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  1. Thanks! I'm following your build with great interest, it's nice and clean but nicely customized. Haha thanks! Dooo ittttt!
  2. Nice build! Thanks for posting so many details on the mods to the T5 fixture. I've looked at the fixture for a future build but I was worried about how it would hold up in a SW envirnoment. Any concerns now that you've seen it up close and had it all apart? This could be a nice DIY project for many different LED retrofits.
  3. Thank you! Thanks Dawn! Hope you and the ponies are well, I just haven't had time to keep up on everything.
  4. This is one of my favorite tanks. Even when it was ugly 🙂 Now it looks beautiful. It's going to be really special when it's grown out.
  5. You do realize this isn't exactly encouraging me to try a clam
  6. Those are some old fashioned long skirts!
  7. Looking just absolutely incredible! I love the clam...dang it you've really got me thinking about it 😄
  8. Lol, it's only about the size of a pea 😄
  9. One significant difference for me, beside the "no cord in the tank" look, is that it's so easy to remove the wet side of the MP10 for cleaning. I can take it over to the sink and scrub away with brushes or leave it sitting in vinegar overnight. To do the same with most "cord in the tank" pumps, I have to unplug the cord from somewhere deep inside Darkest Undertank and get it untangled from everything else and pull it back out through whatever ridiculously tight holes it's routed through. And then do it all over again to plug it back in again. I just end of cleaning my KPS right next to the tank in a little bowl. And I always get stuff splashed on the side of the tank. As a result, I clean my MP10s about once a month or whenever they get too much algae or coralline on them. The KPS gets cleaned about every six months. The Rossmont movers, which are buried in the back corner of the tanks, have never been cleaned in two years
  10. There's a cool little tube worm that's been growing just under the bubblegum montipora for some time now. After lots of trial and error, I finally got a nice picture of it while it was extended.
  11. Thanks - those are pretty much the options I'm considering, even down to specifically using the eshopps 😄 I also thought about lilly pipes. Very pretty and minimalist but a pain in the patootie to clean plus they'll break eventually. I do worry about the possiblity of overflow with an external overflow box. As of now, I'm thinking I'll use frosted glass paint on the back to obscure the plumbing, and drill the tank for the smallest eshopps overflow (Eclipse S), which has a herbie overflow. I did the frosted glass paint on my 30g frag tank and I've been really happy with the look. It doesn't like like it's painted at all, and under bluish light it looks more like there just isn't a back on the tank at all.
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