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  1. Duo Plus M and 15" goosneck possibly too long?

    I am having a somewhat similar problem of my RSR nano, I can get it to stay at 4-5, but it looks weird
  2. William's Red Sea Reefer Nano

    I got it from live aquaria divers den. From what I have read they stay under 3-4” and so far he/she has been a model citizen, eating well and not touching any of the coral/inverts.
  3. Brian's Red Sea Reefer 170

    Go with the vortech
  4. William's Red Sea Reefer Nano

    It’s not a puffer, it’s a filefish that mimics a puffer, and about 3”
  5. 📣 Let's Build A Library: A Call For Writers! ✍️

    I’m sure @DaveFason would be able to chime in about LEDs...😃
  6. 📣 Let's Build A Library: A Call For Writers! ✍️

    I’ll write the reef safe article
  7. Ummm what is this

    It looks somewhat like a square lobster .... but it’s really hard to tell.. where do you get your live rock from? Actually, which side is it’s head? It may be an isopod morning
  8. Ummm what is this

    Hard to tell by the pic, but I would certainly remove it and try to take a better picture
  9. 📣 Let's Build A Library: A Call For Writers! ✍️

    I think one about what the term “reef safe” actually means would be good, since it is used often but can mean very different things. Also one about common or alluring fish/coral/inverts that beginners should avoid.
  10. William's Red Sea Reefer Nano

    Here is a photo of my newest editions, a Fijian Mimic Saddle Puffer, as well as my Long Nose Hawkfish. My brittle star decided to make a surprise venture out during the day, so I took a picture of him as well.
  11. William's Red Sea Reefer Nano

    Everything looks good so far !
  12. William's Red Sea Reefer Nano

    It has been pretty easy for a while now, prob due to increased automation and age. I’ll be sure to post pics of everything on Friday .
  13. William's Red Sea Reefer Nano

    I the near future, I plan to trim most of my gorgonians, Duncan’s, and green palys, so if anyone is interested please let me know.
  14. William's Red Sea Reefer Nano

    I think I may officially be done adding things to my aquarium. I know that I am certainly maxed out on fish and I have limited space left for coral placement.... I trimmed back my corky sea finger and my teal Kenya tree today as well.