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  1. Silvertoe's Pico

    Yeah, I pretty much decided it was really a stylo.
  2. Pest on new Zoas?

    That's good information! I have some Aiptasia-X but I never thought to try it on the hair worms. Now I have a new thing to try
  3. Lime Box -Rebirth

    Aha! Now I see
  4. Teenyreef's Teenycookie Jar - It's Wet!

    And here's the official November FJS:
  5. Teenyreef's Teenycookie Jar - It's Wet!

    Lol, good timing! First, just for @spectra, more rock pics Here are the three pieces out of the jar. First piece: Second piece: Third and final piece:
  6. Teenyreef's Teenycookie Jar - It's Wet!

    Mine are glued up into three separate rocks. So at least for now I should be able to take them out. Hopefully I can remember how they go back together when I put them back in. Today will be the first test! I fully expect once the corals start to grow out, I won't be able to take them out anymore, though. Last night, just as a test, I used my Two Little Fishies nanomag to clean the sides of the jar. It worked surprisingly well, the only spots I couldn't clean were where the rocks are right up against the glass. So my long term plan once I can't take the rocks out any more is to siphon off the water after stirring it up, let the detritus settle in the bucket, and pour water back in (minus the detritus) to rinse everything off really well. Then siphon the water back out and put in new water. I think that will get most of the detritus out with each water change.
  7. 2G Cube [Casa Del Zoa]

    Wow, that looks great!
  8. Teenyreef's Deep Blue 30g - November FTS

    I don't think it's my source water, because I have my own RODI with 0 tds and there's no tin in the other two tanks. But there are some reports about the possibility of tin leaching from new-ish PVC pipes, which I do have in this tank for the sump. No PVC pipes in the other tanks, so that could be where it comes from. When I googled about the hair worms, the only critter consistently reported to eat them was the Copperband. Maybe I should just upgrade this tank to a 60 so I can have a Copperband Thanks!
  9. Teenyreef's Teenycookie Jar - It's Wet!

    Ha ha, that would be cool! They fit together like puzzle pieces now buy you can't tell just by looking at them (which is the idea of course).
  10. Pest on new Zoas?

    If they aren't dug in too deep, you can sometimes extract them from the rock with a peroxide dip. Once you think you have them all out, leave the frag sitting in a cup or bowl of tank water for a couple hours to see if any more put out tendrils. You can add a little food to the water to encourage them to feed. That way you can be sure you've got them all. Then just keep a close eye on the frags for the next month to make sure no more appear.
  11. Pest on new Zoas?

    It looks exactly like the hair worms that plague my tanks. Kill it with fire. Seriously, get that frag out of your tank until you can be sure it's gone. I have yet to find anything that will eat them, and because they burrow so deeply into tiny crevices in the rock, dips won't kill them most times. They also will bury themselves in the sand. Here's a picture of a fairly big one that I pulled out of the sand in my tank: The ones I have irritate zoas and make them close, eventually killing them. They also seem to sting acros if given the chance. The best luck I've had in eliminating them in the tank is to inject boiling water into their holes until they let go and can be blown out with a turkey baster. Or if you can take out the rock they're in, you may be able to dig them out with some forceps and bone cutters by breaking open the rock enough to get them out. 100% hydrogen peroxide will kill them, but you have to get the rock out of the tank to use it, and you have to get it right into the hole where they live. Not many people seem to have this kind, most have the spaghetti worm which is harmless and considered a good thing to have in the tank. Here's a close up of them irritating my zoas before I figured out what was happening, just so you can compare with what yours look like up close: On this page in my tank journal, I collected what little information I've found on the web about them: Good luck, and let me know if you have more questions!
  12. Silvertoe's Pico

    Beautiful tank! I'm glad the organza bags worked out for you Your birdsnest looks like a coral I had in my original 4g pico. It was sold to me as a birdsnest but as it grew it looked more like a stylo. I never could decide which kind it really was because it never got big enough to show the full-sized colony shape. Here's a picture of it:
  13. 2G Cube [Casa Del Zoa]

    Doooooooo itttttttttt! That's a nice looking tank
  14. In other news, I managed to find the time to take some quick FTS and top down shots: 11-19-2017 IM40 FTS: 11-19-2017 IM40 Top Down: