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Bluefish LED Controller: News Thread

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That shield is a ground, verified with my volt meter, all is running as it should now. 

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On 3/18/2018 at 8:03 AM, P0seid0n said:

Hi Spencer, in a previous post you mention cutting the cord that comes with the Bluefish.  A friend of mine has the Bluefish, we cut the cords, inside there is a white, a red, and braiding that I thought was just shielding. Is that braid really a ground?  


His LED’s all work at 100% when I provide 5v to the PWM input, but when I try to control them, they blink, and when I put all four channels to 100%, they all go out.  


Im at a loss here.  Thank you for your help!



Yes, the braided wire is ground.  The issues you are describing does sound like a grounding issue as well.

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I have one of your Bluefish controllers. I build my own LED lights using MeanWell LPF series power supplies. Here is my question. If I hook up the Bluefish controller to one of my lights it works just fine. If I connect the output of the bluefish controller to multiple lights it no longer works correctly. For example I am building 4 individual lights for over my 250 gallon tank. I want the 4 individual lights to act as one large light. So if I turn on my UV LED's I want all of them to turn on or dim at the same intensity. 

What I am finding when I connect multiple lights together is that the various color LED's are on when I have them set to 0%. I went through all of the various pages and set all the levels to 0%. Is there a limit to the number of power supplies each channel can control at one time? Since I built 4 lights with 6 channels (UV, Blue, Cool White, Warm White, Red and Green) each channel would need to send either the 0-10Vdc or PWM signals to control 4 power supplies. I did try both the PWM and the 0-10Vdc and I get the same results.

I was hoping to use only one Bluefish controller not 4 to control my lights. 

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Can the Bluefish control 2 Kessil A80's?  should I daisy chain them or have each on its own channel?

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