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  1. I am just so disappointed to see it's a leak. Arrgh I think it would be cool to see what you do with a 10g desktop - I've always liked everything about my IM10 except not much room in the back for a skimmer. Low maintenance and you can see everything right up close, so it's more like growing a bonsai tree than growing a garden. You can work on getting everything "just right".
  2. What did the Apex problem turn out to be? Can't wait for the new setup!
  3. Thanks - that gives me something to think about, then. Like you, I'll have to figure out some way to mount it without looking too bad
  4. Oh my Don't change a thing And congratulations on your son's graduation! Mine graduates in two weeks, and my daughter just graduated from college last week. Good luck with your mom's move!
  5. It was college graduation...about $80K, and that was in-state tuition
  6. I'm the long-term caretaker for @drgibby's Katropora. It's getting decent PE but like some of my other sticks, it's too greeen. Probably due to high iron content in the tank, someday I need to take things apart to figure out where it's coming from once and for all.
  7. Looks good, Mark - do you think the problem is low nitrates because of the vinegar? Or just chemical warfare from the leather? Also, how are you liking the T5 strip now that you've had it for a little while? I've thought about doing something similar over my IM40 to reduce shadowing from the Wide Quad.
  8. I love that leopard wrasse - and the corals look great! Do you have the potters wrasse in the nano now? I looked in your thread but didn't see anything about it.
  9. I see you are still staying true to your goals, it looks great!
  10. It's gotta be a spill cause having you get out even temporarily is NOT an option
  11. I've missed at least 20 pages but I'm baaaackk! I've been out of town for three weekends in a row and working long hours in between. I went to my daughter's senior art show, then her graduation the next weekend, then a couple days at my parents' house this weekend. Time to start catching up on threads....
  12. Soooooo? Did it get delivered?
  13. I have been terrible about making updates lately! Between my daughter's senior art show one weekend, her graduation the next weekend, lots of work at work, and the usual stuff with the rest of the family, I've barely had time even to feed the fish. I haven't changed the water in almost two weeks, although I did find the time to put in fresh carbon and gfo the other night. I'm looking forward to getting caught up over the three day weekend, and then it will be time for the June FTS! The tank has been pretty stable over the last month - the new acros are all still alive, and although they aren't quite thriving and super colorful yet, I'm happy that things are stable enough to keep them alive. I'm going to slowwwwwly work on decreasing nitrates and phosphates, and hopefully they will color up a bit more.
  14. Thanks, I'm really looking forward to seeing the acans grow out. Thanks, I'm really looking forward to seeing the acans grow out. Thanks, I'm really looking forward to seeing the acans grow out. Thank you!
  15. Thanks, Jack