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Found 33 results

  1. 11/12/2018 11/3/2018 This is my new tank journal for the new IM nuvo fusion 20 I got. The livestock will all be coming from my 65 gallon display; when I break it down. If you want to see my previous thread, you can find it here. Equipment: IM Nuvo Fusion 20 Stock pump (Upgrade coming soon, too loud) 2 intank media baskets 75w Cobalt Neotherm heater Radion xr15w Gen 3 Pro mp10es with DIY anemone guard (QD driver soon) Random submersible fuge light Tunze Nano Osmolator ATO Filtration: Filter pads on top of both media baskets Chemipure blue in left Intank Purigen bag in left Intank 14 MarinePure spheres in the 2nd left chamber Refugium running chaeto and grape caulerpa in 2nd right ?lbs of live rock 1" sandbed Livestock: Fishy Elliott, the snowflake oscellaris clown Swim Shady, the black and white oscellaris clown Scarlet Cleaner Pimp, the scarlet cleaner shrimp 4" RFA Flame rose BTA Clean Up Crew: 4 banded trochus snails 3 nassarius snails 2 dwarf zebra hermits Mini brittle and serpent stars Asterina stars (the harmless ones, I know what I have) Corals: Green torch Dark green torch (~40 heads) Purple torch Green hammer Green bubble coral Green and purple blastomussa merletti 24k gold leptoseris Green duncan (~40 heads) Neon green trumpet (~20 heads) Purple trumpet Cobalt blue trumpet Green and purple trachi Green and orange lobo Red and green acan Green Indo elegance Brown bird's nest Green pocillopora 2 Unknown zoas
  2. Joevember

    Vortech Anemone Guard

    Hey, thought I'd share my nem guard I made this morning. It's really simple to make. First, pick up some crochet gridding, and cut the length to the circumference of the powerhead. Then cut it to how much you think you would need to protect the pump from wandering nems. Then you sand the ends of the gridding on both sides to make the glue able to stick to the plastic Glue the rough plastic and bend the other side over to glue it down When you align both sides, put it in a vice/clamp Get some flexible rubber tubing and cut it down one half down the middle with a razor blade Last, cut 3 3/4" segments out and put then on the edge of the grid Here's what it looks like when it's on a pump: Hope this helps some people out so you don't have to worry about a runaway nem or changing a sponge.
  3. Hello everybody, welcome to my new thread. (New Caribbean and Pacific Island theme starts on page 4 on 4/6/18). This aquarium will be the 4th reef that I have set up. For this reef, my goal is to have an organized, beautiful, and stream-lined reef with top of the line equipment. My plan for this reef is to have two separated rock structures. One structure will be primarily used to showcase a variety of Soft Corals, Large Polyp Stony Corals, Clams and Small Polyp Stony Coral from the Pacific Ocean while the other structure will be used to showcase livestock from the Caribbean. That structure will be be home to Gorgonians, Ricordea, and Rock Flower Anemone's. I will attempt to create the conditions that are best for each grouping of coral on each structure. Below is a run down of the equipment I will be running for the setup as well as the inhabitants that live in my reef! Equipment Tank- Cadlights Rimless Versa 42 Gallon with Starphire glass (30" x 18" x 18") Sump- Cadlights Rimless 16 gallon (20" x 13" x 13") Lighting- 2 Kessil A160E LED's with a Kessil Spectrum Controller Aquarium Controller- ReefKeeper Lite Protein Skimmer- Bubble Magus Curve 5 Water Circulation- 2 Vortech MP10's running on ReefCrest mode Refugium Light- Kessil H80 Tuna Flora set to growth mode Supplementation- 4 part Triton Method Core Elements Auto Top Off- Tunze Osmolator
  4. upgrading to a much bigger tank and getting rid of some of my nano stuff all LESS THAN A YEAR OLD MP10 QD(not wireless) still has warranty!! $175 OBO marineland 100 watt heater - 10 fuge light (aqua gadget) 20 4 stage RO/di unit with new carbon and sediment filters - 80 OBO Reef glass nano skimmer (with air pump) $50 Tunze Nano ATO (works flawlessly) $70 OBO AI prime HD (2nd gen) with mounting bracket! works and looks NEW! $175 OBO (still has warranty) Please PM me for pics and payment discussion Paypal only of course goods and services! shipping on EVERYTHING listed here will be FREE OF CHARGE!! thanks for looking!
  5. I wanted to get your input on upgrading circulation in my biocube 32. It's been set up for ~ 14 months and I have been using stock return pump with ~500 gph coralia powerhead in top left corner pointing up and forward from early on (see pic below). Over time I have been adding a vatiety of sps corals to the top portion of the rocks. They have been growing, but I feel like polyps are being moved too gently by the current. I would like to give them more of a beating. On the other hand I don't want too much flow ripping at the hammer on the bottom left and the brain coral on the sand. So so do you think I should put an icecap 1k gyre along the top horizontally or get an mp10 for the right side of the tank? One thought I have against MP10 is that I like having unobstructed view of the tank from all 3 sides, but obviously can't have it all. Any other ideas? Or should I just leave it alone since the corals seem to be getting by and better is the enemy of good?
  6. Joevember

    WTB mp10qd driver

    Pm me with price and pic.
  7. I am looking to get an apex jr. and an MP10QD. Wanted to see if anyone had anything they need to get rid of before I go and buy something new. Would need to be shipped most likely I am in Oklahoma. PM or comment what you have. Thank you!
  8. Wondering on recommendations on a pump for my fluval evo12. I have been looking at eco tech mp10 and the Aqamai kps
  9. RoboNarples2929

    MP10 or Tunze 6055?

    Would a mp10 or 6055 be better for a nuvo 20 mixed reef?
  10. Started this tank on March 30, 2017 with stock pump and filter sock, koralia nano from previous tank, and 5 lb of LR, and about 8.5 gallons of saltwater to start. The tank is almost a year old now and some upgrades have happened. (will take some better pics with the camera later) Equipment -IM Ti ATO (going to tunze nano ato) -Ran a kessil a80 for 11 months before going to a radion (diffusion kit/rm -Jbj 1/15 hp Chiller with 1.0 return -Sicce 0.5 return - inTank Media rack with 2 filer floss on top, seachem matrix, bottom two filter flosses -inTank universal media skimmer -was running a IM desktop Media Reactor with carbon but since the RMS mount is fairly big i had to remove the reactor (don't mind that because its freaking study!) So in turn I have a Fudge basket that I might run with more matrix in it if the tunze 9001 doesnt work out (coming) -MP10 wQD -inTank Frag rock (2) - 5 lb LR -3 lb Sand (going to take down to less lb's till its barley covered probably -Cobalt Aquatics Neotherm 100w heater - 6.5 chemipure Live Stock: - Rainbow Acans - Duncans - Walking Aussie Duncan - Purple Tipped Frogspawn - Young Maxima Clam - Rock anemone -3 nassarius snails -3 Trochus Snail -3 Aussie young scolymia/s? LOL -Side plant is one of 3 succulents I got at a baby shower and decided to try to grow it under the XR-15 instead of my bedroom window lol, so if they switch out ever that why. Let me know if you have any thoughts on the tank! Plan on upgrading to a Lagoon 25 at some point this year I hope!
  11. As the title says, if you’re getting rid of your ECOTECH backup battery, instead if tossing it in the trash. Message me and I’ll gladly take it. I just need 2 by the way. Hopefully you’re just around SoCal 92354 so I can pick it up. Thanks!
  12. tonydahomie

    MP10 & Battery Backup

    Have a used MP10wQD and battery back up. Both are a year old and work flawlessly. Asking $250 shipped for both
  13. dawz2

    Vortech MP10 Speed Lock

    Anybody know how to lock the buttons and speed dial on my MP10QD? I found a YouTube video that says to press and hold the "Set" button to lock the speed dial. It's not working for mine. I'm running Reef Crest mode. Holding the "Set" button does nothing! TIA
  14. Hello, please let me know if you are selling an MP-10 QD IN GOOD CONDITION ONLY!!! I am in Canada
  15. Selling a used but like new GHL Profilux VorTech controller. This will allow you to control all vortech pumps. Selling for $55 including flat rate shipping via USPS. More details on product can be found on original manufacturer's website: https://www.aquariumcomputer.com/products/pump-controller/vortech-controller/#main
  16. lonewonderer

    New Year New Gear

    Hello, I have a bunch of used and new gear that im selling. Changed my mind on some build so here it is. Shipping and pp fee covered by me. Pm me if you have any questions.BRAND NEW sealed in boxKessil H80 tuna with A series gooseneck $135 each 4 availableAqua Illumination Black AI Hydra 26HD with HMS mount $380 Apex Auto feeder $85 Apex Jr with silver digital display $220USED- great condition and well taken cared of.Ecotech radion XR30 Gen3 PRo with TIR wide lens “not installed yet” $420 eachEcotech MP40wes may 2013 $175Ecotech MP40wes Gen1 2012 $130Ecotech vectra M1 june 2016 $260 Ecotech MP10wes Sept 2014 $120
  17. scoobpower

    My Red Sea Reefer Nano

    Hi Everyone, So i have been a long time lurker here and decided to finally start a tread to track the progress of my tank. After purchasing an AIO cube and having it lay in my garage for 8 months still in the packaging, i finally decided to set it up, as soon as i removed it from the box i found the back of the tank was cracked. I took the tank to my local LFS and had them replace the rear panel, but the workmanship was shoddy and after a month at the LFS i collected the repaired tank and returned it to my garage. A few months later a deal to get a discounted Red Sea Reefer came up and i bit the bullet and bought it. So my current setup is as follows : Equipment Tank - Red Sea Reefer Nano - White Return Pump - Sicce 2.0 Pro (Really wanted the Sicce 2.0 Syncra Silent but could not source one locally) Heater - Ehiem Jager 200w (To be replaced with a smaller footprint one.) Wavemaker - Vortech MP10 ES and Vortech MP10 -QD Skimmer - Marine Sources Devil NANO Series 150 (To be replaced by a Bubble Magus Curve 5) Light - Kessil A160We with controller Bio Media - Marine Pure ceramic Bio Balls. Chemical Filtration - Chemipure Blue ATO - Innovative Marine Hydrofil with pump. Hailea HS-28A Chiller 1/10 HP (Not plumbed in yet) Going to try bare bottom this time. Livestock: Green banded clown goby Purple firefish Cleanup Crew: Nassarius Snail Bubble Bee Snail Blue Legged Hermit (1) Red Legged Hermit (1)
  18. dling

    mp10 holding problem

    since I upgraded the size of my tank my mp10 will not stay in place due to the glass being thicker. It keeps slowly sliding down the glass. I currently have something under it to stop it from sliding all the way down to the bottom of the tank. Anyone else have this problem? Any suggestions that would make it stay in place ?
  19. Hi Nano Reefers, Any reefers have an unused old nonQD MP10 dryside/wetside lying around? One of my MP10's dryside pooped out last weekend and in the process of troubleshooting it, I broke my wetside as well. My driver box is still functional so I now in search of a replacemente dryside/wetside. I was originally going to order a replacement dryside online, but I can't seem to find any vendor that sells the non-QD drysides anymore. -Xiaoxi
  20. Hey, looking to buy an MP10 powerhead in good condition, name your price (I live in Canada) we can discuss shipping after we make a deal. Thanks all, Happy reefing
  21. See https://www.picoaquariumsystems.com/
  22. EcoTech Vortech MP10 shallow shields for sale $30 FREE SHIPPING domestic only* PM PayPal e-mail address if you want one and I will invoice you. Will ship it right away! Review here:
  23. Tha New Guy

    Bottom-up flow with MP10

    Building a very small tank and was thinking of placing a MP10 on the bottom. Searched around and can't find anyone thats done this (bottom fed flow). My thinking is that I can run it high power and get decent indirect flow all around. I can place it anywhere but due to size limitation, can't do waves. I'm really after heavy indirect flow but can anyone tell me if this will accomplish that? The final MP10 location will receive a reduction in acrylic from .5" to .25" by drilling and replacing a circle. Thats why I'm asking, so I don't waste. Thanks in advance. Tank: 1/2" Acrylic 10"x11"x7"...around 2.5 gal display volume.
  24. hello reefers. I have a spare equipment that needs to go. Let me know here or pm me if you're interested. Prices as posted but give me your offer of course. Pp fee is covered by me but you pay shipping ✌✌Ecotech Radion XR30 Gen3 pro 10/2015 - soldEcotech vortech Mp10qd 02/2015 - soldPuratek ATO system- Apex compatible- $110Kessil a160we with gooseneck- soldKessil spectral controller soldNeptune Apex system gold package -$380 - sold1 Ecotech Mp40wes 2013 - $sold 1 Ecotech MP40wes 2014 - sold1 Ecotech mp10wes -sold
  25. Hello, im taking down my tank and have some well maintained equipment for sale. JBJ ATO -50 sold Hydor Smart Level ATO- sold smart ATO- sold to @TheBig053 bubble magus 5 protein skimmer - SOLD ecotech MP10wes wireless - sold brand new vectra m1 -sold AI hydra with director - 150 Sold to @Rustycorals Innovative marine gourmet defroster - 15 SO Matic Reactor Germany brand new - SOLD 2 Jebao PP20- Openbox used once less than a day. too strong for my 40 breeder - $70 each 0r 130 for both icecap gyre 3000k openbox not used - 125 kessil A150 Sky blue - 100 the more you get the lower the price gets pm me if interested. Pp fee and shipping included