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  1. Very nice!
  2. Light is sold, but the controller is still available at $70 plus shipping.
  3. Here are a few of the frags on the frag rack. Overall everything is doing well. Some of the frags I glued up into the middle of the tank have browned out a bit. I checked parameters the other day and phosphates had risen from .02 to .11. I use a small amount of GFO in the reactor to avoid dropping phosphates to low or too fast, but the tradeoff is that it doesn't last as long - about three weeks in this case. I think the brown out was due to being moved and put in a new location with different lighting and flow, combined with the rise in phosphates. I put in some fresh phosphate and I'll check again this weekend. But the frags on the frag rack have kept their color pretty well. A few have gotten a little more green, but overall I'm just happy they aren't brown California Tort: Mr. Pacman acro: Blue digi. This is a little piece that broke off the original frag in shipment, which later started to stn in the frag tank. I moved it back here and it's been growing back ever since. A super tough fast growing coral. Neon acro from Cultivated Reef: The next three are nameless acros from AquaSD. Not bad for $10 each
  4. Algae Day 8. Looks the same as yesterday to me
  5. Yeah, and look at his tank!
  6. Turn the lights down low and play some good music
  7. I agree, my golden assessor is always out front and center. Although he never somersaults, I feel ripped off. My Tanaka's hardly ever came out of the rocks, and he wasn't nearly as pretty as my pink streaked wrasse. But he died after just a couple months so he probably was never really normal.
  8. Good luck! Why do you have to sell the reactor?
  9. I think Spectra was channeling RTF
  10. Between my clowns and the CB angel, my yellow watchman goby is by far the smallest fish. But he will eat chunks of food as big as his head that the other won't touch ...and what, pray tell, is coming from LA???
  11. Hmmmmm, I just noticed I'm coming up on 9,000. Which is kind of embarrassing, come to think of it. But for a new tank I'd be willing to post more
  12. I'd go with one hermit in a 10g tank. They will tend to eat your snails as much as they eat your algae, and you can always get more if you need them.
  13. Wait, what? Didn't you just carefully explain in your huge FW tank thread all about how you're not doing a reef tank? Following