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  1. Try to make each area different heights for visual interest. Also, what sides will you be able to see from?
  2. Good work!
  3. The rock looks kind of cramped because it is getting so close to the glass; though, I do like how the left front rock seems to naturally emerge from the sand. I think you could move some of the rightmost rocks, either using them to increase the height of others or removing them completely.
  4. Arches are awesome, and that rock looks great! My only suggestion is to keep pushing for some asymmetry, which in this case would mean the topmost peak not being in the middle of the tank.
  5. Update: The shrimp goby eventually jumped and I eventually tore down the tank when I left Salt Lake City in 2014. I actually shipped it with me, but it is still in its box. I'm a genie!
  6. You could give it away.
  7. Great work as always, Chris! I have always admired your clean design.
  8. Looks okay because the tank seems well-maintained, but you may have to watch the Kenya tree since it can be invasive.
  9. It's hard to see anything except the striped colors. Does it look smooth or have things that look like bristles/legs? It could be a syllid worm.
  10. Spionid worms are common tube-builders.
  11. Those are normal feather dusters, and the snail does look like a nerite (at least some type of herbivore). Many nerites are intertidal, so watch out if it climbs out of the tank (they can survive but could get lost and die).
  12. Nice rock! Where did you get it?
  13. Looks like it (Pseudocorynactis).
  14. Those look like colonial tunicates.
  15. Awesome macroalgae! A nice alternative to the fluorescent coral tanks.