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  1. Firefish15

    20 Long Nano "Budget" Build

    I've got an empty 20g long, and you've got me plotting.
  2. Firefish15

    Low Maintenance First Tank - Questions

    +1. Euphyllinme has it on one of his tanks too. He's growing softies and LPS.
  3. Firefish15


    What about the goby makes it look in bad shape? Rapid breathing? Red gills? How big is the tank?
  4. Firefish15

    Instagram contest - you are invited!

  5. Firefish15


    Temperature fluctuations? Any possible chemicals or cleaning agents that got into the tank?
  6. Firefish15

    Any Idaho Reefers?

    Yeah, I requested to join SRRC, but they haven't accepted me yet. Working on it. Sounds like a good time!
  7. Firefish15

    Ich but without the symptoms

    I've got a yellow clown goby that's in pretty much the same situation as your citron goby. My red firefish also had symptoms when he first got into the tank, but he's fine now. I've just been focusing on keeping the tank in good condition for the fish. Varied diet, good habitat, great water parameters, lots of flow, compatible tank mates. I'm just going to try waiting it out as I did for the firefish.
  8. Firefish15

    Firefish's 10G rimless "The Island"

    Dogo has developed some ich spots, around a dozen over his body. He's still acting normally and eating vigorously though. Tank conditions are good. Good parameters, non-stressful tankmates, varied diet. Hopefully, he'll be able to pull through. I'm adding more API Stresscoat+ to try and help his slime coat. Moto Moto's fin is almost healed up. It's almost back to its full height, and the filaments are reattaching to the dorsal spine. No sign of ich on him.
  9. Firefish15

    Any Idaho Reefers?

    I got into contact with Josh over Facebook messenger. I will probably check them out around mid-January when I'm back with my tank. Seems like a good place from what I can find online. He said he loved my rockwork too. Thanks for the heads-up!
  10. Firefish15

    WV Reefer’s Teeny, Tiny and Dirty

    Even if you do have some fluctuations, you could stock organisms normally found in tidepools. They're pretty tolerant of swings.
  11. Firefish15

    WV Reefer’s Teeny, Tiny and Dirty

    Doesn't help that the system volume is so tiny, huh?
  12. Firefish15

    First tank in the saltwater side

    Hey, tank is looking good! Very clean appearance. I've been thinking about adding a background to my own tank for a while. For feeding, I like to do several small feedings throughout the day. It's more similar to what the fish encounter in the wild. I alternate between flake, pellet, and a frozen mixture. I think it's better for their digestion, less chance of bloating. Introducing copepod and isopod populations is also a good way to supplement fish throughout the day. One thing to keep in mind with the GSP is that they have the potential to grow quite rampant if left to their own devices. It may be better to isolate them on their own little island. Other types of corals like that are clove polyps and xenia. If you don't have an aquarium journal started, you should start one of those too. Welcome to the forum!
  13. Firefish15

    Any Idaho Reefers?

    @slowngreen Thanks for the helpful info! I just started my first tank recently, so I'll be hunting around for some frags soon.
  14. Firefish15

    Any Idaho Reefers?

    Hey all, I'm looking for any reefers in the state of Idaho, preferably around the Boise area. It'll be good to get in contact with some local people. I haven't checked with the LFS yet, but I'm getting on it. Thanks, Firefish
  15. Firefish15

    20 Long Nano "Budget" Build

    Nice! Looks good! When's the move happening?