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  1. mine eat pieces of the mysis and the brine I use are enriched.
  2. Mine only eat frozen brine/mysis/LRF
  3. I got mine from divers den
  4. You need to find a male, their behavior together is really cool, especially at night
  5. You should try a Red Bandtail Waspfish, super colorful and tons of personality
  6. depending on your decor, the large vases at Ikea hold about 6 gal
  7. Yea I have a mated pair, they are really great with a ton of personality. I feed it frozen PE mysis, LRF nano, and frozen brine shrimp. they both are very active hunters when there is food in the aquarium.
  8. here are some random unedited pictures from my iPhone 7. Apologies for the dirty aquarium.
  9. I have had both skimmers (and still do) and the WS-1 is by far superior
  10. it has been great so far and I have a heavy bio load
  11. in some good news, my two waspish are showing a ton of courtship behavior and share the same den now
  12. RIP one eye'd filefish... not totally sure why....