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Joe's IM 20: Got a couple clowns, call it a circus 🎪


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This is my 20g LPS focused mixed reef. The livestock was all originally from my 65 gallon display when I downsized. If you want to see my previous tank journal, you can find it here



  • IM Nuvo Fusion 20
  • IM APS stand (upgraded open stand to fit my equipment)
  • DJ 8 plug power strip
  • Sicce 1.5 return pump
  • 1 intank media baskets
  • 200w Cobalt Neotherm heater
  • Radion xr15w Gen 3 Pro
  • Ecotech RMS mount
  • mp10qd with DIY anemone guard
  • Tunze Nano Osmolator ATO
  • IM minimax media reactor
  • AquaMaxx HOB-1.5 skimmer


  • Filter pads on top of media baskets (change out biweekly)
  • Chemipure blue nano bags in left Intank (have 2 in cycle, replace 1 every month)
  • Purigen bag in right Intank
  • Tsp of GFO and 2 tbsp of ROX carbon in bag in Intank (change monthly)
  • 14 MarinePure spheres in the 2nd left chamber
  • Media reactor running biopellets in 1st chamber on right
  • Skimmer after media reactor

The Circus Clowns:

  • Mackerelmore, the snowflake ocellaris clown 
  • Swim Shady, the black and white ocellaris clown

Clean Up Crew:

  • Banded trochus snail
  • 2 nassarius snails
  • Ninja star snail
  • Dwarf zebra hermit
  • 3 scarlet leg hermits
  • Tons of chitons
  • Tons of mini brittle stars
  • Asterina stars
  • Bristle worms
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Have a few questions for people here before I set it up.

What is the max intensity on your radion?

What are you running in your media baskets?

What would you put in a reactor on a 20g?

What biological filtration do you run on your AIO other than rock/sand?


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Here is my plan for the back chambers:

  • 1st left: media basket with carbon filter pad on top, and marine pure bio balls in the rest.
  • 2nd left: more bio balls or protein skimmer
  • Center chamber: return, heater, and Ato
  • 2nd right: macro fuge
  • 1st right: basket with carbon pad on top, chemi pure/purigen in middle, and phos guard on bottom

Please let me know what you think of it. I need feedback.

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Got some leftover ROX 0.8 carbon from my club at school and MarinePure balls. Was about to order a gallon of the balls, but then I realized how many that would have been, 2 quarts is still way too much.15392914609688444850109817629572.thumb.jpg.ce98f998a0bca91c9abd4a3a9b211aec.jpg

I have 14 loaded into a bag that I'll load into the 2nd left chamber currently cycling in my 65g.

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3 minutes ago, WV Reefer said:

I like the fish names. 😊

Thanks dude 😁

Although I wasn't clever enough to come up with Swim Shady.

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Tank is wet!!

I took sand out of the big tank and turned it into a sandstorm for about an hour... This tank has sand now.


I know these updates aren't very exciting, so this will be the last on until next weekend when I move everything. Hopefully there isn't a mini cycle.

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Aight guys, transfered my softies with great success! Finger leather and my random discasomas are opened and doing great. Also put in a hermit, trochus, and margarita snail, which have been doing fine.

I'll be getting a new return soon, because the stock one is too loud, and more flow is better.


Also, I'll finally be getting a BTA this weekend! The seller says it's a flame BTA.


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Moved the softies back and put in half my LPS. Didn't think that my brighter green torch would be as tall as the tank is on its rock... so it's laying sideways for now till I reglue the base somewhere.


I also added the coolest piece of rock I hadn't used in my old setup, I'll definitely mount some awesome sps on it in the future.


Since I'm getting the nem soon, I made a DIY nem guard for it. I don't want to have to clean sponges every other day.15411829177923829351981190357836.thumb.jpg.ee46bac2eba381700c7ea4348bf995b5.jpg

And a FTS


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Glued my trumpets in place, had better luck with IC-gel this time around.

Broke my light green torch off its base and into 2 frags. Then I mounted both on a rock behind my dark green torches. And to finish off that rock, I mounted my purple torch. 

I also added my trachy, blasto, and RFA to my sandbed. I had to get my RFA off its rock and onto a piece of rubble, not fun for either of us.

Last change was more cleanup crew from the old setup, had to dig some nassarius out of the sand.





Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that I still have to find room for a 5" BTA, colony of duncans, and a 4" gold lepto?? 😒

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I got the duncan mounted on the back of the right rock island.


Put in my shrimp. (Didn't want to cooperate for the pic)


Got my BTA, was about 8 times bigger when I first saw it. Hopefully it keeps these bubbles! 


(Please excuse the purple pics)


On a side note, if anyone knows a good orange filter that can be put on a phone to take reef pics, let me know.

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On 11/3/2018 at 5:51 PM, Joevember said:

On a side note, if anyone knows a good orange filter that can be put on a phone to take reef pics, let me know.

Polyplab makes a decent clip on filter that fits most smart phone. I bought a generic one with a fish eye but it came unbranded from a vender (forgot who) at Aquashella so I have no idea where to source it.

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I gotta get a dosing pump for this tank, forgot to dose yesterday and the alk was in the lower 6s. Think I'll pick up a Jebao DP-3, thought about a 4 but I remembered I only dose 2 liquids daily. Figure I'll have the third pump in case I want to put something else in.

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Put in my clowns 5 minutes ago and took these pics. I wanted the nem to be opened up for them when I put them in, but they probably wouldn't guest (cause the nem hosts) anyways. Feeding them right now.





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Did my first water change. I figured 4 gallons was good. Small water changes are so much easier than the 20 gallon ones I had on my 65. Only 2 buckets, one with new saltwater and the other with old saltwater.


I also fragged up the leptoseris more, so I'll be selling off the new frags.


I added the biggest piece from the mother colony behind the torch rock. I wish I had more room to show it off.


Aaand my clowns already want to kill my hand a day after adding them.


(Please excuse the blue pics)

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I'm going to Reek Geeks of Chicago today. Supposed to be an awesome store, but it's a ways away. I'm trying to pick up another elegance to go next to my green indo, hopefully purple. May also get an echinata or favia. I'll let you know how it goes.



Didn't have the purple elegance, probably should've checked with them before. But, did get a couple cool additions to the tank. 😁

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Ok, got one out of two of the corals opened up. First one is called an Arctic Dragon's Breath favia (probably the best picture I've ever taken)


The other is a green pocillopora, not opened




Also, put in the ATO and had it running. It would turn off for a second, turn off, and turn back on for a second, then turn back off, and so on and so forth. Turned out I had the tube in too much and the water was siphoning back into the resivoir whenever the pump was off. At least it didn't crash my tank.

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