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Found 403 results

  1. Here is my new coldwater tank please comment any questions down below!
  2. First, a big thanks to Stu at Cold Water Marine Aquatics and Mike from Micro-Reefs for making this all possible! Tank: Micro-Reefs 7.3g 12x12x12 temperate aquarium made from 1/2 inch acrylic Chiller: Chill Solutions CSXC-1 Aquarium/Hydroponic Chiller 1/15hp JBJ Chiller Light: Ledtric full-spec par38 Nano-box Tide Flow: Mp10 Jebao Sow-4 Skimmer: CAD PLS-50 Elite Temp: 56 degrees Livestock: Fluffy Sculpin Kelpfish Catalina goby x2 Strawberry anenome Jewel nem's Chiton Micro Hermits Moonglow nem's Ball anenome's Aggregating nem's Purple Urchin Green Surf nem's Encrusting Hydrocoral Star Coral Turban snails Margarita snails Mexican turbo snail sculpkelp1 by Tana Jahangier, on Flickr
  3. [I moved the previous text block down to the second post] State of the Aquarium: December 2021 Abstract [I'll get to this after 90ish days of actual coral keeping] MATERIALS AND METHODS AND MADNESS <- Click on this to jump down to the core block of text
  4. Flow: Mini-Jet 606 (153GPH) + Loc-Line Nozzle Mini Fountain Pump Lighting: 12W Dimmable LED Pendant 120 Degree Optics 6x Royal Blue LED 6x Cool White LED Heating: Fluval Edge Heater Stocking: Dendrophyllia: "White/Teal" Unknown sp. (massive growth form) (NEW) "White" Balanophyllia sp. (massive growth form) (from old system) "Pink" Balanophyllia bairdiana (massive/solitary growth form) (from old system) "Black w/ Green" Tubastrea micranthia (branching/collumn growth form) (F&W donation) "Black" Tubastrea diaphana (branching growth form) (F&W donation) "Black-Green-Grey" Tubastrea sp. (branching growth form) (NEW) "Yellow/Green" Tubastrea sp. (branching growth form) (from old system) "Pink/Yellow" Tubastrea sp. (branching growth form) (NEW) "Pink/Orange" Tubastrea sp. (branching growth form) (NEW) "Yellow" Tubastrea sp. (massive growth form) (NEW) "White" Tubastrea sp. (massive growth form) (NEW) "Orange" Tubastrea sp. "Fiji" (massive growth form) (F&W donation) "Yellow/Orange" Dendrophyllia coccinea (massive growth form) (from old system) "Red/Orange" Dendrophyllia fistula (massive growth form) (NEW) "Orange" Dendrophyllia gracilis (branching growth form) (from old system) "Red" Dendrophyllia gracilis (branching growth form) (NEW) "Pink/Yellow" Cladopsammia gracilis (branching growth form) (NEW) "Rainbow" Dendrophyllia/Caryophyllia? (unknown growth form/irregular) (from old system) "Green/Grey" Duncanopsammia axifuga (branching growth form) (NEW) "Brown/Green" Heteropsammia cochlea (free-living/solitary growth form) (NEW) "Green" Turbinaria peltata ("cup" growth form) (NEW) "Purple/Green" Turbinaria stellulata (plating growth form) (NEW) "Purple/Yellow" Turbinaria renniformis (plating growth form) (NEW) "Green/Purple" Turbinaria renniformis (plating growth form) (NEW) Others: Purple Passion Tree Coral (Stereonepthya sp.) Yellow Passion Tree Coral (Steronephthya sp.) Black Zoanthids (Neozoanthus sp.) Spiral Wire Coral (Cirrhipathes spiralis) Spiny Orange Sea Rod (Muricea elongata) Yellow Feather Gorgonian (Pseudopterogorgia sp.) Purple Sea Whip (Pseudopterogorgia bipinnata) Angular Sea Whip (Pterogorgia anceps) Yellow Sea Whip (Pterogorgia citrina) Silver Gorgonian (Muricea laxa) "Grube's" Gorgonian (Pinnigorgia flava) Spider Sponge (Trikentrion flabelliforme) OLD FTS: May 2014 FTS: August 2014 FTS:
  5. 1/15/2021 11/1/2020 First FTS! 9/28/20 I've been dreaming about it, talking about it, and threatening to do it for about a year now, but the order is finally placed and the time has finally come: I'm upgrading! 🥳 Oh jeez Billy what did you buy? An Innovative Marine Nuvo Fusion 40 gallon AIO aquarium. And what did you go and do that for? My 18 gallon Caribbean biotope has been very successful over the past 21 months, but it's starting to get crowded: Ricordea are jostling for space on the rocks, gorgonians are growing all the way up to the water surface, and shading is becoming more and more of a problem. I've found myself faced with a choice between aggressively pruning my rapidly growing gorgonians and flooding my tank with frags, setting up a second system to accommodate some of my livestock, or simply getting a bigger tank. Needless to say, this choice ended up being pretty easy to make! 😁 I went with the Fusion 40 because it's nearly 19 inches (48 cm) tall, affording maximum headroom for my gorgonians, and because 40 gallons is in my opinion the optimum size for a home aquarium (it's the biggest tank you can get while still being able to do a 10% water change with a single 5 gallon bucket). Great. So what kind of gear are you putting in it? Most of the equipment for this system will be transferred directly from my 18 gallon setup: IM MightyJet 538 GPH DC return pump EcoTech MP10 wavemaker w/VorTech battery backup Kessil A160WE Tuna Blue w/Kessil Spectral Controller 200w titanium heater and rebranded InkBird from BRS Tunze Nano 3152 ATO I'm going for the same low-maintenance plan that's worked well for me in the past, with no mechanical filtration, no skimmer, and no chemical media of any kind. Seems boring so far! Any cool new livestock in the cards? No, actually! The entire purpose of this upgrade is to make life better for the corals that I already have. I love gorgonians, and growing huge, bushy, mature colonies of these beautiful corals is my only goal in reefing (and possibly also in life 😅). This tank will be the vessel that allows me to achieve that goal. I might end up adding some new fish if everything goes well, but that is a low priority for me and is many months down the line at any rate. Okay! I'm very excited, but that's all I've got for now! 😄 Pictures and all that will be coming soon! 🙏
  6. AquaticEngineer

    Guess who's getting Weedy Sea Dragons again!

    I know this isn't a nano reef fish, so these guys aren't going in most of our tanks, but just couldn't resist sharing that I'll be bringing in weedy sea dragons again this year! Here's a pic of me with one of them from the last time I brought them in a couple years ago
  7. lobster876

    10 Gallons of the College Experience

    Hi all, Im back and attending college to get a degree in marine biology. this first tank is a 10 gallon brackish I set up with native species. Pics soon to follow! Another tank is coming up soon (hopefully a reef)
  8. AquaticEngineer

    Japanese Spiny Lumpsuckers.......

    EDIT as of 1/26/13.... WE FINALLY GOT EM!!!!!! For your viewing pleasure I present to you..............the Japanese Lumpsucker (Lethotremus awae) http://i246.photobucket.com/albums/gg100/Stuwobbe/WP_20130124_012_zps1216b7da.mp4'> Yes its happening. Working out details. I will leave you with pictures of the TWO species of Japanese Lumpsuckers. Eumicrotremus Pacificus Eumicrotremus Taranetzi Better get your coldwater tanks sorted out soon
  9. State of the Aquarium, 4 April 2021 Abstract Coral reefs of Pacific origin are generally represented in the central and western Pacific Oceans. Many times we see stock photos online or print media and I am willing to bet that 99% of the time such media is taken from Australia, Indonesia, and the Philippines. It makes sense. The Great Barrier Reef is relatively accessible. You need an international flight out of Los Angeles and before you know it you've landed in Sydney and then you take an excursion out to Queensland. If you want more exoticism you can travel to other countries and enjoy really cheap eats and entertainment while you're diving. If you are adventurous you find yourself in Tahiti, Fiji, and Samoa. All great destinations as long as a typhoon isn't looking for you. However, coral reefs are expansive and cover the most of the western Pacific rim. Through warm water currents delivering the right parameters and sending out small coral gametes, recruitment occurs in countries where we may not associate with corals. Japan is one of them and is home to some of the northernmost coral reef assemblages. Corals live as far north as Tsushima smack dab between Korea and Japan. Progressing poleward, assemblages will change as water loses its warmth from the equator. Sparing you the details, this aquarium is focused and curated towards commonly found species about the Ryukyu Islands, an archipelago south of the main islands (if you've heard of Okinawa then you may know what I'm referring to), within the confines of very shallow depths under 3-5 meters in protected environments (lagoons, moats, patch reefs, coral stands). the journal begins here: Didn't realize image compression and Figure 1 looks terribad. yikes! The story actually begins well before this photo on the 22nd. We rewind to December 27th to where I was moving a couple of aquariums in my wife's Honda Fit. (near professional aquarium mover at this point, it's my 4th move). She says she didn't say that, but from that video conversation through Facebook I started thinking real hard what would I make for a third aquarium. I wanted to be lazy and build another planted tank, but I was ready for something different like the tank I made before. I built an Amazon blackwater aquarium to just see how simple or hard it was to maintain that effect. Turns out it was just a matter of boiling botanicals to no end. Wife was okay with another tank. Good enough for me. I was a newly minted aquatics specialist at my Petco and I turned the saltwater section around by not killing all the invertebrates. (That's another story to tell.) Then I thought, hey you're not at FOWLR tanks why not building a reef tank at home? $1 per gallon sale happened right around the new year. I hemmed and hawed at the idea of getting a tank. I looked at Inappropriate Reefer's 10g build. Then I saw defekt's Sanity Saver. Perfect. I had to work around my property management for not having an aquarium of 15 gallons or more. I worked the legal gray area by getting a 20 gallon long since I remember measuring the inside dimensions came closer to 16 gallons than 20 gallons as advertised on the marketing label. I never enjoyed tanks that ran tall with a poor footprint. Bigger footprints mean more horizontal swimming room and unless you're caring for sea jellies or freshwater angels height can be a dimension to ignore. Fortunately there was only one 20L sold at my store and after 3 weeks of thinking really hard of how to build it and its life support elements I decided to go for it and blocked out the image of a nasty credit card bill (but hey points right?). I bought the tank around January 10th and it just sat there sad without a stand for about a week. I was still wondering if this was a good move, but I didn't like the idea of just wasting a perfectly good tank. I built one of those nicer Petco stands (because my wife doesn't have her woodworking tools right now). And that stood for another few days. I painted the back of the aquarium with clearance acrylic paint from Michaels. I waited another week as I was picking out parts. Life Support System: (thanks defekt) AC70 from a previous tank with stock foam sponge, 100g of GAC, and biomax rings (added PhosGuard 9/2020) Foam layer Media bag (currently running 16 grams/2tbsp of GAC and GFO each) Floss Bio Max rings 2x Koralia 240s 1x Koralia 425 - added October 3 Fluval 100w heater Current Orbit Marine LED 24-36" NICREW ClassicLED Marine 30" (peak hours only) - added August 15 Parts arrived on January 21st. Thanks Amazon Prime trial. CaribSea LifeRock, 20lb box arrived January 22nd. I bought CaribSea CORALine from my Petco store. Figure 1. Insert awful photo.
  10. Nathans_Reef

    Nathan's British Rockpool Biotope

    Hi Everybody , This is the plan for a new tank that I am in the planning stages of. Hopefully if all goes to plan then it should be a really cool project that you can all enjoy too. I have been wanting to setup this tank for a long time so after seeing the super cool pico Rockpool by @SaltyGallon I decided that the time has come for me to finally do this. The Equipment Tank - 40cm x 30cm x 30cm Optiwhite Aquarium Filtration - None (I will add a HOB filter if necessary) Water Flow - Jebao sw2 Lighting - 2x Fluval Marine Nano LED with Bluetooth (20w) ATO - D-D H2Ocean Compact Auto-Top Up Chiller - None (My room stays quite cool but I will look into it just incase its needed) The Livestock 1x Common Goby (Pomatoschistus microps) 2x Common Limpets (Patella vulgata) 3-5x Blue Rayed Limpet (Patella pellucida) (Depending on if I find any) 2-5x Common Prawns (Palaemon serratus) Some Acorn Barnacles (Semibalanus balanoides) 3-5x Blue Mussels (Mytilus edulis) 5-6x Common Cockles (Cerastoderma edule) 5-6x Beadlet Anemones (Actinia equina) (Some will be green but most will be red) 2-3x Snakelock Anemones (Anemonia sulcata) 1x Cushion Starfish (Asterina gibbosa) Potential Livestock Common Hermit Crab (Pagurus bernhardus) Long-clawed Porcelain Crab (Pisidia longicornis) Dahlia Anemone (Urticina felina) A small Blenny (I live very close to the sea so I can release it if it gets too big) Common Brittle Star (Ophiothrix fragilis) Macroalgae I will add any suitable nice looking Macroalgae pieces that I can find. But these are some species that I would like to try. If Anybody has any experience with keeping UK Native Macroalgae please feel free to comment some tips or advice. Ulva intestinalis Chondrus crispus Corallina officinalis Ulva lactua As for filtration, for Mechanical filtration I thought that it would be a cool idea to rely mainly on Bivalves such as Barnacles, Mussels and Cockles but I will have a spare hang on back filter just incase I need to use some filter floss or activated carbon as I'm not sure if relying on bivalves will work. The Aquascape This is just a quick drawing to show my goal for the Aquascape, the rocks will be naturally sourced from the same rockpools where I will catch most of the livestock and I haven't dicided on what sand to go for yet, it will be very pale but not bright white like most reef tanks as I want this tank to look as similar to a British Rockpool as I can make it. My Inspiration This Tank build won't happen just yet. as I said, I am only in the planning stages at the moment but make sure to follow along with the build and look forward for future updates and stuff! 😃
  11. Here’s my 29 gallon peninsula 4 month old coldwater system NO CHILLER just natural basement temps at 55-60 👍
  12. MainelyReefer

    Granite’s New England Biotope

    Today I will receive my first coldwater aquarium in the mail! When you see a good deal sometimes you have to buy.... I will make a “pretty” first post later as I don’t have time now but wanted a place to share my excitement and the progression as the coldwater side has less resources available and much of it is from over a decade ago, so I am going to rely on the wealth of knowledge fellow nano-reefers bring to the table.
  13. AquaticEngineer

    Steve Weast's NEW cold water tank

    ************updated 2/6/11************ Now with Video ****************************************** In case you missed this....... http://temperatereef.forumotion.com/reef-d...ecting-t304.htm This tank has filled in quite a bit since these pics were taken! I had the pleasure of seeing Steve's tank the other day in person and man is it nice! I dont want to spoil it for the rest of you so I wont say much more and I'll wait until Steve decides to do a full unveiling. Steve was nice enough to hook me up with a gorgeous Painted Anemone It's Ok if you guys all want to be extremely jealous now
  14. melson

    Melson's Caribbean Oasis

    Hey everyone! The time has finally come (some peer pressure was involved haha) and I'm ready to show off my tank! I upgraded recently from a Cadlights 8G to a Cobalt C-Vue 26g, transferring everything to the bigger tank. This is my first biotope however I'm pretty proud of how it's coming along. I've seen a lot of Caribbean biotopes lately and noticed a lot of interest in them. I'd like to clarify though I have had a Caribbean biotope in my home since late 2017! 🙂 Here is a FTS of my old 8G (since has been transferred and taken down): 8G - FTS March 2018: Now here are pictures of my current 26G tank: 26G - FTS April 2019: 26G - Left Side: 26G - Right Side: Bonus macro shot of my Jawfish and neon Ricordea: -EQUIPMENT- Tank: AIO Cobalt C-Vue 26G Custom black stand Lighting/Heating: Single AI Prime HD Cobalt 75W Heater Inkbird ITC-306T temp controller Filtration: Intank Media Basket with filter floss, Chemipure Blue and Purigen Cobalt filter sock DIY Chaeto Reactor Flow/ATO: Icecap Gyre 1k Cobalt pump AquaSmart Micro ATO -LIVESTOCK- *11/19 Update* Fish: Chalk Bass - Serranus Tortugarum Yellowhead Jawfish - Opistognathus aurifrons Neon Goby x1 (Non-mated pair) - Elacatinus oceanops Sailfin Blenny x2 (Non-mated pair) - Emblemaria Pandionis Cherubfish - Centropyge Argi Inverts: Blue Leg Hermit x5 - Clibanarius tricolor Porcelain Crab x2 - Petrolisthes galathinus One lone Cerith Snail - Cerithiidae Pepppermint Shrimp x2 - Lysmata Wurdemanni Corals: Gorgonian x6 (when viewing left to right): Yellow Sea Feather - Pseudopterogorgia sp Purple Brush Gorgonian - Muriceopsis flavida Knobby Sea Rod - Eunicea sp Rusty Gorgonian - Muricea elongate Yellow Sea Whip - Pterogorgia citrina Purple Sea Feather - Pseudopterogorgia sp Rock Flower Anemone Florida Ricordea x4 Various Caribbean Zoanthid species x4. Caulerpa in the display and Chaeto in my reactor. Big shout out to KPaquatics.com for always being top notch on livestock and being patient with my questions. I apologize for the bad photos I just got a reef phone filter lens and am still playing around with it. I will keep posting photos here as I have much more planned for the future!
  15. consreef

    Stocking New 8 Gallon Reef

    Hey everyone! I currently have a 2.5 gallon pico reef running, and just recently purchased a Lifegard Aquatics 8.3 gallon AIO aquarium (pictured here on the far left). Based on the size of the back compartment, I'd say the main portion of the aquarium is about 6-7 gallons. Before I add anything, I will be purchasing a glass cover and an LED light. With this in mind, I was wondering what would be some good invertebrates to showcase in this aquarium. I would be willing to do a species only setup, a biotope, or anything else that would be more interesting/unusual than the usual clownfish and cleaner shrimp. I have experience growing macroalgae, soft corals, and LPS, so I would most likely try to incorporate those into the setup as well. Any ideas would be great!
  16. RedTxn

    Anemone Jar Inquiry

    The popularity of jar reefs coupled with the video below is inspiring me to create a desktop biotope with just anemones. I used to have a bunodosoma cavernata in a 2 gallon while in college but that was almost 40 years ago when undergravel filters were the norm. In the past decade I have seen others keep condys, rock flowers, bubble tip and even min-maxis in nano tanks, but there is something intriguing about going smaller and trying an anemone in a jar. I came across this article and would like to do something similar but with a different, more colorful anemone. https://www.reef2rainforest.com/2017/10/31/when-i-say-aiptasia-you-say-pest-at-pratt-we-say-pet-instead/ First choice would be the red beadlet anemone (Actinia equina) but they are impossible to find in the USA. Waratahs are also difficult to locate and they are cold water, therefore not being considered atm. So my search is leaning towards majano's... a green one or one with colored tips would be ideal. The closest marine LFS is about 80 miles away so I really don't have the option of browsing through their live rock in the attempt to find one. I am currently searching online and the reefing community for a colorful majano, but since most hobbyists kill them on sight my attempts to locate even a single specimen have not been productive.
  17. Hi folks! I am here to share my nano with you. I've been in and around aquariums for much of my life (mostly as an admirer of other people's systems), but this is the first tank I've ever set up and managed entirely by myself, so I am still very much an amateur. In early November of 2018 I started lurking on Nano-Reef and a few other forums, and soon got the itch to start a tank of my own. After doing a lot of research I decided to set up a small system to display some of the species that I remember from my childhood in the Caribbean. So, here it is! A recent FTS is at top; the FTS included with my original post is underneath. 9/11/2020 5/3/2020 3/15/2019 My goal from the beginning was to create a simple and easy-to-maintain ecosystem that features species from Florida, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Caribbean Sea. I wanted to run it as "natural" as possible, with as little equipment as I could get away with. So far I think I've done a pretty good job of meeting those goals. Here are the specs: Equipment: Tank: 18g Cobalt C-Vue AIO aquarium (with stand) Lighting: Kessil A160WE Tuna Blue w/Kessil X Spectral Controller Heater: Cobalt Neo-Therm 75w Circulation: Sicce Syncra 1.0 return pump and EcoTech Marine VorTech MP10 wavemaker ATO: Tunze Nano 3152 Mechanical filtration: None Additional media: a bag of MarinePure Gems in the sump Livestock: (This list is updated periodically to reflect the tank's current inhabitants) Corals and friends: Star coral (Probably Stephanocoenia or Siderastrea sp.) Caribbean mushrooms (Discosoma carlgreni) Caribbean tube coral Ricordea florida Rock flower anemones (Phymanthus crucifer) Zoanthids and Palythoa Gorgonians: Candelabra gorgonian (Eunicea calyculata) Purple feather (Antillogorgia sp.) Purple plume gorgonian (Muriceopsis flavida) Purple sea rod (Eunicea flexuosa) Purple sea whip (Pterogorgia anceps) Rusty gorgonian (Muricea elongata) Silver bush gorgonian (Muricea laxa) Yellow sea whip (Pterogorgia citrina) Fish: Sailfin blenny (Emblemaria pandionis) All very simple and easy-to-maintain inverts and fish, as you can see. I can't even really call it a reef, since the few stony corals I have are nearshore Caribbean species that came in on my live rock. Maintenance is very simple as well: I scrape the glass as needed, dose KH and Ca manually every day, and do a 2 gallon water change twice a month. That's basically it! You can view my original post and pictures from many months ago here: Thank you for visiting my journal! I hope that you enjoy what you see in this thread, and if you have any questions about my system please don't hesitate to post them or message me! Cheers, Billy
  18. Micro-Reefs Aquariums

    4 gallon tropical tank goes Wild!

    And what do I mean by wild? Cold water 😊 wild! Look what this reefer did to my Tropical tank! https://www.facebook.com/groups/ColdwaterOwners/permalink/3171042939598192/ Just in case the link doesn't open, here is the photo he posted.
  19. Micro-Reefs Aquariums

    New! 2 gallon Horizontal Series cold water system!

    New! 2 gallon horizontal series cold water system prototype and in development! I brought you the vertical series now it's time for other vectors to appear! Will support 55F degrees and be made of all 1/2 inch cast acrylic except false wall to maximize interior display area! Finally a cold water system that everyone can have in their bedroom that is virtually so quiet you don't know it is running. Powered by one ice-probe! Only from the mind of Micro-Reefs Aquariums....
  20. IOnceWasLegend

    Hawaiian biotope?

    My wife and I have visited, and dove, Hawaii a few times and loved it. Our first tank (IM 20 Nuvo Fusion) is cycling right now and we're thinking about livestock, and the idea of a Hawaiian tank popped up. Are there any resources/places I could get info and/or sort corals and fish by geography? Thanks!

    The Ryukyu Shallows, an abridged take.

    I didn't realize there was a dedicated biotope section here in the forum. For those that are following my journal, take this as the quicker and lighter version. I'll save all the thought processes and ramblings for the journal so you enter my head and get what is going on for the tank. Here, you'll find the basic information and the broad brush strokes that describe this biotope reef. Abstract: I will reflect a shallow (under 5m depth) patch reef found in Okinawa or Yaeyama Islands, but also reflect temporal changes in that system. I have chosen this system as Japan hosts the northernmost limit of what is considered Indo-Pacific/Western Pacific reef systems spanning from the Ryukyu Islands to off the mainland in the Kagoshima Prefecture and outer Tokyo Bay. It's geographical uniqueness is earmarked with similar species composition and distribution patterns as featured in the Great Barrier Reef and Philippine Sea reefs. For simplicity and goal purposes, I have selected a soft coral dominant system. Husbandry practices will still remain uptight, but allow for wider leeway for parameters given the type of corals chosen. Also I have selected winter time as I hypothesize that a lot of urban runoff from rainy season and harvesting will impact nutrient levels in the local waters. From a practical standpoint, I'd rather not have my LEDs and heaters run for very long, making it easier to pay the energy bill. Sunrise and sunset times will reflect average times on December 21st in Naha, Okinawa. Stocking attempts will be made down to exact species so that I have the best representation of a Japanese reef, and from what I gathered from research. Because of shifting conditions environmentally in the Ryukyus and greater nutrient loads anthropogenically, my guess is that soft corals will be more dominant as the waters run richer than normal. Soft coral dominant communities follow a pattern to areas with greater nutrient concentrations. Nonetheless, I will still carry very common hard corals based on composition data that can be kept at a novice/intermediate level. At some point "SPS" corals will be introduced as they're responsible for much of the coral reef building. Parameters as of 2/29/20 Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrate >10 Phosphates 0? Alk 8-9 dkh Ca 400-420 35 ppt (about 1.025 sg) 72 degrees F Life Support System: AC70 from a previous tank with AC70 foam, Fluval 106 polishing pads, carbon+purigen, and biomax rings 2x Koralia 240s Fluval 100w heater Current Orbit Marine LED 24-36" with altered settings set to 6500k Instant Ocean Reef Crystals RODI water from Whole Foods, self-test thrice for nutrient loads. New Life Spectrum Pro-biotix .5mm pellets Reef Roids Dosing: Seachem Reef Fusion 2 part, 1x every morning @ 8mL; Aquavitro Fuel 5mL 2x/week Stocking: 2x A. ocellaris var. Frostbite Watchman goby and pistol shrimp pair Clean up crew with 10x Nassarius snails, 8x Trochus banded snails, 5x Cerith snails A hitchhiker sea sponge!? Multiple leather coral colonies featuring Sinularia, Sarcophyton, and Lobophytum Favia speciosa Acanthastrea echinata Caulastrea furcata Fungia repanda(?) In the future: Pocillopora damicornis and Montipora digitata Other info: 20lbs of CORALine and about 22 lbs of rock, 20 base and 2 live.
  22. AlmightyJoshaeus

    Coldwater marine tanks?

    Hi everyone! For a long time I have desired a small coldwater tank with a Catalina goby. While the time for me to have one is still a ways off, I wanted to know some specifics on how to set up a 5 or 10 gallon coldwater. Here we go 🙂 1 - What would be a good chiller for such a small tank? 2 - I am not sure I would have money for a thick acrylic tank, so I was thinking of taking a normal tank and putting insulation on three of the sides. Would this work? What kind of insulation would I use? 3 - Where would I get flora and fauna (other than the readily sourced Catalina goby)? Coldwater marine aquatics seems to be down. 4 - How does cycling work in a coldwater? Do you still use live rock? 5 - Anything else I should know? Thanks 🙂
  23. Jigsaw

    Jigsaw's 10G Coldwater Build!

    Hello all! I've been a lurker for quite some time on these forums and am posting to create a decent tank journal and maybe drum up some interest in the coldwater scene. Some of you may have seen my posts on the Facebook Coldwater group, but I wanted a space to put all my photos and build progress, so I figured why not here? My main inspiration was Steve Weast's tank over at Oregon Reef Anyway, I'm not one for long intros and all that, so without further adieu, here's the tank build! BUILD INFO: Tank: 10G custom TruVu acrylic aquarium, with 1/2" acrylic for insulation. The measurements are 24x12x8. So shallower/longer than your standard 10G. Stand: New IKEA BRIMNES black stand with 2x4 reinforcements (just in case). Filtration: Small sump, about 3 gallons of water in it (picked up locally for free!) with filter floss, bio balls (for bio filtration) & eventually carbon. Will tailor this eventually Return Pump: Syncra Sicce Silent 3.0, 714 GPH Chiller: Initially it was a ChillWorks CXSC 1 ThermoElectric Chiller. But they suck, so I upgraded to a 1/15 HP JBJ Arctica, which works REALLY well. Lighting: Current USA Orbit fixture I had from a previous build. Other Fun Stats: Grey Schedule 80 PVC for better insulation, CEPEX ball valves from BRS and SupplyHouse (seriously, this site rules for PVC fittings) Temperature: 55-57 F! Potential Livestock: Catalina Gobies Strawberry Anemones Waratah Anemones Red Foot Moon Snails Maybe some tidepool shrimp/hermits FULL PHOTO ALBUM HERE (constantly updating it!) ALSO HERE'S MY IG FOR STORIES AND SUCH! The one thing I wanted to do with this tank was do it in the best way I could; most coldwater builds I have seen in the past have cool creatures, but the rest was an absolute mess. I'm trying to avoid this, so I took a few months to get to where I am today. So, anyway, here's a few pics of the build from the beginning! I'll add all of them to a photo album and link it from here! Initially, I bought this Thermoelectric chiller (CoolWorks) in hopes that it would have a significant pulldown at a decent price (since our apartment is usually around 70-72 anyway year round). So I got it from eBay, tested it on a 5G bucket for a few days. Ended up getting it down to 62.5 consistently. "Awesome!" I thought, as I thought it would work perfectly. How wrong I was... I proceeded to think about my sump options as well as my tank options. I knew I didn't want any cords or anything hanging off of the tank, so I decided to go the sump route. Plus, who doesn't love a big project?? Anyway, I was able to actually pick up a free sump from /r/reeftank on Reddit (amazing! I never am that lucky) and it turned out to be a big score for me. Perfect size! Onto the tank! I actually used TruVu before back home for a 40 gallon, but since I moved, the tank inhabitants went to my brother and the tank is retired. Anyway, I contacted TruVu, asked for 1/2" thick glass and they delivered. I mean REALLY delivered. I decided to go dual returns because A) I wanted the overflow in the middle of the tank and B) It looks badass haha. The fish don't know that this tank was already inhabited by a fierce kitty already 😉 Onto the stand! I picked out an IKEA BRIMNES cabinet because it fit the sump perfectly and it was easily reinforcable. After building it, I coated the bottom and sides with polyurethane to help waterproof it and added waterproof neoprene to the bottom. I also wood glued it together, so it was much more sturdy than your average IKEA piece of furniture. After that I did a lot of measuring and eventually cut out a rectangle in the middle where the overflow box was. I used a Jigsaw for this as well as drill bits to mark the edges of the box. I am not a woodworker. LOL Also wanted to reinforce the stupid cabinet just to be safe, so here I am reinforcing it with my project manager... After all that was finished, I was finally able to start plumbing! The overflow consists of 1" bulkheads, whereas the returns are 3/4". Not sure why TruVu did it that way, but I just rolled with it anyway. In retrospect I probably would have bought new bulkheads. After a lot of internal debate for the return piping, I finally settled on this. See that ball valve facing us? That's for when I do water changes! a "mini" manifold if you will. The top left part is where I put a shelf to support the thermoelectric chiller....which I ended up ditching for the 1/15 HP JBJ. The unfinished union there is my emergency pipe (it's a full union now, don't worry haha). One more photo Initial water test! This did not go THAT smoothly, as I noticed a few leaks in the pvc joints and the bulkheads. After cutting my plumbing up a bit (GRRR) and tightening the bulkheads 1/4 turn with a channel lock, I was good to go! Note that this is still freshwater LOL. One problem that I noticed is that the thermoelectric chiller did almost NOTHING with the 48W pump. Not cool. Reluctantly, I decided to ditch it and sell it on ebay (it sold INSTANTLY, go figure lol). Hence, I now am the proud owner of a slightly used 1/15HP JBJ Arctica Chiller! And boy did this thing work FAST! After that, it was time to add the Pacific Ocean rocks as substrate :D. Still need a few big ones, but you get the idea: TIME FOR SALT! Finally, here's the most recent pic after reaching 1.025 SG 🙂 Don't mind the thermometer hanging there haha I'll go into more specifics later, but I just wanted to get this up to show ya'll and get some feedback 😄
  24. Hi Guys and Girls, I am hoping for your input and expertise please. Looking to set up my 5.5G Cube as a Indo-Pacific Biotope to house my Green Clown Gobies and would like some recommendations for soft corals. So far I have traced down · Toadstool Mushroom Leather (Sarcophyton sp.) · Chilli Coral (Nephthyigorgia sp.) · Christmas Tree Coral (Sphaerella sp.) · Devil’s Hand Leather (Lobophytum sp.) · Cabbage Leather (Sinularia Brassica) · Anthelia (Anthelia sp.) · Pipe Organ Coral (Tubipora musica) But i would like some further options if possible, I am going to stay away from SPS for the time being (mainly because GCG have been known to nip at Acro's) so some "easy" LPS would not go a miss either. Clean Up Crew 2 Algae Hermit Crabs 2 Trocus Snails 2 Nassarius Snails
  25. ~LadyBug~

    FW: Medaka pond-stye 'biotope'

    I'm currently in the (very, very) early planning stages for a Medaka/ricefish (Oryzias latipes) 'biotope' tank with emergent growth, and want to model it after Shrimpery's(on Instagram) Oryzias latipes pond-style shallow, emergent tanks, and the traditional shallow pond dishes used to keep them in Japan(check out the hashtags on Instagram, it's all in Japanese but the photos and videos are awesome!) First choice: Long or shallow? I would like to put it on the back of my desk to enjoy while I work(weight isn't an issue, I'm building the desk) and a 12G long tank is the only option that will fit. If a shallow (such as UNS 60S or 45S) would be significantly superior for aquascaping I can just put it on a stand next to the desk. Thoughts?
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