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  1. RIP Albert Thiel! I remember reading his books and when he started posting here on
  2. +1 to sponge.
  3. Looks like some LPS (large polyp stony), maybe in the family Lobophylliidae.
  4. They sometimes glow like that after exposure to air (again from damage).
  5. If they are hard, then they are likely Foraminiferans, e.g. Homotrema rubrum.
  6. You probably should inspect your corals for eggs or others. They can turn into an infestation.
  7. It looks like a Xanthid crab to me. If it's a Mithrax, the pincers should have cupped ends.
  8. +1 to keeping space from the glass. Also, vary the heights by stacking/leaning pieces, but also keep some open areas for the sand. You could use small pieces as supports for larger ones, which would also create caves/overhangs.
  9. +1 to J-ranko. Good job!
  10. Try to make each area different heights for visual interest. Also, what sides will you be able to see from?
  11. Good work!
  12. The rock looks kind of cramped because it is getting so close to the glass; though, I do like how the left front rock seems to naturally emerge from the sand. I think you could move some of the rightmost rocks, either using them to increase the height of others or removing them completely.
  13. Arches are awesome, and that rock looks great! My only suggestion is to keep pushing for some asymmetry, which in this case would mean the topmost peak not being in the middle of the tank.
  14. Update: The shrimp goby eventually jumped and I eventually tore down the tank when I left Salt Lake City in 2014. I actually shipped it with me, but it is still in its box. I'm a genie!
  15. You could give it away.