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Adrift's 20 High


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This tank was started in March of 2007.

Starting Equipment
20 year-old 20 High by Oceanic
2 Maxijet-600s
1 Coralife Super-Skimmer
1 Bio-Wheel Filter(removed almost immediately).
20lbs of Arag-Alive
22lbs of Premium Fiji uncured from LiveAquaria.com
130w Coralife Lunar Aqualight (power-compact fluorescents)
Visi-therm Stealth Heater

Current Equipment as of 21 December 2016

Aqueon 20 H
Nano Box Duo

Jebwao powerhead

Reef Octopus HOB skimmer

eheim jager heater

AC 70 w/ StevieT mediabasket (filter floss, carbon, and gfo)

Over flow for filter made by somebody on here whose name I can't recall.

Most Recent FTS:

FTS that is a few months old, updated shot coming soon.

These zoas were some of my first corals.

The blue ric was another early addition.

No beginner's tank is complete without some GSP...

...or Xenia for that matter.

The Kenya Tree is fairly easy to maintain. Fast grower, drops limbs often. Very easy to frag.

I just like macro shots of hermits. Enjoy.

White sponge that has been growing in the back of the tank for some time now. My mother seems to really like it.

These and the rest of the corals I will be posting pictures of are all corals I got from MVITE at Awesome Aquatics, he's a great guy and I really reccommend buying coral from him. Give him some money and he sends you a box full of color.




This hammer is easily my favorite coral in the tank. It's another one from Awesome Aquatics.

The camera-shy clowns.

Hope you all like what you see. This is my first tank and it is still growing, but there are some other projects I'm starting.

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Hey, I got the same pink zoas! I think they love strong lights and mine's on top of the rockwork and it's opening rather huge as if there isn't enough light. They are sitting right under a 150W MH.


Nice tank too! Is this going to be a zoa (mainly) tank?

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Hope you all like what you see. This is my first tank and it is still growing, but there are some other projects I'm starting.


I do like what I see and thank you for visiting my thread as well. I'm wondering if you know the name of these zoas with green middle discs that you have? I think they look a lot like a frag I got from LFS with no name.




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  • 5 months later...

Man, I kind of let things on this tank slide for a long time and am definitely paying the price. Apitasia everywhere!

I'm headed to my LFS today to get some Joe's Juice along with a couple of other things. I love Summer sales. I am also going to give them my numerous kenya tree frags for store credit because they take up way too much room. Anyway, here is the current look of things. I celebrated its one year birthday in March.





Hammer, now with 4 heads!!!






More zoas



Blue Ric



Snail Destroyer :(



Pink zoas



Perhaps these are called gorilla nipples?



Green zoas



GSP lawn







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Thanks for the kind words, Kraylen!


So I just got back from the LFS. I traded in most of my Kenya Tree frags and bought some Joe's Juice, 5 snails, and a Six-line Wrasse. After the store credit I got for the Kenyas it was only about $13. I am acclimating the wrasse and snails now and I have already used Joe's on the apitasia. I could not be more satisfied with how effective the product is. More pics probably coming in a couple of hours, I have a lawn to mow.


I am planning on spending more time and money on this tank because I really feel it can be a whole lot more than what it currently is. I want to replace a broken K1 that Hydor agreed to replace for free and ditch the skimmer because it has such a huge footprint inside the tank. I would also like to add an AC110 modded to be a fuge. Lastly, I don't think I have nearly enough coral, but I think more coral will come after I upgrade and replace some equipment.

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wow adrift,


after you came and checked out on my thread. i thought that i should return the favor. your tank looks very sweet, i really like those white sponges. there nifty. also all of your zoas have amazing color, now i just need to add somthing like that to my tank too! every where you look on n-r.com there seems to be more inspiration, and your tank certianly has inspired me to get some wildly colored zoas now! i salute you!



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Thanks for taking a look and especially for the nice comments.


Here are some more pics...



Apitasia infestation before treatment:






Hour and a half later:





My clowns, Kage and Jabbles.



New Six-Line Wrasse.





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Dope new wrasse! Kage and Jabbles hahaha dope names.


do you pronounce yours "Cage" or "Ka-Gae"

Edited by Kraylen
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those are some great names!


your gonna laugh, but my two clowns are named lunch and dinner, and my pistol shrimp's name is b@$tard i didnt intend on naming the shrimp that but he is an ornery little sucker and any time my hand gets near his cave he snaps my hand. so i would yelp the aforementioned word and it stuck. i guess that might be his way of saying "keep your hand outta my tank!"

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lol, anytime I put my hand in the tank the clowns do their best to try and eat it. Luckily, they have yet to be successful. They don't seem to mind the new six-line at all though, which is very good news.

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glad to hear it! they can be pesky little buggers, mine do the same thing wich is why i dubbed them lunch and dinner, because i always threaten them that im gonna make a couple of meals outta them! oh and btw, if they do successfully eat your hand you had better call guniess!

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AQ, that tank is looking great! So you have any full pics of the sponge? At some point, I want to invite the disappointment of a sponge into my tank.


I love the six line as well. I'm glad to hear that it's getting along with the clowns, as I was pondering the option of the sixline, but I have been worried about the her-wrassement. Sorry everyone. That was a pun that had inevitable written all over it. All jokes aside AQ, it's looking really great. I'm looking forward to your future additions!

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