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  1. RayWhisperer

    DIY mame skimmer - need input!

    The vinyl is fine, it won’t harm anything. I don’t think your idea will work, though. Main reason is the design of the mame forces skimmate down into the drain tube. Your idea doesn’t. Besides all that, I question the effectiveness of any of the really small skimmers. The fundamental operating design in any skimmer is reaction time, or dwell time. That means the amount of time the bubbles stay in the water column, before reaching the top. In old skimmers, this was done with height, newer skimmers have used Venturi effects, and other flow patterns, as well as recirculating, to increase dwell time. Without that, I think you’re just pushing water, with very few hydrophobic elements right out of the tank. In other words, I doubt it removes much of anything. I’m sure it’ll have a positive effect on your ph, though.
  2. RayWhisperer

    New Hermit Crab Species

    Any better pics? Also, you need to get me a bunch of these. E, so much E. B, too. Yup B.
  3. It's true. We're taking a resource that makes up about 0.08% of the water on this planet, and making something that makes up about 75% of the water on this planet. Most folks do it so they know, and have control over, everything that goes into their tanks.
  4. RayWhisperer

    GSP not extending

    I don't know the light, so I'll hold comment on that. Salinity may be the issue, but GSP is pretty hardy. Honestly, my first thought is detritus, it something else on the coral itself. Whenever I see GSP not opening, that's the first order of business. I get a soft tooth brush, and lightly brush and clean it. If that doesn't correct it within a day or two, it's time to look for other issues.
  5. RayWhisperer

    Getting Rid of Paly From Rock

    I had some pesky, ugly palys in an old tank. I just used aptasia-x. Some of the polyps that were hard to reach took several treatments. The bulk of them were gone after 2 treatments, though.
  6. RayWhisperer

    eggs..worm..sponge? help

    My first thought is cerith eggs. The pattern isn’t quite right, though. What kind of cerith do you have, if any? Each type lays a different pattern.
  7. RayWhisperer

    Growing phyto without a starter culture

    That’d be great. Thanks.
  8. RayWhisperer

    Growing phyto without a starter culture

    Very green, now. I know you said you weren't going to use it for a rotifer culture. But I'd be curious if it was small enough for s strain rotifers to consume. Going even further. I'd be interested to see a nutrition profile between two strains of micro algae fed rotifers. This is way beyond what anyone could expect from you, or any member here. Just interesting data, had someone access to the equipment, and the time to do it.
  9. RayWhisperer

    Is Global Warming Going to Kill Off Coral?

    Given that the only known ice age began 33 million years ago (give or take a year or two). Then, really took a temperature downturn, maybe 3 million years ago. I don't really see how science can come up with these gloom and doom scenarios. Corals have been around since long before the cretaceous period. Which was about 150 million years of really, really warm global averages. I'm not denying coral reef bleaching is a problem. Nor am I denying human activity puts a huge strain on the environment. I'm really just questioning where these scenarios are coming from, when the vast majority of earths known history was largely ice age free. Just so we understand. An ice age is defined as a time when any part of the earth has a permanent yearly covering of ice. If we're being honest, pollution of other sorts are far more destructive. So is habitat loss. Amphibians, insects, and invertebrates, are dwindling, or dying out all over the world. None of which has anything to do with global warming. It's unfortunate to me, that some random salamander, or bug, doesnt get a thought, because it's not something pretty to look at. I swear, most of the people must think the only wildlife in the world are coral reefs and polar bears.
  10. The hermits wont get any. The shrimp may snag a few. Any corals you have will get some. Just clean the filter the next day. No biggie.
  11. RayWhisperer

    Help! Valentini Puffer Attacking My Snails!

    The puffer will eat food cubes. That won't, however, stop it from eating all your snails, shrimp, and any crabs you have. I'm really unsure about the brittle star, but I'd guess it will become a meal, too.
  12. Best just let em be. You aren't prepared, and have no way to be in time. You don't siphon the eggs, you pull whatever they were laid on. There is nothing you can buy from Petco, or petsmart that will replace rotifers. You'll need to start a phyto culture. Once that's going, you'll need a rotifer culture. Once the fry are big enough, you'll need baby brine, then you can start them on prepared foods. Just let the fry hatch, and the tank gets a good meal.
  13. RayWhisperer

    Dither fishes?

    Royal grammas are assholes.
  14. RayWhisperer

    Growing phyto without a starter culture

    Looking greener.
  15. RayWhisperer

    Smallest pump?

    https://www.amazon.com/Hydor-Centrifical-Pump-300-All-Purpose/dp/B003SNG9I8/ref=pd_lpo_vtph_199_lp_t_2?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=AH0V14GR94ZFA7EWG12C rated at 300 gph. I doubt that, but it’s still well over 200 gph. Absolutely tiny, and reliable, as long as you don’t try and use it as a wave maker.