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Innovative Marine Aquariums

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The Rainy Day Aquarium

Agreed. But yes, they are tricky to scape.


Thank you for the kind words, means a lot.

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So awesome, been eying up this tank shape since I got into the hobby! So jealous, bio type is looking like an epic way to go! I’ve been craving a Caribbean bio type and right after gorgonias is a yellow porites (just looks kinda like the branching finger corals if you get a branching type and boulder coral if you get the mounding type). Definitely looking forward to see where this goes, great job!

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The Rainy Day Aquarium

I was cleaning this tank out and saw something kind of neat. The water had evaporated a great extent and left a pretty salty brine ( got busy while tearing down and cleaning this tank out and it ended up sitting for a while; oops). I filled the tank back up with RODI water to help clean it out and came across the unique densities of salt and freshwater. Kind of neat to see 5” of freshwater just floating on top of saltwater. This took several minutes to mix entirely. 


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