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  1. I think it will work, I just need to refine it more. On the previous attempts, the food thawed too quickly and floated out. Made a bit of a mess. I think that if I secure a bit of mesh over it, it will work better. But it definitely helps without the peppermint shrimp.
  2. I got my own pipe organ now too. Hopefully it does as well as yours!
  3. What kind of snails? Cerith snails are a good option for the sandbed.
  4. Well, I'm now shrimpless. But then I had some store credit, so I had to spend it. Got some cool blue zoas with orange mouths, a lovely red discosoma, and a nice chunk of pipe organ coral. Will add photos soon. I also got some tigger pods to add later tonight, try and at least add something for the goby. I probably went a little overboard though, because my total was higher than I expected. Also, I'd been meaning to get some more mini brittle stars since the emerald crab killed all of them the last time. I keep forgetting to ask, even this time I did. But when I was dipping the corals in Reef Safe, 5 little brittles jumped out of the pipe organ coral! Quick rinse and in they went.
  5. Hm, that would be tricky I think. I'd have to learn some electrical stuff. I assume there's some sort of controller I could set to regulate the temperature. I'm sure I'll learn a lot by the time I've read through all 15 pages!
  6. Alright, new plan of attack. The Rainford's goby still has not visibly eaten prepared foods, so some things need to be done. Tomorrow, I'm returning the peppermint shrimp to the LFS. Been mulling it over for a while. It's been cool and fun, but it's also a pain in the butt for feeding corals and the new fish. It's quite healthy, molted a few times, so I have no shame about re-homing it. I'll also get what info I can about the goby's eating while it was there (and may check out the coral selection). After some research, I'm trying a new strategy. I've taken half a clamshell and filled it with a little slurry of frozen foods, and put it back in the freezer. I'll try presenting it on the sandbed tomorrow after Greedy has been re-homed. I'm also no longer going to clean the back wall of the tank. That'll increase the grazing area for the snails and Rainford's goby.
  7. Man, all my great ideas have already been thought of! Still glad I found this journal though.
  8. Wow, this looks really slick! After the creative container contest, I had the idea of taking a coffee pot and going further, retrofitting an entire coffee maker to house a light and air pump over the coffee pot/pico. This jar/lid combo though...
  9. Firefish15


    Yeah, it's been a journey! Ups and downs, but mostly up. Goby still hasn't eaten prepared food though. Looking a little thin. Still acting normal.
  10. Firefish15


    Wow, that has been a while! Haha, get them started young! That's cool that you're involving your kids in it. Hopefully it gets you all some good bonding time together. Mine's a dedicated softy tank. 10g with a HOB refugium and a $60 light. I'm a college student, so wanted to do something small and relatively cheap. Easy too. I do a small weekly water change, then feed a little bit a few times a day. Clean the glass every day or two. Here's my journal, if you're interested.
  11. Keep us posted! That's got to be nerve-wracking. Hopefully everything goes smoothly!
  12. Firefish15


    Yes, I think that you'll be happy with the advancements that have been made in the hobby. How many years has it been since your last tank? I'm pretty new myself, so I made things easy in terms of livestock and maintenance too. I've had a lot of fun so far! Any particular livestock or corals that have caught your eye?
  13. I would be worried with your new water. Starting with 15ppm of NO3 will probably make things difficult. Lots of algae growth. The rest of the values should be okay though once you add the salt mix to the water. It'll buffer the water and raise the pH to around 8.2
  14. Firefish15


    back! Any ideas for your new setup?
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