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I'm still worried about how I'm going to handle light acclimation, if anyone has some experience on this, I would appreciate their advice. My search-fu yielded nothing particularly useful.


130w of PC to 250w of MH is a huge jump.

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I'm still worried about how I'm going to handle light acclimation, if anyone has some experience on this, I would appreciate their advice. My search-fu yielded nothing particularly useful.


130w of PC to 250w of MH is a huge jump.



Buy some screen material from a hardware store. Cut squares larger than your tank so that each square can lay over the tank without the danger of falling in. You'll need to start out with a few layers of these screen squares when you first upgrade the light. I would aim for 5 layers... Then after each photoperiod (day), remove 1 layer. Do this until you are out of layers.

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you'll need to use windows screens and a much shorter photoperiod of like 3 hours for 1 week with like 5 screens. Then every day remove one screen and lengthen your photo period by an hour. You'll be fine.

As for the fan contoller you could just tie it in with the halide if it is on a timer, so when the halide turns on so do the fans. I have my controlled by my controller, but that is how i used to do it.


as for the leds i have a set for sale. Here is the link:


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Thanks for the advice on acclimation.


121a, I just might take you up on those LEDs.


And I hate to sound like an idiot (though it's never stopped me before), but how do I wire up the fans in the way you are describing?


For those of you following along, expect a full-photo step-by-step as I get things done. I know I tend to get things done faster when I have a visual aid. If anyone learns anything from what I'm doing, I will have achieved something worthwhile.

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So, my Six-line has something on it's face, I'll try to get a picture, but I have no idea what it might be. Clown aggression?

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Turned out nothing was wrong with the wrasse.


I ordered the 250w kit yesterday, it will ship on Monday. So, ideally, I will be running MH by the end of next weekend.

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I got part of the frame for the canopy assembled today and the lights should get here tomorrow. I'll have some pictures up soon, things got kind of crazy today and it looks like it is going to be a long night.

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Well my order arrived yesterday, just one problem though; the ballast was not included in the box. I called Hellolights and they immediately shipped another one out to me, it should arrive on Wednesday.


I got the frame built. It's not exactly square, but it's the best that I could do. I suppose it would have worked out better if I had a flatter working surface. I'll take some pictures at some point.


As for the fans, I'm just kind of guessing that they need to wired up in a series, so if anyone could let me know for sure, I would appreciate it.


I need to do a water-change.

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hey did you get those moonlights?


anyway just wire all the fans to one adapter black wires on one adapter wire and the red ones on the other.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I did get those moonlights, thanks for selling them to me. Pictures of the canopy are coming tomorrow. I still have to do all my wiring and a few other finishing touches, but I think I should have everything up and running within the next couple of days.

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...no pics yet, I'm a tease :P


121a's LEDs work great and are super bright.


I really didn't have a problem getting things together at all other than an occasional chase of a 19 month old nephew.


I really underestimated how cool shimmer lines are. I had never really seen them in person, but man is it ever cool.


Expect pics tonight or early tomorrow.


Thanks for everyone who helped in the planning process and a special thank you to my awesome dad.

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Well, I didn't get any pictures of the LEDs on at night, but here it is in all it's over-sized glory. I'll try to get some better pictures today to really do it justice. Keep in mind that this is the light with 4 sheets of fiberglass screening between it and the water.







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Here are some pictures as promised:














Angry GSP



Happy Star Polyps of another color



What remains of the Kenya Forest



Blue Ric






Thanks for following along!

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Actually, with the three fans I have installed in the hood running, it actually runs cooler than it did with the Aqualight. Before it liked to hover around 84, now it sits comfortable around 82.

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I've been going back and forth with a view different ideas in my head, so I figured I would write some of them down to get some input on them.


I'm trying to decide between upgrading to a 40 breeder with another 40 breeder as a sump, or redoing my 20 high by buying another 20 high and drilling it to run a closed loop and a ten gallon sump. The goal of either tank will be to have no visible equipment other than an internal overflow and the returns inside the tank.


For redoing this tank I would need:


-Drilled 20 high with internal overflow

-10 gallon sump (which I have lying around, I just need to put baffles in)

-5.5 gallon top-off tank with ATO

-Furniture-quality cabinet stand

-Furniture-quality canopy (what I just built didn't turn out as nice as I would have liked).

- Another 10lbs of live rock

-Enough sand for a 3-4" sand bed (I really want to add a watchman goby with a pistol shrimp or some sort of jawfish).

-Refugium, protein skimmer, coarse filter pad, heater, and perhaps some form of chemical filtration would all be in the sump.

-Speaking of skimmers, I want to go with something a little better than the CSS65, it's a nice skimmer, but it was an impulse buy and my money could have been spent better elsewhere.

-I would like to replace the LEDs that have gone out to even out the lighting at night.

-Perhaps T5 actinics or switching to a 20k bulb


I would want to focus mostly on SPS corals with some clams. A stocking goal would be to fill the tank with only the most spectacular specimens I can find. Since this would cost more money, it would force me to stock slowly and plan carefully what I would buy. I don't feel I have been selective enough in stocking my tank thus far. The GSP and Kenya trees have proven to be a nuisance rather than a decorative coral. I'm not a big fan of the xenia I have. To be completely honest, the only corals I have that I really enjoy are most of my zoanthids, my ricordia, and my euphyllia.

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