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  1. have you seen that new lens from ocean design for your phones? the ads look promising.
  2. my pink lemonade looks nothing like this! where do I get a refund????
  3. i wouldn't buy a Cadlights just for fear of them going out of business in the next year or two with competition from Red Sea and Waterbox.
  4. Yup, you can see the acrylic sheet separating it from the pump. That skimmer is a workhorse!
  5. I bet the key was the new biodiversity with live sand and pods!
  6. Here's a pic of my sump with the new ChaetoMax light. It's oooooook. Doesn't seem as bright as the Magnafuge but I understand the spectrum is completely different. It is very slim but it gets hot after a few hots. Also, the power supply wire is way too short. I have the fuge in the return pump chamber. I have a filter pad and an arcylic sheet to prevent chaeto from getting to the return pump. https://www.aqua-mags.com/ I believe we have a sponsor now too that has something similar. @NanoRox?
  7. I got mad at my wife for paying $5 for Amazon next day shipping after I went and bought a new fuge light for $70. This hobby is the worst....
  8. amazing city of Chicago skyline! been living here for like 20 years and your pic makes me hate this city less. hahahah
  9. Had the Magnafuge running for 2 year. Chaeto grew decent with it but not amazing. The Magnafuge is mostly just white light while the ChaetoMax is red and blue LEDs. Supposely it should double / triple growth rate of the Magnafuge.
  10. My magnafuge stopped working last night so spent a long time searching for a replacement. Ended up getting the ChaetoMax despite the outrageous price of $70 for a small little fuge light. But I needed one that can attach to the side of the sump and not over it. This new IM fuge light better be worth the money!
  11. Got the midas last weekend. $65. Expensive for a midas but I have the credit Spent another $20 on a yellow watchman that disappeared in the tank. Then another $30 on pods and live brine to get the midas eating. So have less than $100 left. Credits sure go fast....
  12. I had a trio of bartletts before but they started killing each other off quickly. I may get 3 evansi tomorrow since LFS has sale of $24 on them. How many times a day are you feeding your anthias? Ever think about mixing different species of anthias?
  13. love bartlett anthias but heard the male can be a real jerk. has any of yours turn to male yet? I have 3 lyretail and tempted to add 3 more evansi but my tank is too small for 6 anthias....
  14. your tank actually looks fantastic! dino? i dont see much =P
  15. Buy lighting separate. You will want to upgrade from the SKKYE lights.
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