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  1. Ninja's Red Sea Reefer 350 ~ New Corals! ~

    I made a deep scratch down the center of the tank. I am devastated, crying inside. It's very long scratch and very noticeable. It's INSIDE the tank. Happened when I was movin a frag rack up and down so I can clean the glass. I know this will drive me nuts. Started looking at a Red Sea Reefer 525 XL but sooo expensive...
  2. Kijho's IM Fusion 20

    so clean and sharp!
  3. one firefish and one pink streak wrasse / yellow possum wrasse
  4. Cube Vs. Long Tanks

    you should be fine with a dwarf angel in a 2" cube
  5. MIcoast's IM30L - RIP Banana, the yellow wrasse

    your daughter is sooo cute!
  6. MIcoast's IM30L - RIP Banana, the yellow wrasse

    i need this for my tank!
  7. Steph's 13.5 Invert Haven

    love the scape!
  8. Kijho's IM Fusion 20

    looks like you have room for a longer tank =P. maybe the IM 30??
  9. Duncan placed close to acans

    acan will eat stuff that falls into its mouth so dont put things too close to acan.
  10. Kijho's IM Fusion 20

    best of luck! 10 mins away so it should be ez pz =P. just dont drop the tank
  11. Nola & Bosco's Red Sea E260 - New FTS

    yup, i started dosing Dr. Tim's Waste Away which sounds very similar to Bioclean. After dino cleared for you, are you battling GHA now? Or are you algae free???
  12. Nola & Bosco's Red Sea E260 - New FTS

    that makes sense and fits what I am seeing. I am running Aquaforest balling method and one of the component is heavy metals which includes iron. I will have to stop dosing that component. I am slowly winning against dino with just lots of manual scrubbing and water changes and getting my chaeto growing again. Now I am battling some GHA and turf algae. I do think mine is the toxic kind and it ended up killing most of my fish and everytime I put in snails, about 50% of them will die off in a few days.
  13. Ninja's Red Sea Reefer 350 ~ New Corals! ~

    New corals arrived. Love them. If you never shopped at MyReefToYours.com before, definitely check them out. Free shipping at $155 and their zoas are on fire! Photos taken a couple of hours after I put them in the tank. A freebie that's as good as the designer zoas. Rainbow hornet. This zoa was the reason I placed an order. Sooo nice. Blondies Vivid rainbows. More orange than my Sunny Ds Candy Apple Red. Color a little faded from shipping. Random octospawn photo from my tank
  14. Nola & Bosco's Red Sea E260 - New FTS

    I am battling dino right now and wondering why no water change and feed heavily will remove dino? I thought that's the opposite...
  15. If possible, I would return those palys (the first frag). I believe those are the kind with toxins...plus they are not that colorful. Also the GSP (the third frag) will spread and easily take over a rock and kill other corals on it, so be careful where you put it. I also see a lot of vermetid snails on the rocks. Watch out for them and try to control their population. They tend to irritate corals when they spew out nasty gunk. I believe the snail is a trochus, which is a great snail to have. Nice pick up on that.