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  1. Ninja's Red Sea Reefer 350 ~ NanoBox Sump ~

    Did a water change yesterday and excited to come home tonight to see how the tank is doing. More bad news though...I lost a carpenter wrasse and an anthias while I was gone too. So now I am down to 2 clowns, blue tang, yellow tang, firefish, midas blenny, and yellow wrasse. I want to sell yellow wrasse since it is getting aggressive against smaller fish. Fish shopping this weekend!
  2. Ninja's Red Sea Reefer 350 ~ NanoBox Sump ~

    Some cellphone pics...
  3. Ninja's Red Sea Reefer 350 ~ NanoBox Sump ~

    Came home today to dead clam, missing firefish, melting chaeto, sandbed and sump blanketed by mixture of cyano and hair algae and maybe dino? Brown sps and just unhappy tank. Sigh. Time to clean things up tomorrow. But awesome trip!!!
  4. Hope you're doing well bro!

  5. Ninja's Red Sea Reefer 350 ~ NanoBox Sump ~

    Thanks everyone! Facebook chat with my wife today and both tanks are doing great. Having a great time in Thailand. Tag along on Instagram! https://www.instagram.com/jacky.h.c/ Phosguard in reactor
  6. I want to support my LFS but...

    Aquapros by Reefwise is great for price. The store itself doesn't look great, but their prices are pretty good and the owners are nice. Tank-It-Easy has a very nice, clean store but it's on the small size.
  7. Office Spec V Journal

    looking good!
  8. Vermitid Snails the good and the bad.

    how do you exactly kill them with those tools? I have hundreds of them all over...
  9. Vermitid Snails the good and the bad.

    if you have one, you will soon have hundreds
  10. The ReefWeeds Picasso Build: this ain’t a Nano

    the kessils are mounted pretty low? are you getting a cone effect from that?
  11. SPS Canyon: ELOS Midi

    very cool!
  12. hahah you had me googling my tank now =P. I am pretty sure your GF meant 20 gallons or less....so IM20 should still be good. Show her the IM video with the 20. It looks great.
  13. Fluval 13.5 (I have this tank) Pros: - Dimension is better for aquascaping. It is longer and not as high so you have more usable space to play with. - It sits on a pedestal giving it a floating look - It costs about $70 less than the IM 14 gallon Cons: - The chamber design is stupid and you will have to either DIY a media basket or buy the inTank media basket for another $40. - The stock light is crap and you will end up replacing it. Not a huge deal since the IM 14 doesn't come with a light. You can reuse the Fluval light for a refugium or a QT tank so I guess it can be a pro? - The stock pump is weak so you will need a secondary circulation pump or upgrade the stock pump. But I read you will need to do the same for IM 14. IM 14 (I don't have this tank but read a lot of build threads on it) Pros: - Low iron glass - Better filtration chamber that can fit IM accessories and comes with filter sock (not sure how good the stock sock is though) - Comes with leveling mat Cons: - IMO, dimension not as nice since it's taller and shorter than the Fluval. Vertical space is harder to utilize and takes away from the "peninsula" look - You will need to buy a light - Read the stock pump is noisy and needs to be replaced. - $200 is expensive price tag for a 14 gallon tank. Sooooo...if I am in your shoes, I will get the IM 20 Peninsula =P. The dimension is awesome and more water volume is always good. However, the IM 20 Peninsula is hard to find a light for and you may end up spending more money. If IM 20 Peninsula is out of the question, I will choose the Fluval 13.5 over the IM 14, mostly for the dimension. Again, these are just my opinions...
  14. The Coral Cavern - 25G Shallow Reef

    Never shopped at Cherry Corals before but their prices seem very high. Hope you scored those zoas during a huge sale. The zoas you got are usually $2 - $3 per polyp. I have seen yellowish octospawns before but they are usually a muted goldish / yellowish color. The one you got looks like a normal green octospawn, usually $20 - $30 a head.