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Vortech Anemone Guard

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Hey, thought I'd share my nem guard I made this morning. It's really simple to make.

  • First, pick up some crochet gridding, and cut the length to the circumference of the powerhead. Then cut it to how much you think you would need to protect the pump from wandering nems.15411953344637983199330114440082.thumb.jpg.163b1b8edfd6082263474b1a69451bec.jpg
  • Then you sand the ends of the gridding on both sides to make the glue able to stick to the plastic
  • Glue the rough plastic and bend the other side over to glue it down
  • When you align both sides, put it in a vice/clamp15411956899943982996514448802920.thumb.jpg.3cf8f811c44751141d733a78f77bfd17.jpg
  • Get some flexible rubber tubing and cut it down one half down the middle with a razor blade15411958386644438049617874449023.thumb.jpg.d02500b02685e981f206f29b56f5d3a4.jpg
  • Last, cut 3 3/4" segments out and put then on the edge of the grid15411960049916655803250293574946.thumb.jpg.a9cd24a2a72462933989a738e987b17e.jpg


Here's what it looks like when it's on a pump:15411960523677252558903576341852.thumb.jpg.79f0523ee1ae4e045b8f5c8ab1c3bfe3.jpg

Hope this helps some people out so you don't have to worry about a runaway nem or changing a sponge.

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That's very cool

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Genius! I was able to buy little replacement sponge covers for my vortech, but I haven’t been able to find any that properly fit my Jebao... I may try this. Thanks so much for posting!!!

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 Gump your a genius. That's a great idea.


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