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Daves Shallow SPS 35g


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Well after a 2 year break I am back. I used to sell a ton of stuff on here before I was traveling all over for paintball. Now everything has calmed down and I am back at it!



iTech 100

Rock - Picked from my local store curing in a rubbermaid with the skimmer

Vortech MP20/MP10

Nano Box LED

15g sump made by calvin off the forums.

Eheim 1250

DIY Tank 30x18x15

DIY Stand


FTS 12/1/10


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i would say thats a very conservative rating. can you take a picture of the bubble production for me? I want to compare it to my external h&s

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Looking good Dave. Glad to see you finally started up a thread for this.


SunnyX's tank over on RC is one of my favorites as well....definitely something to aspire to and try to emulate. Shows what an awesome tank and corals you can have with T5s.

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supernip - I will get pictures tonight for you.


UPDATE - I just ordered a ATI Sunpower 24" 4 bulbs fixture! I am very excited about this. I could no afford a powermodule but have heard great reviews! I should have it next tues or weds.


Also it looks like I will be having the tank built my calvin415. 30x17x15 eurobraced with external overflow. Really amped!



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Sounds like all the details are coming together on the tank. I'm sure the ATI Sunpower T5 will work out perfect for your tank. Looks like a sweet fixture.

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I got my Sunpower fixture! I also finished my DIY stand that turned out really well.


Its a Sunpower 24" 4 bulb. I am running a 2 Blue Plus's, UV 75/25, Aquablue


I am going to build my tank this weekend too. 30x18x15.


Stand without top


Stand with top


In the room











If you guys want any other shots just let me know!

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Looking really good Dave. The stand looks like it turned out perfectly...great DIY skills there.


The Sunpower looks nice and sleek. Great bulb combo as well. Not sure if you mentioned this but what are your plans for stocking the tank? I know that you wanted to have loads of smaller fish but what about corals? Any plans to keep SPS?

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Looking to stock mostly SPS with a few micros and chalices.


I just picked up my acrylic here and will be building the tank this weekend!


30x18x15 3/8's with Eurobrace


Cant wait!

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Thanks guys!


I will be posting pictures tm of the DIY tank. First time doing this so I am kinda nervous. If I get it all finished this weekend then I should have it up next weekend.

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Well I had a late night Friday and had to "rest" so my headache would go away ;)


But I was able to start the tank tonight and make a mess! I have ALL the acrylic finished and gone over the cuts with the router. This being the first time with acrylic it was MUCH easier than I expected. My first go with the solvent I had a few small bubbles but then I got the hang of it and the other joint looks great! I should have the tank finished tm. I hope to have everything up by next Sunday.


Here's the run down on the final equipment list

DIY Acrylic tank 30x18x15

DIY Stand

Nano Streams 6025 modded

H&S Skimmer 90-F1000

ATI Sunpower 24x4 Fixture ( 2 ATI Blue Plus, 1 Aqua Blue, 1 UVI 75/25

Marineland 650gph pump

Custom three compartment sump

50W Heater


Should be it! Now for a few pictures




My good seam


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Well I should be getting the bottom down tonight and cutting the teeth for the overflow. After that I will cut the eurobrace and get that down too. Hopefully it will be up this coming weekend!



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Looks like your first attempt with working with acrylic was a success for sure. Great job. This thing will be full of water and going before you know it.

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Some updates...


I have the bottom down as of last night and have the brace all cut. I am going to do this by hand and make it have a polished look. 200grit/400/600 then buff it out.


Hopefully I will have the teeth cut tonight too do get the overflow in place.


Its getting there! I hope to have it up by next week!




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