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  1. you must be doing something right if the feather duster is growing back its crown! nice job!
  2. Leopard wrasse is finally eating and out and about most of the day. I am now a huge wrasse fan. Got a potter's wrasse in the nano. Not eating yet but even prettier than the leopard. Really hoping the potter will do well soon. There's the beautiful leopard and then there's this ugly clown mug
  3. New FTS: Tried real hard to line this up. Will do better next time. This maxi mini is ridiculously huge!
  4. I am surprised the 3 tangs are getting along in QT =P. My yellow coris wrasse got huge really fast and is aggressive, but love his color. What don't you like about the dual gyre? I am only running one in my 350 at 50%. Not in love with it but like the amount of water it moves. Just too constant, wish there are more control. I have the older XF130.
  5. WOW, this is one of the best 350s I have seen. Awesome. What's your fish stock list?
  6. Working from home today but only because I am sick as hell. I can meet you up by Beyond the Reef again this Sunday if you are free.
  7. i still see some green / yellow on that PC rainbow at the base =)
  8. Sponge and macro counts too! omg, don't tell me they dont count toward the value and that's why you all are stuffing your contest tanks with sponges and macros.... cheaters!
  9. lol you are out of room already. upgrade?
  10. bump before I list on my local reef club!
  11. I have a V2 Tide with storm controller and metal arm for $120 shipped. Fan is broken but never affected the unit.
  12. you have more corals stuffed in a 20 gallon than I do in a 75....
  13. as if you need more corals =P sounds good. i can meet you up there too this Saturday. need to stop by Beyond the Reef for some fish food.
  14. Listed a bunch of frags for sale. Chicago local only. @mpsti05 better come get some before they are gone. Took some pics too. New FTS: Ric garden. I keep posting pics of them cuz I really like them. Haha. Had this toxic hammer for over 2 years now. Started with 3 heads. Now 10+.
  15. Frag racks getting full. Chicago Local only. I prefer to meet in public location around Harlem and Monstrose. Available weekdays after 7pm or weekend mornings / even afternoon. 1. Magician Palys ($10 for 3-4 polyps, $15 for 6 polyps) These are some of my favorite palys. Great splatter pattern in the middle. They grow fast and have big size polyp. They don't mind lots of light and can do well in medium light. Have 5+ frags of these 2. ORA Green Birdsnest ($10 for 2 inches, $15 for 3 inches) Hardy birdsnest. Had this colony for 2+ years now, grown from a tiny 2 inch frag. Have a few small frags for $5 if you want to try out a birdsnest. Have about 4-5 frags of these. Mother Colony (Not for sale) 3. Purple Stylo ($15 for 3 inches) Fluffy purple stylo. VERY fast grower once it takes off. Love a lot of light. 2 frag of these. Have a small $5 frag too if you want to try out a stylo. Mother Colony (Not for sale) 4. Starburst Monti ($15 for 1 inch) My favorite plating montipora. Yellow polyps on orange base. Not your normal red or green monti. Mother Colony (Not for sale) 5. Misc zoas ($10 - $30) Starting from top left corner, first row only: 10+ polyps of King Midas - $30 5 polyps of Orange Bam Bam - $10 2 polyps of Punk Rocker - $10 5 polyps of Yellow Scramble Egg - $15 2nd row zoas 4 polyps of Orange Bam Bam - free with purchase of $20 or more random no name zoas - free with purchase of $20 or more 6. Forest fire digitata mini colony ($20) Accidentally knock this off. Big chunky frag, about 3-4 inches across and growing in a very unique shape.