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  1. Phuong's Micro Atoll 1.5

    Entry #50! What the pho??
  2. Getting in on this!! So excited to get started!!
  3. Phuong's Micro Atoll 1.5

    Welcome to my Micro Atoll 1.5! I've always wanted to try a reef jar and The Creative Container Pico Contest is the perfect opportunity! I'm excited, inspired, and ready to roll! Got all my stuff ordered and on their way. Keeping this simple and elegance. 1. Candle holder 2. Par38 bulb 3. Air pump 4. Live rock/sand 5. Things to make More to come...
  4. I'll play this one!! I've been wanting to set up one of these for a long time and this is just the perfect push!
  5. 12G Long Nano Reef - New Rock Nems Babes!!!

    Quick update video. Got my girl approved and love to feeding the tank! Can't get any better than this
  6. That's working perfectly as it should be. It just need an ATO setup with the sensor installed in the overflow box, I found the sensor of Smart ATO micro works perfect for this purpose and tiny to fit in here without wasting much of any space at all.
  7. Woot! So glad to see it arrived in perfect shape. Sorry it took so much longer than I anticipated, I don't skip a beat when it come to crafting a high quality product that need to last for years. Looking forward to seeing your tank progress.
  8. So glad to hear it has already arrived. Hope all is well, it's a long way from TX to WA. So excited for you to get this up and running with your tank! Lets see some first impression pics
  9. 12G Long Nano Reef (2.5 Years Old)

    Those are neon kryptonite candy cane They are very bright! As with the neon yellow/gold torch in the upper left corner I'm growing out
  10. 12G Long Nano Reef (2.5 Years Old)

    © OceanboxDesigns.com

  11. what are some long and tall pico aquarium options?

    Actually all of the OBD AIO kits can be installed on the backside as well, it's just happen to also fit the side for a peninsula style setup Oh and go for the 12L period!
  12. 12G Long Nano Reef - New Rock Nems Babes!!!

    New RFA babes are here alive, pretty, and happy!! Acclimating!
  13. Teenyreef's IM40 Not-So-Teeny Tank - December FTS

    Happy 4th! Your tank looks great! I see lots of estate up top though, are you planning to rescape to maximize the available space?
  14. 12G Long Nano Reef - New Rock Nems Babes!!!

    Thanks Christy! Happy 4th! It's still a long shot but I'm extremely motivated in completing this. Most importantly I will need a nice narrator voice and someone with knowledge about the hobby to write a few short script for some of the scenes, possibly explaining the type of corals/fishes/inverts being shown and their characteristics.