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The FTS Thread!

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Ok, I feel I'm entitled to a re-do of my original post in this thread. Mainly because my tank is MUCH cleaned up since June. Not a spot of GHA or cyano is to be found in my 30g tank, and my 10g custom AIO is coming up as well!



Finnex 30g Glass M-Tank, Standard Finnex 4x24w T5HO lighting setup; tank has been up for almost 2 years now...




Advance Acrylics SCNRS LE Edition "12 x "16 x "12" custom 10g AIO; currently lit by a Satellite 40w single PC fixture...




Of note, both tanks currently run around 47-48x turnover rate in the display areas. The 30g has an 840gph main return and a 600gph Koralia-2, and the 10g is powered by an MJ900 main return pump and a Koralia Nano pump.


Links to both tank threads are contained in my sig below, thanks for looking! B)

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My 39g cadlights born April 08. I have a link to the most recent thread about this tank in my signature.



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14g BioCube


OMFG I thought you died!!1!!! :mellow:

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JimDantin's RSM


Here's the latest FTS of my tank. It's about 5 months old. Please visit my build thread (see the link in my sig line) for details.



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The last ever picture of my 16 gallon bowfront, started Jan 08 ended June 08


First ever picture of my 29 gallon started June 08, before adding 35 pounds of fully cured LR


Updated FTS as of 11-27



Link to my tank thread in my sig.

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