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lgreen's Ultimate Guide To Nano Fish


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This fish stuff is great; I've spent too many years studying filtration and algae, so it's nice to see what is available to swim around (especially now that I have a sand bed again) :)

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I kept a geometric pygmy hawk in an 8 gallon for 6 months then in a 10 gallon for an additional 6 months with zero problems. the little guy lived through three tank moves and two spikes. absolute beast. I would have no hesitation putting another one in a 10 gallon. I will say mine was small maybe 1" and he did eat three sexy shrimp in case anyone reads this... I didn't believe he could until I say a leg of one sticking out of his mouth....


here is liveaquarias link - they say 30 gallons which seems very large for this fish that spends almost all of its time sitting on the rock.


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what about the pink spotted goby? or is that under a different name? I saw one at one of the local stores here today. He was so cute.

Do you mean the Pink and Blue Spotted Watchman Goby? Like this?


I would think that it could go along with the Yellow Watchman Goby although I think a 20 gallon would be the minimum tank size since they get to be a few inches long.

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Figured i would bump this thread up, and add that a potters angelfish should be considered an expert only fish as it needs a lower than average temperature to thrive.

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Not sure if it's been said or not, but I successfully kept a Longnose Hawkfish in a 12 for a very long time. He didn't need swimming room, all he did was perch.

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Hey, I just wanted to start off by thanking you for writing this amazing guide. I just started a new Mr. Aqua 12G Long (36 long, 9 wide, 10 high) and I have a question. I know that the tank is a rather small volume of water but since it is abnormally long (for a nano tank) I was, wondering if any of the wrasses (besides the Possum Wrasse and Pink-Streaked Wrasse) would do well in this tank.

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I'll be setting up a 4 gal. pico. Would the teeny Trimma goby on the list be Ok? I read that it should be kept in pairs or groups so what about two?


No other fish, just snails and maybe sexy shrimp...



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He never got around the finishing the whole guide did he? There appears to be some "coming soon" sections in the guide that never got fleshed out or am I mistaken and that the entire guide is available somewhere around the forums?

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Says Flame anglefish needs 70G plus?


I have a 29 Gallon BC, I planned on this being my last fish


6 fish

2 clown

1 royal gramma

1 watchman goby


Flame Anglefish


Any thoughts?

Just remember that live aquaria ALWAYS overstates tank size for the fish. I'm betting it is done as a "we told you so" for people who want to stuff a ton of stuff in a smaller setup and up griping about failures.




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Although I'm a noon I know that in my ten gallon,I won't do more than two fish,I currently have a yellow watchman go by,and one clownfush and I run a protein skimmer,great write up!

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My apologies as I am having difficulty using the search function within this thread specifically, unless in fact there are very few mentions of the yellow assessor fish (besides OP's) in an 18-page thread, which seems unlikely(?).


I'm trying to find out more regarding the yellow assessor fish, which is listed in this thread in the 10g+ min. tank size category. What I'm struggling with in particular is that some sources seem to confirm this as the low end of tank size suitable for this fish...but then others specify 30 gallons...and, on top of that, I'm having trouble finding any literature or even customer reviews that mention anything other than these two figures (10g, and 30g) with respect to min. tank size which seems strange.


I guess my main concern is the degree of discrepancy between these two figures. If I googled a min. tank size for any given fish and was returned thousands of hits suggesting 12g or 15g...okay, there's a ballpark. 10g and 30g, though...seem too dissimilar and far apart for me to reconcile.

Reading about the swimming behavior, natural habitat, feeding preferences etc. for the yellow assessor have availed me no explanations as to why the min. recommended tank size would vary to such a great extent.

Does anyone have any insight into this?

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