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  1. Are you hiring? I'd be willing to accept any position that pays >$50k year. inThink about it.
  2. Access card to StevieT's hot tub??
  3. It's hard to see...I can't seem to get a good pic, but the clown is looking straight up at them. They look kinda maroonish in the pic. In person though they appear a bit more clear w/ obvious goldish eye spots w/ black in the center. This is their second attempt at laying eggs. Just noticed them there tonight. The eggs appear to possibly be 24-48 hours old. They are no longer orange in color and have gold/silverish eyes starting to show.
  4. wow...i can't believe i got 3 votes
  5. what's this all about? oh phot contest lol.
  6. needs more live rock noob jk
  7. 5/27/10 FTS
  8. Photo of the month! Pick me
  9. nice job!
  10. ^
  11. the wire is there. it's just hidden by a convenient optical illusion
  12. Light will be added with in the next few days. Got to finish putting it together. The sand is Caribsea Arag-Alive Special Grade Reef Sand. It's pretty common and can be found at most the online sites and many fish stores.
  13. lol