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  1. Well, this is a doozy. Try doing a google search for Foraminfrans. There are so many differing growth forms, I couldn't even begin to describe them all. That's my best guess for this one. Sorry I couldn't be of more help, Evil.
  2. The new website wasn't even broken in, and you go and break everything!
  3. They are generally pretty harmless, when small. They do grow big, quick, though. Once it starts getting to about 2 to 3" across, it's time to get rid of them. By then, I'm sure the kids will have lost interest in them, as well.
  4. CM, why did you break the interwebz?
  5. Yeah, pic is way too blurry to help you out. Just by what I can make out. I'd say your guess of a peanut worm is pretty likely. They are common hitchhikers, and a good one, at that.
  6. Lol. The kid is looking the wrong way.
  7. How do they do for you? I've never tried them. I know your feeder would greatly increase survival rates, as lack of adequate food is probably their biggest killer.
  8. If you are allergic to nems, it's probable you'll have the same reaction to any stinging coral. Myself, I've never worn gloves.
  9. Was that a striped clingfish I saw in the upper right of the frame? Or more likely a shrimp fish?
  10. Galaxia is a very aggressive coral. You've read 6", I've seen 10 to 12"" sweepers. Though, they generally won't stretch that far unless its killing another coral. As far as sweepers getting caught. They'll get chopped up and sent throughout the tank. They won't release any toxins. However, the nematocysts will still be "alive". So, worst case scenario, a few corals get a minor sting. Maybe an unlucky fish gets a jolt in the mouth from trying to eat it. long story short. Galaxia is pretty much an evil ####er. Keep it well away from any other coral and you'll be ok. When I say well away, I mean WELL AWAY.
  11. Jesus, woman! You'd get like 10,000 emails a day, just from N-R. Why would you want that kind of torture? IS THAT BETTER?
  12. Jesus, woman! You'd get like 10,000 emails a day, just from N-R. Why would you want that kind of torture?
  13. Looks like leptestrea to me. Edit as far as getting a good pic. I'm not much of a photographer. However, I always had luck with a cheap point and shoot on a tripod in macro mode. In the absence of a tripod, putting the camera on books, or some such to keep it stable. Set the timer on the camera so it snaps the pic a few seconds after you press the button. That way all shake is eliminated. If you're using a phone, best of luck. I ain't no help there.
  14. Pic is kinda blurry, so it's hard to make anything out. Are you sure it's not just an operculum getting moved by flow in the tank? Cuz I'll be honest, thats looking an awful lot like an operculum in the pic.
  15. Hard to tell. Looks like some sort of red macro algae to me.