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  1. Really appreciate the feedback, guys. I've fixed the dimming resolution to 0.1%, and the slider colors should be fixed as well. Hiding the channels not being used is causing some format issues that will require more time to fix than I'm willing to spend right now, so I will have to add it to my to-do list.
  2. Thanks for catching that Marc. It should be fixed now.
  3. I think you should be able to enter 0.4 manually (tap the text field below a slider) but I will check to make sure tomorrow. Yep, go to settings>lighting>channel setup>display color
  4. There is nothing programmed to flash red or white. It sounds like a hardware failure. Someone not too long ago described the same thing and it was water damage. Send me an email with all of your details.
  5. I've had a few people ask via email whether the schedules they create now could be lost since this is "beta". The answer is no. Your custom schedule will be saved and used as long as you wish. The only things that will change are minor superficial things like layout, menu location, and other minor tweeks.
  6. Good to go now Marc. Just pushed it out. Let me know what you think.
  7. Cool, please play with it and let me know what you think. Starting from your existing schedule isn't as simple as it sounds. Many people use Natural Sun mode, and the new custom mode works quite differently than both existing modes.
  8. It might appear that way since all channels are set the same initially. Just pick a point and play with the sliders.
  9. Yep. Here ya go:
  10. Bluefish Mini users, you now have access to a major new feature that has been heavily requested: This will let you have complete control over your lighting schedule. Access it from Settings > Extras > Custom Schedule Preview Please be aware that this is a feature in beta testing, so there may be some bugs to work out. A couple other notes: -Fast Forward function not currently working -No moon phase functionality (planning to add a "moon color" settings box, start and end times, and option to use moonrise/set times from your sim location) -The lightgraph from the status screen only has 10 minute resolution, so keep this in mind if you are creating a really detailed schedule -not compatible with "Fan on Channel 6" option yet Please give it a shot, have fun, and let me know your feedback in this thread. I will push this update out to full Bluefish and Bluefish for Razor this weekend.
  11. Will probably add this later...it was one of the reasons for moving to the format/functionality of Bluefish 2 (webapp). It's not on my immediate to-do list right now, so a workaround like Ben mentioned may be your best bet in the meantime. There was another one a few people were using to install Android apps....Bluestacks I think it was called? I like that one since it has "blue" in the name...
  12. Are you very good with CSS and web design? I'd love to have your help designing a new responsive style sheet for our Bluefish mobile app. Please send me a PM with at least one example of work that you've done.
  13. I'm not even kidding....I was about to say... "A black app background is depressing? Try living in the Pacific Northwest in the winter!!" and then I looked at your location. Alternative style changes are actually quite easy at this point in development, but it's not really my focus or forte. Lemme see what I can do...
  14. Stoked for you guys to see this in action. It is actually fun to use.