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Banjo's Biocube 29


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As far as equipment is concerned:


Chamber 1: AquaticLife Mini 115 Protein Skimmer

Chamber 2: Media Basket running Filter Floss, Chemi-Pure Elite, and Purigen

Chamber 3: MaxiJet 1200


Koralia 1 and Koralia Nano are in the display.


I dose C-Balance twice weekly.


I used to run a Fuge as well in Chamber 2, but I was sick of constantly having to clean out my return pump due to small strands of chaeto getting stuck inside. Not to mention, what exactly will a handful of Chaeto do? I really don't see it doing much.

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  • 2 weeks later...

So I finally received my UVL T5's! That was a ridiculously long wait, but whatever, at least they're finally here.


I got 7 bulbs total: 4x UVL 454, 2x UVL Indigo Sun, and 1x UVL Actinic White


I bought an extra to try out different color combinations. What I've found that I like the best is:



Indigo Sun



Indigo Sun



That's what I currently have on the aquarium. These pictures do NOT reflect coral coloration accurately at all (only the aquarium lights). I will need to download an image tuning program to reflect the proper color. These pictures make the aquarium seem darker and more washed out than it actually is. I'll take better pictures over the weekend of different color combos and orders. I'll also figure out the camera issue.









On another note, I added a third fish to my existing Percula pair. It's a Truncate Anthia. Gorgeous fish and he's been eating like crazy since I put him in.

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So opinions... Is it worth it buying an MP10 to replace my K1 and K-nano? I really want one, but I'm not sure it's worth $200 for the change from what I already have. OPINIONS!!!

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Banjo that tank is looking amazing man!! I only wish my looked so good!! i started my BC29 in March. Its doing great but not near as nice. I am from Ft Myers as well, sent you a friend request. Love the rimless look, just dont know if I can get brave enough to do it yet. What temps are you running here with that light and rimless? I am running about 80.4 degrees. Just wondering if with that light and rimless if your running cooler.

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Hey man,


Thanks for the comment! Yours will definitely get there as well :) Do you have a tank thread by chance?


That's pretty sweet you're also from this area. I think you're the only other person I've seen on this site that is.


Yeah, it's totally worth it if you have an aftermarket light. Pretty easy to do as well. I'm running about 80 to 81 degrees. I pretty much cannot go under 80, but that's due to Summer and having 3 pumps and a skimmer in my display. Open top can drastically drop your temps. In the beginning, mine could hit as high as 85 degrees with the closed BC29 top, so roughly a 5 degree drop due to more evaporation.

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Got my MP10 and installed it. Love this thing. Worth every damn penny.


I also was able to borrow my girlfriend's DSLR, so of course I went on a photo shoot and took like five hundred pictures. Here are some of my favorites:





A handful of FTS shots:













My Trachyphyllia Geoffroyi








My Green Bubble Coral









My Orange Plate Coral




Maxi Mini Anemone







Lyretail Anthias:







Percula Clown Pair and GBTA



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Thanks guys. :)


And I am running T5's. My comment was for the LED light on the MP10 Driver. It lights up half my room at night, lol.

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How do you keep your sand so clean and with no algae growth????


Perfect params and a ton of Cerith snails :]

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Haha, I actually took out all my hermits as they wouldn't stop climbing on my SPS. Got irritating constantly having to remove them. So I have more snails instead. Nass/Ceriths in the sand. Nerite for glass.

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yea my hermits piss me off and i have about 9, then 8 nass, and like 6 ceriths i dont remember, i also feel like i have too much rock cuz my flow doesnt get to my cave i built and falloff from the rocks just sit in there and algae grows like crazy

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I have probably 15 Nass and 15 Ceriths. I run really rock light, so the flow reaches almost every spot in the aquarium.

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What kind of algae do you have and where is it located?


Just for diatoms and light green algae etc. a better clean up crew and making sure your params are in check should be sufficient. If you have something more serious, like Bryopsis or something, you may have to go a different route.

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