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  1. Marc.The.Shark

    3 Foot Long Nano - Nanobox Lids

    Just a quick update for you on my George Fischer check valve....nine months in & haven't cleaned it yet & hasn't skipped a beat! Been working flawlessly & the clear piping is a definite plus as I can see if any buildup to which I have none. You're gonna like it. I was planning on a 6 month clean job on it, but that's stretching to a year now! Awesome! Gonna let it ride till Oct/Nov when our new house is done & I move the tank. The new setup is inspiring to say the least! I took a lot of ideas from your other tank & you've definitely upped your game! lol
  2. Marc.The.Shark

    Moai of the Sea!

  3. Marc.The.Shark

    The Sanity Saver - A 20 gallon long Journal

    Love the scape & the shrimp/goby pair! I like the long shallow tanks myself, gives the impression of a much larger water volume!
  4. Marc.The.Shark

    WV Reefer's 12 Gallon Long and Dirty.

    I don't have powerheads in the display, so not much it can get into unless it climbs out of the tank. So its like "Where's Waldo?" Lol. My 2yr old gets a kick out of looking for it & the starfish. Ha. If i had wavemakers like you, then I would get a little nervous it'd get chewed up cause it's went up the glass a couple times too!
  5. Marc.The.Shark

    WV Reefer's 12 Gallon Long and Dirty.

    I have two RFA's, one has stayed right where I initially put it, but the other has constantly moved all over the tank in the 6 months I've had it. By constantly, I mean a few times a week! Lol. I think maybe 2 weeks is the longest it's stayed put in one spot!
  6. Marc.The.Shark

    Surprise Attack! Trying Something New!

    Well, still haven't gotten the RFG nozzles installed. Hectic life = no time! Lol. Shooting for the holiday weekend to try out & clean my pump/swap SCWD. But I did get a little better pic of the tank thru my Oakleys! Ha Have a few acros to try out. The ones I mounted are doing ok, PE and starting to color back up. They were maricultured, so always a crap shoot. I have a few on a frag rack on the back/bottom that are browning out, so gonna move them up on the back wall with a magnetic rack to more flow/light and see if I can get them going. My second Solar Wrasse disappeared. First one went missing, nowhere to be found after 2 months in the tank. Bought a second one a month later, somewhat smaller and after about 1.5 months...vanished. Been leaving the top off, but didn't find either on the floor. Only explanation is my feeding habits, the tank gets fed 3-4 times a week because of my work schedule & maybe with the wrasses being so active, I'm starving them. All my other fish are fine with this schedule, but will look for something more tolerant when I purchase another fish. Neither one looked to be malnourished tho, so idk.
  7. Marc.The.Shark

    RO/DI in small condo

    I have mine tapped into the cold water supply in the laundry room with one of those faucet Y connectors & have the RO/DI unit on the floor next to the washer. I run the discharge into the washer drain & have it zip tied to the discharge pipe. Works good and a snap to remove cause we're building a house and selling the condo. Have had it like that for a couple of years now, no issues. I have a 20gal tank as well & only keep 10gals on hand at a time. 5 for my ATO and 5 for water change. Two 5 gallon buckets.
  8. Marc.The.Shark

    FS! strombus maculatus(nano conch) snails!

    Hit me up when you have some available as well. I lost my population that I just started when I upgraded tanks 6 months ago. They were just starting to lay egg sacs too, dammit! Lol. I knew using all New live rock was gonna screw me! Ha
  9. Marc.The.Shark

    WV Reefer's 75 Gallon Big and Dirty

    Whoa!! Uh, okay, this is awesome!
  10. Marc.The.Shark

    Surprise Attack! Trying Something New!

    Thanks! Yeah, I've got my hands full at the moment. My son loves to "help" me with the tank! Lol. He helps fill the ATO and "Quish" the fish! Hahaha, that's his way of saying feed the fish with the Turkey Baster! Lol, I guess that's the sound it makes to him when he squeezes the bulb, plus it just sounds really cool! Yeah, I'm hoping I have enuf behind it to do what I want. My returns are in either corner & I still get a bare spot in the front center sand with Reefflakes, so we'll see. I do lose a lot of flow with the SCWD & the over the top returns cause of all the 90's, but oversized the pump to compensate. Not a huge investment if it doesn't pan out & I have a big graveyard box of parts that these would look sweet in (right next to the oxydator)! Lol. To be honest tho, I have used that oxydator on occasion to dose peroxide, so it's not a total dog!
  11. Marc.The.Shark

    Surprise Attack! Trying Something New!

    Will do. I have them in hand, but have to install on my second set of return mock ups, then swap out. I tried to snap off the damn LocLine flow nozzles In the tank, but I've went from PVC to CPVC to LocLine & Im scared I'll break the bond between the CPVC & LocLine, which is fragile at best. 1/2" CPVC looks a lot less intrusive on over the top returns, but posed a problem in converting to LocLine, for which I solved in a somewhat fragile marriage. Hopefully this weekend for swapout.
  12. Marc.The.Shark

    Surprise Attack! Trying Something New!

    Always looking for something to improve upon my random flow situation. I have no powerheads in my tank by design, relying on a Jebao DCT 8000 running @ 90% along with a SCWD that switches every 10 seconds. This does quite well kicking the flow around, but it could always be better right? Well, I came across something called a RFG Nozzle by a new startup called VividCreativeAquatics (.com). This looks very promising. It looks like a flow accelerator, but the internals are designed differently. They snap on to standard LocLine and I will try a couple in place of my standard nozzles. Videos on the site look encouraging and if works as advertised, should make my flow setup that much better. Stay tuned for an unbiased review...
  13. Marc.The.Shark

    Hypes SPS Dropoff Peninsula-New Skimmer

    Holy Pax-Bellum Batman! I go awol for a few weeks & you get an even bigger one! Lol. How am I not surprised! Are you trying to keep NO3/PO4 in negative numbers or what?? Ha. You're gonna have to dose to keep the cheato happy! What size tank is that beast rated for anyway? Do you think that it will be too efficient at some point? Hell, I'm dosing Spectracide to keep stuff happy; I can't buy a Nitrate & Im only running carbon and a crappy Tunze 9001 and thinking about shutting that down! Love the Pom-Pom by the way, always wanted one. If I ever find one locally it's in my tank!
  14. Marc.The.Shark

    Surprise Attack! Trying Something New!

    Thanks! My intent was to give the illusion of it being bigger than it actually is. Worked out well with the dimensions & aquascape.
  15. Marc.The.Shark

    Surprise Attack! Trying Something New!

    Well, been a while since I posted pics, just been plugging along getting things stable. An occasional loss here & there, but nothing major. Put some Digi's in a while back to test the waters & they seem to be doing good along with an Anacropora & a Setosa & my green Psammy that made a nice comeback. Just ordered a SPS pack & we'll see how that goes. Been battling zero Nitrates and have been dosing some to help that. Had some washed out colors, but since I've been adding NO3, everything is coloring back up. Been super busy with work & a 2 year old & we are building a new house, so I'll have a tank move in the fall. Limited pic taking skillz! Lol, best I can do.