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  1. ID please!

    Yes, it's a different type. No, it's not bad.
  2. ID please!

  3. Frogs Host Clowns

  4. Denise's Skull Pico Creative Container Contest Entry

    I like the airhead joke. Empty jar..... airhead..... it works. It's only been 11 hours, though
  5. Denise's Skull Pico Creative Container Contest Entry

    I like this idea. What are you planning to fill your cranium with, rocks?
  6. You know about the elegance plague, right?
  7. Katie's 1st SW nano!

    345 is a bit low, but not enough to cause major issues. I'd suggest just switching salts before trying to use kalkwasser on a small tank. Kalk is easy, once you are familiar with it. However, I've seen more than a few kalk noobs kill their entire tank with it. what store are you going to? Also, stop dosing iodine. There's plenty in your salt. It's almost impossible to test for all its forms, and NEVER dose anything you can't/don't test for.
  8. Macro Algae ID

    Only musical I'll watch. It's a classic. as for the macro, it's some type of calurpra. I can't see it well enough to ID, but I'm not much for macros anyway.
  9. Frogs Host Clowns

    Colonial tunicates are another option to explore. I've had a few that were relatively easy, as far as NPS organisms go.
  10. Frogs Host Clowns

    Nice tank, subsea. I think with a system as mature as yours, with a well functioning plenum, you won't have any problems with those tree sponges. Especially since you've been able to keep flame scallops going as long as you have.
  11. 2017 Secret Santa Feeler

    Yeah, but you've got Black Peter.
  12. What is growing in my liverock?

    It looks like a sponge
  13. 2017 Secret Santa Feeler

    I'm not really into fat old elfs. So no, I won't be feeling Santa.

    Or what seabass said... Here's a good read on critical parameters. http://www.reefkeeping.com/issues/2004-05/rhf/index.php Pretty much everything you'll ever want to know about reefing will have been covered by Randy in a reefkeeping article.