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  1. Awesome. Glad it helped. As for your other lights, you'll need to have a look at the datasheet(s) for your drivers to see what signals they can accept for dimming.
  2. Very nice setup... What's the splitter for? I'd plug the Kessil into the Bluefish 5/6 output directly. There's an input and an output on each Kessil for 'daisy chaining'. Your channels for the Kessil should be set up as 0-10V (no PWM).
  3. SpencerShepard

    Internet outage and Bluefish/Apex

    That can happen if you've chosen a location that isn't updated regularly or returns bad weather data (wunderground.com). It will revert back to the default location.
  4. SpencerShepard

    Lunar Cycle questions

    Lunar cycles work by simply applying a dimming % to your night levels. So if you have your Royal Blues set for 1% and your location is showing 50% moon illumination, the output will be 0.5% on your Royal Blue channel. Moonrise/moonset times are pulled in, but this was for development and shouldn't be displayed in the location details...it's not currently implemented.
  5. SpencerShepard

    Internet outage and Bluefish/Apex

    It will run normally while internet is down, but requires internet before it will restart again after a power outage.
  6. SpencerShepard

    Can't finish registration on website

    I tested this out and didn't find any issues, other than the registration email going to spam folder. FYI as others have said, the website registration is only for the banner or the online store.
  7. SpencerShepard

    Bluefish LED Controller: News Thread

    Yes, the braided wire is ground. The issues you are describing does sound like a grounding issue as well.
  8. SpencerShepard

    impact of 'clouds on' on corals?

    Settings > System > Fan Channel (On) That will prevent channel 6 from responding to clouds.
  9. SpencerShepard

    Device offline

    Might be a good idea to check your signal strength in the status screen if this is an ongoing issue.
  10. SpencerShepard

    I was stupid...

    I would guess that your power supply isn't large enough for your setup. Not really my area of expertise though...best to contact Rapid.
  11. SpencerShepard

    I was stupid...

    Ouch. Send me an email support@aquarium-led-controller.com and I will try to help with cost on a replacement.
  12. SpencerShepard

    Device offline?

    Any chance you moved the driver box into a cabinet or further away from your router after setting it up? Send me an email support@aquarium-led-controller.com with your username and I will try to help.
  13. SpencerShepard

    Bluefish LED Controller: News Thread

    Sure, just set minimum dimming to 100% for that channel. That will essentially make it an on/off switch.
  14. SpencerShepard

    Tide Duo - is this a problem?

    That's the code for incorrect wifi password.
  15. Yep! You can always email me for help with that though.