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  1. ninjamyst

    KG's Fusion 10 - A Rare Update

    frag that lepto and sell it for $1 million dollars. ultra rare.
  2. ninjamyst

    Fulltang's First Tank (Fluval Evo 13.5)

    wow, you really went all in with this setup. great job!
  3. Red Sea reefer series if you got the money. Waterbox is popular lately too.
  4. ninjamyst

    Mini Complete Reef (NEW NanoRox scape update pg8)

    I think the right hand side will look better if the tip is longer and the back is more curvy with a slight dent in the middle, almost like a vent diagram
  5. ninjamyst

    Drs. F&S site shutdown

    Instant ocean salt is on sale for 200 gallons for $32.99 so I got some along with some filter pads. They always have the cheapest filter pads online so that's what I will miss the most.
  6. ninjamyst

    Ninja's Fluval Evo 13.5 - New Pics

    Fragged it into 3 pieces and kept two of the small frags. This frogspawn went from 2 heads to 11! Crazy. Also moved the gold hammer to the main tank. I am going back to the original idea for this tank to be a bommie tank. The large euphyilla takes away from the shape of the rock. Going to turn the rock into a zoa rock for the most part =).
  7. ninjamyst

    Ninja's Fluval Evo 13.5 - New Pics

    it's happening. the green frogspawn is getting way too big for this tank. It constantly irritates the gold torch and shades half the rock. some major coral swapping this weekend in this tank.
  8. ninjamyst

    Drs. F&S site shutdown

    knew this was gonna happen when Petco acquired them. sigh.
  9. ninjamyst

    22g Mr Aqua AIO - BATTLEBOX IS HERE!!!

    best of luck with fighting this!
  10. ninjamyst

    Harry’s Reefer 350

    My tyree pink lemonade came from a local reefer and still keeping the nice color so far. I have it very high in the tank right underneath the Kessil.
  11. ninjamyst

    MIcoast's IM30L - one year tank recap pg 27!

    wow, great growth on those montis! That's why I am getting rid of mine....hahah. They grow too damn fast and shade everything.
  12. ninjamyst

    Is the cheapness of Instant Oceon worth it?

    I never measure mag...maybe i should....lol
  13. ninjamyst

    MIcoast's IM30L - one year tank recap pg 27!

    Sometimes I wonder if SPS knows they are on a frag rack. My SPS always does better once glued down to a rock. Maybe it's just because I can't disturb them once glued down =P.
  14. ninjamyst

    Is the cheapness of Instant Oceon worth it?

    Last i checked this mixture was over a year ago and I think it was about 7.5 alk. But it probably depends on the batch...
  15. ninjamyst

    Ninja's Custom AIO Frag Tank

    I am used to the crookedness now =P.