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  1. Tamberav

    Tamberav's IM 25 Lagoon - going to get dirty!

    Was doing great but not so much right now, my lights took a crap and tank was without light for awhile... now I got a crappy one over it. Hope it recovers.... was fine till then. It was an aqua cultured piece. The tentacles are short now, maybe light shock?
  2. Tamberav

    Tamberav's IM 25 Lagoon - going to get dirty!

    What tank size you downgrading from? I used to have sumps but went AIO this time just for ease of maintenance and because the tank runs very quiet this way. I honestly like peninsula or long tanks better but that is just personal preference. I picked this one because it fits in a good spot in the house and a nano-box duo works perfectly over it. My one big gripe is the back chambers are really limited on equipment since they are so narrow so I had to hunt down a specific skimmer and what not. I also prefer tanks without black silicone. The aquamaxx or Mr aqua types use such little clear silicone, you can't see it at all. Overall it is a very nice tank for the price though. The tanks with similar footprint do not have low iron which was a huge pass for me. Otherwise I would have made my own AIO.
  3. Tamberav

    Tamberav's IM 25 Lagoon - going to get dirty!

    Sadly the tank is not up and running as a DT atm, I moved and sold many of the inhabitants off. I do plan on setting it up as a DT again but right now it has macro in it and being used a QT for new fish. This is the thread... eventually will get it going again. May not be too long as just waiting for the light to be built.
  4. When simply considering time invested... Water changes are one of the easiest and fastest part of maintenance for me. The testing... Dosing... Taking apart skimmers or pumps and so on is way more tedious. I don't think being able to skip water changes will help with a few busy social weekends. I think the best way to have a lower maint tank is simply lower maint corals that don't require dosing... Display macro and a lower stock of fish. This way you can skip dosing and some testing and pass on the extras like skimmers so less to fuss with over all.
  5. Tamberav

    Dinos! Oh no!

    I would probably not increase water changes. You could siphon them through a small micron filter sock/floss and add the water back. I don't think dino dislikes dirty water honestly.... but I think the trace elements we add back with a water change just help it reproduce is the problem. it is likely that the die of off cyano GHA opened up a spot for dino to take over. Dino also seems to thrive better in macroalgae tanks so keep that in mind. I beat dino years ago with manual removal + blackouts, changing filter socks aggressively, running carbon, ect... but no water changes.
  6. Tamberav

    Affordable HOB protein skimmer?

    If you should be able to find a used aquamaxx hob 1.0 for around $100. An absolutely amazing skimmer. They have a newer 1.5 now but that will be out of your price range but the 1.0 is still really really good.
  7. Tamberav

    list of inverts for a nano reef

    pom pom crab is symbiotic with the live anenomes it carries. Acro crabs + acro corals. Petershrimp + nems. Anemone hermit crab Staghorn hermit crab Heliofungia shrimp + long tentacle plate corals Decorator crab may count? Idk if it is really symbiotic but they like to make themselves pretty Walking dendro is a coral with a worm that lives inside it and moves around Then there is this guy... the crab + urchin but it also shows the relationship of bangaii cardinals and urchins Obviously some of these do not belong in a 5g but sharing anyways.
  8. Tamberav

    First 5g Reef on a College Budget - Month 7

    ha.. probably diluted down too much in the tank water.
  9. Tamberav

    4 different test kits, different results

    Did you try a new battery? Mine was slow/funky when the battery was old. It is probably trash but that's my only idea for ya..... Or if you paid with a cc that automatically extends warranties. Sucks hanna is so difficult about it.
  10. Tamberav

    Hitchhiker coral?

    looks like a Ball anenome
  11. Tamberav

    Hanna checker

    Yah that used to bug me but it bugs me less than trying to read colors and add drops so I got over it. it might be which you buy to check calibration matters. Since older hanna's have a different number than the new ones. I don't know why though since apparently both reagents are the same for actual testing.
  12. Tamberav

    Hanna checker

    "This have been updated from the HI755-26. The chemical used is still the same we just created a new code to match our reagent categorization system. The HI755-26 Alkalinity reagent for the ppm Marine Checker is still an active code and the reagents can be used interchangeably." - Hanna Sounds like the reagents you test with is the same but... I don't know. Perhaps the calibration tool number matters, My hanna says hi755 on the back.
  13. Tamberav

    Hanna checker

    I have had my hanna a couple years now, I bought the reagent to check the calibration on it and it passed no problem. Results seem accurate as my salt mix measures up to around what it should for alk and my tank changes appropriate with water changes. I don't think they would be as popular as they are if the issues with them were common. It just has more parts to break than just a test tube. Sort of like buying a car with all the bells and whistles.
  14. Tamberav

    Should I Stop Skimming?

    Do you know your phosphate levels? Alk? I took the skimmer off my SPS tank and things are looking better as nitrate went from 0 to 2. I think some nitrate is good but there could be something else going on too. I would check po4 and alk.