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  1. Dose the water change water to the correct amount, not the tank. You need a test kit.
  2. Interesting, is that different from poly-fill? Seems they sell poly-fill but also stuff labeled as poly-filter.
  3. If it is one of those super tiny juvies... it should not mature fast enough in the QT. I am talking about those boogers that come in at 1/2 to 1 inches.
  4. Tamberav

    Help me decide on a powerhead

    I like my MP10's better than my gyre for nano's at least. If I could run one on the back wall I would but that is where my AIO is..
  5. Tamberav

    anemone burns on fish? or somthing else

    😞 All my fish are alive... I had a small run with flukes but I went follow and prazipro and that is cured now... had my clowns many years now but what do I know Some people just seem like they want some easy 'cure-all potion'.
  6. Tamberav

    Palytoxin- how scared should I be of it?

    Palytoxin is overhyped, don't eat them or squirt them in your eye or boil them on the stove and you'll be fine. The cleaning products in our house are more dangerous tbh....
  7. Tamberav

    anemone burns on fish? or somthing else

    Big yikes.... white lesions sound like early stages uronema which is extremely common in chromis or a bacterial infection. Just my best guess without pictures.... if he comes back to read this.
  8. Tamberav

    IM Nuvo Lagoon 25 Owners Thread

    I have a maxspect gyre with the cap to make it smaller on my 22g long - the flow is nice but I will say I feel like I have to replace parts more often than I would like. Cleaning it is a pain too. My vortechs seem to outlast them and are much easier to clean. I have a single Mp10 on my IM25 lagoon which works fine for my mixed reef so far with an upgraded return pump. Keep in mind, aquascape effects flow a lot.
  9. I am thinking about buying live rock to add diversity back too. In my last move a few years back my rock was stored in a dark tub and lost most everything except the bacteria.
  10. I just boil water... suck it into a syringe and then sneak up on them..... and burn them and their hidey hole to hell 🔥 Flood the crap out of whatever crevice they try to retreat into and they will melt. Works for me every time.
  11. Tamberav

    Holy Moly KP Aquatics

    Yeah I had coral survive on gulfliverock but thought I might get more lifeforms shipped wet. Starfish, snails, mysis, unknowns, ect. However I found gulfliverock to be very dense and KPA looks to be shaped differently. I am not sure about Tampa but it looks it may also be somewhat dense. However people say tampa bay still has a lot more life than the other two simply because it is shipped wet... ugh. Too hard to decide.
  12. Tamberav

    Holy Moly KP Aquatics

    I want to order from them but bit hesitant in winter. How did it go? I am debating btw KPA and Tampa bay. KPA rock shapes look nicer but Tampa Bay ships in water so everything arrives alive.
  13. Tamberav

    I can’t keep any clownfish alive!!

    Not all fish die from things like flukes/internal parasites, ect. Your other fish could be infected, they get it by eating the poop of other fish (ew). Perhaps the clowns being captive bred and the others wild caught is their downfall since those clowns were not raised in the ocean exposed to a plethora of parasites. The symptoms do sound like internal parasites to me. TBH I almost never feed pellets or flake, I feed LRS food mostly and sometimes mysis or roe and my clowns have been with me many many years. All fish were treated with prazipro however as a precaution. LRS food is absolutely amazing stuff... I put some selcon on it from time to time as well. I have had the healthiest clowns come directly from the breeder, skipping the middle man (LFS).
  14. Tamberav

    Is it worth it to swap tanks

    Yes..what I am saying is they do not remove nitrate directly ...they remove waste before it breaks down into nitrate. It can remove larger chunks of waste as well. Chemical products and certain things...even fish food make my skimmer not work for several hours. The oils in the food actually prevent it from skimming correctly.