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  1. MIcoast's IM30L - low alk; acros STN/RTN 🤯

    water change should stabilize the tank. alk is our worst enemy. when my SPS started to RTN, my alk spiked to almost 11.
  2. yea, I am adding a bit of that weekly as I think the Dino X strip out all the good stuff in the water.
  3. Thanks everyone for all the advice and support. My plan now is lots of water change and manual removal. It's hard to siphon the dino out since they stick to the sand. The GHA I hope will just eventually go away on its own. As for fish, I have two clowns, yellow wrasse, sixline wrasse, flame angel, and one firefish left. I am pretty sure the firefish will die soon as it is very skinny with a caved in stomach. I suspect internal parasite but really don't want to dose any more chemical in the tank and it's impossible to catch him. I really miss my midas blenny that died a month ago with the same symptoms, super skinny with caved in stomach. It was eating tons still. Once the tank settles down, I will dose prazipro or something.
  4. Ninja's Fluval Evo 13.5 - New Pics

    thanks everyone! once i get my big tank back in shape, i am getting more yellow gorgs. my LFS gets them regularly for about $30-$40.
  5. More dead acros...so I tried to cut off the dead acros and ended up bumping against the big birdsnest and it fell off. When I try to put it back, I ended up knocking off the green monti too. Both huge colonies. So now I wonder if I should just get rid of them and use the space for LPS... but who will take corals from a tank with Dino?? I dont want to throw them away..
  6. My Fluval 13.5 Modded pics!

    really like the rockscape. great job with the build so far
  7. Ninja's Fluval Evo 13.5 - New Pics

    It's my 3rd time trying this NPS gorg. The first two times lost it to algae. Since this tank is more stable now, I am hoping I can keep it alive for long. Been 2 months now since I had it.
  8. Don't have the right layout for the peninsula =(. Would love to get it if I can fit one in my kitchen or living room. I can't take the left rocks out of the tank. Everything is glued down. I took out the plate rock and brushed it with H202. But a few days later and it's covered in dino and GHA again.... tried that already. spent $50 on pods. didn't make a dent.
  9. Ninja's Fluval Evo 13.5 - New Pics

    Tank still growing strong. Had to add a frag rack to save some zoas from the big tank. Sold my Sony A6000 because the photos just never came out as good as my previous Nikon D7000 even though they both have ASPC sensor. But I didn't want another big DSLR. So I went and got a new Nikon J5. It's Nikon's discontinued 1" mirrorless and it never got good reviews. Despite all the hate, I really like my old Nikon J1 so I figure the J5 can't be worst. I am surprised how much I enjoy the J5 for tank pictures. The white balance is spot on, and I didn't have to do a lot of post processing at all.
  10. How to remove dead acros

    it's like tree rings...you can count my failures by the layers of dead acros
  11. Maybe I just need a new 150 gallon tank... =P thanks! i may just convert this to LPS + softies tank. Throwing away acros is no fun.
  12. How to remove dead acros

    so if i put another acro on top of dead skeleton, it will encrust just fine?
  13. How to remove dead acros

    What's the best way to remove large colonies of dead acros?? Keep in mind my rocks are glued down and can not be removed from the tank. The acros have encrusted all over the rocks.
  14. More of my acros RTN overnight. Should have known better than to do a water change on Friday the 13th. Silver lining is that if everything dies, it will force a tank breakdown instead of being in this limbo state.
  15. My RODI is between 0-5 TDS with relatively new filters. Not sure if it's my TDS meter that's reporting higher. Does purigen help with silica? Maybe I can add some purigen... No more DinoX. I am throwing the bottle away. It only caused my SPS to STN. I did a 10% water change today (only have enough buckets to do 10% at a time) and manually pulled out as much hair algae as I can. All the corals are PISSED off even 3 hours after the water change. I stirred up a lot of crap and turned on the Gyre at 100% and used a net to filter out as much dino / algae as possible. I have tried everything now. Tried letting the tank get dirty as others suggested. Tried frequent water change and running very clean. Added UV filter. Dino is a PITA. Hard restart will be shutting tank down =(. I have nowhere to put the surviving corals and I don't want to sell dino infested corals. Thanks! My 13.5 is still going strong although I see some dino showing up there after moving a few frags over =(. Thanks! Been battling this for 4+ months now. Sigh.