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  1. 🔥🔥🔥 Lawnman's Lounge 🔥🔥🔥

    Are they gouging? Seems like a fast increase.
  2. Chance of this Devil's Hand Recovering?

    It could have gotten stung by something maybe. My sinularia got stung once by my frogspawn. Had some nasty black spots but did fine.
  3. Chance of this Devil's Hand Recovering?

    If you're worried that the base is rotting cut it where the flesh is healthy and reattach it to something else.
  4. I dunno but it's cool looking. Is this your sump?
  5. What type of Zoa is this?

    Hard to tell but maybe an everlasting gobstopper?
  6. Help! Fish keep dying.

    An MP10 can provide ample flow for a tank up to 50 gallons. Do you have it on max power? In my 20 gallon my MP10 is set at about 25-30% max. I'm not sure what else could continuously be killing your fish unless there is something in the water that you can't detect.
  7. GHA Or?

    Possibly green turf algae.
  8. Anemone Hitchiker

    Possibly a ball anemone. If it is it won't cause any issues. They tend to hide. If you flash a blue light on it it should look translucent green. Aiptasia anemones don't have balls on the end of their tentacles.
  9. zoa/paly noob

    Yes. I find T5s can really brighten up some corals. Depending on the type of bulbs and the combinations of bulbs T5s can produce some of the most beautiful coloration in any coral imo. Also depends on the amount of blue light used for the photos and the photographers skills. I went to a wholesalers shop once (in his garage) and he used T5s exclusively. He had some of the brightest reds and oranges I've ever seen.
  10. Zoanthids melting away

    Yes so the medicine doesn't go back in the water. Give them a good swim around the clean tank water and then put them back in the tank. Replace the water lost in the tank with new water. The LFS my husband and I drive an hour to does a week long quarantine on all new zoanthid frags. This includes an initial dip in Coral Rx to get rid of any possible pests and then treatment in Furan 2 for 3 days. Wait a week, repeat, then put up for sale.
  11. Zoanthids melting away

    Have you considered the possibility of some type of infection? I just had to dip all my zoanthids due to a mini colony looking not too great. 3 days later they look healthy again. Dipped once a day for 3 days, 20 minutes in 2 packets of Furan 2 in 4 cups of water or enough water to cover your rock. Rinse really well in clean tank water without furan 2 and place back in the tank. I'd also dip first in Coral Rx or Revive to make sure there are no pests.
  12. Chalices - I don't get 'em!

    Chrssprngs had a very large hollywood stunner colony. I don't know if he still has it or not. It was very awesome.
  13. Ooo that's awesome! I might do that because I love them. This will be on my to do list for my tank then. I love the rose corals.
  14. How did you get your baby rose corals? That's probably one of my favorite corals but they're not exactly legal to purchase.
  15. The FTS Thread!

    10 gallon was leaking so I went with a 20 high to replace it. Bought some new rock and redid the scape and everything.