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  1. haha, i was just kidding. my 350 is a disaster, keeps getting worst, so BTA won't survive in it. lost more corals, now even my LPS are dying.
  2. ninjamyst

    Teenyreef's Deep Blue 30g - Teenyfrag sale!

    can i get all the rastas on the frag rack? hahahahah
  3. ninjamyst

    New to aquariums

    I think you guys / gals scared Marla away...hahahaha.
  4. ninjamyst

    New to aquariums

    Getting things back on track =P, here's a good beginner article:
  5. For those that say the stock light is "good", have you compared it to having a Kessil or AI or Nanobox or even a Current Orbitz? It's night and day...
  6. ninjamyst

    Mini maxi carpet coexist with rock flower anemones?

    I think there are different kinds of rfas. I have seen the plain green and brownish ones grow really big but the ultra ones tend to stay smaller. I had maxi mini that are over 6". When I see them in stores, the maxi mini are usually 5" or so while rfas are 2"
  7. ninjamyst

    Mini maxi carpet coexist with rock flower anemones?

    I found that mini maxi tends to get bigger and stays where you put them. My rfas walk all over the tank. I have both and they are fine.
  8. ninjamyst

    New to aquariums

    You should invest in RODI unit to make clean, purified water from your tap water. The RODI unit costs about $120 and you hook it up to a faucet whenever you need to make water. Some people even hard plumb it to be always connected to a water source. Go to Home Depot and buy a 5 gallon bucket and fill it up with about 4 gallons of RODI water. Then drop in a pump, add marine salt, and let it mix for a good 30 mins to an hour. Then you can simply siphon water out of your tank and pour in the newly mixed saltwater. With a nano tank, the process can be done in 15 - 30 mins (excluding the time to make the RODI and mix it with salt). If you don't want to mix your own RODI and salt and you have a fish store close by, you can purchase saltwater by the gallon from them at about $1.50 a gallon. You only need to change about 20% of the water volume every week, so 4 gallons for a 20 gallon tank. That's why investing in your own RODI unit is better in the long term for financial and peace of mind reasons. If you need to do emergency water change and fish store is closed, you are out of luck without your own RODI unit.
  9. it's probably a mix of your light and the angle you are viewing them. At reefapalooza, you were probably viewing them top down with very blue lights to intensify their color. At home, you are probably viewing them under more white light and NOT top down. You can try dialing in more blues on your AI Prime. What kind of tank do you have?
  10. ninjamyst

    New to aquariums

    ^ This is soooo key. With a small tank, water change is a breeze. With a big tank, you have to make sooooo much more water every time. And you don't have to spend $$$$ on skimmers, algae reactor, APEX, doser, and all the other crap I have spent on my 90 gallons and it's still just an algae forest. Another plus to having it in your kitchen is that most of your outlets in the kitchen should already have GCFI for water safety. If space is an issue, you can do the IM 14 gallons and still be able to put 2 clown fish in it. Once you decide on the tank, the light is next. The bigger the tank, the more expensive the light so again, small tank = winner.
  11. ninjamyst

    New to aquariums

    Hi Facebook buddy =P. Start small with IM14, IM 20, or IM 25 depending on the shape of the aquarium you want. I would reconsider putting it in the basement because a small.tank will look killer on in your kitchen or living room depending if you have a cabinet or counter top space for it. IM = innovative marine. You can look at their tanks on marinedepot.com.
  12. New place looks nice! Like straight out of magazine nice.
  13. Interesting. I threw mine into the trash as soon as I got my tank running. The stock light is sooo bad. If they gonna change it, why didn't they make it better with stronger blue LEDs...
  14. ninjamyst

    Ninja's Red Sea Reefer 350

    My LFS tested my water a few times and everything appears normal. Nitrate was 10. They didn't test phosphate. At home, I test nitrate as 0 all the time. I can say dino is gone now Cyano took over and beat it. Now I just have lots of GHA and cyano. I just did a 3 days black out, but not much improvement. I keep buying more CUC and they keep dying on me....sea hare, urchins, turbos, hermits, trochus. Most of them die after a few days. I do believe I have a nitrate / phosphate imbalance but test kits are showing 0 for both for me at home, which people say is normal when algae is using it up. I am still dosing Vibrant but realized I bought the "marine" version and not the "reef" version. Not sure if that matters. So far, it has just been lots of manual weekly 3-4 hours long water change to manually scrape and pull out as much GHA as I can. But they are slipppppery.