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  1. Teenyreef's IM40 Not-So-Teeny Tank - Zoa Pics

    Crush those vermetids like they are the spawn of satan! Because they really are
  2. Teenyreef's IM40 Not-So-Teeny Tank - Zoa Pics

    Thanks, Jackie! Thanks! Yes, I think that's what they are...I got them from ReefGen at our local coral show last year, and I couldn't remember what Laura said they were called. But that's what they look like to me.
  3. TeenyReef's 10g Fusion - GBG's are here!

    The light bracket actually goes on the back of the tank with either bracket. You don't want to put it in the middle baffle because that's thin plastic. I'd recommend contacting @DaveFason for dimensions on the bracket. The one I have is an older style, and I think he's changed it. But I'm sure he would be willing to make the bracket to fit. The trick is to have the thinner half of the bracket on the inside of the tank, with the thicker part, where the screws go through, on the outside. Otherwise, the bracket blocks too much of the inside of the tank and there's not enough room for the skimmer cup. Here's a picture of mine. You can see that if the inside of the mounting bracket was any thicker, there wouldn't be enough room for the skimmer cup. You could work around the problem by mounting the light bracket off center, but I know that would drive me nuts
  4. TeenyReef's 10g Fusion - GBG's are here!

    I probably wouldn't run a skimmer at all, except that I have four or five fish (not sure if both the green banded gobies are still alive, but at least one of them is) plus keeping sps.
  5. Teenyreef's IM40 Not-So-Teeny Tank - Zoa Pics

    Wow, things got super busy at work last week, so I had not time to post because I was pretty much working around the clock. But I caught up on sleep this weekend, and made time to change the water and take a few pictures. Things are going well overall. I'm dosing the ATI Elements, which has taken some adjustment. It's much less concentrated than the Seachem Reef Fusion, so my initial dosing levels were way to low and alk fell by almost a point in a couple days before I realized what was happening. I'm still getting it tuned in...it seems I need to dose about four times as much as I did with Reef Fusion. Of course that explains one thing...I always wondered why I was only dosing a couple ml in this tank when many people with similar tanks were doing closer to 8 or 10 or more. I thought maybe I just had really slow growth I took pictures of almost all the corals to record progress, and I uploaded most of them to Flickr. For here, though, I'm just going to post the ones that are of corals I haven't shown in a while. mostly zoas and palys. Plus maybe a few that turned out really good... Raptors Rainbow palys from Legendary Corals. These have been coloring up well since I put them closer to the middle of the tank: Rastas: These guys have been growing back from literally nothing. I'm still waiting to see what they turn out to be when they get all colored up. These are generic blue zoas I got from KP Aquatics. Or maybe they were the un-named bonus zoas I got from a shipment from Aquascapers, I'm just not sure which. Either way, they never thrived after I got them and almost died out several times. They are finally starting to grow and color up in this tank. I think it's been worth the wait A macro shot of one of the acans that turned out pretty: One of the two heads of my yumas. These are the only yumas I've ever kept. I got them at the local coral show last year, and they barely stayed alive for a long time. For whatever reason, though, they have started to like the conditions in the tank and are starting to grow. Coral Morpholigics Vice zoas from Aquascapers. I'm sure I've posted these frequently before, but I just love how their pictures turn out every time These are either candy apply or whammin watermelon, I can never keep them straight. These particular ones are a really cool morph with little white freckles in them. They only get these when the light is just right. I think these are smoldering cauldron zoas from ReefGen: I was thinking these were searchlights but they don't have the yellow centers. I'll have to look through some old pictures to see what they really are. These are classic purple death palys, but they tend to be more blue than purple. And for some reason in this picture, they turned out even more blue than they look in real life. But the picture was so pretty I just had to post it anyway
  6. TeenyReef's 10g Fusion - GBG's are here!

    No, I was able to use the skimmer with the old goose neck. But what happened was that I had the light loosely attached, and the distance between the top of the skimmer cup and the gooseneck is less than an inch. When I pulled the skimmer cup out, it was stuck a little bit, and when it popped out, my hand pushed up on the gooseneck, which pulled the bracked off the back of the tank, which left the light...in the water So since I had to send the light back to Dave for repair (he ended up having to replace some of the drivers that burned out when the light shorted in the water), I asked him to put on the longer gooseneck so I'd have more clearance. It's a problem easily avoided by just tightening the screws on the mount, though. So I don't see any reason to go with the longer gooseneck just based on that one experience. Oh, that makes me sad
  7. TeenyReef's 10g Fusion - GBG's are here!

    Here's what the 15" gooseneck looks like on my tank:
  8. The MacGyver Slinky Dream Tank- New Fishy!!

    Doug was shy at first. Leopard Toby puffers like to hide in dark places. So when I first got him, he would snuggle up to the rocks in the back and hold very still. I can't tell you how many times I thought he was gone until I finally found him hiding against the rocks. When there's not much light he blends right in and is almost impossible to see. But now he's out all the time and isn't shy at all. He just goes back to the rocks to sleep or when something startles him. He eats pretty much whatever I feed the tank. I feed mostly frozen, and he prefers small pieces like brine shrimp. I feed an frozen angel food mix that's cut up pretty small and he loves that. He will eat mysis shrimp but not if they're too big.
  9. The MacGyver Slinky Dream Tank- New Fishy!!

    He's a cutie! Doug, my leopard toby puffer, is the star of the show in my 10g tank. He comes over to the corner of the tank closest to me, and floats around like a hummingbird.
  10. TeenyReef's 10g Fusion - GBG's are here!

    I switched to the longer one a few months ago, but after a whole bunch of adjustments, I think the light is exactly where it was with the 9". So I agree that's the way to go It ends up being just short of the middle of the tank with the 9".
  11. 🔥🔥🔥 Lawnman's Lounge 🔥🔥🔥

    Oh man, I'm so sorry, Ben. It was some no-name Chinese knockoff pump. I didn't use mine, as I ended up drilling a return hole up high and running a regular pump with a tube and elbow through the hole.
  12. Innovative Marine 10 Gallon NUVO Fusion

    I just saw this post - I think everybody else pretty much covered the problems I had with the fuge in my IM10. I didn't even try using the second chamber, I just used one of the InTank media basket sections, which meant I was basically growing a tiny piece of chaeto. It didn't grow, it just caught debris like a big piece of filter floss. In the second chamber you'd have problems keeping it from breaking pieces off into the main display, as some others have found. And the bottom line is there just isn't enough room even in the second chamber to grow enough of it to make any difference. The InTank media basket is definitely worth the cost, especially over the cost of the IM media basket. The build quality is much better and it fits perfectly. You can change the floss on top without removing the basket at all, and it's really quick and easy to pull the basket part way out, slide up the door, and replace carbon or gfo without completely removing the basket. You can just pile the floss on top of the carbon, but the floss tends to not cover the whole space then, and you get a lot more debris clogging up the carbon. Honestly, I had the same questions when I first started, and tried a lot of the same things. I encourage you to try some things out and see what works for you. When I first started I thought it was crazy to spend that kind of money on a plastic box that hold floss and little bags of carbon. Of course, I also thought it was crazy to spend the kind of money it takes for good lighting, too. But I've found that when there are products that are popular in spite of their relatively high expense, it's actually because a lot of people have learned through experience that it's really worth the money. We reefers are mostly a bunch of tightwads, since we want to save as much money as possible to spend on MOAR CORALZ, so when we open our wallets for these things it's really because we're convinced it's a good idea Good luck!
  13. The METROpolitan: Kat's New Journey

    I'm not a natural cat person, but oh my
  14. TeenyReef's 10g Fusion - GBG's are here!

    Doug the First came from Divers Den. Unfortunately he jumped out of the tank when I had the lid off and didn't survive the fall. So I ordered Doug the Second from Live Aquaria. He is just as colorful as the one from Divers Den. So from my experience, either way should be fine. When I got Doug the First, I subscribed to the daily update email from DD, and it took a couple months before they got one in. Thanks! And welcome to N-R!
  15. 🔥🔥🔥 Lawnman's Lounge 🔥🔥🔥

    Jack wins the internet tonight