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  1. Looking good
  2. Well my orange RFA is missing :-(
  3. I love that gorgonian, did it come in the package? Know the species ?
  4. I think my last fish addition will either be a small "ultra" yellow or red fuzzy dwarf lion or a yellow spot scorpionfish
  5. Kush coral on Facebook and www.live-plants.com
  6. Stripped RFA and branching coralline
  7. A new FTS and a close up of the rock nem
  8. Wow.... I ordered way too much stuff... I think I My nano may be full
  9. I like 1 better
  10. Aquaforrest lol.... and I'm still not sure tbh, the alk mixes way lower than I traditionally have my alk (~8). Prior to buying my box I used Red Sea Coral Pro, with an Alk of 11.
  11. a hammer and chisel and some additional epoxy. I would remove the bottom right portion of the top rock (on the left side of the tank). I would also do the same with the bottom left portion of the bottom rock. this is all assuming it would remain stable
  12. I like it, but I feel you could break up the left side a bit more, it seems very blockish....imo, you may also want to pull it off the back glass.
  13. I do 2ml of NOPOX, 3ml of foundation A and 10Ml of foundation B a day, I use the reef Forrest salt though and alk is around 8