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  1. Someone who's been patiently waiting should finally get their package today!
  2. Secret Santa strikes again! Got another package today lol. You overdid yourself sir. Thank you so much.
  3. Gift for my victim ordered and on it's way to my house! Now I just got to pick up a few rolls of duct tape to wrap it with.
  4. -Instant Ocean 50th Anniversary commemorative 2.5g jug kit -Petco/Petsmart gift card -Premium Aquatics/Marine Depot/BRS gift card -Maxijet 900/1200 -Surprise
  5. Guess I better post a small list since I don't have an active tank thread: 1. Instant Ocean 50th anniversary commemorative 2.5 gallon jug kit 2. Petco/Petsmart gift card 3. Maxijet 900 or 1200 5. Surprise??
  6. Going to try and get a tank set up this weekend lol, but I can't decide which one. Here's what I have laying around empty: -5g Minibow -8g aqueon -20g regular -20g long -18g ADA -29g (30x13x16) -40b I have an aquarium hoarding problem
  7. I'm in. Guess that means I have to get a tank setup before Christmas!!
  8. Wow. I'm going to make a bunch of cash when I crop out your watermark and sell prints of these. Thanks for posting them.
  9. lgreen


    Maybe you're having issues because no one refers to what you're talking about as a "lamp tree". Even if you google search "lamp tree" + "marine depot" nothing shows up. Marine Depot: Please add "deely-o-ma-thing" as a keyword for when I want to find 12" Kent Marine ProScrapers on your website.
  10. 36B = 36 x 18 x 13 40B = 36 x 18 x 16 Both are considered shallow breeding tanks and in my opinion, the 36B is a bit too shallow for a display tank. Would be great for a frag tank though. Even the 40B is a tiny bit short for me in terms of viewing height, but I was able to resolve that by putting it on a 36" stand.
  11. I would recommend the 40B because it is on the Petco $1/g sale right now, which will save you quite a bit of money vs. buying the others. Here's mine in progress:
  12. lgreen

    Dear StevieT

    Agreed. I think these standard sized drop in kits should be part of his everyday line of products though...not just custom for me
  13. lgreen

    Dear StevieT

    Please start making these drop in refugium/sump kits inTank style: http://www.ebay.com/itm/30-GAL-REFUGIUM-KIT-30-x-12-x-19-custom-protein-skimmer-sump-aquarium-filter-/190807670450?pt=Fish_Filters&hash=item2c6d05feb2 Also, soon...cuz otherwise I might have to buy one from a stranger or something. I want one for a 29g aqueon/tetra tank. I'll pay for the material, as well, shipping and be your beta tester. Thanks! Edit: To which I respond: "Don't make me assume my ultimate form" https://www.facebook.com/video/embed?video_id=1412484778970143
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