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  1. Tamberav


    Great shot 🙂
  2. Tamberav


    I would like to point out that your tank is dirty... which breeds pods which is great for a mandarin. However, if you don't want ugly ass algae, you need to start cleaning your rocks/sand, everything or it will come back regardless what product you use. The problem is a clean tank doesn't breed nearly as many pods as a dirty one and the mandarin will suffer.
  3. Tamberav

    Aqua One 35 Nano Tank

    Could be there isn't enough pressure since you have it attached to a hose. Without a pressure gage.. Who knows? Contact where you bought it from or hook it up to your sink and try that. I don't know if anyone using a hose.
  4. Tamberav

    I have 4 Anemone’s now

    They will split when happy and split when stressed. Could go either way.
  5. Tamberav


    Assuming you feed the mandy frozen, they are messy and add a lot to the bioload. Could be why you have algae since the tank is only 6 months old. Maintaining a healthy mandy can be a sacrifice to the rest of your tank, more so in a young tank. If the test kits are reading 0 it is because the algae is using up your Nitrate and PO4. I did repeated blackouts and manual removal to beat dino. I am not sure what those products will do to your pod population which I would say is important when you have a mandy. I have never tried Dino X for Metro for this type of thing so I'll let someone else chime in. We will want to know: What you have for filtration? Skimmer? Carbon, ect? How much water do you change a week? How much do you feed? Do you dose anything? Do you vacuum the sand bed? Do you blast debris from the rocks? Unless you find what caused it, then algae will come back again even if you do successfully kill it. Good Luck.
  6. Tamberav

    A little worried 😔

    I'm confused... I think your phone auto corrected stuff. Fresh water ich and salt water ich are NOT the same parasite. They do not transfer to one another... fresh water ich would die very fast at reef salinity... in fact a treatment for fresh water ich is to raise salinity and treatment for salt water ich is to lower it. The organisms can not not survive the osmolarity change.
  7. How long your tank been wet for?
  8. Tamberav

    Clam coloration

    Clams are not as colorful if not viewed from the top... That is normal.
  9. 1/3 cup for every 50 gallons according to their website. I start less than recommended amount and change more often. It is potent.
  10. Just curious... Faux sand beds are made the same way but some people have issues with algae growing on them while their rock looks clean. Maybe the rough surface traps debris? Maybe other microorganisms don't care to poliferate on the resin? Maybe no issue at all. Idk... Just thinking.
  11. What is your rock made from again?
  12. I use xport po4 remover but monitor it closely with a hanna checker. Phosguard is a good option... I would only run it when algae is dying of that is what you want to do. Just seems crazy to dose dino remover and peroxide and then liquid po4 remover. If phosguard caused issues you can remove the bag at least instead of chasing liquids. It's just some green hair algae... It is unsightly but it's not crashing your tank so don't panic and do any knee jerk reactions.
  13. Doesn't appear to be that useful for lowering already low po4 levels. They do advise against dosing the tank but instead use a special micron filter or reactor so the water filters through where the lanathanum is but the lanathanum precipitate never leaves that contained area. Interesting stuff... Will have to actually read this later when I get time. https://www.reef2rainforest.com/2017/03/16/foiling-phosphate-a-look-at-lanthanum-chloride-use-in-the-aquarium/ the effectiveness of lanthanum is greater the higher the phosphate concentration in the water, which means that lanthanum is particularly suitable for reducing a very high phosphate concentration, and less useful for lowering a slightly raised concentration to an ideal level or keeping it low via long-term application. That appears to remain the province of established phosphate adsorbers.
  14. Wouldn't it drop po4 quickly since its a binder which is never a good thing? A quick Google of lanathum chloride says it also eats alk and drops ph so those need to be carefully monitored and maybe dosed. And you need a 5 micron filter to remove it? Floss will not work. People state it can stick to glass or pumps.. Enough to clog them. Swing swing swing That was like a 10 sec Google but yeah... Spookerz. Don't turn your tank into a test experiment lol be sure you understand how an product works... Don't just use it because someone else did and left a 5 star review... And the company selling a product advice is to always be taken with a grain of salt.
  15. Liquid phosphate remover sounds scary. Bet it works fast and you can't just remove it like media... Would have to do water changes I guess... Maybe carbon? Like it binds it.. Okay... Then what? You still have to remove the remover.... ???