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Mark's 150 (NanoBox Retro)

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What are you feeding and what's your regiment, regarding color?


I'm not sure I have one.  I do feed a small amount of reef roids mixed with tank water every morning, which may be helping, but not long enough to know if it's THE thing to do.  I used to feed a larger amount every few days but switched to the daily morning feeding since the basement is still dark and acros have good polyp extension.



I think you need to frag this and name it after my favorite ice cream flavor....  Black Cherry!!


That is an excellent name, my wife loves that flavor as well.   :)


Nice tank, I like the pops of green


Thanks Lalani!




I have added one more thing do dose daily, 2 drops of vinegar.  It's amazing that just two drops can turn my skimmate from brown and not very smelly to black and stinky ... just two drops.  This has also cleared the water up dramatically ... just two drops.  Carbon dosing is primarily used to drop nutrients but I'm using it to help increase water clarity, skimmer efficiency, and filter feeder populations.  There is also another reported side effect ... Xenia hates it.   :D  Perhaps this is why it's gone nuts in here when before, when I regularly added vinegar, it would die out?   Muhahahahahah *cough* *weez*.   We shall see.


2 drops vinegar

4 drops PhosphateRx

2 dropper bottle squirts of AcroPower

1 drop Kalum (Potassium)

5 drops SpongePower 

1/4 tsp of Reef Roids or Coral Frenzy mixed with tank water


New page, a few more pics.






This little monti plate has struggled for the longest time but is now plating out.  Interesting color combo.


Side shots




This one focussed on the 'baby' katropora.


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It's so amazing.



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