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Statics Reefer 170


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So dosing reef roids more heavily has brought NO4 up to 0.03 so I will continue this method for NO4 as long as it continues to work, and I have some ESV nitrate on the way in the mail, as NO3 is still undetectable.

some of the Acro’s are still happy and hopefully elevating the nutrient availability will assist with them as well.

once I have this dialed in a little better and finish up on yearly mountain bike suspension rebuilds, I can start working on my photography a little.

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So I have been dosing B-ionic nitrate for about 4-5 days and nitrate is now registering around 3-4 ppm. And PO4 is now registering at .03 ppm, with dosing a pinch or reef roids in the power head just before every feed. Once the PO4 gets a little higher I’ll back off on the frequency of reef roids. Like wise with the B-ionic nitrate.

A couple overall shots today.

still dealing with the red stuff, but it seems to get slightly better with the rise in available nutrients.

still loving the roll filter.

i have backed down the UV on my lighting schedule to 75% from 110%.

I’ve lost the Red Dragon Acro. The cracker jack seems to regain some color with nutrient rise, and the acid rain, blueberry bonsai and red digitata still colored well and doing great. Twizzler Acro has not done a whole lot since some color loss in the beginning.

all LPS very happy.



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12 hours ago, Rhetoric said:



I have a question about the filter roller,  why haven't you pulled it?


What is it doing for your aquarium?

Catching all the water born filaments as I go through the stages of a newer tank. 
would much rather control the nutrients with minor dose at this point, as opposed to a build up of gunk. 
“ part of my recipe”



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I'm in sales for a living.  


Selling people a product that removes important "stuff" out of the water.  Then selling them back the same "stuff" they just removed is either pure genius or evil.


Sorry for jumping into your journal, only trying to help I promise.

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37 minutes ago, Rhetoric said:

I'm in sales for a living.  


Selling people a product that removes important "stuff" out of the water.  Then selling them back the same "stuff" they just removed is either pure genius or evil.


Sorry for jumping into your journal, only trying to help I promise.

I like not dealing with filter socks.

and until there is enough coral in there to suck it all up…. Eventually the rock work will be saturated.

love the roll filter.

didn’t hear anyone complain about people spending on filter socks?

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Quick update.

testing water this evening.

Alk = 165 ppm

PO4 = 0.03 ppm

NO3 = 9-10 ppm


going to continue with daily reefroids for the PO4. ( big pinch daily broadcast).

as of today I cut NO3 dose in half from 2ml daily to 1ml daily to see if that maintains 9-10 ppm or slightly higher.

 Backed off the All For Reef from 3.2ml per day to 3.0ml per day, as I don’t want alk creeping much higher than 9dkh.

with nutrients coming online, the cyano seems to slowly back off.

some of the Acro’s seem to be getting better coloration in there flesh. The flesh on my “Pac-Man Acro is getting a nice purpleish hue to it with bright green tips.

I pulled out a few old digital cams, but I don’t seem to get quality photos with them. ( one of my next tasks once Acros have decent encrusting happening. Is the photo skills, and something better than a cell phone)

the PAC-MAN, I previously thought was purple bonsai.

again apologies for the photo skills.



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On 5/8/2024 at 2:34 PM, KevMax said:

Enjoyed reading your journal. Your aquarium is coming along nicely. Looks great.  

Thank you.

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Have not done an update in a while, as it’s mountain biking and climbing season.

i figure it’s time.

here are a few top downs from this evening in amateur fashion.

Four of the Acro frags RTN’ed on me, this was as I was dosing NO3 due to it being undetectable. After slow dosing for a bit, I stopped when NO3 started climbing quick up to about 25ppm. (RTN here).  Then I have been letting it drop on its own with regular water changes, and now has been sitting around 8-12ppm on its own without dosing.

I have continued dosing PO4, if I stop it will register 0.0. I’m dosing about 1ml every other day, which has kept PO4 around 0.03 ( detectable ).

the Digi was not happy for a while, but has been encrusting now for about 3 weeks.

still have the Cracker Jack Acro, it has pretty much been frozen in time.

just before RTN event, the coralline had bleached a bit and stopped growing (visually).  But in the last 2-3 weeks has really taken off again.

my guess would be the change in nutrients and tank still being young may have had something to do with it.

so I have not updated in a while, and have let the tank chill and rebalance.

NO3 looks like it may be finding its groove, and looks like I will continue with PO4 minor dosing for the time being.

I will try a few more Acro’s in the near future, as things are looking better.

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