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  1. Here's a picture of the heater. The only things that look like they can make it are the zoas. Yhe halloween hermit was alive somehow, but when I was acclimating him to the other tank he died. The zoas are all closed up atm, but I have them in a container in my main tank. I'll update y'all if they pull through or not.
  2. I left the light in distilled water to clean everything out (it's a great solvent to use on wet electronics). Hopefully it's able to bring it back.
  3. The light also managed to fall in the tank. I don't think it overheated the tank since it was on an analog timer so no power was going into it. It still managed to kill the light though. I'm going to stop this tank indefinitely. I can't keep pouring my money into it, I already had a small budget to begin with.
  4. The mp10 wet side broke. The ceramic layer between the impeller and axel shattered so the wet side would spin off center and both sides would fall off the glass. Now I have to spend more than half of what I paid for the pump on a new wet side. 😡 Also if you haven't seen it, here's the new pico:
  5. Don't think it will even have to cycle since the marine pure spheres already have a cycled culture of bacteria from my other tank. Went ahead and added a GSP frag half an hour ago and it's doing just fine. Also for the others that run aquaclears, how loud is the impeller on yours? You can hear mine from another room clearly. Maybe it's just breaking in.
  6. Team UNS! And yes, the snack I have in there is 4 peanuts. That's how many were left in the tin.
  7. Hello NR! I’m excited to be joining the old school pico reef contest. My plan for the tank is a ‘boneless’ setup… so all (or mostly) soft corals and nems. On top of this, the tank will be set up at my high school, Whitney Young, as a part of my club, Eco Club, which focuses on animal stewardship and environmental education. I will be the one managing all maintenance on the tank. My main goal for this project is to teach other students about coral reefs/marine habitats and for them to be able to become active in their protection and conservation. Since I’ll keep it at school I won’t be there to take care of it every day, so I’ll try to make it as bulletproof as possible (why it'll be boneless). Let’s get down to the setup list: The tank I’m using is a UNS 3N, very seamless, clean look. Aquaclear 50 power filter. I’ll get into the filtration below. Kessil A160, supplied by the club. May get the A80 for myself later. Tetra 50W heater. ACKE horticulture/refugium light. JBJ ATO, cheap and ugly. Now we’re getting into filtration: The filtration is going to be mostly biological. I converted the AC50 into a refugium by putting the light on the back and taping the sides to keep the light in. I’ll be putting chaeto in there along with 3 marine pure spheres- I considered caulerpa but the possibility of it going sexual and nuking the tank outweighs the pros. The other biological filtration will be from the sandbed and live rock. I might also throw in a chemi pure blue baggie in there just because I have so many of them. No mechanical filtration at the moment since I won’t be putting in a lot of nutrients/large organic matter. Jumping into the aquascape plan: I wanted to give this its own category since I planned so much about it. Just to give you an idea of how long I spent on it, it took me over 10 minutes to wash the epoxy and super glue off my hands after I finished it. I designed an arch to be able to let a few corals grow up the sides of it while leaving enough room on the sandbed for other corals. I’ll try to find some tall corals like leathers, kenya tree, xenia, or photosynthetic goniopora to put on the back of the arch to give it more depth. I want to keep my RBTA on the top of the arch and let it be a real centerpiece, but I might have to move it back to my main tank if it doesn’t do well in the tank. If that happens I might try to get a carpet mushroom to replace it. I’ll get cloves, GSP, zoas (no palys), mushrooms, and some other softies to grow over everything and make colorful. Then on the sandbed I’ll keep RFAs and ricordea to put some more colors in there. Moving onto the stocking list: So the only real things that I will stock in the tank will be a clean up crew and a few crabs. My plan so far is to put in my pom pom crab, halloween hermit, and a porcelain crab as show inhabitants. The clean up crew will be a couple nassarius snails, some zebra/blue dwarf hermits, and a couple trochus/astrea snails. I’ll update this and make an actual list of things I put in the tank once it’s fully set up. That about does it, I’ll try to pump out as many updates as I can for you all.
  8. You can do it either way, doesn't matter in the long run. It would be easier to cure it after you put it all together though. If you let cured rock dry out it kills all the progress you made curing it.
  9. Seems like you already ID'd it... I've never heard of a gorgonian having a designer name.
  10. Nothing has really happened since a week ago on this tank. I got buyers for the torch frags I made, one of them is gonna trade me some stuff for one. The new torch I got is is doing pretty well. I'm having a problem with it where the tentacles get tied up together in knots, and then the tips fall off. It sounds crazy, but I've seen it a couple times. Then the tips float around till they find a coral to beat up. One hit my orange ric and another hit a lobo head, thankfully both are okay. Hopefully this isn't a recurring thing. And pics: And FTS to add to the front page timeline: .... 👀😶
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