately he eventually came back up and I was able to get him to go back into the second chamber. I turned the pumps back on just to force him to stay there and got him out with the net
  4. I've been terrible about updates after being out of town for four weeks in a row, but I have been home on weekends and keeping up on tank maintenance. I'm looking forward to getting back into a normal routine now. Last night I built a new rock for the new frags and placed it near the front in the middle. I like the way it looks but I'm concerned the frags won't get enough light since they're lower down in the tank. On the other hand, they will get some extra light from the reflection off the front glass. I'll have to measure PAR and then just see how they do. I was going to take pictures last night but then I noticed the return pump didn't come on when I turned it back on. Arrgh. I had to take everything apart and out of the back chamber so I could pull the pump apart and clean the deposits that had built up on the impeller magnet. By the time I got it all back together the tank was a cloudy mess. So tonight I got the camera out and took a few pictures including a new FTS and top down for December πŸ™‚ 2018-12-16 IM40 FTS: 2018-12-16 IM40 Top Down:
  5. Thanks @kimberbee! The goody box from Marine Depot came a day early. I've already used the small scraper to get the tricky spots in the 40g and I love it!
  6. I've been hard on the new frags. I put them in the frag tank for a week, and then put them on the sand bed in this tank for another week. Then I made a magnetic frag rock to go on the back wall for them, but the magnets weren't strong enough and it fell down. So last night I built a new rock to go in the front of the tank and reglued them again. Really I'm just glad they're still alive at this point. However, I will say they didn't look a lot like the colors in the vendor pictures even right after I unpacked them. I suspected the pictures were oversaturated, but I ordered them anyway because I know what the frags should look like eventually under the right conditions.
  7. teenyreef

    Les Bon Tanks Rouler

    I actually like the JKR and Fox Flame mounted close together. The colors are complementary. And pretty. And like you said, I'm sure they'll be best buds as they grow up together
  8. teenyreef

    Dueling 80s

    Wow, I'm glad everything's OK after the light disaster. I know people have lost everything when that's happened. Those puppy pics
  9. I've had success with just peeling them off with a scalpel. They're pretty tough, and it might be worth a try if it's a cheap one you're not too worried about anyway.
  10. I'm glad you liked everything! Those battery powered air pumps are a must have in my opinion. I'm looking forward to hearing how that fuge light works!
  11. teenyreef

    T5HO fixture question

    I like my Sunblasters, I got a lot of value for $30 each. They are still going strong after almost a year with the ATI bulbs I started with. I agree with @Tamberav and @ReefGoat - as supplements to my Nanobox, they are great. They have individual reflectors which makes a big difference in the amount of light. No fans but they are single bulb units so they don't get too hot. If I was looking for a T5-only solution, I'd go with something made for reef aquariums, though, ideally a used ATI fixture with high quality ballasts and reflectors. It really does make a huge difference. Having said all that...I've bought my share of cheap lighting options thinking I'd get something half as good for a fifth of the price. There are lower price options in lighting that can be made to work. But I highly advise finding an option that at least a few other people are using and have reported are working well for them. If you're looking at something no one else is using, it's probably for a good reason.
  12. I'm not sure my artwork would be even that good, so it definitely wasn't me.
  13. teenyreef

    Tamberav's IM 25 Lagoon - Added some clams!

    Nice clams! And that's really interesting about the Prazipro, I'd never heard that before. PEA does a nice job. I ordered some corals from them when I first started reefing, and I know they always have good clams.