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12G Long Nano Reef - Tank Crash & Recovery!!


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Hi guys, I'm new to the forum and just starting out my nano reef tank. I started off with a Fluval Edge 6 gallon and when the tank is cycled I realized what a pain to do maintenance with a small opening on top and the evaporation was crazy, then I went looking for a larger nano tank and stumbled upon Mr Aqua 12 Gallon long tank from Marine Depot and immediately felt in love with the dimensions that'd fits perfectly on the stand I have, I just have get it. I kept track of the entire process for my record so I'll just post all them pics. I have never done a saltwater tank before, well I did once 15 years ago on a 10 gallon which was a disaster because I never bother to research in advance. This time im going to this right! Let me know what you guys think and if there is anything I can do to improve.





  • Oceanbox Designs POB Mini Sump w/Eheim Compact 600 intake pump
  • Orbit Marine LED w/Oceanbox Designs Lightmaxx Risers
  • Eheim 75W Heater w/ReefSafeSolution Temp Controller
  • AquaticLife Mini 115 Skimmer (In POB sump)
  • Mame Skimmer III (In overflow box)
  • Jebao WP-10 Wave Maker
  • Hydor Evo Mag 180 Powerhead
  • DIY ATO w/Float Switch in Overflow box


  • Mixed reef of Softies/LPS/SPS
  • Percula Clownfish Pair, 6 Line Wrass, Purple Firefish
  • Candy Pistol Shrimp and CUC crew













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Thank you Marine Depot. Nice to see a store being active on here. I love this tank and did I mention over the top packaging job, the tank doesn't even have a scratch on it when arrived.

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More details on the overflow build please. :)

I built it using a 1/8" black cell cast acrylic sheet I already had. Cut to size then bend using a heat gun over a 90 degree corner of a cabinet, the slots are precisely cut out with a dremel then using small filer and file to final shape, this step took many hours to complete. Then cut out the bottom to match and glue on using Acrylic cement #16 or #40, let it cure for 24 hours then silicone it to the tank. My recommendation is don't buy plexiglass from Home Depot, those are not the same thing, they are easily crack and melt when cutting, very hard to work with. If you're going to build something do it right and get some high quality cell cast acrylic sheet, they don't melt when you cut them and is much more rigid. Hope that helps.

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The slots on that overflow came out pro!

Thanks, I took my time for those slots, it does take a really long time to file and shape those out perfectly almost like Laser cut, there is a lot you can do with a dremel and a mini filers set but seeing the result really paid off the hard work, it's a great feeling :). Im in the process of making the media basket, already put about 20+ hours of work, i guess it's not about saving money but about making what works for me.

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Looking good. Dont forget to check out more people with this tank. We have a "club". Its in my signature.

will do, i've been looking at other people tanks long enough to get inspired to do my own :)

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My version of DIY refugium media box for Aquaclear 70 is completed. I don't have exact dimensions, kinda eyeing and measure on the fly while turning off the filter and trying each piece in the filter (literally) to match original media basket for perfect fit. This is based on In-Tank media basket but I made a few upgrade modifications: the overflow slots to prevent snails intrusion and also raise water level up by 1in to allow for more chaeto submersion, made filter floss chamber is narrower 1in wide (i don't need wider), still able to fits small heater like Cobalt Neo-Therm in there if I want, again this allow more space for chaeto. This build took me over 20 hours to complete working several hours over 5 days period. The tool i used are basic DIY tools: drill, dremel, hobby knife, mini filers, ruler, angle ruler. I will be adding DIY LED module for the chaeto. I really like the way the turns out!









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wow that refugium mod is awesome. Is that a bag of carbon in the top, with rubble? What will you put in the bottom?

Thank you! The top chamber has a clump of chaeto and a bag of filter media and that came with my Fluval Edge 6g Fluval/Aquaclear 20 and also a piece of dry rock, I just throw it in to seed nitrifying bacteria but I'll remove all of these except the chaeto, the bottom will have two small bags of Seachem pond matrix and a bag of Chemi-pure elite for more chemical filtration.

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My DIY LEDs module for the mini refugium is completed and in action! I'm going for a simple and clean look as I have seen similar mod overdone unnecessarily with huge LEDs fixture and light bulbs. Since my plan is to have a 4" high canopy over the tank so I want to keep the all the life support under 4in in height. I found these LEDs module at Fry's Electronic and they are splash proof but since they're not submerge in water im not too concern about it.


On the other hand, I found a small issue with my media basket, the water level is a bit too high that it almost overflow on the intake side of the filter so the solution is to file the slots down by 1/8" in. This will lower the water level and prevent an overflow on the intake side when the floss pad gets dirty. Enjoy guys! Have a good weekend!







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That's a cool refugium light. Do you have it on a timer along with the tank lights? Or is it on 24/7? Did you need to get special LEDs for growth? Whats that to the left of the AC70? ATO?

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That's a cool refugium light. Do you have it on a timer along with the tank lights? Or is it on 24/7? Did you need to get special LEDs for growth? Whats that to the left of the AC70? ATO?

I don't think it matter, some super bright LEDs with 6000-6500K+ spectrum is good. I have it on a separate timer for 12 hours at night, they only runs 90mA total, that's like nothing, it goes on the same time as the main moon light but the moon light goes off around 6am as it has its own built-in timer. Good eye! to the left of AC70 is my DIY nano skimmer still playing with ideas and breaking it in, the water is too clean lol!

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Care to post a bit about your DIY skimmer? Interested to see what you did!

Sure, I actually want to see if it's working before I post details about it :)

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  • 3 weeks later...

My DIY nano skimmer is working great, while it's working its inconsistent as I have to keep adjusting the level as the level in the tank drop, so im drafting some new ideas of for an external skimmer that is going to be placed in the back of the tank instead and free up some space in the overflow for ATO float switch.


The better news is my custom Auto Top Off system is finally done! It took a bit longer to get the parts together and the result im after but im happy with it. The completed unit including research, drafting ideas in my head, get parts together and build it, took me over 3 weeks. My system is fail safe because I used a mercury switch as float switch, unlike typical float switch it is sealed in a glass tube and will never ever get stuck, no overflown disaster on those vacation days. There are two LED status, red is power status, green light up only when the pump turns on and turns off with it, there is an on/off switch when I need to shut the system off for tank maintenance without having to reach down, locate, and unplug the cord. It can be used with any AC pump, im going to use Tom Aqua Lifter pump.


And onto the not so good news! all my fishes are in hyposalinity treatment in a QT tank because my two clown fishes started getting ich, they have been QT for two weeks and are doing very well. The main tank is vacant for 6-8 weeks to let the ich die out, there are still inverts in there which aren't affected. I'm going to QT everything from LFS from now on. The cool thing is my two clown fishes started to pair up a few days ago while in hypo, that means they're getting better to be able to, right?




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Just a quick update. Been thinking of doing a new DIY all-in-one place on back (POB) sump for this tank as I know it is a must if im going to be fully stocked this tank, basically replacing the DIY skimmer and AC70. I figure if im gonna do this, i should go as big as I can. So the dimension i have in mind is: 24x5x12" (LxWxH) and is 5.5gallon. This sump will be placed behind the Mr Aqua 12 gallon tank. I will somehow integrate a DIY skimmer in the first chamber and will be powered by one pump and return overflow to DT. The finishing project will be a full on DIY white canopy/behind the tank cover/bottom floating stand. I really want the look of slick and modern tank with all the equipment hidden. I know this is gonna take a while as im really finicky when it comes to DIY but im really looking forward to see this tank build completed.

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Just a quick updates, fishes are back in main tank after hypo treatment and they have been very healthy, no more ich on the clowns, the one female clown has gotten so much bigger since i bought her. I now use the quarantine tank to quarantine new corals frags. Just starting out with some softies.


My stock now:


2x Peculiar Clowns

1x Fire Fish

1x MD Cleaner Shrimp

2x Astrea Snails

1x Nassarius Snail

2x Bumblebee Snails




Green Polyps

Hammer Coral

Red Mushroom


More CUC are coming, also will be getting rid of bumblebee snails I think they killed by other two astreas.





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