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  1. Joevember

    Chaeto light

    Looks good, I run a big panel of hortaculture LEDs that I got from amazon. The light worked very well for me, but I wouldn't be surprised if you get some dead LEDs after a couple weeks. Happened to mine.
  2. Joevember

    So you win a huge aquarium and now what?

    Same 😂 Buy all their bouce shrooms!
  3. Joevember

    Joevember's IM Nuvo Fusion 20

    Thanks dude 😁 Although I wasn't clever enough to come up with Swim Shady.
  4. Joevember

    My Shot at the TOTM title

    Way to kick off a new setup... Excited about your build, regardless of what was posted up there.
  5. Joevember

    Joevember's IM Nuvo Fusion 20

    Got the stand, now I need to reinforce the interior.
  6. Joevember

    Torch not extending?

    Looks fine to me. Sometimes it just be like that.
  7. Joevember

    Feeding Acans and LPS?

    I don't see why not. The ingredients look good for LPS corals, they like meaty foods. 48% protein sounds good for them 😁. I feed my LPS a lot of different things like brine, mysis, powder foods, and krill for the big ones. If you decide to use it let me know how it goes.
  8. Joevember

    Icecap 1k on Nuvo 20

    Or anyone know the lowest gph it goes?
  9. Joevember

    Icecap 1k on Nuvo 20

    Anyone think that the Icecap 1k gyre would work on the nuvo 20 for LPS and SPS? I don't know if it would be too much flow for everything at the lowest setting. Anyone have experience with the pump?
  10. Joevember


    I'd say anthelia that's closed up. They look very similar, but xenia pulses. So if it moves on its own, it's a xenia.
  11. Joevember

    eggs..worm..sponge? help

    You growing chaeto on the glass? 😂
  12. Joevember

    Joevember's IM Nuvo Fusion 20

    Got some leftover ROX 0.8 carbon from my club at school and MarinePure balls. Was about to order a gallon of the balls, but then I realized how many that would have been, 2 quarts is still way too much. I have 14 loaded into a bag that I'll load into the 2nd left chamber currently cycling in my 65g.
  13. Joevember

    Joevember's 65g reef tank

    Sad to say it, but I had to sell my clam. Wanted to keep it but the new tank will be too small to maintain it..... Goodbye Clamourous. (May get a small maxima in the future on the new tank) The guy I sold the clam to also wanted to buy a cleaner shrimp, but I couldn't catch the dude. I divided the tank, like I did with my wrasse, but the shrimp squeezed through a crack smaller than a centimeter. Then the little bastard hid in the scape on the other half..... Now I really want him gone.
  14. Joevember

    Joevember's IM Nuvo Fusion 20

    Here is my plan for the back chambers: 1st left: media basket with carbon filter pad on top, and marine pure bio balls in the rest. 2nd left: more bio balls or protein skimmer Center chamber: return, heater, and Ato 2nd right: macro fuge 1st right: basket with carbon pad on top, chemi pure/purigen in middle, and phos guard on bottom Please let me know what you think of it. I need feedback.
  15. Joevember

    Joevember's 65g reef tank

    Well I'm just going to document everything until I finally break the tank down so here we go. Just caught Chadrick, my 6 line wrasse. I had to put a makeshift divider and move all my corals from one side to the other. He somehow got to the other side, so I had to get him back to the empty side. Then I finally caught him and put him in a box at the top of the tank. And, of course, I didn't remember how my aquascape went in, so I had to improvise. The whole process of getting Chad took about an hour. Going to have to do it one more time for the damsel...... Selling Chad and my first fragged duncan tonight.