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The FTS Thread!


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Red Sea Max that's been set-up around 2 months. It's mainly softies & LPS but hopefully we'll get some SPS in there soon. (You can see the top rocks are being reserved :))


Got the new pic up.


Tank thread is in my sig.

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Sexy Shrimp

Here's my 24g. Excuse the GHA outbreak - seems there was a turbo death. 5 down one to go!




Ew my tank looks ugly at the mo :(

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my 45gl 1 year old moved to 75gl



my 30gl will be 3 in july



my 12gl 7months old finally got a fish


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30g cube



Orbit 250w MH + 4x24w T5's

2x Koralia2

Eshopps overflow/sump/fuge Eheim 1250 return


TLF phosban reactor

PM Hot+1 skimmer(being replaced with Octopus NW-150)





10g FOWLR/macroalgae tank(just started)




Looking for decent T5 setup for this

FR nano powerhead

Cheap HOB filter from wal-mart

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my real cluttered at the moment 5 gallon tank.

24" x 8" x 8" with a 48w t5 retrofit, ac20, and koralia nano.


full tank shot


right side


left side


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A somewhat outdated FTS of my 20L:




This tank contains 32+ species of coral, mostly SPS, as well as clams and various other critters.



- 20L glass aquarium, 15 gallon acrylic sump

- ASM Mini-G skimmer

- Mag5 with SCWD return

- 2 x 150w 14k phoenix lights

- CPR Aquafuge HOB refugium (medium)

- Current USA 1/15 HP Chiller

- Neptune aquacontroller III

- Tunze Osmolator ATO

- Spectrapure Litermeter III dosing B-Ionic

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