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  1. Diatom Issue in Established Tank

    My husband is in school so that's what I use for now. The last school had one that was worth more than my salary
  2. Fish Immune system discussion

    Ya it's great and helps me sleep better. When I buy fish at times around 100 a pop... It isn't something I'm willing to risk. CP makes QT and treatment sooo easy... Can use live rock and it basically treats everything.
  3. Aqua One 35 Nano Tank

    I meant to get fish with a smaller bioload... Not no fish. Water changes replace trace elements and minerals. I don't know why anyone would try to not take advantage of water changes on a nano tank. It's one of the advantages the small tanks have over the big ones to make the corals look amazing.
  4. Storing bulk salt mix!

    Cool stuff! This used to happen to me all the time with kent/instant ocean/coralife, ect. Clump clump clump. What is really weird is I bought box of Fritz RPM, brought it home, realized it is ALL in 1 large bag... thought "oh shit, this is going to be 1 large clump"... but it hasn't clumped at all and I forgot to seal it for a few weeks, nothing, just stays perfect. I don't understand why but I am using this salt forever for that reason alone (plus my mix bucket doesn't get that brown scum anymore). My LFS sells it for $45 for a 200g box, don't ask me how they sell it so cheap.
  5. Aqua One 35 Nano Tank

    I said rehome the clowns because you don't like doing water changes as often as you have to per your previous post and NOPOX is a bandaid. If your tank is stable, why would you need to use it suddenly? This makes no sense to me. NOPOX feeds bacteria which means it can also cause cyanobacteria. I am telling you this now so if cyano shows up, you know the cause. If removing algae/tank maintenance caused a spike in Nitrate, okay that can make sense but you would just do a large waterchange to lower it (sounds like you have). Why would you then need NOPOX?
  6. Aqua One 35 Nano Tank

    In order for NOPOX dosing to be effective at lowering Nitrate, you need some phosphate present. If you run out of phosphate entirely, you will not be able to reduce nitrate using NOPOX, they are related and effect each other. So running both clear max AND NOPOX may cause issues or make one not as effective, ect. You should get your tank under control before buying more corals, corals are shocked by dramatic changes. You can kill them with starvation if your PO4 or NO3 gets too low as well. Do you vacuum your sand and blast your rock? Clean the back chambers? There should be a source of all this NO3/PO4. Finding the source and fixing it will help your tank greatly. Do you have two clownfish still? I would probably just rehome the clowns, they are poop machines and the tank is only 7.5 gallons, correct? Be sure to scrape/remove the algae off the back wall, ect. If it dies, it released po4 back into the tank. Removing algae is like removing bound up PO4.
  7. Fish death

    The orchid or yellow assessor are both wonderful fish. Yellow is peaceful.... Orchid mostly peaceful.... Rare there? Sounds like you need to treat yourself to something new for you
  8. Tamberav's IM10g! Keeping it simple.

    I'm surprised I haven't seen more blue ones around here... They seem perfect for picos.
  9. Tamberav's IM10g! Keeping it simple.

    I will keep an eye out for a pictus but otherwise might do a firefish or basslet. Have to see what pops up. Probably best I can't find anything too fast... I tend to buy fish too fast otherwise! Picked up a frag of goniopora from another reefer. It opened up quickly... I know they can be finicky though. I also got a mame skimmer although idk if I will use it for anything. Was 5 dollars with an air pump so I couldn't pass it up.
  10. Fish death

    I used to live by the border of Canada, thought it would be cool to live there but due to poor selection of reef inhabitants, NEVER! Can you get pistol shrimp? I would probably try a hi-fin and hold out for a neon as the 2nd fish. If you can't get a pistol, firefish should be out hovering once comfortable. Neon dotty back or sixline if no inverts but they may feel cramped (if you can get them). This place any good? https://www.canadacorals.com/collections/fish/products/orchid-dottyback They have a orchid
  11. FILTER FLOSS VALUE PACK - ONLY $6.99 till March

    Thanks, I was getting low... can't believe I ever used regular polyfill. Also I just made the discovery you are in Menomonee Falls? I work at the hospital there.
  12. Fish death

    Greenbanded gobies are very much not boring fish. They change sex like clownfish so get two and they may become a pair. Or a pair of neon gobies would make for interesting behavior too (also available as captive bred). Both very hardy fish, good eaters, easy to feed, and possible interesting mating behaviors. They also pose no threat to tiny shrimp and crabs.
  13. Sorry for your troubles Maybe double check to make sure whatever instrument you use to test salinity is working correctly? Do you run carbon? Maybe with the GSP being grumpy for a bit, there could be some chemical war going on?
  14. Tamberav's IM10g! Keeping it simple.

    The shrimp is shy, doesn't bother anything. They are just too tiny to harm much of anything and a wrasse could probably make short work of him. I don't think he will cause any issues with sexy shrimp, ect. He grabs mysis out of the water column and hasn't tried to steal any from corals. I want a pictus, they are a little hard to get here. I did try one but he would not eat and seemed off and did not make it despite my best efforts. My first one I had years ago did amazing. I may be tempted to try again if one shows up. I love macro too, too much. I want a bigger tank to grow them out in already....
  15. 22g Mr Aqua AIO

    Well no more tissue necrosis so far, hopefully it recovers.