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  1. Thanks! My intent was to give the illusion of it being bigger than it actually is. Worked out well with the dimensions & aquascape.
  2. Well, been a while since I posted pics, just been plugging along getting things stable. An occasional loss here & there, but nothing major. Put some Digi's in a while back to test the waters & they seem to be doing good along with an Anacropora & a Setosa & my green Psammy that made a nice comeback. Just ordered a SPS pack & we'll see how that goes. Been battling zero Nitrates and have been dosing some to help that. Had some washed out colors, but since I've been adding NO3, everything is coloring back up. Been super busy with work & a 2 year old & we are building a new house, so I'll have a tank move in the fall. Limited pic taking skillz! Lol, best I can do.
  3. Yep, good for me now. Thanks Spencer!
  4. I had an 8 gallon cylinder tank that I ran for over 2 years before I upgraded to a larger tank. I also wanted minimal equipment in the display and ended up putting a small 10x10x10 sump underneath and sticking the equipment down there. For flow I used a SCWD with split returns for alternating flow, worked pretty well. One thing I will tell you from experience is that no matter what flow pattern you have the cylinder will tend to swirl the flow around the outside. I kinda minimized this with the SCWD, but it was still there and there were some dead spots in the tank (center). Make sure you keep up with maintenance and blow off the rocks frequently. I loved the look of the tank tho and just upgraded for a larger tank. Here's the thread I had on the tank, I'm always a little lax on
  5. Still not working for me on the Full Bluefish. Tried logging out & back in and selecting colors again and still the same.
  6. Had that set up already, but went back and did it again (selected colors) & still not carrying over. It's working fine in the rest of the app, just not the new schedule tool.
  7. I'm sorry, I have the 14w bulb. The 35w has an effective coverage of 24"x24", plus its dimmable. I think you will be fine with those bulbs & should b able to keep whatever corals you'd like.
  8. I have the superblu 35w in my fuge for my frag rack. It's nice and blue, doesn't look purple. It's a nice bulb and all the frags pop with color. I'd hold out and wait for it, worth it.
  9. Can I change the colors of the sliders from the default? My setup is DIY and my white channel is #1. I am using NanoBox arrays, but have the channels different than Dave sets them up
  10. Good job buddy! Glad you got the siphon issue resolved. I have noticed that my Jebao pump ramps up pretty fast to full bore, although not an issue for me. It has lost a little umph over the last 6 months tho, not horrible, but probably time for a cleaning. I think the 6 month mark will be my cleaning schedule & swap out the SCWD for cleaning/vinegar bath. If you're looking for an ATO, I'd have to recommend the AutoAqua ATO Micro. Mine is awesome, keeps level very stable, small adds multiple times throughout the day. Optical sensor is always spot on, never had an issue and I've had it about a year now.
  11. Yep, I see it now. Haven't had time to set it up yet. This is what we were waiting for. The Bluefish was awesome before, but this makes it almost perfect!
  12. Who said it was stable?! Lol
  13. Like Teeny, I have the Hanna PO4 ULR and it's very accurate. My Apex does the conversion, but I have the printed scale as well. I also have the Hanna dKh Alk & it's awesomely easy. I don't think the reagents are that bad, think I paid $7 and figure if I do biweekly tests it'll last a year. I use Salifert for Mg & Ca, kits are about $15 & work well.
  14. Is this ready for the Full Bluefish yet?
  15. Very nice Harry! Quite an accomplishment with all you have going on with school. Looks beautiful!