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The FTS Thread!

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Ok, after making a post to see if everyone would be interested, it has been decided to go ahead with a thread for each of us to post a FTS of our tank so we can easily browse through each others tanks. Each person gets one post, no particular order, to put your FTS shot, a small amount of info, less than a paragraph, and a link to your actual tank thread, in any style you may like as long as it is easy to navigate. You have to have a tank thread to post, or make one. You may edit your post at anytime to add an updated FTS pic, or change your info.



1. 1 post for each person, for each tank thread they may have.

2. A FTS or any similar style shot of the entire tank will be required in your post.

3. No comment posts...If you want to comment please do so on that persons tank thread.


Thats is, simple enough rules!


I will start, please follow this example!

Christels 37G SPS and Zoa reef! <-----------Click here!





My tank is almost 2 years old, and is now in a new spot and just starting to recover and grow again after a recent move. I am a big fan of SPS corals, particularly Montiporas, I have 11 types, and Zoanthids and Palys, of which I have 22 types. Thanks for reading!

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i'll start off with the pictures i suppose.




My tank predominantly LPS and zoas/palys. there are 8 fish in the tank. 1 orange shoulder tang (juvi) 1 blue tang, 1 purple tang, pair of true percs, sixline wrasse, and a pair of scooter blennies (dailys spawns now :) ) trying to add some more sps to the tank.





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BC29 2 Month FTS:




The link to the entire thread is in my signature. I have a few SPS I have my eye on, but they won't be added for a few more months. Ultimately it will end up being a mixed reef, with more emphasis on the LPS/Softy(Zoa, Ric, shroom) side of the mix.

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Here's my current tank (40 breeder) as of 6/29/16. It was on the brink of death and covered in cyano and some strange film algae a couple of months ago after being severely neglected for longer than I'd like to admit. It's making a solid come back now :).













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DT's 26gal SPS/LPS mixed reef




DT's 15L Frag Tank



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Reef Chick's Coral Kitchen

Old Prop tank mostly zoas.




New Prop tank


Mostly SPS, LPS, & Zoas with more work to finish the set up. Link is in sig.




10 Gallon Kitchen Display Tank with goni, bubble (now deceased), candy cane coral, zoas, yumo, xenia, kenya tree, GSP. The link to this one is also in my sig.




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Time to update our FTS. This is at about 3 1/2 months in and we have started migrating stuff from QT to DT. We got rid of the soap dish fuge - chaeto is now growing in a rear chamber with its own light. I just need to remember to remove the mag-float before pictures. ;)




Yesterday A month ago (Early August) we brought home a bunch of new stuff for the tank and that has gone into QT until I can be sure there are no unexpected additions. In order to show that stuff, I've started a QT tank thread.


Incidentally, I found a monti eating nudibranch, a sea spider and flatworms in the QT, so I'm really glad I used it!






Thanks for looking,


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My 12G Nanocube.


EDIT: 7/08 - Goodbye old friend... now have a 30G Finnex



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Solana 34 g with Outer orbit 150w HQI\T5s\lunar lighting

1 vortech mp20

1 tunze 6025 powerhead


9 months old




My thread :blush:

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40 Breeder One year old :D



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Upgraded to a 46g bowfront


Left side is a 10k XM, Right side is a Current 10k

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almost 3 months old 28g JBJ HQI Reef...



Latest FTS 12-09-08








Latest vids 12-09-08



Actinics only



Snack Time


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Hazmat's 75 gallon. Officially 1 year old today



McCoskers Flashing


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AP12 - began 7/07 as a BC8, upgraded to AP12 12/07, in the middle of being upgraded to a 30g Oceanic cube.



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Here's one for my old NC6 which has been converted to a frag tank.



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20H...soon to be 72 bowfront :)



and now the first FTS of the 72 bowfront...


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My 24g JBJ NC-DX----upgraded 132W pc hood





(link to my thread in signature below)

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