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  1. If you have a matured enough system, then it can be the easiest fish you can get. It is an obligate predator of pods, so if you feel like you can support a population to feed him, then you can definitely get one. It is always good to have somewhere the pods can breed though, so think about adding some kind of fuge. It would be amazing to get it to eat frozen foods. If you don't want to worry about training it, you can pick up an ORA dragonet which are already raised on prepared food.
  2. It's okay like that. The corners aren't load bearing, the weight of a rimless is pretty evenly dispersed across the base. Though if you wanted to be extra careful, you could put a 1/4" wood panel under it.
  3. I just realized how much the flame BTA has gotten. I just looked back at my tank photo album and saw the first pic I took of it, and BOY was it small! It seems weird now looking at the picture and how it was. It was once only 3" in diameter (a little bigger than the acans I have in the front), but now it is the single biggest thing in the tank around 7". Here is the first pic and the latest from tonight:
  4. The only problems with an external reactor would be leaks. People say that the strip lights you wrap around the reactor can heat the acrylic and cause leaks. I would recommend some type of refugium on any tank, so I think it is worth it. You could splice the return, but it would really cut down on the gph going back into the display. I'd pick up a cheap pump over 100gph and hook it up in on of the rear chambers. Also, diatoms show up all the time on new tanks, so if your setup is less than 4 months old I wouldn't worry much about it.
  5. Well I went to Tank it Easy to pick up some snails, and they had some cool ones. Have you ever heard of NINJA STAR SNAILS? I have always wanted these in my CUC before I even set up my first SW tank, so obviously I had to buy them! They look so cool with their spiky shells; you can't get any other snails like it. I'll let you know how good they are after I see how big of a difference they make in the tank. I also found an awesome acan frag for $10... it took a lot of willpower to not buy it, gotta save for the cynarina 😁
  6. Have some weird layout issues on chrome for android.
  7. ^^^ Bottle trap works very well at catching shrimp. I was trying to do it with sexy shrimp I couldn't keep, and I ended up catching my cleaner shrimp instead. It took 30 seconds from me first putting the trap in to the shrimp getting caught. However, it didn't work for the sexies because they were way too small. It would work with peps though.
  8. Are you sure that it's not just shedding? They shed about every month.
  9. I know this isn't exactly a reef tank, but I thought I'd share a cool project I have going at my school. I'm in a project called operation endangered species in Illinois that is currently trying to bring the alligator snapping turtle back to Illinois. It became locally extinct in Illinois around 1980. It's a beautiful native species that plays an important role in the freshwater systems here. So, at my school and another local high school we have small alligator snapping turtles that we are raising to adulthood and eventually releasing back into the wild. I'm in charge of the turtles here and I do all the maintenence for their tank. It's a 125g 6' tank with sump (it was actually a saltwater setup donated to us, that's why we have kessil tuna blues runnijg on it). Here's a picture of one of our turtles waiting for an unsuspecting fish to swim too close: If you want to check it out you can go to http://operationendangeredspecies.com/who-we-are/.
  10. Any pics? I'm just curious to what corals would look like after that much exposure. And like Chris said, just return to normal.
  11. Nothing new with the elegances. The lobo has healed around the dead head and all the others look great. The acros I got are all good, except for the pink lemonade. I'm not sure if it's dead or not because it's so small. Nothing is growing on it so I think it's still alive. I've recently been having issues with algae on the glass. It's thick, brown, and grows back within a couple hours. I decided to put a bag with less than a tbs of gfo and a tbs and a half of rox carbon. I think the problem is from my purigen finally exhasusting itself. I'll pick up a new bag once I see how the carbon and gfo goes. Here are a couple filtered/blue light pics:
  12. Looks like a dragon's breath. I'm not great at red macros, so not 100% sure.
  13. No, most cases of bacterial blooms are caused by excess carbon in the water which come from dosing carbon. I don't know anything about your tank, so I'll just say it's most likely a nutrient import/export problem. Less feeding and a better way to get nutrients out of the water is something I'd try.
  14. Bacterial bloom. Do you dose any carbon, such as NOPOX, vodka, or vinegar?