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Found 6 results

  1. Pico Rock Flower Anemone tank

    Hi, this is my journal of a 3-gallon pico reef I set up in December in of 2017. My goal for this tank was to have an easy to maintain, small tank specifically to focus on rock flower anemones and Sexy Shrimp. If anyone has questions on how this tank is set up equipment wise and livestock feel free to ask below, as well as post about any suggestions you have or pictures of your own Sexy Shrimp or Rock Flower Anemones. Stay tuned as I plan to add more RFA's to the tank soon
  2. So I got 10 RFA on 12/1/17 from VIPReef @VIPReef as my birthday gift. My tank has been running and all is well, except that yesterday I found one dead and rotting in my tank, today, another 3 are detached, shrinked and I think dead. I don’t know what to feel anymore. Aside from being expensive and supposedly hardy, in my experience they are not... I don’t want to loose all of them. Please help. My tank has 2 bullethole clowns, 2 cardinals, 1 tail spot blenny, purple fire fish, another goby, with a cleaner shrimp and sexy shrimp. Most in my tank are softies and LPS. Temp: 82 Salinity: 1.026 PH: 7.8 Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 5.0 ppm
  3. Rock Flower Anemone Issue?

    Hey all. So I came in to work this morning where I have a Classroom tank and my Rock Flower had moved and was behind a rock like this? I tried turning it over and it did the same thing a few minutes later. Is it dying? What should I do? Water Params I can't check for another hour when I get a break. Please Help. TIA Update: I moved the RFA, thinking it was maybe just not happy where it was and could not reattach itself because of current. Turned off all pumps for 20 minutes and moved it to another area and it is still not looking happy and it detached itself again. Any other ideas?
  4. I made a post a few days ago in My IM 20g flower flower farm that Something was funky with one of the baby RFA born in the tank.....I realize how rare this would be & how improbable to find in the tank so I'm still not 100% that this is actually what it is.......Anyway.... I think it is a Siamese twin with two heads! I'm about 85-90% sure. I saw a post on another form about an adult green RFA someone bought that would not attach because it had a parasitic twin attached to its foot so a Siamese twin would have to be just as possible. Its soooo small its very hard for me to tell 100% at this point. (if it isn't it's still strange & interesting that they would hold onto each other like that) At first I thought it was just two that were holding onto one another but after very gently trying to get them to separate & watching hem attach & hold on with what looks like the same oddly oval shaped foot I do think this is what I have going on....Even stranger they started out pure white but seem to be developing color at different rates. One has a brown/orange face & the other is whitish. I'm starting this thread to keep track of its development & health to see if it is actually two & if it separates. Its so tiny I'm hoping I don't loose it. I wonder if they will develop different colors & if its male or female or both! I estimate that it is about a week old. The heads are about half the size of one of its siblings from this same batch one is slightly smaller than the other but the foot is about the same size as the others. Ok interesting I found ANOTHER "twin" & this time there is no question what this one is. It is larger about twice the size of this one with both heads the same color two heads one body. One is head a little smaller than the other one. They are the same color & closer together that is why I did not notice before. What genetic oddness is going on in this tank..? Most of my rfa are sourced from different places at different times & none of the adults were born in this tank & there so I don't think its inbreeding. Siamese twin(?) #1 Siamese twin #2
  5. The Reef Bowl turned 100 days old today so what better way to celebrate than by entering a 100 Days of Nanos Contest!! I'll clearly be representing the noobs and am perfectly content having long shot odds at winning any prize. Oh wait, I already won one! Ok, that may be the only one, but I'm fine with that! It will just be nice to have a fish...or not. I have no idea what I'm going to do yet. SeaFurn’s 100 Days of Nanos Contest Tank The Plan This is my first saltwater tank since I was a teenager back in the 80’s and it’s clear that so much has changed since then. As such, I’m a newb again and that’s OK. I’ve joined a great group of people who love love love their reef tanks and are helpful and supportive. So, I invite everyone over these next 100 days (and beyond) to freely advise, comment and help me be successful. The plan is to keep it simple. As simple as it needs to be an no simpler. So simple, a newb could pull it off. But I also want it to be striking. The theme of my contest tank is ROCK FLOWER GARDEN. Inspiration For This Tank Since I started reading threads on NR I’ve been taken with rock flower anemones and thought they were so colorful and awesome that I wanted a tank of them! @FlowerMama@kimberbee @gena among others have/have had some amazing RFAs (and RFA babies!) and have contributed to the obsession and I hope each of them keep their eye on me with this tank! I also love the tank below and its simplicity - yes, it’s freshwater, but with the reef sand it got me thinking how I could do something similar in a reef tank. Here’s a link to the Urban Aquaria page where I found this tank. Unfortunately, nothing more was posted after this. http://www.urbanaquaria.com/2013/03/23-litre-sand-tank.html My vision for the contest tank - ROCK with its top covered with green/neon green star polyps and maybe some rainbow clove polyps (if I can find the right green ones), a GARDEN of amazingly colorful ROCK FLOWER anemones on the sand, some anemone shrimp and/or crabs, and a couple of bright colorful (newb-safe) active fish. Simple. Fingers crossed! Special thanks to @Weetabix7 and @natalia_la_loca for guidance on this so far! Tank: Innovative Marine 14 Gallon NUVO Fusion Peninsula Aquarium 20”x11.8”x13" Lighting: Current USA Orbit Marine Pro LED Filtration: IM stock return pump. (211 GPH) Intank Floss Holder Carbon Planning rubble and cheato in second chamber Live Rock: Marco dried rock from a Premium Aquatics 20g office tank - Thanks @ReefNewby82 Live Sand: CaribSea Special Grade Circulation: Jebao SW-2 (132-660 GPH) Heater: Current - Tetra 50 watt Potential upgrade if needed - Cobalt Aquatics Neo-Therm 75 Watt ATO: None - manual top off for now Controller: Ha! Inhabitants: Fish (Planned): TBD - newb-safe, colorful, active (how can I not do a clown, right?) Inverts (Planned): Rock Flower Anemones Anemone Shrimp Porcelain Anemone Crab Snails Coral (Planned): GSP Clove Polyps - maybe FTS 5/10/17 - A couple of hours after getting the tank wet
  6. Jan 2018 May 2017 September 30 2016 https://vimeo.com/185088022 August 20 2016 August 14 2016 After taking a year off from the hobby when I moved from Houston to NYC in June 2015, I have decided to get back into the hobby with a mixed reef tank. Started July 10th 2016 Aquarium specifications: Aquarium: Red Sea Reefer Nano White (28 gal total water volume) Sump: stock, no modifications so far Return: Waveline DC2500 Skimmer: Aquamaxx WS-1 Waterflow: (2) MP10 wES Heater: 100w Cobalt Neotherm Controller: Apex Lite with WXM, Break out box (have yet to use) Light: Nanobox Duo Plus M on Mixed reef preset Dosing pump: Jaebo DP-4 for 2 part, brightwell amino Auto-top off: DIY auto top off with aqualifter, IKEA vase as container Sand: special grade arag-alive Rock: 15 LB KP aquatics uncured Caribbean live rock Salt: Aquaforest Reef Salt/brightwell neomarine Misc: DIY CO2 scrubber (skimmer air intake) Artfully Acrylic screen top NO3/PO4 removal: Aquamax biopellets Marinepure Plate Miracle mud in stock ATO, running as a fuge Activated carbon, 2 Tbs in media bag changed monthly Water change, 5 gal monthly Additives/Food: Red Sea 2 part CA and ALK (via dosing pump, titrated as needed) Acropower, 3ml every day (BRS doser) BWA Lugols iodine, 1 drop per week, unless my gorgonians look upset then I add an extra BWA Microbacter-7, 5-10ml monthly Livestock- Fish: Male Red Bandtail Waspfish, Paracentropogon zonatus Flurry Clownfish, Amphiprion ocellaris Algae Blenny Flame angel Inverts: Rock anemone(s), Epicystis crucifer (varied colors) Mini-maxi Carpet anemone(s), Stichodactyla tapetum Various tunicates (came with rock) Various encrusting sponges (came with rock) Various tube worms (came with rock) CUC (various hermit crabs and snails Emerald crab x3 Curlique sea anemone, Bartholomew annular (came with rock) - trying to kill Blue porcelain crab (very iridescent blue) Red brittle starfish Red Snapping Shrimp "Satan" Feather duster Coral: Purple Sea whip (2), Pterogorgia anceps Green Slimmer, Acropora yongei Neon orange Montiopora setosa Neon pink Cyphestria. sp Green Duncan coral ,Duncanopsammia axifuga Neon green clove polyps, Clavularia sp Birds nest coral, Seriatopora hystrix Tan Candelabra gorgonian, Eunicea sp Purple plume gorgonian, Pseudopterogorgia bipinnata Assorted Ricordia florida Assorted Zoanthus. sp Nuclear green Palythoa. sp Pink Goniopora. sp Corky sea finger - Briareum asbestinum Spiny Orange Sea Rod - Murices elongata Lime green warty corallimorph - Discosoma sanctithomae Blue Ricordia florida Fluorescent green Zoanthid Lime green Ricordia florida Assorted leather corals