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Daves Shallow SPS 35g


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Well I snapped some cool photos over the past few days. I've been really happy with my tank and just letting it go on cruise control.


My dosing is as followed

1 drop of Lugols every 3 days ( I have noticed huge improvement on my blue's and purple's )

4 drops of MB7

30mL CAL

13mL Alk

5 Gallon weekly H20 changes


The wrasse has added some great movement in the tank and has upped the bio-load. I really want to try out 6-7 Longspine cardinals and let it be.


Anyways here are the pictures. I'm working on getting a new camera for Christmas! Pictures really dont do these chalices justice. I could not snap a good photo of the Icefire but I will try.


This one is for you Adam - NUCS! Their alive


Babys Breath


Pom Pom at night - Notice the aptasia :P


Sand Sifter - I like to keep one only because I have a SSB.



Bubble Gum Monster


Emerald Mummy Eye


Mummy Eye


Dendro - Its eating now, this was just after 1-2 hours from being shipped. Its all the way out now :)


Group Shot




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Hey man. Just getting a chance to check up on the new additions. Man are those great new pieces. Are those the ones for the local growout that you're doing? So what's the deal, people chip in some cash, you grow it out, and then frag and give them away once they get big enough?


Although the Chalice are stunners for sure, that Dendro is AWESOME. I can already see a little baby growing on the side. Did you pick that up from the same person you got the Chalice from?


Glad to see that the Nucs are making a slow but sure comeback for you. Resilient little suckers for sure.


What type of sand sifter star is that? I need to beef up my CUC at some point soon as I'm basically down to 2-3 nassarius and 2 turbo snails. I only had around 8-10 snails total but it seems like every couple of weeks I find another one flipped upside down and cleaned out :)


The shot of the pom pom is great as well....did it come with the nem or did he pick that up from your inside your tank?



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The Pom Pom picked them up from my tank. I have been fighting these damn aptasias for a bit now and I am thinking of trying the nudibranch way.


You think the dendro is cool there wait until I post pictures of it open like it is now :D


I was able to get all of this from the same person on R2R. The local growout is just like you said. Everyone chips in money and when the time comes to frag everyone gets there stuff! I am trying to do it for some micro's from doctor now too. So if anyone wants to chip in.... :)


Anyways I am heading to orlando for a big paintball event next week. So hopefully the time I am gone I'll notice some growth.



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Thanks Blue.


Adam - Also the SS is just a regular one I guess. Cheap and easy. They do eat a ton of the pods though. Give and take



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I have been thinking and thinking.... I am trying to plan on a upgrade. I am looking around spring 2010.


Its not much of a "upgrade", only 10-15 gallons more. Anyways here's what I am thinking...


31x19x17 Rimless, External Overflow

MP20 & MP10 ( I want to use the MP10 as a wave maker )

Eheim 1250

iTech 100

20-30 gallon sump ( I want to make this a BEAST, I may have a mangrove garden so I can breed Bangaii cardinals )

Sunpower Fixture

2 - LED Spotlights focusing on two sections. Chalice and Acan/Micro gardens.

Tunze ATO

15g barrel for ATO

RKL - I want to upgrade to another PC-4, and add the PH probe and salinity probe.

2 - BRS dosers


I want to build the new stand and make it look like a piece of IKEA furniture. The main stand that will hold the tank and I can build a shell around it. It measures 31x19x38. Then have two side stands that will be 15x19x35. One will hold the ATO barrel and the other will be for holding supplies and dosers. I am thinking of a white finish with dark wood tops.


I want to use the same rock work but add a couple new pieces that will make more of a wall up to the overflow. Maybe have some of the rock sticking out. I natural look. Keep my current livestock but add school of cardinals, Bangaii pair and a TON of small gobies and some very cool inverts.


Enough with me yapping, hopefully I'll get the stand stuff started soon :)



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Sounds like a great plan to me Dave....especially the LED spotlights. If I had the money, I would get rid of my fixture and replace it with some of the spotlights that Nanocustoms is now producing. Then again, it would be even better to just spotlight certain coral areas with certain Kelvin LEDs.


Looking forward to see what you do with the Begaiis.

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Thanks Adam. I'll try and get some sketches up before I head for Orlando.


The spotlights are what I am most excited about. Have you guys seen the new chalice that is called glowstick? I think with a 20k spotlight on that guy and you would go blind!


I really hope to breed the cardinals and sell them locally. Plus I think it would be very cool to have a mangrove garden in the sump with the babies hiding in the roots. Almost like the wild :)



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My new stand is 31" I just want to make it fit. I have been using a 24" over my 30" tank for a while and love how it has its darker spots. I think it helps with some of the LPS I have. Before I left I made a chalice garden over on one of the darker spots. So far so good. Plus with the new tank it will be pretty much the same being that I will have to use 3/4" acrylic.



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Guess who's getting a frag of this....





Nice! Great tank BTW. I like the upgrade idea too. Is the tank commissioned or DIY. Acrylic or Glass?

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Sweet Dave. Glad to hear that the guy ended up deciding to frag it instead of trying to sell it whole. I'll definitely need a frag of that in the future ;)

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Guess who's getting a frag of this....





Ooh, me too please! I saw this one on another site. He was trying to sell the whole ball right?

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Back in town and the tank looks great! Hopefully I will have some updates this week.


I may have found some Drews dosers used for a good price.



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Glad everything worked out while you were away. I'm heading out of town this week Wed - Fri and it always surprises me how well things look when I've been gone in the past. Guess it shows how much things enjoy our hands being out of the tank :)


How were you handling Ca/Alk dosing while you were gone?


Nice potential find on the dosers. I'm going to be picking up two probably within the next month or so. Once those are up and running, things will be fully automated except for feeding.

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Sorry for the late reply Adam. My girlfriend was dosing the 2-part for me and everything looked great. The dosers fell through so I am still on the lurk for those. I ordered some 2 part off and ROX carbon from BRS. The ROX is amazing carbon, I thought it was all the same but the difference in unreal! The water looks like the the fish are floating in air!


I am just waiting on the guy to frag the lords this week and then that will be it. Just smooth sailing from there. I have my MP20 for sale to get a MP10 but I really want to get my asking price.


I will try and put some pictures up today.



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