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  1. Yikes! Sorry to hear about the crash. Bouncing back is the best way to go about it. Glad you're pushing forward.
  2. porcelain crab care

    I've kept them in the past, but they only thrived when I was keeping anthias and genicanthus. Heavy feeding, constantly in the tank that was over 1.5 years old.
  3. The last option is, chemi-clean and dinox will solve my issues and I can just continue a UNLS. I'll probably try to get a BRS dosing pump and run a timer to dose aminos.
  4. I've had two tanks that were started with dry rock, the first never had dinos. I don't think that's entirely the case. In my case I'm pretty sure it's because my nitrates are 0. The strongest theory goes that other algae can't grow with 0 nitrates, allowing things like dinos and other bacteria to use the remaining nutrients. Most systems can outcompete for the nutrients with algae (and most successfully with macro algaes that can be controlled). Unfortunately, my system is too low in nutrients. I think with a few changes, I can get things going: 1. Pull my marinepure ceramic plate: this is probably the biggest cause of 0 nitrates 2. Dose aminos and coral foods: this is going to be hard unless I can automate it 3. If coral foods doesn't help nitrates, I will need to dose something like stump remover to add nitrates in Pulling my ceramic plate is risky. It probably does a lot of other things for my system right now (like ammonia -> nitrite -> nitrate). I'll risk a mini cycle. Dosing aminos and foods is going to get pricey and makes my pretty low maintenance tank, a little more maintenance. And dosing something like stump remover constantly will require another dosing pump =P I'll most likely find a couple days where I can closely monitor my tank levels and pull the plate to see if nitrates will rise without any ammonia/nitrites being detectable. If I can get those levels up, I'll try to grow chaeto. Once there is a stable balance between feeding my tank and the chaeto growing, I think I'll be good to go.
  5. Dry rock. Dry sand. Still had a fairly quick cycle and zero pests. Though I may have accidentally gotten some dino from a snail or something.
  6. Battling a little algae or bacteria in my tank. Most likely because I have zero nitrates, regular algae can't grow. My chaeto reactor's chaeto are all gone now. Currently dosing chemi-clean to see if its' red cyano. I doubt it, but it could be. I had chemiclean on hand so decided to try it out. We'll see what happens, I'm only at the 12 hour mark. Next up will be DinoX and I'll start dosing a lot of coral food (reef chili) and aminos to try to bring up my nitrates. If that works then I'll need to get another DOS or something to constantly dose aminos. I'm wondering if I could stick reef chili in my AFS...
  7. Calling all Clownfish experts

    Upload to Youtube and then post the link here.
  8. Afternoon light hits my Rainbow BTA just right.
  9. Pretty sure your tank is using plenty of Alk/Ca at least. You'll need an Alk test for sure (if you don't already have one). I dose equal amounts of Ca/Alk because theoretically those would be used at the same rate (and products like Aquaforest are setup to be dosed equally in most situations). Thanks! I use my iPhone and sometimes my Sony RX1R2. Once in awhile I'll bust out my DSLR's with macro lenses and such, but I'm usually too lazy to do that. Those things are saved until I have work that requires it, rather than snapshots. Do it! Pretty simple =) Thank you!
  10. ADA nano - Manuka honey dosing

    That sucks! If it were me, I'd definitely consider it haha. That's so crazy. One of my pairs is in a Magnifica right now, and they kind of rush at my hand, but moreso looking for food. They do chase other clowns and fish away from their anemone, but maybe they're still too young to show real aggression. Also, maybe when they peck at me, they're really trying to disembowel me instead of looking for food, but since they're about 1.75", it doesn't feel like anything harmful. Normally BTA won't venture onto sand. So they will probably stay there, unless they let go and float around to another area.
  11. Calling all Clownfish experts

    Probably best to put them in a QT tank to medicate. The medication could have had an adverse effect on the tank. Check your ammonia/nitrite/nitrate levels first to make sure there's not some kind of crazy spike. I'd run carbon through a reactor on your tank to be sure. Prazipro was never recommended in a reef tank to me. If you do use metro, bind it with food using seachem fusion first and you could feed in the display tank.
  12. ADA nano - Manuka honey dosing

    That sounds terrible. My clowns eat out of my hand, and I can pick them up out of the water in my palm without any struggles. I guess they're used to it. I was trying to catch one clown in a net, and they all got in as if it was a ride. It was harder to catch just one than all of them. So dumb haha. I guess you can just leave them in? Might be a better option. If you ever needed to catch them, just don't feed them for 2 or 3 days (they'll survive just fine), and will be hungry enough to jump in a trap. You almost never need to feed a BTA if it's healthy and you have the right lighting. IF you feed it, it will start growing. Your tank is pretty small, I would probably not feed it and let it grow slowly IMO. Otherwise, wait at least a week. Feed small things, like mysis, so it can digest it well. At first don't feed more than once a week. After a few months, you can do it daily if you wanted it to grow a lot.
  13. I have a small 3/4" hawkins enchinata and a 3/4" ora pearlberry, and I'm already dosing 17ml a day =P Get ready!
  14. Sunburst or rainbow anemone? ID needed

    I've learned that: Rose = any red color BTA Rainbow = a rose BTA with one or more extra colors, and an enthusiastic owner Green = any green color BTA Colored tips = single color BTA with a colored tip. I have a green BTA with purple tips. It's pretty cool. Speckles = exactly what it sounds like, the tentacles and body have specks everywhere So you can call it whatever you want, there's no rules. If you're paying big bucks for lineage, here are some that come to mind: Supernova - speckled Rainbow with more blues, reds, and dark brown. These go for $1500 and more. I think it's just a speckled rainbow really. Colorado Sunburst (CSB) - a rainbow with glowing orange tentacles. These are going for about $1200, though they were only $500 less than a year ago. Lemon Drop - Hard to find these days, very few people have them. The tentacles are bright yellow. So that's where those names come from, but those are usually reserved for lineage. You can use their names to describe what you have, but those who paid big bucks for their CSB will cringe that you're calling your $50 BTA the same thing as their $1200 BTA. Other than the CSB, I feel like the others where glorified Rainbow BTAs that morphed in a specific tank situation. The CSB keeps it's colors from tank to tank. Yours looks pretty cool, you can start a lineage
  15. ADA nano - Manuka honey dosing

    Best thing to do is to give your nem some time to establish itself. They're hardy, but if you want it to find a good spot to settle down quickly and avoid any problems, isolate the clowns in an isolation box for a couple days.