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  1. buy a 5 gallon tank, drop it off in front of their house along with 5 gallon tub of saltwater.
  2. fell into the tank while fragging zoas. knew it was in the tank but couldn't find it till I lifted my rock out one day to clean... it's just the small surgical blades
  3. i found a surgical knife under one of my rock you never know!
  4. another fish is probably fine. look for a small fish like a goby or blenny.
  5. yea, you may see aggression issues when they get bigger.
  6. so you have 3 chromis and 2 clowns now?
  7. Thank you! I currently dose Aquaforest Vitality and Build along with Seachem Fusion 1 and 2. I plan to switch to Aquaforest Ca, Mg, Kh soon with Component 1, 2, 3.
  8. if u ever need them again, i have two that i dont use =P
  9. i like the new scape a lot. once the xenia fills the back, it will be very coool.
  10. I cut the tubing a little shorter so the MJ 1200 is just hanging in mid air kind of. It does produce a little bit of noise from vibration but I have it in the corner of my dining room so it doesn't bother me much.
  11. I am running mj 1200 and it can't be beat for the price. the sicce 1.5 is double the price of mj 1200...
  12. check your water parameters to see if anything is off.
  13. or buy an used Gyre XF130 for cheap. Why pay for the XF230 when the only thing new is the controller. just make sure the Gyre XF130 is the later model with rugged blades