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  1. Nerites do like to escape, but I wasn't sure if you found nerites or nass snails. I see now you only have 1 nass snail though. Since you clean it every Sunday, it probably wasn't a problem. This may just be a case of a clownfish going exploring and the other jumping looking for its mate. I have seen many threads where the other clown or goby pair, etc follows. The snail trail may just be coincidental. Fish seem to assume they will land in water, but I guess if ya normally live in the ocean, that is probably usually the case.
  2. My hubby was like: "why are you sitting on the couch playing with rocks for hours?" Then he saw the little tank on the floor and the lightbulb came on. "What is that tank doing there?" I tried to object and he was just like "No, no" and went back to doing his school stuff. He didn't want know and just pretended he didn't see it lol
  3. I have caught some fish swimming around the parameter of the tank at night looking for an exit. This is why we always hear about "my fish jumped through the tiny gap...". 1. escaping predators 2. looking for food 3. poor water quality, such an ammonia spike, pH spikes, or poor oxygenation 4. looking for a new territory. Usually in our tanks it is #4 If the snails normally don't climb out and they did as well, this is suggestive of water quality since you had multiple animals evacuate. Perhaps a small ammonia spike from cleaning that already resolved itself by the time you tested? Did you stir any sand up or anything in the process? A pic of the snails is a good idea too.
  4. It took me like... literally all day yesterday to do my scape.
  5. Two filters adding water volume you mean? Probably not. Maybe if they together totaled 0.5 or under.
  6. Are you on the ground floor with concrete? I ask because cinder blocks + a tank would be very heavy. As far as weight...depends how far apart the blocks are under the 2x4.
  7. Get a 50 gallon low boy and derim it. It's shallow but you could add a glass brace.
  8. I believe you can do all your mods and collect everything now but you can't get wet until the official date is announced. CM will likely have us take pics of dry tanks with an object in them. You can use live rock or start cycling dry in a different container now even. Basically the tank can't be 'running' until said so but you can get it all ready besides adding salt. I don't think adding lights later or mods to filters would be objected either. It doesn't offer any sort of advantage.
  9. Nems will do weird and scary things. They can deflate and look sickly when they just need to 💩.
  10. Favias recede and look like that when unhappy. Usually too high of light or unstable alk.
  11. Love your tank! I had that same issue with Bryothamnion. I did find it can live in almost no light thought to discourage GHA.
  12. I was the one that wanted an almost anything goes contest, I could never compete with the people here with my hand file and hand saw but I love seeing the crazy crap you guys come up with. There will be more contests and I hope the next one appeals to a different group of people. I am mostly happy to see new faces and members getting excited, I think for someone here said it was their first reef tank?
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