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Adrift's 20 High


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Only 3.5% of people who see this thread consider it post-worthy. Maybe I should get a tang as a publicity stunt.



now you're thinking!


I am at 1.2%, you win :)

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Blasto I got from mvite before he left the hobby. I didn't realize what it was until recently, so I'm trying to take better care of it now.















FTS #1



FTS #2



Frag fest this Sunday...new additions coming soon!

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Yeah, I need to head to my LFS to pick up some stuff to feed my tank. As it stands, all I have is cyclopeze. I want to get some phytoplankton and maybe some other stuff. That and I need some more CUC to take care of algae and some other things. I think I might have to buy a clam.

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Nice looking tank. I think everyone thinks of a tank upgrade. Just finish stocking this tank and then when you have the money move over items into the larger tank and use that tank as a frag tank.


I love your new corals. Is that a green birds nest?

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Maybe when it gets bigger I will trade you a frag (do you frag plates?) Not pictured is a Steve Tyree neon green toadstool. It is still mad at me. I think I should probably move it into the shade.

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Man, if I worked in a reef store I would never come home with any money. It would be slave labor with the kind of debt I built up. So I have some plans in the works for improving the tank....



Glass Holes Nano overflow kit

Diamond Hole Saw

3/4" Diamond hole saw for closed loop

Closed-loop parts: I need 3 bulkheads (1 intake, 3 returns) then two of everything else.

3/4" Bulkhead

3/4 inch Loc-Line NPT Connector (Male Adaptor)

3/4 inch Loc-Line Wye Fitting

3/4 inch Loc-Line 3 inch Flare Nozzle

Sump Return Pump

Maxi Jet 1200

Closed Loop Pump

Gen-X External Pump 850gph

SCWD - Squid Wavemaker


DIY Top-it-Off Kit Premium

ATO Pump



*edit: I removed the lighting upgrades from the list because they are non-essential to the immediate upgrades for the tank. I have plenty of light over this tank as it is.


The cost of items I will buy online is just over $300 without shipping. That 300 does not include a new 20H for me to drill, materials for the stand and canopy, or plumbing parts. This is going to be a slow process, but I'm definitely going to do things properly so I don't have to do another over haul on this tank.

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Man, if I worked in a reef store I would never come home with any money. It would be slave labor with the kind of debt I built up. So I have some plans in the works for improving the tank....




Diamond Hole Saw


Closed-loop returns- need 2 of everything






Sump Return Pump


Closed Loop Pump


More Lighting








*The Reef Stop gives %10 off to SLASH members, which I just so happen to be.


I also plan to build a nice stand and a better lighting hood that can hold the T5's. I also think I might change out my bulb for a 20k gmann. Holidays are coming up, which means I will be getting more hours at work. So we'll just have to wait and see how quickly this happens. Also not appearing on this list is a new 20h which will be mercilessly drilled. I have high aspirations for this tank.



It's hard not to spend my check there haha. That's why I told myself to go slow on this tank so I'm not temped to spend.


It looks like you have everything planned out on the tank. I have the same ATO and it works very well.


I will be tagging along for this one.

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Thanks for stopping in, 121a. I had been thinking about hassling you for stand ideas. That and improved canopy ideas. The one I built turned out like trash.

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