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  1. Well if you're serious about..
  2. What'll you give me?
  3. Yep! I just haven't been taking care of this tank like I need to and I get disappointed in myself every time I look at it. Plus, I'll be moving to a new house in August, so I don't want to have to lug this thing around again. So for now I'm trying to just sell everything or downgrade to a pico and once I get settled in a permanent place, move back up to a 20L or 40br.
  4. Soooo, I'm actually thinking about selling the tank.... I just don't have the time, energy, or money to get it looking pretty again so I might just sell of the majority of it and downsize to a pico. LMK if anybody wants to make an offer for anything!
  5. You're back!!!!!!!! I keep getting distracted from working on the tank. But I'm going to try harder! I'll update soon, I promise!
  6. Uhhhhhhh..... maybe? I dunno, its still ugly but getting prettier. I added another st tommy, that's about all that's new. I might.
  7. I like this tank
  8. Looking good, dude!
  9. Nice tank, I like the pops of green
  10. Sweet tank!
  11. <3 Its true though! I see it all the time now so I'm always thinking about it and I've been doing some ~40% WCs on it weekly. The algae is quickly receding so once its tamed I'll think about adding more stuff to it. Seeing that stuff at San Diego MACNA also kicked my butt in gear, so yeah. It's getting better. On the flip side, living with two roommates who are also younger than me and urban explorers/photographers means a lot of free time is spent photographing abandonments, so I'm trying to balance my two favorite hobbies, as well as working, trying to get healthier again, and dating.... Lets just say, I'm so tired at the end of every day, lol. I promise I'll post some pics soon... maybe even tonight!
  12. Totally surprised me too, but I was watching him pull big tuffs of it off the rock and munch on it. I think turbo snails eat it too, but I can't remember exactly.
  13. The algae is a whole lot better, I've got a new CUC and have been doing large weekly WCs. Also got lucky with a green mithrax crab that is eating not just the bubble and hair algae, but also the evil fluffy pink algae, so he's a good crabby! Going to update the FTS soon.
  14. I have.