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  1. Actually all of the OBD AIO kits can be installed on the backside as well, it's just happen to also fit the side for a peninsula style setup Oh and go for the 12L period!
  2. New RFA babes are here alive, pretty, and happy!! Acclimating!
  3. Happy 4th! Your tank looks great! I see lots of estate up top though, are you planning to rescape to maximize the available space?
  4. Thanks Christy! Happy 4th! It's still a long shot but I'm extremely motivated in completing this. Most importantly I will need a nice narrator voice and someone with knowledge about the hobby to write a few short script for some of the scenes, possibly explaining the type of corals/fishes/inverts being shown and their characteristics.
  5. Happy 4th of July everyone! Here is a little color explosion for you all, a trailer of a short documentary I'm working on, "A Small Ocean World". My goal is to be able to take you along on a little exploration in our nano reef aquarium. To truly appreciate how amazing all of the ocean life form existed in our tank, I will be focusing on their physical character and close up details that our eyes can't normally see. I hope by making this short film, we can all appreciate what our ocean has brought us by protecting it and bringing it even closer to our heart with your reef aquarium. This is still in early stage of work in progress but I welcome any suggestion and specific request in the comment below. I'm also looking for a volunteer voice narrator and script writer, if anyone is interested in working together to make it an even more incredible film feel free to PM me.
  6. Thanks so much! Trust me every time I take pics I had to mess with the settings on the light, camera, filter, and post processing altogether. It's never simple for me and I'm never settle for just one setting lol
  7. Thanks! To be honest I was kind of neglected on the water testing part for months and assumed water change alone would be enough. I'm surprised 2 of my acros have held on for so long, these must be very resilient specimen that I got, i don't know their ID or name. Right now I'm dosing down to 1.3mL per day and keeping it around 7.7-8dKH on the Alk. Nitrate is 0-2ppm, probably closer to 0 with Salifert (color looks almost clear) and Phosphate is 0.00 on Hanna LR checker, I know it can be higher because of the reading error but I made sure my checker was at least reading correctly by testing twice in a row and used 2 different batch of reagents with the same result. Everything seems to be doing much better than before now so I'm very happy.
  8. Sorry to hear about your fish. Two of my tiny gobbies (Red Striped and Shark Nose) didn't make it either, one dead before I put it in the tank one died within 24 hours, I think they're just two small for shipping so I wouldn't try them again.
  9. The Reef is looking wonderful this morning! I thought I'd try something different with this shot, how do you like it? All my fishes are out and about, can you locate them all? Have a wonderful week and keep up with your beautiful reef! Also I'm happy to finally see PE like this on one of the acros that has been in my tank for a long time but didn't do too well. The one in the background is coloring up nicely as well so I must be doing something right
  10. I think im gonna go with something else, these fishes are just too small to endure shipping.
  11. A couple of tiny fishes and CUC replenishing critters. Tank and ATO container in the background are for my customers This poor guy didn't make it so I've contacted Live Aquaria for credit. Taking a closer look he is rather thin and weak in the first place, not surprised he died from shipping stress. The one thing I love about LiveAquaria, they have 14-day stay alive guaranteed, better than no guarantee at LFS. He's suppose to be a new friend to the tail spot blenny in the pico, sorry blenny!
  12. Had a delayed message this morning from UPS but both boxes arrived on time. Thank god all the critters made it alive!! Who want to know what I got? HINT: not corals
  13. Same thing happened to me this morning on one of my boxes, fortunately both boxes arrived on time and all my critters made it alive Hope you have the same luck!
  14. Just another box of Friday excitement 😉😀