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  1. Aw thank you so much Hype, always means a lot coming from you. Thanks Marc, this build was super fun. Probably my most enjoyable one yet. Here I was thinking the photos could have been much better, I gave my camera to a friend and have been using my wife's nikon which I'm not used to yet. Most of them were over exposed and the white balance was waaay off. Thank you!
  2. Finally took the time to take, edit and upload pictures for the reef. Now if i could just fast forward time and let things grow out. Some are from ebay, the local LFS, friends, the world wide corals live sale. Partial room shot FTS FTS #2 Left side Right side Zoa Garden Yumas Micromussa for my wife WWC Hallie Berries, so much prettier in real life. WWC Frutti pop acro Unknown Acro Alleged Rainbow Prostrata, we will see with this one. Blueish purpleish stag (?), got it from ebay, the picture was much more blue, hoping it colors back up Unknown acro, I like this one. All the unknowns came from a 5 coral grab back frag pack from WWC Green and blue tipped prostrata Unknown acro Unknown acro #2 Citron Millie WWC Little Red Ferrari, couldnt capture the colors on this one, body like a red dragon with yellow tips and polyps WWC Heartbreaker WWC Magenta Madness Millie Unknown acro, could be a Tyree Tri color valadia WWC Radioactive Anacropora I almost cried when while I was snipping off the peg on the frag plug it broke.... hope it heals ok. Purple Monster Snowdrop tabling acro Yellow Highlighter prostrata, couldnt accurately capture the colors on this one, definitely yellow in real life with a hint of orange. snagged it for 10 bucks on ebay. WWC Radioactive green slimer Jason Fox ultimate stag Peek-a-Boo!
  3. Oh my, thanks for the offer.... I'm taking part in the World Wide Corals live sale at the moment. If I order one more coral the wife will inevitably revoke all card rights. lol.
  4. this is the most oddly whimsical thing i think ive ever seen done in a sw tank.
  5. Poor old kitteh, I know I'll be facing that soon with my dirty old wh*re of a wolf dog. She is showing her years these days. I came by to check in on your tank, looks lovely. I really like the pastel theme now that its filled in more.
  6. The tank looks amazing Kat! I keep trying to find a resonably priced slimer. Remeber the days when they were a cheap 10-15 buck coral?I cant seem to find them for less than 40 now, its cray cray.
  7. Lol thanks! It's a hungry little bugger! In other news.... I may have just broken the bank during WWC's live sale on Reef2Reef...... There will be a bunch of nice acros coming to the tank soon.
  8. Nem! Noms
  9. In regards to my testing this morning here's where things ended up. Mg - 1410 (much more normal) N03 on replacement water 0 for both tests K - 380 I've never tested for K so I'm going to have to do some research to understand what to do with that result and then adjust if necessary, as well as monitor any daily decline in that value. The test from Red Sea is quite time consuming at around 20 min in total, and a +/-5% accuracy. I'll be glad when I narrow it down and can have a defined dosing schedule.
  10. Thank you. That's what I try for anyway. The first set were iPhone pictures hence the poorer quality. The second set were with a Nikon dslr, then adjusted pretty minimally in Lightroom. I generally look at a piece of live rock in the image and try to adjust it to what it actually looks like. The coral or subject of the image tends to follow suit.
  11. Thanks! Ive heard that the Red Sea kits weren't reputed as terribly accurate. Though I have to agree with you that I have a hell of a time differentiating what tone pink/red for both salifert and api. Thats good to hear about the Hanna, I thought for sure I was either loosing my mind or completely forgot how to test. And now for much better pictures, some of these were rushed and I'm a bit rusty but all in all I think they turned out not too shabby.
  12. Alright folks, I'm starting to question my salifert kit for N03 it keeps testing out at 25ppm, irrespective of water changes, skimming, carbon dosing via zeovit or activated carbon. Here is my test result battery this weekend. No3 salifert -25 No3 api - 5 Phosphorus - 0 Hanna ULR Po4 -0 salifert low range Ph 7.7 salifert Dkh 8.7 salifert Ca 490 salifert Mg 750 salifert I'm not sure wether to interpret the N03 results as the salifert is inaccurate or the api. I will retest with both kits in the morning. I'm also surprised that the Mg fell that much in a week. I'll test again tomorrow for that too and dose accordingly I find the 0 values for both low range phosphate and phosphorus curious. I would think I would at least get a minimal reading. I've tested those twice this week with the same results. I have basically no algae what so ever aside from some slight diatoms and one patch of cyano in a low flow area. Which is what I would expect taking my results into account. I'll test for I2, K, and Fe tomorrow just to see. I don't expect anything spectacular here as I don't have much in the tank to deplete these significantly. Also this week I plan to start daily testing for Ca, Alk, and Mg so I can begin dosing those if necessary. I took a few pictures with the dslr which I'll start editing and uploading tonight but for now some crappy iPhone pictures will have to suffice.
  13. I know..... But damn it! I want it now! I've never had this high of nitrates before during a cycle/new tank, I think the highest I've ever gotten was 5ppm. It's just a tad concerning.
  14. Alright folks, a little update. The tank has been wet a month now running a full zeovit system. Cycled per their 14 day schedule. Water tests have resulted as follows for the past 3 weeks. Ph n/a (because I've been lazy and still haven't calibrated the probe Alk 8.6dkh Ca 490 Mg 1470 Po3 .015 No3 25ppm Salinity 35ppt (+/- 5) due to ato Temp 76 (+/-1) controller variance in cycling on and off. I've performed one rather large 30% WC due to an ato snafu last weekend, the No3 was the only value to really change and it came down to 15ppm, I was hoping that it would stay there. No such luck. Back up to 25ppm today, my thoughts are that the zeo is keeping it at this level however unable to decrease it below this threshold. My suspicion is that the rock is leaching the No3. I have been very consistent in keeping all of the filtersocks and sponges clean. Stocking is as follows, a number of zoas 60+ heads, a few hitchhiker mushrooms, 2 yumas, 7 Monti frags, 1 maxi mini nem, 1 acanthophyllia, 1 trachy, 1 red tux urchin, at least 20 hermits, 20 ceriths, 15 turbos, 20 nassarius, 1 psammacora, 1 maroon clown, 1 spotted mandarin (trained on pellets), 1 adorned wrasse, 1 blue spot jaw. I've been feeding everyone sparingly every other day aside from the mandarin who eats twice a day out of a shot glass a mix of foods, pellets, mysis, and formula one flake. The only reasonable deduction I can make is that the rock must be leaching the nitrate, and for what ever reason the zeo isn't keeping up. Perhaps time is needed.
  15. Thanks a bunch!