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  1. tested my water today. Alk - 5 Ca - 400 yikes! no wonder SPS not doing well. will need to hook back up the Apex to ApexFusion tomorrow and increase the dosing. Not carbon dosing but may start with Aquaforest bacteria dosing soon.... yea, the usually 45 mins water change turned into 3 hours ordeal...
  2. What did my boyfriend bring home?

    Great pickups! But I will exho what others have said about getting algae under control first. You should: 1. Remove algae manually as much as possible. CUC may not touch algae that's too long. 2. Test nitrate and phosphate. Ask your lfs if you don't have test kits 3. Make sure you are running adequate amount of quality carbon and some kind of phosphate reducing media. 4. Make sure you do sufficient amount of water change and tank maintenance weekly.
  3. Dr. Felicia's Back to Basics IM14

    You know we will need a fts after the water clears right?
  4. been a crappy reef week. None of the clown fish eggs hatched. Took everything down. Blah. RIP lil nemo Potter wrasse been loosing color. The other bigger leopard wrasse is turning male and beating the crap out of the potters. SPS not doing well since switching to Aquaforest balling method...Miyagi tort lost a lot of color. ALso seeing cyano again so must be some kind of chemical imbalance. During water change tonight, accidentally spilled a gallon of saltwater UNDERNEATH the stand. FML. Tried soaking up as much as possible by sliding paper towels under... ohhhhh well. new day tomorrow. reeeef on.
  5. Ninja's Fluval Evo 13.5 - New Pics

    Dosed 200mg of Fluzonazole today. Had a sudden outbreak of bryopsis for some reason. Deep cleaned the tank and didn't help. After this treatment for 14 days, I am adding chaeto and removing all the biomedia in the back chambers. no names but if i were to name them right now, it will be Harold and Kumar till one of them turns female...hahahah
  6. RollaJase's Trip Off the Deep End - Custom Rimless 55G

    Wow, that's really freaking cool computer. Can you put fish in it? You already got the lights =P. When I had flatworms I just kept dipping my frogspawns and hammers every week till they slowly disappeared. I never got rid of them manually but eventually they just died off and I haven't seen any since.
  7. Dr. Felicia's Back to Basics IM14

    my next nano tank will be a carribean theme tank with lots and lots of rics and gorgonians. Can't wait to see this one mature. Where are you planning on getting your gorgonians from? KP Aquatic?
  8. Dr. Felicia's Back to Basics IM14

    Awesome write up so far! Keep the updates coming!! I think you can still sneak in some low maintenance LPS =P
  9. bad news =(. Lil'Nemo died after 3 days and none of the other eggs hatched yet. Not sure if they are dead too or will hatch later? I am still cultivating live rotifers and hoping they will hatch this week. on unrelated note, I bought the flipper cleaner and it's SOOOOO awesome. My tunze care magnet no longer cleans that well but this flipper even got coralline off the glass. Best ever!
  10. jstj0sh's Newbie Nuvo - New corals added!

    hahaha nice pics! i love anything yellow. hard to find.
  11. Abnormal Looking GSP?

    those xenia looks so pretty! good luck with the tank. a fan does wonders
  12. What can I buy tha's newbie friendly ?

    Red Sea is great and highly recommended. Don't be scared of the Red Sea Reefer series with a sump. I never had a sump before and the RSR is very noob friendly. IM is more popular for smaller tanks under 50 gallons. Their IM 50 is pretty nice.
  13. Ninja's Fluval Evo 13.5 - New Pics

    A blurry pics but still a pic!
  14. R65

    I am jealous!
  15. Tiny Ocean 2.0 Fluval Evo 13.5

    ouch, those are beautiful zoas! hopefully that one polyp will become a colony again in the future. maybe norbert won't snack on them when they regrow.