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  1. Well, sort of, I dumped it in the water, so while I was getting the burned out drivers replaced, I had Dave put in the latest puck with the mint LEDs, and he put on a longer gooseneck so I wouldn't keep knocking the light into the water when I change the skimmer cup I want to get a picture of all three shelties together but they won't sit still long enough. So the really cool thing is...when we got Jasper (Sheltie #2 of the current group), some good friends who live five minutes away adopted Jasper's sister Daisy. And we get them together for play dates every once in a while. Now that we've adopted Murphy, the same friends have adopted Murphy's brother! So we're going to have a whole play group now. My daughter is coming home for a visit along with her dog Presley this weekend. I'm hoping we can get all six dogs together then. For five minutes. Then I'm done!
  2. That's awesome! I'll be following along to see how he does!
  3. That's funny, we must have caught up on each other's thread at the exact same time
  4. Congratulations on your graduation, Yoshii! I love your graduation cap, although for a second, I thought the picture of the zip lock back with the macros actually was your graduation cap The HI snorkeling pics are fantastic - the snorkeling trip I took once in Hanauma Bay was a lifetime highlight for me. Where did you go? Oh, and although I don't post that often, it's mostly pics of fish and corals and dogs and kids: https://www.instagram.com/johnebswagking
  5. That may be true. I just haven't seen any problems so far with mine
  6. The tank is beautiful, and I love love love Norbert! I was looking for a blue dot puffer when I first decided to get a Toby puffer, but I couldn't find any locally. So when Divers Den started carrying leopard toby puffers, that's how I got my Doug. Norbert is beautiful!
  7. Thanks @stellablue! With the longer gooseneck, I actually ended up placing the light a little closer to the tank than I used to. It's about four inches above the water right now. I know what you mean about being behind. I started catching up on your contest tank thread but I'm still in June, and I haven't even looked at the others yet
  8. I've done it two ways. I've just put gfo in a little media bag by itself, and I've mixed it with carbon. Either way, it works fine, you just have to change it more often and it doesn't work as efficiently as it would in a reactor. Mixing it with carbon helps keep it from clumping, but then you have to change it as often as you change the carbon (every two weeks in my case). In a bag by itself, I can usually get it to last about three weeks. Over the last month or two, I've discontinued gfo and started daily dosing of PhosphateRx (lanthanum). I like it better because I can fine tune the dose to whatever level of phosphates I want, and it's stays pretty stable. With the gfo, it would gradually rise over the three weeks, and then suddenly go back down when I'd change the media.
  9. I agree! Oops, here's another picture, the blue highlights are from the fish tank light I have to confess I haven't done anything special about his teeth I do have lots of snails, and I never see pods so I suspect he eats them before they get big. But I don't feed anything special, just regular frozen food.
  10. We've had shelties now for 27 years. They're great dogs, gentle, playful, smart, loyal, energetic and cute. And as long as they get a reasonable level of training and care, it's fairly easy to control the undesirable sheltie behaviors like excessive barking.
  11. Thanks everyone! We are having so much fun with him Here's a quick video of him playing with his bone, the first night we got him.
  12. I tried it when I first set up the tank. I used the second and third chambers combined in the inTank media basket to hold the chaeto, and I scraped off the black plastic backing on the back of the tank. Then I mounted a home brew fixture with a CFL bulb so that it shone directly through the back of the tank. It didn't work well - the chaeto didn't grow much at all, and since all of the water in the tank was flowing through it, the chaeto caught lots of detritus. Plus, the amount of chaeto in that small section of the basket just didn't seem like it would be enough to make much of a difference. In hindsight, I think part of the problem was that it was a new tank and it was probably too clean to grow chaeto in the first place. Who knows, maybe I'll try it again someday
  13. Speaking of non-tank life adventures...by the way there are new puppy pictures in my 10g thread now! Shameless self-plug
  14. Thanks for the recommendation! I have immense respect for anyone that tries to wade through one of my threads from one end to the other. It's ironic that I wasn't following this thread, but since @Pjanssen mentioned me, I saw it in my notifications so I knew to come here and read the thread. I'd love to read every new thread but I rarely can. Usually I'm in one of three modes: 1. On vacation, reading every new thread, caught up on all the threads I follow. This happens once or twice a year 2. "Normal" mode, which means I barely have time to do water changes, and I'm usually a little slow in responding to comments in my own threads. At most I try to catch up with the threads I follow my liking posts. That way the poster at least know I'm paying attention. 3. "Desired" mode, in which I keep up with, and comment, with the threads that I follow. I'm not picky about threads that I follow, and I follow every thread I ever comment in. Usually I follow a thread because: 1. Somebody that I'm not already following comments in one of my threads. I try to always visit the tank threads of anyone that comments in my threads, I think that's just common courtesy. But it does help a lot if there's a link to the thread in the signature. 2. Because I get mentioned in a thread (like this one). Again, responding is courteous. 3. I follow many of the TOTM threads, and many of the threads that get a lot of posts, but only if I think there's something of interest to me about the thread. But the bar is set pretty low...do I like the tank, do I like the comments, is there interesting equipment/fish/corals/techniques, etc.. 4. If I'm searching for information and that leads me to a thread that's interesting, I'll follow it. 5. Somebody PM's me a with a question. I always ask if they have a tank thread and encourage them to start one. And of course I try to follow and comment. 6. If I see a beginner/new member thread, I try to comment and follow. Unfortunately, I usually only have time for this when I'm in Mode #1 (vacation). If you look at my tank thread for my very first tank, the 4g TOTM tank, I made multiple posts for about a week before anyone ever commented in my thread. I'm always grateful to @tess&ellie for taking the time to give me a little feedback which encouraged me to keep posting. Even so, 90% of the posts in the first month were my own. But there were a couple reefers like @gena, @kylhcky, @cindyp, @ninjamyst, and @DaveFason that commented in that first month. I followed their threads and thanks to their willingness to follow and comment on my tank, I make a special point to keep up with them, just like other old friends like @stellablue and too many others to mention. Btw, @stellablue struggles to keep up sometimes just like me. I can tell when she's caught up in my threads because I get dozens of likes in my notifications My point is that we make friends with each other by reaching out to each other. But we "click" more with some than with others, and of course things change over time. For example, @cindyp is a big-time professional author now and is a little too busy to keep up with N-R. So I guess to that extent, things can be sort of "clique-y", but on the whole I've found N-R to be an amazingly open forum in which the vast majority of members are remarkably willing to take the time to not only answer questions, but to pay attention to what others are doing and offer encouragement. Now that I've preached this sermon, I'm all re-energized to go visit lots of threads and comment! But first I need to respond to the comments in my own thread. Just as soon as I put in the new microwave over the stove that replaces the one that broke yesterday. Oh dear...