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  1. Bluefish LED Controller: News Thread

    Yes, the braided wire is ground. The issues you are describing does sound like a grounding issue as well.
  2. impact of 'clouds on' on corals?

    Settings > System > Fan Channel (On) That will prevent channel 6 from responding to clouds.
  3. Device offline

    Might be a good idea to check your signal strength in the status screen if this is an ongoing issue.
  4. I was stupid...

    I would guess that your power supply isn't large enough for your setup. Not really my area of expertise though...best to contact Rapid.
  5. I was stupid...

    Ouch. Send me an email support@aquarium-led-controller.com and I will try to help with cost on a replacement.
  6. Device offline?

    Any chance you moved the driver box into a cabinet or further away from your router after setting it up? Send me an email support@aquarium-led-controller.com with your username and I will try to help.
  7. Bluefish LED Controller: News Thread

    Sure, just set minimum dimming to 100% for that channel. That will essentially make it an on/off switch.
  8. Tide Duo - is this a problem?

    That's the code for incorrect wifi password.
  9. Yep! You can always email me for help with that though.
  10. I'm working on a better solution as we speak, but a few tips in the meantime: You do not need multiple email accounts. There is no confirmation needed, so just make one up ie 4rudu3rjf@fakemail.com I suggest using the same password, enabling "remember me", and changing the last character of the username. So username1, username2, etc. That way it is 4 taps to switch between accounts.
  11. No 'Register' on bluefish app?

    I've already told you how I can be bribed for requested features. Beer will also work. Should I PM my address?
  12. No 'Register' on bluefish app?

    Thanks. I could see the issue on the Android simulator with your Android version. I think I've fixed it in an update going out now. You should have it by tomorrow.
  13. Remote Location

    That is "lunar intensity". ie. the percentage of your night levels that is output if you have lunar simulation enabled. FYI there's other interesting location info if you click the details icon in the middle.
  14. No 'Register' on bluefish app?

    Damnit Android... Can you please submit a bug report from the app with a screenshot? That will give me the info I need to fix it.
  15. No 'Register' on bluefish app?

    What app version do you have? I think the white background happened with Android 7. I pushed out an update last week to fix it....I thought.