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  1. William

    William's Red Sea Reefer Nano

    It’s eating well, a much more aggressive eater than my waspfish, but I would say that it hides more.
  2. William

    William's Red Sea Reefer Nano

    Slightly better photos, after I cleaned the aquarium.
  3. William

    William's Red Sea Reefer Nano

    I received a notification from an online retailer that a fish I have wanted for two years was in stock, so I went ahead and pulled the trigger. He/she arrived yesterday and is already eating today. Yellow Spotted scorpionfish Sebastapistes cyanostigm All of my other fish are doing well. My acros are not happy, for some reason my calcium is always above 600, with two different test kits. I have completely stopped dosing it, and I have done 5, 20% water changes over the last 6 weeks.... not sure what’s going on?..... also im pretty’s sure I still have a polyclad flat worm in my aquarium as I continue to have snails disappearing.
  4. William

    Copedog's ADA 60P - First Reef

    What does it look like on the bottom
  5. William

    Protein Skimmer Upgrade on a 25g

    I have the insump version of the same skimmer and love it, highly recommend
  6. William

    William's Red Sea Reefer Nano

    My reef has been on cruise control and with the exception of a week with calcium above 600 (my acros were not happy), everything is doing well. Most recently I have finally set up my little desktop freshwater planted aquarium. It is an Ultum Nature Systems 3N: Current inhabitants: assortrs plant pack from bucce plants 1 Amano shrimp 2otocynclus catfish 5 red tetras 1 Germán blue ram 1 Nerite snail
  7. William

    Duo Plus M and 15" goosneck possibly too long?

    I am having a somewhat similar problem of my RSR nano, I can get it to stay at 4-5, but it looks weird
  8. William

    William's Red Sea Reefer Nano

    I got it from live aquaria divers den. From what I have read they stay under 3-4” and so far he/she has been a model citizen, eating well and not touching any of the coral/inverts.
  9. William

    Brian's Red Sea Reefer 170

    Go with the vortech
  10. William

    William's Red Sea Reefer Nano

    It’s not a puffer, it’s a filefish that mimics a puffer, and about 3”
  11. William

    📣 Let's Build A Library: A Call For Writers! ✍️

    I’m sure @DaveFason would be able to chime in about LEDs...😃
  12. William

    📣 Let's Build A Library: A Call For Writers! ✍️

    I’ll write the reef safe article
  13. William

    Ummm what is this

    It looks somewhat like a square lobster .... but it’s really hard to tell.. where do you get your live rock from? Actually, which side is it’s head? It may be an isopod morning
  14. William

    Ummm what is this

    Hard to tell by the pic, but I would certainly remove it and try to take a better picture