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  1. Flasher Wrasses?

    out of 3 orders I've only had one fish not make it, but divers den is the best
  2. Fern caulerpa FS

    lol either. Way I end up making a mess, at the beginning my chaeto got beat out by my caulerpa but now I have so much nutrients that the one strand left is now a massive clump
  3. Fern caulerpa FS

    i run both and chaeto is such a bitch to prune lol
  4. Sharbuckle 29/65 (Closed)

    thats a chunky frag of torch man! Great addition, love the way this tank is coming along
  5. CenCal's 20L Shallow Reef:Torches!

    thanks pj! I currently have 3, I want one more unique color and it'll complete my torch collection haha if you lived closer I'd consider it, I know how hard it can be being a student on a budget
  6. Going sexual

    in the 9 months or so I've had caulerpa prolifera ive never had it go sexual and I've never pruned it lol
  7. RO/DI- NEW in Box- SOLD

    does it come with the faucet adapter or would that have to be purchased separately?
  8. AutoAqua Smart ATO Micro - QUIET IT DOWN!?

    cut a piece of rubber leveling Mat and place it under? Maybe that'll help?
  9. Pending Sale locally, disregard

    storm controller?
  10. Kessil a160we fan issue

    see if it's within warranty range I had my replacement in my hands within 3 days
  11. CenCal's 20L Shallow Reef:Torches!

    Torch Garden
  12. Pink Streaked Wrasse

    you should have! They are awesome little fish!
  13. Sharbuckle 29/65 (Closed)

    Wow tank looks amazing man! Makes me want to bump up in size lol
  14. CenCal's 20L Shallow Reef:Torches!

    All about perspective. Cool shot I got the other day, gotta reglue my frags down I ended up knocking them off while cleaning last WC