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  1. Update: Vivid fancy is being picked on quite a bit. I think because he's almost as big as the male mocha gladiator, whereas the others are way too small to pose a threat to the hierarchy. Might give away the vivid fancy and get a replacement at 1" instead of the 1.5" this guy is at. My tank has gotten cloudier (it started getting cloudy last Sunday) and just got worse. I did a 15% water change yesterday, and then a 30% water change today. Despite the water changes, the water continues to get cloudier. I believe it's because I overdosed on NoPox last week. My nitrates were 25ppm and phosophates were 0.06ppm. Mid last week, the nitrates were down to 10ppm and phosphates down to 0.02ppm, with no water change between the readings, so definitely nopox was working, but the bacterial bloom definitely means I'm overdoing it. Today after the 30% water change, I'm down to something between 5 and 10ppm Nitrates, and still ate 0.02ppm of phosphates. Still 0 ammonia/0 nitrites as usual. So I think things should be OK, just bacterial bloom. I stopped dosing NoPox on Wednesday, but the bacteria is still going. I ordered a small 9watt UV sterilizer that's coming on Monday, just in case this lasts too long. I'll get the water back in check, and then start dosing NoPox again, but I'm going to quarter the dosage to 1ml a day.
  2. Thanks! Yeah the mocha gladiators are really beautiful. The male is really dark, black almost on top, the female is a bit more mocha and light colored. Both look incredible. The fancy extreme and fancy are really nice too, their bands are really incredible. The video was using my Sony RX1R2. I'm not very good at it. I was going to use my 3-axis stabilizer, but realized I left it at the office =X So it was pretty shakey. Clowns still seem pretty happy. The little Fancy White Extreme is spunky. He is facing off with the big female all the time haha.
  3. Thanks. Probably adding a CC Green Grape next week, but otherwise no plans just yet. I'm constantly looking out for something good. Maybe I'll save up for a colorado sunburst, flame tip, supernova, or something along those lines. Those are super expensive, so I'll probably wait a good long time before getting them in.
  4. Turned down my flow from 50x turnover to 30x. Since I didn't have any swimming fish, I couldn't really tell how brutal it was with the gyre. There's no dead spots, so no matter where the clowns were, they were swimming pretty damn hard. In my past tanks (like the ELOS) I had a ton of flow (60 - 80x turnover), but there were dead spots for my clowns to rest in (the other fish were anthias and a genicanthus bellus, so they didn't care). But I think I'll keep it at 30x until I have some SPS in there that'll diffuse it some. Seems good enough for now!
  5. Thanks yeah! In this case nature definitely didn't design these animals to be in anything less than an ocean, so it's even more unpredictable. I think it's important to be aware of what could happen, and to be responsible about it. I'm ready to take action and won't let things spiral out of control, so I hope that's humane/responsible enough to try it out.
  6. I talked about this earlier, but there is overwhelming evidence that a pair of clowns will protect their territory, so in a small tank, that extends throughout. But with groups introduced together at a young age / size (especially captive raised ones) of 5+, people have had years of success in small-ish tanks. Usually multiple clowns are housed in large tanks so they don't fight over space. But in this case, they are a "harem" or "group" from the start. Once they assert the female and alpha male, the rest fall in place with normal pecking order squabbles, but nothing to the death. This has been done with juveniles from the same clutch a handful of times successfully, with few people having complete failures. What I'm doing is definitely new, with almost all completely different clowns. They are about the same age and same size, with one female in a bonded pair already, so hopefully she will easily assert her top spot and the rest will fall into place. Really, no telling what will happen, but I'm going to let it run it's course a bit. But there are so many people around me that I can distribute the clowns to if this goes extremely badly. Look up clown harem threads on forums like RC and R2R! It's really a mix of people in blind denial that things are going badly and ACTUAL success. Nobody has done this yet though, so let me be the first. I work from home almost every day, so I'm keeping a close eye on everything all the time.
  7. Quick unboxing video. I wish I was able to add a soundtrack or do some color corrections. I used iMovie, though if anyone has suggestions let me know: https://youtu.be/joWXZgoJ67Q They are so awesome! Sustainable Aquatics is so pro. I have one BTA in there already. I was going to get the H. magnifica and have it settled down first, but decided against it. Since I'm just going BTAs, I figure these ocellaris have a pretty low chance of accepting them as hosts anyway. My tank needs fish poop badly (I've been ghost overfeeding to keep phosphates/nitrates high), so thought to just get some fish and add two more BTA's over a few weeks time. With three total BTAs, hopefully they'll grow larger soon and the ocellaris might take to them. With my luck, they'll just be hosting my gyre pump forever.
  8. Today's the day: Packing list: Free food! Awesome SA! I already prepped PE Mysis, ON Reef Flakes, but this is going to be great to add to the diversity. Damn, this is the scary part. I am always nervous. What you want: cutest damn ocellaris the world ever did see. What you don't want: DOA =( =( But the shipping box was awesome and no problems with delivery so should be good... First one out! WHEW! He's alive and f***ing beautiful. Next came the mocha caramel. He's not a misbar, just weird distortion from the double bags: I have a pair of mocha gladiators as well. The idea is that the female will be largest, though not by much, and there will be a quickly set hierarchy for minimal bickering. We'll see. Alpha male might be a tough one to assert: Fancy White aka Gladiator. Are you not entertained? They all made it! Floating for temp. Sustainable Aquatics specifically says not to drip acclimate these guys. I am skeptical but they have quite the reputation and these guys are so healthy. So a quick float and I'll transfer (with fish net) to the display soon after. All done floating, and added the Fancy White Extreme and the Vivid Fancy first. The Vivid Fancy is a bit larger than I was hoping for. I hope he doesn't become a problem. Fancy White Extreme is the smallest. These guys came together instantly. So funny that they just wanna group together. Cutest damn things ever. OK, I couldn't keep taking photos between each intro, so here are the rest of the photos. it's really hard to take a group photo of these clowns. It's a circus! I tried to label them, a few times. I'm actually not entirely sure which one is the fancy extreme white and the fancy white (aka gladiator). They're both amazing. I think the Extreme is a bit smaller. They do look slightly different, but not sure what is more extreme than the other. That's it for now! More photos once they settle down and I have more time (and patience) to get a good group photo and get good shots of each from the sides.
  9. Update: Nitrates holding at 10ppm Phosphates holding at 0.02ppm I started dosing NoPox last week again to bring my nitrates down from 25ppm and my phosphates were pretty high at 0.06ppm. I was dosing 4.5 ml a day. Last couple days the tank got a bit cloudy, so decided to back off on the dosage a bit (2 ml a day). Hope it'll clear up in the next few days! Also don't want to strip the tank of nitrates/phosphates too much. I've noticed that algae has been stopped completely (CUC + algae reactor + nopox + skimming). This Thursday my harem of ocellaris arrive! 1. Mocha DaVinci/Gladiator 2. Mocha DaVinci/Gladiator 3. Fancy White Extreme 4. Fancy White DaVinci/Gladiator 5. Vivid Fancy 6. Chocolate Mocha Excited to introduce them. I've also decided to not keep a H Magnifica anymore. It would really outgrow my tank too fast. I'll keep a couple BTA's instead. The current rainbow BTA I have has been the first. I'm going to be getting a CC Green Grape and probably saving the last spot for something rare, like a Colorado Sunburst, Inferno, Supernova, or creamscicle. But that's just a dream, those nems are so expensive. Photos this Thursday! I've still been struggling with how loud my Simplicity 120 DC skimmer has been acting. Despite all the great customer service from Simplicity, I'm still unhappy how loud it is. They want a video with sound recording, but my iPhone just doesn't pickup the sound at all. I'm not crazy, I asked my friends if they could hear it in the next room and they could. The pump without any air or without the wedge pipe closed is pretty much silent, but with the air and wedge pipe closed, it's just too loud for me. I am thinking of finding a NYOS Quantum and comparing them.
  10. Do you "dip" your macro's

    Along with Sustainable Aquatics Chaeto, there's other good places like AlgaeBarn and ReefCleaners. Growing chaeto in pest free systems is so important. There's a lot of people near me that give away chaeto, and not to knock on them, I just don't want the risk. I got my new tank setup with a ball of it from reefcleaners. I meticulously looked through it and only found a couple amphipods. No trace of anything else. Crossing my fingers!
  11. I probably got really lucky. I asked the LFS if they were eating, and they squirted mysis in and all three that I saw in the tank went after the mysis. I wanted the one that was perched out in the open and wasn't spooked by the feeding tube when it squirted mysis. Even though my guy is a little timid, he comes way out up to my kent marine seasquirt to get the mysis. I do, however, have to turn off all the pumps, otherwise he won't venture out at all. I'm trying to see if I can get him to come out while the return pump is on at least. Once he does that, maybe while all the flow is on, but I doubt it. I'm getting my small harem of clownfish this week, so hoping that doesn't screw things up with his feeding. I might have to distract the clowns with a ton of food, then spot feed the caves the hawkfish is in.
  12. Healdsburg

    Right! I'm in Berkeley, and even from here the air quality has been terrible, and I've been hearing and have friends affected by all that's going on. I saw your Healdsburg title, and was freaked out that you didn't evacuate or what you were going to do with the tank. The current fireline is pretty much right on Healdsburg now.
  13. Healdsburg

    Are you in healdsburg? Pretty close to all the fires?
  14. Really well! Comes all the way out and perches on a rock during the evening and morning hours when the lights are pretty dim. Shoots out of the cave to grab food during the day. He's eating about 3 - 4 whole PE mysis a day. Today, however, he ate one gigantic one and hid for the rest of the day. Maybe took on a too big of a mysis. I'll try feeding another tonight and see if he'll bite. He's the only one in the tank, so I think he's OK. I can see these fish being super cryptic with more aggressive or any other fish around that might spook them.