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  1. kinetic

    kinetic Red Sea Reefer 170

    Before and after, February 9, 2018 -> April 4, 2018
  2. kinetic

    kinetic Red Sea Reefer 170

    Latest full tank shot. Recovering from the crazy dino battle:
  3. kinetic

    kinetic Red Sea Reefer 170

    Hey Felicia. Sorry to hear they're still coming back. I almost gave up on my tank a few times, but I think I figured out what would work for my tank. Since everyone's systems somehow behave differently, I took a slightly different approach than before. Before I was trying to grow "good" algae to outcompete the dinos, by dosing nitrates and phosphates. That basically boosted green algae, plus even more dinos. So I went the other route. I was dosing NoPoX to increase bacteria that, in theory, would outcompete the dinos. It would also drive my tank insanely close to a UNLS. My thinking is that I'll just start dosing aminos once the dinos seem to be taken care of to feed the corals. So long story short, I was doing NoPox daily, and DinoX every other day. The differences were huge once the bacteria population built up with the NoPox, but the dinos still wouldn't go away. I stopped doing water changes every 2 days, and just kept dosing DinoX every 2 days instead of doing any manual removal. I just couldn't deal with so many water changes and got lazy. Well, fast forward 18 days of no water changes, the dinos went away. My theory of what happened: DinoX was slowly killing off dinos, but also concentrating into my tank over time, making it harder for dinos to fight it off. At the same time, bacteria growth from NoPox totally stripped the water of N and P for the dinos. Right now, my tank is close to having no algae at all. My remaining digitata is probably starving, and hopefully my anemones are OK with just the light for now. Things look good. I have a new Neptune DOS (second one) that I'm going to setup to just constantly dose NoPox and, soon, aminos. Crossing my fingers that once I start dosing amino acids, the dinos don't come back. Dinos are definitely a PITA. I'd suggest using DinoX for sure. Remove any activated carbon etc., and don't change your water for the duration of the treatment. I think you'll start seeing progress after 10 days. In the meantime, you could probably try to figure out a way to make it sustainable, either trying the ULNS way with NoPox, or trying to see if you can grow algae that can outcompete (hard to do with DinoX also, since that will kill all algae). It's a pretty good one. I'm actually going to sell it. I have an old 105mm Sigma macro lens with f/2.8 at 1:1 magnification. It's not the best, but the Nikon 60mm is so new I can probably get a decent price for it still. I'll probably invest in a newer 105mm at some point in the future =) I never did! Battling dinos has really taken me back a bit. I'm probably going to hold off for awhile. Thank you! They are quite amazing.
  4. kinetic

    kinetic Red Sea Reefer 170

    Busted out a 60mm f/2.8 macro lens. My Mocha Davincis are looking a lot more like black davincis.
  5. kinetic

    Dr Tim's Ammonium Chloride overdose?

    I've posted this in other forums. Many people have the exact same issue. Just start dosage with 1 drop per gallon instead of 4. The instructions are wrong.
  6. kinetic

    kinetic Red Sea Reefer 170

    Update, Day 23 of Dinos battle: Dinos are still growing and killing. Lost: conch, all SPS except Digitata, one turbo snail, and Geometric Pygmy hawkfish yesterday Every 2 days, I manually remove as many dinos as possible with a 20% water change (siphoning sand, blasting dinos off rocks). When dosing NO3/PO4 I would develop a 1/4" mat of dinos over EVERYTHING within 12 hours. Algae was still being overcome and dinos were thriving. I decided to go the other direction and try to kill all dinos with DinoX. I am now trying to remove all nutrients from the system using NoPoX, lightening up feeding, no more U.V. to allow bacteria to grow from NoPoX, and continue the water changes. No more dosing NO3/PO4. This has kept the dinos down to a minimum, but after a week of not removing dinos, the mat develops again. If I keep removing every 2 days, it seems to only have a small dusting, but never truly disappears. I ordered a microscope (cheap one) to see if I can get a better identification. I've already tried everything for all types of dinos, but at least this way I'll know for sure. I'm pretty close to shutting down this tank. Yes, it seems silly, but it's not if you consider the 2-3 hours of labor every 2 days only to have a completely brown tank after 12 hours and everything dying. Let's see what I'm up against with the microscope. If I've been doing everything I can to defeat the type I have, then I will shut down. There is no endgame. If the identification reveals something else, with a potential to defeat it, I'll keep fighting.
  7. kinetic

    All my life was a lie?

    I've always had ocellaris. Looks like one to me too.
  8. Yeah, the anemones wander quite a bit when something weird happens. The magnifica is basically a genocide machine, everything it touches will die haha. Though at this point, almost all my SPS except one has died, so I guess it wouldn't hurt. Definitely something to consider if this DinoX isn't working.
  9. I was thinking of a blackout, but I have a Magnifica and two BTA's. They're not going to do well without light for a few days =( But glad you're free of them for now! Crossing my fingers for ya!
  10. Even if you don't really do water changes much etc., your NO3/PO4 can be low or undetectable, since it's being consumed by corals, algae, and dinos. I stopped all my filtration and 5x'd my feeding (my poor overweight fish), and it was still 0 across the board. The dinos thrived. At this point, it was too late and the dinos were basically on a roll. Algae couldn't grow (my chaeto melted away in my reactor), and no matter what I dosed the dinos kept growing. Removing them manually is good, but I think it will be endless unless algae can start consuming the NO3/PO4 faster than the dinos. Algae does better when there's higher levels of NO3/PO4, which is why a lot of people dose those to get the algae population up. I think it's worth testing your NO3/PO4. If those are undetectable, you'll most likely need to supplement a bit. I'm on day 6 of DinoX. Dinos are back, but definitely not as bad. I'm siphoning it all out again tonight and going onto my 4th dose of DinoX...
  11. Definitely algae or some other critters. Not snail.
  12. I started fighting dinos recently as well. Do you know what your NO3/PO4 levels are? Dinos thrive in low / undetectable NO3/PO4 tanks, and algae does not. If you can get your NO3/PO4 up, the algae will ultimately start outcompeting dinos, especially if you do a lot of manual removal, according to a lot of people (check R2R for the mcarrol thread, it's quite good). For me, dosing made things worse, and though I did see a comeback with green algae, the dinos were not pulling back. So I started dosing DinoX. I'm on my 3rd dose (day 5). The dinos are still coming back, but not as much. I'm hoping to get through 10 days of DinoX, then I'll be dosing a ton of NO3/PO4 daily and trying to grow a ball of chaeto. I have a huge bottle of DinoX, if you want to split it, let me know. I think you're also in the bay area? Good luck!
  13. kinetic

    kinetic Red Sea Reefer 170

    Dinos basically cover the entire sps colony. Eventually it starves them out, or in my case they RTN'd. I kept blowing off the dinos with a baster, but one day they just came out as white skeletons =( They have, it's not related. It's due to the fact that dinos do well in low NO3/PO4 systems, and algae does not. Therefore it outcompetes algae and blooms. Yeah exactly. I was always at undetectable NO3/PO4, so it was bound to happen I guess. After using DinoX, I will be constantly dosing Sodium Nitrate and Trisodium Phosphate (food grade versions). I bought a whole new Neptune DOS just to do this. I'm in the bay area yup. I know a lot of others in the bay area, but more all over the world. I don't think it's just us, I think there's a huge outbreak in general. Not really sure why. I used to run a ULNS and never heard about dinos before (I took a 5+ year break) and now I'm back and EVERYONE seems to be getting it. My RO/DI is still 22 TDS in, and 0 TDS out. Though of course who knows, maybe something else is sneaking in?
  14. kinetic

    kinetic Red Sea Reefer 170

    All my SPS were doing really great, especially after consistent doses of Alk/Ca, but then dinoflagellates. The dinoflagellates came in strong, and have now killed all my SPS. My BTAs are suffering a bit as well. The whole tank has been brown. I've been battling the dinos by dosing NO3/PO4, but it has just made it worse. Lately, I tried using DinoX doses. I'm on my second dose (day 4), and after some manual removal, the tank is starting to recover. You can't even see the BTAs as they're totally shriveled up. Day 0: Day 4 (today after manual removal): Super ugly and unfortunate. I'm crossing my fingers I can rid the tank of dinos soon and get back to growing SPS.
  15. You can literally hook it up to a kitchen sink when you need it, then store it away when you don't need it. I set mine up in the laundry room and have it fed from the output of the washing machine and the drain goes right into the drain of the washing machine. Super easy. AlgaeBarn's critters are ORA, and tend to live. All my snails from AlgaeBarn are still alive (which is incredible really). I had some from reefcleanrs in the past and I seem to keep needing to buy more because they die too quickly =(