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  1. I literally just got around to adding stuff and moved the whole tank upstairs. I didn't buy anything until the weekend after thanksgiving because I couldn't find much locally until the black friday sales and frag tank showed up at the LFS.
  2. Into the Shallows - Tamberav's C. C. Pico

    Hey guys, sorry for lack of updates but I didn't do anything with the tank all month (no livestock). I actually didn't buy anything until the black Friday sales weekend when the LFS had cheap frags for sale. I tossed everything in the tank and took a quick FTS. Going to glue and organize it soon. It is a hot mess! My cat also was playing in the water so I moved the tank upstairs in a room I can keep the door closed and cords and what not need to be fixed up. 2017-11-30_10-04-11 by Tana Jahangier, on Flickr
  3. The Girlfriend Pico: Getting Creative With Dongs...

    I like the bird better too! Sorry about your kitty, glad she is feeling better. There is a website online that lists whether a plant is cat safe or not. I only buy the safe ones unless I can put them out of reach since my kitties like to chew on the plants at times. I could not keep spider plants at all, while safe, they apparently can have a catnip like effect on some cats.
  4. Keeping a Six line Wrasse

    You can buy just the screen off BRS and then a window kit at lowe's for cheaper then the full kit on BRS. Court jester gobies have tiny mouths so find sand for sifting but they do have captive bred court jester gobies which advertise as taking prepared foods.
  5. Keeping a Six line Wrasse

    My sixline was a typical sixline asshole, my 8line is as well. They are peaceful when small but if it is a fish you plan to have for years, they may turn at anytime. They are generally regarded as semi-aggressive/aggressive. Peacefulness just depends on how long you plan on keeping the fish and if you get lucky or not. @sapling Sixline/wrasses are known jumpers so if you are trying to avoid one.... this may not be the best option. Maybe not as jumpy as a firefish but pretty damn jumpy... more so than a clown or such. Springers damsel is peaceful and blue, starkii damsel is semi-aggressive, probably around the same if not a bit less than a 6line. Just depends on the fish.
  6. 40g Mixed Reef: We have inverts (and fangs)

    Make the QT bare bottom (if you need to QT a fish that needs sand, put some in a tupperware in there), sand in your display is up to you.
  7. AiO's and Sumps

    I think it just depends on what your goals are. I had AIO's then sumps, now back to AIO's. I miss the large fuge in the sump but don't miss getting down on my knees and cleaning the sump. They have so many more options now than they used to for skimmers, ATO's ect that all fit in a AIO... so I really feel either works. I hated AIO's previously but so much has changed I find them easy to maintain now. I would definitely go with a sump with a tank 40+ gallons though.
  8. RIP to My Picasso Clown

    Yes, get one smaller than your current fish.
  9. RIP to My Picasso Clown

    Yes an occy will mix fine. Sorry about your clown... As much as I love the rimless look 24/7....i could never have a tank like that. I don't know how anyone does it and still sleeps at night. I would be waking up at 3am checking on my fish lol
  10. The Girlfriend Pico: Getting Creative With Dongs...

    Mine is small/shallow, I just hung my par30 off a planter hanger on a wall high above.
  11. Help me stock my 25 lagoon

    Sixline will most likely have beef with the gramma, not the clowns. Other ideas: Fang Blennys (peaceful, do not bite unless you pick them up with your hand) Midas blenny (can be aggressive to fish like grammas/firefish) Starki damsel, talbot damsel, springers damsel (most peaceful is talbot > springers > starkii which is more semi). Small yellow coris wrasse, mine grew reaaaaaaaaaally slow. (peaceful, may pick on/eat small inverts like baby snails, sexy shrimp, ect).
  12. Why is my tank not thriving

    Is that cyano or coraline? I see some turf algae. Anywho... Your phosphate is way too high, phosphate 0.55 Should be 0.03ish To put it in perspective, your phosphate is 18 times higher than it should or 1800% higher. I find that corals hate high phosphates, moreso than nitrates. I believe I read somewhere it interferes with calcification.
  13. Do you "dip" your macro's

    I believe some sources sell cultured pest free cheato that is not exposed to reefs/fish/coral, ect. Susatinable Aquatics Cheato: SA’s Chaetomorpha is reportedly pest– and pathogen-free, which cannot always be said for the random clump of Chaetomorpha you might get from other sources, where problem organisms like Aiptasia anemones can sneak in unnoticed. Carberry elaborated on this claim, stating, “We’ve cultured it in an area (separate room) away from the fish for several weeks to make sure we can offer it as pathogen-free product, as it comes from a vector-free area (same goes for the Amphipods; they have their own area as well)
  14. Do you "dip" your macro's

    I usually don't but the few times I have, I dip them in filtered water. That should kill most pests as well as dino without causing any harm to the macro.