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  1. teenyreef

    Les Bon Tanks Rouler - Update and Pics

    Ahhhh, work and travel has been crazy and I haven't kept up with any threads at all. But this one is my #1 priority, and it all paid off when I caught up tonight. Well done, sir And am I the only one that's a little scared about House of Chickens, Part 3, the Ultimate Jason?
  2. teenyreef

    Teenycoral Clearance!

    Update: some frags are sold now, I've updated the original post.
  3. teenyreef

    Teenycoral Clearance!

    That's no problem! I'll keep this post updated as they sell. And I may have more frags ready by the end of the summer.
  4. teenyreef

    Teenycoral Clearance!

    I've had many inquiries for pricing for specific pieces and shipping, but so far no one has actually sent any money So if anyone is interested, pretty much everything is still available and growing fast!
  5. Thanks everyone! I feel like my tank really isn't in the same league as some of the absolutely amazing tanks featured in the magazine, but its really cool and a little humbling to see how much influence this little tank has had in our community.
  6. teenyreef

    Congrats to Teenyreef : Reef Hobbyist Featured Tank!

    Thanks everyone! It's really cool to see how the article turned out. And thanks for posting this @DaveFason! @sadie, once you follow the link, click on the magazine cover picture to view the magazine in your browser. The article starts after the first few pages. There's also a button you can click to view the magazine full screen, like in a video player.
  7. Thanks, Dave! Thank you!
  8. Thanks, guys! I hadn't realized the article was out now 🙂
  9. teenyreef

    Teenycoral Clearance!

    Yes, there's plenty left. I have a few pieces that are "spoken for" but not paid yet, though. Sure! Please message me with your address and which frags you'd like, and we can make arrangements.
  10. teenyreef

    Teenycoral Clearance!

    Sorry @RobsNanoLagoon, I missed your post until just now! The big one is $40. But I can't guarantee it won't break in shipping because it's so big and it breaks easily. But if it does break, I'll refund $10, and you get multiple frags. Personally I think that's a win-win
  11. teenyreef

    🔥🔥🔥 Lawnman's Lounge 🔥🔥🔥

    That's a lot of buckets But the 55 gal price is fantastic. I ordered three buckets. Since I don't change water any more I don't need that much anyway. Got some red sea nitrate refill kits too, along with a few other odds and ends. Thanks for telling us about it, Harry!
  12. teenyreef

    Les Bon Tanks Rouler - Update and Pics

    You are so much like me. The quickest way to guarantee that I will buy another expensive coral is for one to die in my tank. Then I compulsively buy the same coral again and again until I get one that lives Good luck with this one!
  13. teenyreef

    Kdrof's Nanobox Adventure

    Thanks for sharing! Nice job 🙂
  14. teenyreef

    Griever's 50G Lagoon Tank - Black Widow BTA?

    Looks great! I just bookmarked your shopping list from 80/20, because I'm getting tired of my light hanging system for my wide quad (a stick of wood screwed into the shelv above the tank ). But hey, at least I stained the stick. And it's dark up there so it's hard to see anyway. But I love the mount you built, it's very clean looking.
  15. teenyreef

    Mark's 150 (NanoBox Retro)

    Calcium takes forever to change significantly, so much harder than alk. I had low calcium in my 40g a month or two ago, for the same reason. It's so easy to put off checking calcium just because it never seems to change when you do it regularly. Next thing you know, it hasn't been tested in six months and it's way off.