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General Discussion

Offer your help, ask questions, share ideas, & just have fun!
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One of the worst days ........ - last post by ManGups

Beginners Discussion

New to Nano Reefing? Post your questions here for more specific help!
topics: 47,295   replies: 358,264
Sump/Refugium question - last post by evan38109

Members Aquariums

Post the details of your nano reef for everyone to see.
topics: 16,231   replies: 950,051
Lawnman's Lounge - last post by gus6464

Monthly Reef Profiles

Topics and discussions related to our Monthly Featured Reef Profiles.
topics: 97   replies: 5,234
Monthly Reef Profile Nomina... - last post by cchsoracle

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Biological Filtration

Talk about live rock, refugiums, sand beds, wet/dry filters, etc.
topics: 5,176   replies: 37,834
Isopod & copepod close... - last post by spinycheek

Equipment Forum

Discuss sumps, skimmers, reactors, filters, chillers, pumps, etc.
topics: 11,653   replies: 80,467
Vertex Stands - last post by patryan

Lighting Forum

Discuss the lighting needs of nano reefs, and new technologies.
topics: 25,080   replies: 195,524
4x36 vs 6x24 ati 40B - last post by plainrt

Aquascaping Forum

Discuss the art of arranging aquatic plants, rocks, and coral in an aesthetically pleasing manner within the aquarium.
topics: 111   replies: 1,382
Epoxy? - last post by Bingo1213

Water Chemistry

Topics on water quality, testing, dosing, pH, RO/DI, trace elements, etc.
topics: 4,767   replies: 46,076
Brown algae growth - last post by Bingo1213

Do It Yourself

For all those nano reef projects you want to build on your own.
topics: 8,949   replies: 80,913
40b peninsula returns - last post by Benny314

Product Reviews

Evaluate aquarium products you've used and share your experiences.
topics: 470   replies: 6,452
$20 ABI 12w PAR38 LED - last post by MadReefer13

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Identification Forum

What the heck is that thing? Seek identification help here!
topics: 16,310   replies: 107,978
help ID please! is it a Cha... - last post by PieMan2k

Coral Forum

Discuss the requirements and care of all types of corals.
topics: 15,766   replies: 128,650
UNOFFICIAL SUN CORAL/DENDRO... - last post by Newstead

Fish Forum

A forum to discuss the requirements and care of saltwater fish.
topics: 12,905   replies: 122,572
New Designer Clownfish - last post by holy carp

Invertebrate Forum

Discuss the care of invertebrates; shrimp, snails, crabs, etc.
topics: 8,504   replies: 67,740
RBTA Adjusting to new tank... - last post by dirtrider225

Clam Discussion

A forum dedicated to the care of tridacnid clams & mollusks.
topics: 1,222   replies: 15,883
odd clam behavior - last post by tetraodon

Macroalgae & Plants

Discuss the use and care of macroalgae and planted marine tanks.
topics: 738   replies: 11,566
ADAPTS 5.5 MACRO TANK - last post by ADAPT

Disease & Pest Treatment

Help treating ich, hair algae, red slime, flatworms, red bugs, etc.
topics: 4,126   replies: 31,063
Peroxide saves my Tank! Wit... - last post by brandon429


Discuss coral propagation and the aquaculture of fish, live rock, etc.
topics: 1,162   replies: 25,663
Camera for Macros - last post by SpankythePyro

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All-In-One Tanks

A forum dedicated to all-in-one kit tanks. NanoCube, Aquapod, etc.
topics: 12,577   replies: 144,364
back in the game..Shanes 30L - last post by Bullitt3478

Pico Reefs

A forum to discuss the extra needs of pico reefs.
topics: 5,246   replies: 133,315
Lime Box - last post by Merthynia


Aquariums dedicated to simulating a specific natural habitat.
topics: 356   replies: 12,785
7.2g Cold Water Reef Build... - last post by AquaticEngineer

Large Reefs

Is that tank not looking very nano anymore? Here's your forum.
topics: 1,345   replies: 60,700
Reefer 350 - last post by ninjamyst

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Sponsor Specials

Our sponsors can post special offers for Nano-Reef.com members here!
topics: 1,898   replies: 7,843
Just when you thought it wa... - last post by Reef Goddess

Hardware Classifieds

Post used equipment and drygoods for sale or trade.
topics: 30,131   replies: 156,908
elos mini and biocube 14 - last post by akma

Livestock Classifieds

Offer your corals, fish, and inverts for sale or trade.
topics: 23,415   replies: 170,414
Sandwich Bag of Chaetomorph... - last post by _divad

Vendor & Trader Feedback

Share your feedback on vendors and hobbyist traders.
topics: 3,878   replies: 29,552
Coral Gardens Aquaculture a... - last post by GTi

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Hamilton Technology

topics: 13   replies: 12
Labor Day Weekend Sales - 2... - last post by Hamilton Technology

Aquarium Specialty

topics: 249   replies: 310
RLSS Skimmer Sale - last post by AquariumSpecialtyNews

Bulk Reef Supply

topics: 2   replies: 45
October BRS Group Buy - Ent... - last post by RT_BRS

Reef Gardener

topics: 142   replies: 750
Just when you thought it wa... - last post by markalot

Air, Water & Ice

topics: 17   replies: 7
4Q Special: Free Shipping o... - last post by airwaterice

Reef Cleaners

topics: 546   replies: 6,625
ordered my rock - last post by mtamorrow

Pacific East Aquaculture

topics: 907   replies: 1,811
NEW Pieces of the Reef and... - last post by PacificEastAquaculture

Premium Aquatics

topics: 216   replies: 369
Select Hydor Koralia + Coba... - last post by saamath

Marine Depot

topics: 1,070   replies: 3,091
Get our FREE print catalog - last post by Marine Depot


topics: 467   replies: 7,105
The *NEW* Tunze 9001 is Here! - last post by Sancho

Big Al's Online

topics: 27   replies: 163
Coupn Code NANOREEF10 now u... - last post by Big Al's Online

Cultivated Reef

topics: 90   replies: 139
Second purchase with CR - last post by dragonxflare

The Filter Guys

topics: 1   replies: 2
Welcome The Filter Guys - last post by SerenityReef


topics: 544   replies: 3,659
LED Help 24" x 24"... - last post by jedimasterben


topics: 16   replies: 133
Micro-Reefs LLC restructuri... - last post by mikeguerrero


topics: 300   replies: 900
Check these Taiwan Zoas out! - last post by SaltCritters

Reef Breeders LEDs

topics: 97   replies: 616
Reef Breeders Labor Day LED... - last post by Gooburz

CAD Lights Aquariums

topics: 129   replies: 1,467
Coming Soon! Visit us at RA... - last post by Jorgieee

Coral Compulsion

topics: 90   replies: 322
Not Enough Spread? - last post by The Aquarist

Maxspect by CoralVue

topics: 39   replies: 661
New IceCap Gyre Interface M... - last post by Chris@CoralVue

Reef Radiance

topics: 26   replies: 65
The NANO 60 Dimmable LED li... - last post by NorthGaHillbilly

Coral Gardens Aquaculture

topics: 57   replies: 816
Aquacultured Aussie Fat Hea... - last post by nedim

Nano Box Reef

topics: 245   replies: 7,836
Nano Box T-Shirt Pre-Order - last post by ijnoj09

Bluefish Lighting & Aquarium Controller

topics: 98   replies: 1,188
Future Accessories - last post by --Mark--

Legendary Corals

topics: 89   replies: 1,620
WWC Bounce, Last One - last post by basser1


topics: 22   replies: 48
Promotion for S026 - last post by OceanRevive

Saltwater Conversion

topics: 31   replies: 186
Live Blog from Bali - last post by mpad

Pieces Of The Ocean

topics: 145   replies: 381
P.O.T.O. Conditioned Red Se... - last post by PiecesOfTheOcean.com


topics: 4   replies: 21
Welcome our newest sponsor... - last post by Harryjsinger

Reef LED

topics: 21   replies: 27
NEW! ReefLed par bulb dimme... - last post by Nanofreak79


topics: 10   replies: 75
Setting A New Standard-ADV... - last post by hipower

House of Sticks

topics: 14   replies: 157
New Corals and Frag Packs i... - last post by JR!

Oceanbox Designs

topics: 13   replies: 488
Custom AIO Inserts - I Want... - last post by MrReefer81

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Photography Discussion

Discuss cameras and shooting techniques. Post your photos in the gallery.
topics: 2,982   replies: 45,469
Share your filters please! - last post by HM3105


Old forums from past events.
topics: 240   replies: 10,018
  1. Nano Reef Contest
  2. Pico Reef Contest
  3. Nano Cube Contest
2004 Reefers Unite - last post by Ciwila

Recent Topics

Latest Posts

  • Lawnman's Lounge
     Do you own or have ever seen a Zen tank? Ok then... I have owned 2 ADA tanks as well, a 60P and a Mini-M. I replaced the 60P with the Zen as it has same footprint but more volume. It's p...

    gus6464 - Today, 06:22 PM

  • "lost shaker of salt" - NEW PICS! POLYP EXTENSION! SUCCESS?
    thanks, since this is our first tank we wanted a mixed reef.  so far everything is doing ok!  and yeah, we will keep posting!  the algae has been almost constant but small and m...

    Rural - Today, 06:22 PM

  • elos mini and biocube 14
     lol, wish i had the guts and the supplies to ship it. If I get ups or one of those guys to ship it going to cost too much. Maybe this is someone telling me to set it up for an anemone tank....

    akma - Today, 06:21 PM

  • Kat's Nook
      Wow, nice. I've come to realize that I'm a bit of a whore for monti's, There was a Bloody Mary and a couple others at the show I almost had to have but decided I need to wait until I ge...

    JavaJacketOC - Today, 06:18 PM

  • Sump/Refugium question
    I'm a big fan of getting the biggest sump possible. The extra volume is great for stability in a nano, and you'll never regret having enough room for equipment.That said: there's many ways to succe...

    evan38109 - Today, 06:16 PM

  • My Custom 10 Gallon AIO
    Hi there, just wanted to post up a quick update. I grabbed a frag of radioactive dragon eyes from the lfs today, but they're still closed up, I'll try to get pics tommorow when the lights are on. I...

    theleftcoastguy - Today, 06:11 PM

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