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  1. How are you going to place your Fluval Evo 13.5? It's a peninsula tank so are you planning on viewing it from all 3 sides or just 2? I agree with others that varying the height will be great.
  2. I have a feeling there's a silent killer in my tank...or maybe its the huge "nano" red brittle starfish I have? Its easily 10 inches across now.
  3. I should frag those so they have more room to grow
  4. I was checking out your pico tank. I love the progression pics. It's beautiful! 

  5. Yup, I tried so hard to prevent them from getting onto the back wall and glass but they just grow so damn fast in this tank. Will try to get a shot of the rics soon. I lost a few to the red gonipora stinging them, that's why the red gonipora is now on the rock shelf. But a few of the rics split so I am still in the positive =P.
  6. Thanks! They sure so grow fast. Both frags have completely covered the large frag disc so no where else for them to grow.
  7. So far, I have sold: 7 inches ponape birdsnest colony because it keeps falling off the rock shelve 5 inches pink and purple chalice because it was taking too much sandbed space Pink Stylo that never colored up for me Magician paly frags Also convinced a friend to start up a 30 gallon reef. Felt bad afterwards so gave him a bunch of zoa frags and GSP. Slowly getting rid of stuff! I haven't seen my two cleaner shrimps for weeks. I fear they died but I never found their body. What will eat cleaner shrimps????? New FTS. Yellow sand anemone. So adorable with blue tips. Looks like a sebae to me.... RFAs Lots of Sunny Ds One of two full frag racks.
  8. It's worst to ship in summer when temperature is high. Easier to regulate temperature with heat pack than cold packs.
  9. you have like all the fish I want...hahah
  10. totally getting the Sigma 60mm f2.8 on craigslist or ebay. thanks!
  11. I can never find one at the LFS that actually eats in front of me. I want the leopard =P.
  12. sorry to hear about the job thing.... but every time i stare at your FTS, i get very jealous of your copperband butterfly and wrasse
  13. Where did you get the nori?
  14. Samsung S4. Always been an issue. I was hoping the new site will fix it. It works fine before if I switch to Full Version and not use the mobile version.
  15. dont visit Harry or Lawn threads...