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  1. Cencalfishguy56

    Flasher Wrasses?

    out of 3 orders I've only had one fish not make it, but divers den is the best
  2. Cencalfishguy56

    Fern caulerpa FS

    lol either. Way I end up making a mess, at the beginning my chaeto got beat out by my caulerpa but now I have so much nutrients that the one strand left is now a massive clump
  3. Cencalfishguy56

    Fern caulerpa FS

    i run both and chaeto is such a bitch to prune lol
  4. Cencalfishguy56

    Sharbuckle 29/65 (Closed)

    thats a chunky frag of torch man! Great addition, love the way this tank is coming along
  5. Cencalfishguy56

    CenCal's 20L Shallow Reef:Torches!

    thanks pj! I currently have 3, I want one more unique color and it'll complete my torch collection haha if you lived closer I'd consider it, I know how hard it can be being a student on a budget
  6. Cencalfishguy56

    Going sexual

    in the 9 months or so I've had caulerpa prolifera ive never had it go sexual and I've never pruned it lol
  7. Cencalfishguy56

    RO/DI- NEW in Box- SOLD

    does it come with the faucet adapter or would that have to be purchased separately?
  8. Cencalfishguy56

    AutoAqua Smart ATO Micro - QUIET IT DOWN!?

    cut a piece of rubber leveling Mat and place it under? Maybe that'll help?
  9. Cencalfishguy56

    Pending Sale locally, disregard

    storm controller?
  10. Cencalfishguy56

    Kessil a160we fan issue

    see if it's within warranty range I had my replacement in my hands within 3 days
  11. Cencalfishguy56

    CenCal's 20L Shallow Reef:Torches!

    Torch Garden
  12. Cencalfishguy56

    Pink Streaked Wrasse

    you should have! They are awesome little fish!
  13. Cencalfishguy56

    Sharbuckle 29/65 (Closed)

    Wow tank looks amazing man! Makes me want to bump up in size lol
  14. Cencalfishguy56

    CenCal's 20L Shallow Reef:Torches!

    All about perspective. Cool shot I got the other day, gotta reglue my frags down I ended up knocking them off while cleaning last WC