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  1. ^ It will irritate the coral polyps with its mucus, so make sure you get all of it.
  2. Joevember

    White fuzzy growth on live rock ID

    I've had hydroids in my tank a while ago that looked similar.
  3. Joevember

    Help ID please

    Amphipods. They're good little bugs.
  4. Joevember

    Leather Id?

    Lookin like a green finger leather. You just cut a branch off to frag it. After fraggging you should do a WC or run some carbon because leathers usually release chemicals that can irritate other corals in the tank.
  5. After I got my Black Widow BTA attached to my rockwork, my flame RBTA decided to join it atop the rockwork. I don't know how it jumped the gap of sand between its rubble and the rock... but it did... So no acros are going to be going there anymore. But now I don't have an ugly piece of rock on my sand, AND I have a lot of room for a nice LPS that can go on the sandbed. I also have to reglue more frags that fell off. Thinking about using epoxy this time around.
  6. Joevember

    Is this a worm?

    Snail eggs, probably astrea.
  7. Joevember

    BTA odd Tentacle

    Sometimes after they get injured and they heal the tissue oddly. One of my BTAs has 2 tips on one tentacle. You can't do anything about it though.
  8. Joevember

    UWDanno - New Build. Shelf Rock Island

    Yay! Sounds exciting! 😄
  9. Joevember

    2g Do!aqua cube

    Where did you pick up the tank? I really want to pick up a couple to put on my shelf and have a FW and SW dueling display, but I'm in the US and can't find any retailers. Also love the clown goby, cute.
  10. Idk, it was the same guy who was selling the IM tanks (I bought his 20) and he had it listed as a 150w.
  11. Joevember


    I just had this problem and fixed it this morning. Had a temp drop of 6°F using my 75w neotherm, and upgraded to a 200w neotherm. You could use 2 heaters in your setup, just make sure they are the same brand so they aren't fighting each other to get the right temp.
  12. Temp has been falling recently. It usually stays at a smooth 78, but now it's crusing at 73. So I got a big upgrade to my heater. Was a neotherm 75w, now a 200w. Overkill, I know, but I got if for $30.
  13. Joevember

    SCAMMED by BrooklynReefer

    This guy really seems like he's from Brooklyn.
  14. Joevember

    Clown Eggs?

    They look more like snail eggs. What kind of snails do you have in the tank?
  15. Joevember

    Should I start using kalkwasser? Or no?

    You could run kalk with those. Make sure you do testing often to keep parameters stable.