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  1. Bloomin' Tank of GeNRosity

    It's really pretty. Looks so perfect really. So much I still need to learn about plants. Though I've really been more out of it otherwise. Just going through mid-life depression I guess. 46 yrs old. Trying to sell make-up, trying to exercise and wanting to go ketogenic as I noticed paleo was hard for me to keep up as I'd give in on cheese. I'd much rather have cheeses and not have carbs. So this week I've been reading up and changing up some things in my diet. I haven't done anything with my tank, except top off and clean the glass. I need to water change. I'll put up a picture this weekend though. I still haven't done anything with Gertie's tank and my radial filefish died today in the Nursery. I need to clean that as well. The babies just melted away after the filefish bothered them. I'm done separating flowers, they'll just remain in the 40g untouched. Probably best anyway.
  2. Bloomin' Tank of GeNRosity

    Thank You Mark for trying to help as much as you can. I'm sure they caught everyone off guard. How do they possibly think this is the way to go?? So many types of forums everywhere in the world. Yes, I was wondering why it didn't just shoot up the picture like the link usually does when I put those up. Thank God for YouTube so videos are still alive.
  3. Bloomin' Tank of GeNRosity

    Yes, the babies in the 40g are doing well. One is just largely over a dime in size, another will soon get there. I need to take a pic of some of the babies, even if they are the same babies. Also have to feed tomorrow. They always enjoy that!
  4. Bloomin' Tank of GeNRosity

    Thank You, yeah, I had no idea Photobucket did that so I'll have to go learn somewhere else. That's crazy. Way to ruin it for many people. Oh, and I am still taking of my 40g tank of course. Pictures soon. I did though however lose the 4-5 babies that were in the nursery. The radial filefish took care of them. : (
  5. Bloomin' Tank of GeNRosity

    What do you have going on for planted? Lemme see!!! I did have some plant die off but getting new leaves. I have a new plant of wisteria completely just blacken and wither up and cabomba doesn't like my lights really. More to learn!
  6. Bloomin' Tank of GeNRosity

    Yeah, I honestly never paid attention to females. And they really can be pretty. I feel sad for the males, have to live so alone w/ exception of a shrimp or snail or maybe a few tetras. The females have a community. Can't wait to see the dynamics play out. The cream is queen so far, she already was protecting her vertical space from the cream resin branches to the top of the water. The blue one is the smallest. Now I have to learn about plants. Luckily my sister has a 190g tank, it was her reef, she had twins and made it freshwater for easiness and less expense. But her lights were still over it. She used to throw away handfuls of plants weekly, the growth so intense!! So she gave me like 4 different kinds. I used to have freshwater but it got boring. I still love saltwater but I'm enjoying this new interest in freshwater planted.
  7. Bloomin' Tank of GeNRosity

    Thank You. It is so far. I had the bettas sitting in their 6 cups for a month on the kitchen window sill while it was cycling. I mixed up the cup locations daily so they'd get used to seeing each other. The blue one was the latest, she replaced a blue one that was sick and then another that jumped into the drain, of course while there was a sink load of dishes, and she finds herself right down. So I was feeding her 1 pellet more than the others but she still didn't grow fast enough before I put them in. I'm happy they're doing well so far.
  8. Bloomin' Tank of GeNRosity

    25 hrs later all the female bettas are alive !! Yay, love my girls. This is my first planted tank ever. Can't wait to see how it grows/fills in. My 10g sorority w/ 6 girls.
  9. Put them on top of a styrofoam lid or something, let them purge their water for a few minutes, then put them in. Don't dip.
  10. Bloomin' Tank of GeNRosity

    Pretty ! Sorry to hear about your Lyme disease, UGH. car problems and Lyme Disease, this has been quite a time for ya. I myself haven't posting as much. I've started Ubering for more money but 2 bouts of the bronchitis in a row wore me out. My sister visited w/ my niece and nephew so it was a blast seeing those cuties. I still have water and sand to remove from Gertie's tank so I can get a mantis. My macro algae in my 40 grows fast so I just threw some away, the bunch was in a corner and I needed room for the large toadstool there. Still wanting a yellow fiji and a weeping willow if I can. On a great note the baby rock flowers in the 40g are doing well but I can't find the ones in the nursery not surprisingly but I had to put the file fish in there because he would have done more damage in the 40g. One rock flower in the 40 is definitely dime size so soon it will be a nickel, then a quarter. I need to take pics. In general I've been trying to sell makeup, and uber and now exercise since I'm very much out of shape. Went hiking with my sister and of course it was probably too soon for that higher elevation hiking when you had bronchitis so recently but I had to stop so often I was mad at myself for letting myself get this out of shape. I've also gotten into another bad addiction. Bettas. Since an April outdoor wedding I saved a vase betta and now I have 4 males and then started a sorority tank with 6 females. I should be putting in the females later this week. Here's what I have going on. http://s1278.photobucket.com/user/1stimereefer/media/1stimereefer003/20170617_233016_zps3qxx4l2r.jpg.html http://s1278.photobucket.com/user/1stimereefer/media/1stimereefer003/20170718_230343_zpsfsujrrt1.jpg.html http://s1278.photobucket.com/user/1stimereefer/media/1stimereefer003/20170724_175731_zpsbvjywfbc.jpg.html http://s1278.photobucket.com/user/1stimereefer/media/1stimereefer003/20170730_234715_zpsevhbe2me.jpg.html Some of the girls waiting. I have 6 going in and they have to establish a pecking order, if one is too much of a bully or always getting picked on I'll adopt him out to a friend. The blue one passed away but I have this one as an alternate now. Pretty girl. http://s1278.photobucket.com/user/1stimereefer/media/1stimereefer003/20170723_162133_zpsxq7kou7v.jpg.html http://s1278.photobucket.com/user/1stimereefer/media/1stimereefer003/20170705_001754_zpsonktmmad.jpg.html http://s1278.photobucket.com/user/1stimereefer/media/1stimereefer003/20170730_235210_zpsezuecrtq.jpg.html
  11. I don't know, I still haven't grown mine to a quarter, it's been since Thanksgiving. Dime size only for me right now and it depends on the flower. I have most that are smaller than that.
  12. Bloomin' Tank of GeNRosity

    My sister comes up from IN to see me & my parents tomorrow and the twins, they just turned 3 two weeks ago so I can't wait to see them. I've also been Ubering to make more money so I haven't been on as much. I'm sorry. My sister is also bringing my aquatic freshwater plants so I can put them in my 4 male betta tanks and then the sorority in the 10g w/ 6 females. I'll put some pics up when I'm done. Electric bill went up about 30 so that's all the extra outlets, like 3 per tank. I need a man, not more fish, but I got sucked in when in April I went to my friend's house for her wedding celebration and they had betta vases on the outdoor tables. All of them will have real plants. Also, I put the 6line in the fuge of the nursery so I can empty out the 20g and start over. Rock has been removed and now I need to empty the water and old sand and clean it. Buy substrate and rock and then peacock. Still a good ways away.
  13. Bloomin' Tank of GeNRosity

    Haven't seen it in a while. I have 6 males spawning right now but since I had to put the Matted filefish in the nursery I don't see 4 babies in the nursery anymore. I turned off the skimmer. I may end up stopping with the nursery for babies. It takes so long to grow them I'm losing interest in them in the nursery. And they may be gone after the file fish bothered them. Been along time since I saw spawning activity. Cloudy tank !! Now it's 7 spawning. Nope, now 8.
  14. Bloomin' Tank of GeNRosity

    No, but when I took him out of the tank with 6line, it healed his eye up, so I'm really happy about that. I haven't decided yet what I want to do because I do like him, he's so damn cute.
  15. Haven't seen it in a while. I have 6 males spawning right now but since I had to put the Matted filefish in the nursery I don't see 4 babies in the nursery anymore. I turned off the skimmer. I may end up stopping with the nursery for babies. It takes so long to grow them I'm losing interest in them in the nursery. Now it's up to 8.