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  1. ninjamyst

    Ninja's Red Sea Reefer 350

    GHA invasion started again. Sigh. This started after I added an order of snails from reef cleaners. The package took 5 days to arrive. John always says to dump in the snail anyways so I did that because I was in a rush to make it out to dinner. My hermit crabs had a feast that night. Maybe all the dead snails triggered a GHA outburst. Worst $30 spent. Going to Amsterdam and Dubrovnik for 10 days in a week. Plan of action now is to dose fluconazole tomorrow. For GHA, it's a 2-3 weeks treatment so timing is perfect. Crossing my fingers I don't come home to a disaster.
  2. ninjamyst

    Harry’s Riddikulus Reefer 350: **RIP**

    dang, just got caught up with the alk spike. 2018 has not been a good year for us reefers..
  3. ninjamyst

    Big sale and $149 free shipping!

    $5 pink ricordeas...that's crazy deal!!
  4. ninjamyst

    The ReefWeeds 150 gallons of water build

    love the two tone ricordea! your paintings are so amazing!!
  5. ninjamyst

    Ninja's Red Sea Reefer 350

    I took my skimmer offline, removed purigen and phosguard. Still running carbon because dino can release toxin. I am dosing nitrate and phosphate to maintain good nutrient level. Color is great on corals again but dino still comes back stronger every day.
  6. ninjamyst

    IM 14 or Fluval Evo 13.5?

    hmmm, what's the dimension of the IM 20 display area? The tank is 12" x 30" x 13". I would think 30" is way too long for the AI Prime. You got me thinking about upgrading my Fluval 13 to the IM 20 now because I really like the longer length.
  7. ninjamyst

    IM 14 or Fluval Evo 13.5?

    The IM 20 peninsula has AWESOME dimensions. I will definitely get that over the 14. The problem is lighting the IM 20. The normal AI Prime, Nanobox Tide, Kessil A160 may not be enough. You will probably have to go with a longer light like the Current Marine Orbit Pro. I seen builds using AI Prime over the IM 20. It can work depending on your rockwork and if you plan to just keep lower light corals on the long end.
  8. ninjamyst

    Ninja's Red Sea Reefer 350

    Nope, not yet. But I have time. My basement is still gutted and won't get done for another 2 months or so. I have a Nanobox Tide that I will put over the Lagoon. Since it's a shallow tank, it should be fine. If I can't find an used one by then, I will just get one during Thanksgiving sale. It does scare me that MarineDepot no longer carries the 25 Lagoon. Maybe IM plans to discontinue it???
  9. ninjamyst

    IM 14 or Fluval Evo 13.5?

    I also like the pedestal look of the Fluval more. I removed the honeycomb from the Fluval but after having it for 2 years, I wish I didn't cuz the top of the water line gets dirty now and the honeycomb would have hid it =P.
  10. ninjamyst

    Ninja's Red Sea Reefer 350

    I looked back at one of my old FTS. I really miss this tank....sigh:
  11. ninjamyst

    IM 14 or Fluval Evo 13.5?

    I like the Fluval better just because of the longer length that you mentioned. The IM 14 dimension is too tall IMO. I do NOT like the back chambers in the Fluval but if you get the inTank media basket, you will be fine. I just DIY my own to save money. But either one will be great. I upgraded the return pump and there's no need for additional pump inside the display if you want that sleek look. I also don't have a lid although one of my clownfish jumped out in the beginning.
  12. ninjamyst

    KG's Fusion 10

    I share the same feeling about Audi interior. Not sure why people say Audi and BMW has good interior. Looks so outdated to me.
  13. ninjamyst

    ReefCap’s Nuvo14: FTS Friday!

    welcome and great start!
  14. ninjamyst

    KG's Fusion 10

    I am an Acura guy but that Infiniti is looking niiiiiiiiice