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  1. I may go depending on how difficult getting there from Manhattan is
  2. Do you think it is a bad idea to dose if not actively testing for it?
  3. Yes that is the outflow, make sure it is not occluded
  4. Also, how do I make this into a poll
  5. So with June on the horizon, I get to replenish my quarterly aquarium stipend 😁 (Covers elective purchases). I am wondering which direction I should try to take my aquarium. Vastly increase the number and variety of gorgonia and ricordia, maybe add a sponge, pearly jawfish, and a sailfin blend, AKA a KPAquatic order add 5-10 Rock flower anemones, AKA a VIP order add some various LPS, SPS, and leathers, and maybe a fu Manchu lion or a Midas blennyAKA a live aquaria order let me know what you think
  6. I would increase your pO2 if you are getting a lot of cyano, you may even want to consider on of the various air stone driven skimmers available.
  7. So I live in NYC (UES) and do not have a car and therefore it is fairly difficult for me to visit most of the LFS in my area, as most are not in the city proper. I have to rent a car next week for a few days for an unrelated issue and I was wondering if anyone has any LFS they would recommend that I check out in the NYC area. so far I have only been to Manhattan Aquariums. thanks William
  8. should be ok, remember some starfish can be cut in half and still survive (I don't recommend this)
  9. My KPA Red Snapping shrimp has made himself one ugly house...... he has somehow managed to use some sort of sponge as a glue to glue together all sorts of different shells and sand, including a feather duster. I need to see if I can get a razor blade back in there to clean up the glass a bit. Still, it is incredibly fascinating how he is able to use the sponge like this.
  10. can you buy them stateside?
  11. The pike blenny from KPA is a cool fish and would go well with the barnacle blennies
  12. Add me to the list as well please