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  1. Of course you can keep SPS using the stock lighting. But you are not going to get great color under it. It's not going to have that "pop" from blues. If the monti goes south, it won't be because of the stock lighting. It will be because your tank is too new or your water quality is poor.
  2. I do it. Not sure if it is doing anything but my tank is doing pretty great right now and I plan to continue micro bubbling.
  3. sunny Ds are the best. how are your acros doing?
  4. My Kessil AP700 started to shut off for no reason. Turns out the unit is overheating because the vent on top is covered with dust and no air is going through. So I think this applies to all LED units. Got to clean them every year!!!
  5. Aquapros just posted they received a large shipment of clams. Check them out this weekend. You going to CMAS fragswap?
  6. very cool. tempted to replace my Fluval 13.5 with the IM. if this was for the IM 20 peninsula, i will be all over it.
  7. oooo where you staying??? I LOVE Disney World, especially Epcot.
  8. I run ONE XF130 in my 350...haha. I "upgraded" to the new 230 but returned it cuz they were so noisy. My XF130 is whisper quiet.
  9. what happened? things were looking so good earlier.
  10. any reason you are limited to the Fluval 13.5? Given you are going to add a sump, why not get a system with a sump already that's a little bigger too?
  11. congrats!!
  12. Sorry about the clown =(. A cleaner shrimp sounds great. Maybe a few hermits too?
  13. Six line and yellow coris are pretty hardy usually. How long have they been at the LFS before you got them?
  14. Following along. I have the fluval 13.5 and red sea reefer 350. We have good taste =).
  15. Do you have Coral Revive or CoralRx? If not, just taking it out of water into a bucket of tank water and try blowing the brown jelly off the torch. You want to do this outside of the tank so the brown jelly doesn't float around the tank. This has happened to me before. Torch are difficult to keep as far as euphyllia goes. I was never able to keep one for more than 1 year.