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The FTS Thread!

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This is my 46bow. It has been going for about 2 months now. Most of the coral and fish were from a tank transfer from a 29gal to this. It has 2 x 175w MH pendants with XM 15k bulbs, Octopus BH100 skimmer, Emporer HOB converted to a fuge, and a maxi-jet mod for flow.


With flash:



Without flash:


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I wanna play!

The only FTS I am willing to share until my tank looks the way I want it to...


updated shot:



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BC29 @ 10 months.




Link in signature.

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R.I.P. both tanks dismantled and transferred


75g black vinyl background :)



and my 20L


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i want to update the FTS i posted in the first page ;) link in sig :P




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so this is my humble little tank, an all glass 29g with LPS and softies will be redoing it after i move in a week or so, thinking about transfering everything to a 55 or adding a 55g sump/frag tank. I have 250w 14k HQI +2x 65w actinics, aquaclear HOB for 75g, 200w stealth heater, aqua medic protien skimmer (no longer using) and a couple of strategically placed powerheads. Inhabitants include a pair of sebea clowns, a lawnmower blenny, six line wrasse, coral banded shrimp, various snails, crocea clam, sarcophyton, kenya tree + 6 buds, fungia plate, some kind of brain (?) caulestria frags, lots of star polyps a few types of zoas, discosomas,and a condylactis anemone.





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34G Solana with 250w MH Sunpod. 7 months old, thread in signature...



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my turn: 30g







+ 3 chromis

+ 1 black clown

+ 1 clown yellow goby

+ 1 fairy wrasse



+ neon-green toadstool

+ cat-spaw coral

+ 1 acros (need ID's)

+ pink-eyed zoos

+ galaxia

+ pom-pom xenia

+ duncans

+ orange pavona

+ moon coral

+ christmas acan

+ gsp

+ kenya tree


equipment (major ones)

+ aquac-Remora (with mj 1200)

+ 150w MH and 2x65w compact

+ tunze 6025 and Koralia 1


hope you like the layout.. check back the tank thread (link in signature)

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14g BC, sorry for the glare. I can't really take an updated shot cause I have an anemone in a breeder net.





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