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TSTB's 8G NPS Reef "Dendrophyllia Paradise" *Small Update*


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Small update, added some new fancy black Neozoanthus i found on some live rock, a Spiral Wire coral that id been eyeing for a while, and a new VERY interesting Dendrophyllid. Its white with florescent blue tentacles...interesting to say the least. No idea where to start as it was a live rock find by the gentleman that sold the colony to me.


Current FTS:





Unknown White/Blue Dendrophyllid:



Ohhhhh....Pretty............ :haha:

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Hi this tank looks super cool. Just wondering though, the light looks pretty strong, will it hurt or negatively affect NPS corals? (besides possibly encouraging algae growth)

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Lover the tank and NPS in general too. I had a little tank similar to this and my yellow sun polyps spawned in the tank and many dozens of polyps took over the tank. I ended up taking the tank down, cut up the rock work and traded them in at my LFS . I still have fathead dendros and probably always will.

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