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20 gallon long quarantine boredom


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Moving all stony corals to cousins tank soon. Things looked worse this morning for them but I think a large stable tank like his would help a lot. We will be dipping in an iodine solution as well. Candy cane coral is a total loss I think at this point lmk if I should still save it. Fish and inverts are fine. Soft corals seem like they may pull through. 20-40% water change tonight.

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Still in shock about what happened to the tank but moved corals to cousin's tank 40 mins away in Fort Worth. Dipped in a weak iodine solution. Aunt added baskets to keep the copper band butterfly and flame angle from doing any damage. They have been model citizens for years but risk nipping dead/dying tissue then getting a taste for what’s alive and killing what’s left. Did a 50% water change to help the soft corals. Saw the slightest of polyp extension today on a leather and a few zoas opened up. Hoping to see more life in the corals in the next week. I think the frog spawn, Duncan, and birds nest will pull through at least some. Candy cane is probably a goner, but hey what can it hurt to try and save it. Here are pics of corals after being added to cousin’s tank. 



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Been fiddling w the idea of a 40b to replace my 20L and have come up with this stock list.

my blenny

my hawk

1 coral beauty 

2 occ clowns 


want a bigger tank for my parents to take care of when I’m gone cause bigger=more stable.

gonna grow j shrooms, gsp, leathers, flower nems, and what ever survives the crash... parents are open to the idea of a bigger easier tanks they could enjoy w me.


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Worked up the courage to get myself some beautiful new corals. Got some “Jason fox green toad stool” don’t care bout the about the name but they are the greenest toad stool I’ve seen absolutely glow under blues. Dude thew in some freebie discsoma shrooms too. Pretty sick tank break down finds.



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Gets my some zoas and blue Xenia! Here’s a pic of stuff my cousin and I are getting, mine are the blue ones in the center, petroglyphs, and random colony of yellow and blue with the blue Xenia attached. Rest are going to cousins tank except selling is keeping one of the gobstoppers and pink diamonds.


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On 2/5/2021 at 4:14 PM, ererer said:

Did you ever figure out what caused your tank crash?

Sorry for the late reply I’ve gotten busy lately lol. 90% sure it was a temp drop and I didn’t have a monitor at the time. Now I have a ink bird that’s great. Most coral but the frog spawn died so I’ve switched to all softies and love it.

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Haven’t posted in a long time cause the tank has been on auto pilot lol but I’m upgrading to a JBJ RL 45! Super excited for a bigger tank. I have learned from this tank to NOT skimp out on anything and a 10g sump is way too small lol! Wish I drilled a real over flow over one hole for being quiet, wish I drilled the return, wish I set up mechanical filtration and wish I had a better control panel. Until I can build a proper drilled tank and have the resources to go much bigger I will be sticking to an AIO, although the building process to learn to drill the tank and plumb and build a stand has taught me a lot of useful things. Here is a pic of the final iteration and I’ll be starting a new build thread if anyone wants to follow. (Absolutely awful organization lmao) 


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