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  1. Ditch all the crabs except for the hermit. Porcelain and pom pom don't really count as cuc. Research the sand sifting starfish. I thought they need bigger tank.
  2. best way to see if you are cycled is to add pure ammonia to 2ppm and then confirm it is converted to nitrite then nitrate within 24 hours.
  3. so jealous of this tank!!! i had issues with turd looking SPS till i started to feed more and dose aminos and vitamins. may also be because my tank matured more....
  4. they are usually pretty hardy. try again =P
  5. Get some scramble egg and king midas.
  6. where are the fish?!?!?!
  7. great pics, especially the one of clownfish and frogspawns
  8. will a hepa air filter help?
  9. It's more about having the right settings, the right techniques, and the right post processing workflow. Some tips I previously posted before: White balance is very important. I have a custom white balance set on my camera that takes away the blues. If your camera doesn't allow for a custom white balance, try the preset for Shady or Cloudy. You can also use post processing software like Adobe Lightroom to correct white balance. Turn off your pumps to reduce blurriness from water movement and coral movement. Don't shoot at an angle because water refraction will distort the image. Shoot perpendicular to your subject. You need a fast shutter speed to reduce blurriness. To compensate, you can bump up ISO or widen your aperture. If those are not possible, invest in tripod or be creative with how to steady your hands. You don't need an expensive DSLR for nice pictures. I have seen stunning pictures from iPhones and regular point and shoot cameras.
  10. I throw mine away but I also post on local reef club if anyone wants some. I have given mine out to 3-4 people already.
  11. Similar price all the time on amazon if anyone has prime and gets free shipping.
  12. yellow coris is good for pest but man they eat and grow fast
  13. The The lens run dark. Exposure +0.7
  14. Reboot and do a theme tank!
  15. That sucks. What are you planning to replace it with?