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  1. So far I have dosed vibrant and MB7, this tank is at my friends apt which makes treatment more difficult (he travels for work). I’m going to set up NO3 on a doser and start up a auto fish feeder. I’ll likely pull the biopellet reactor off line and run extra carbon
  2. I’m thinking that I may start dosing nitrate
  3. What method did you use, nitrate is 0 right now.
  4. This is in my friends aquarium.
  5. Not really.... and to be honest, it wouldn’t surprise me..... I thought nothing ate brittle stars ...
  6. Just caught my aptasia eating filefish eating my brittle starfish ....☹️
  7. He is still having some algae problems but is doing well otherwise
  8. I had one of those ..... I didn’t think that they ate euphyllia, just snails, clams, etc
  9. Some updates: my waspfish has gone missing 😕. I have had him for almost three years so it could be old age or the snapping shrimp could have gotten him. My aptasia eating filefish has grown a taste for rock flower anemones ... (I’m so happy 😡) and I finally tested my water and my calcium has been staying at around 300 for the last 3 months... (was using an expired test kit before).
  10. Tank has been set up for about a month now, sorry for the haze, he is having a bit of micro bubbles
  11. This is not true, they will eat any fish or shrimp that can fit in their mouth, but they will not eat starfish, urchins, snails, and most crabs. When well fed they are much less likely to eat tank mates as well.
  12. I have, what size aquarium do you have? What do you plan to keep with them? What shrimp (if any) do you have or plan to have? What is your filtration situation ?