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  1. Hanna Makes Testing Fun, Fast, & Easy!

    Iodine would be nice
  2. 3 Foot Long Nano - Nanobox Lids

    His coral are probably doing a good bit of the bacterial removal...
  3. Deeper Well - An Acquasole 60

    Looks amazing
  4. Red Sea coral pro resevior

    I know a large number of people do automated daily water changes, so I know it can be done
  5. SPS/ACRO Growout Contest, REBOOT!

    I could be in
  6. Red Sea coral pro resevior

    How are you storing the salt at -67F?
  7. In the 18 years I have been doing this I have never seen a black cardinal like that.... where did you get it ?
  8. William's Red Sea Reefer Nano

    Someone likes to hide 😂
  9. Looking for better water movement

    What model do you have
  10. I want to replace my Jaebo powerhead in my RSR nano, as I feel it has gotten weaker over time. It currently sits in the left alcove on the back of my tank, with my MP10WES in the right alcove, which I control with a wxm module on my apex. The two replacements I’m looking at are: additinal MP10w set to contersync the one I currently have or the new Icecap gyre 1k the gyre is is less than half of the price of a new MP10, so I’m seriously considering it... thoughts?
  11. Aquarium Depot

    I had an order where I had two DOAs and they sent me the wrong fish, had a really hard time getting them to respond and in the end just gave up on recouping my money. But this was back in 2014
  12. Aquarium Depot

    I have it ordered from them since they were Reefs2go. I had 5 wonderful orders from them and one bad one. The customer service response to the bad one is why I haven’t gone back. Though, If they happened to have something I was looking for, I would prob give them another chance...
  13. Steph's 13.5 Invert Haven

    Use fluconazole, it interferes with Byropsis cell membranes. Can be found commercially as “reef flux.” There have not been any documented negative effects to other inhabitants, to my knowledge.
  14. White Box MP10 For Sale

  15. Living Room Nano Peninsula

    I love the carpet .... have always wanted to have a tank with one ...