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  1. TeenyReef's 10g Fusion - February FTS

    Ha ha, no way! Seriously, though, the new rics are coming this week, so I'll be adding them to the ric garden. But other than that I don't plan on making any more changes other than periodic trimming of the monti caps.
  2. Teenyreef's Teenycookie Jar - January FJS

    Here's a video that shows the bubbles. As usual, I hate the video as the colors are washed out, the focus goes in and out along with the exposure, and it shakes when I move the camera. But hopefully you can get the general idea
  3. Teenyreef's Teenycookie Jar - January FJS

    I'll try! The colors always end up weird when I do videos. Are you mostly interested in the bubbles? There's not much flow, just enough to move the water around.
  4. Mark's Nanobox Powered 40B

    You are living the dream
  5. Sharbuckles Low Boy Lagoon

    This build is going to be awesome! I really like where you're going with this one.
  6. Sharbuckles Low Boy Lagoon

    Yay! Why the new light fixture? Wasn't the one you were going use halides already? And you're going to have a 75g sump for a 50g tank, did I get that right?
  7. The bowl looks great! How are the gobies and shrimp doing?
  8. Mark's Nanobox Powered 40B

    That new light is going to be amazing! Hope the corals agree
  9. Harry’s Riddikulus Reefer 350: Hardcore 'reefin

    Nice! Way to think out of the box
  10. Thanks! I still haven't actually labelled my plugs
  11. I believe that when you tighten the set screw on the white ring, it prevents the body from turning. So once you turn the body to adjust the flow rate just right, you can lock it in place. I just set mine up tonight. So far it's skimming great and I'm impressed. I'm less impressed by the lack of a manual
  12. Mark's 150 (NanoBox Retro)

    I'd expect Kh to be a bit higher than normal with the elevated salinity. Was that level after you got salinity back down? I'm glad you're not shutting it down, it would be like trashing a work of art.
  13. Lol! I have to confess I totally forgot Coral Box had that skimmer when I was looking for other options. But this is the new and improved PLS-50, and it's definitely a lot smaller which is nice in this tank.
  14. Teenyreef's Teenycookie Jar - January FJS

    I took a quick fjs with the cell phone tonight. Surprisingly, the colors from the cell phone are very close to what I see in real life. In real life, the reds are a little brighter and more vivid. The picture is a little darker than real life, but it came straight from the phone, so I'm pretty impressed by how it turned out.
  15. Teenyreef's Teenycookie Jar - January FJS

    When I was it at the LFS, I just knew it had to go in the jar. I have never seen one like it before. Hopefully it will keep its colors!