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  1. Yeah, kinda been out of it since Gert passed. And then I started selling make-up and even adding some make-up posts on my page takes up time daily. I'm gonna try to get with it!! I'm assuming I'll find that baby again in the same general vicinity!
  2. Finally found a baby, been a while since I posted anything about babies because I hadn't seen any new ones, much less seen a male spawn. It's cute, light orange but when you zoom in it's prettier than it looks. It looks like it has purple right after the orange ends, before the white tentacles. It's by a rainbow so I think that is its mama. I tried to suck it up w/ the baster but it didn't go, then I gave it a little fresh food and when I lifted the tweezers back up it came up with it! But then it dropped down into the tentacles of a nem. Then found a weirdo worm.
  3. Sorry to hear about your goby. Your tank otherwise looks amazing. So clean & full of pretty colors and corals.
  4. 2 weeks ago I slung and it wasn't good. I need to practice again! I'm like a kid, if my target practice sheet is good I take it home and stick on the fridge. There was no sheet to post this last time.
  5. I can't imagine what that would sound like except loud! I tried pulling up in Images.
  6. So here's an interesting pic. My sponsoring distributor let me use her Blackberry LipSense lip color. WOW!! I'm in love. This time I had the 3 layers on and damn!!! Very different from the nice pic as my symbol for NR. My site is Rockin' Lips Chic on FB. Next week we will know the 36 colors for this moment in time. Due to demand they've cut from 80 colors of lip color to 36 so they can keep up with what people want and I'll be posting those on my site. I decided to become an independent distributor for it. Come and check out my page!! I don't know your names in person so I can't just add you to my FB page.
  7. Some pork loin with some Bourbon sauce of some kind in the crockpot. I didn't have your typical roast that goes in there but it still turned out good. Yeah, I was proud of that one. My conceal carry class day. That was like the 4th time I ever shot a gun. It was fun. But wow, I tried a week ago when I was still off my anti-depressant and they flew all over the place like a rainbow above the center target. HORRIBLE.
  8. No, they just have to mature enough sexually and they should spawn. I haven't seen any spawning now since my last video/pics whenever that was. I'm wondering if either a) it doesn't happen at this time of year or b ) what the leathers secrete into water is somehow preventing them from spawning. The boogers take so long to grow that I can't see how you make money on them. I have that is 1/4" now. That's it. All the others are smaller than that. I'm thinking I'll just give the guy a $100 for this tank since I told him he'd get $100 in trade but it's been so long and they grow so painfully slow. I did start selling a wonderful lip color brand called LipSense that I am completely in love with, addicted to. I took this picture 1.5 mos ago at the party I was at and you're supposed to have 3 layers of the color. I only put one and I love the look.
  9. No, most people just say the red ones, the green, the white/frost, the rainbows.
  10. They're like your favorite chip, you can't just have one! I told you all they're very addicting!!!
  11. I have 5 babies in the NICU but more in the big tank. My biggest in the 40g is 1/4". The ones in the nursery are all smaller but 3 are getting stronger. I'm fine w/ the strongest surviving though I'd certainly like as many to survive as I can.
  12. I've never had one grow from birth. But mine birthed 11/25 and my largest is 1/4". So, yeah, slow process. Others at the same time are smaller. So you're feeding them a lot more than what you're paying for one. However, part of my joy IS the process and seeing how they change daily. I haven't been as active lately, I got down after Gertie passed and then now I'm also an Independent Distributor for SeneGence, and I LOVE their LipSense line. It's incredible. I was hooked after I bought one lip color and gloss, now I'm to 5 and then Sat night late I signed up. So, this week I'm busy reading as much as I can and learning what I can do. And I don't know what I can do but I do know one thing, doing this on the side is making my 8-5 job more bearable.
  13. Oh, awesome, you got the long nose. So sweet, never hurt anybody, I love mine and I know you will yours.
  14. OH, love the starry. Miss mine though he was preventing the rose coral from growing. He'd perch up next to it and it remained closed. They're masters at hiding right in front of you.
  15. Yeah, it's great if you find it in the beginning. I also take that as I sign I need to up my water change schedule. Especially after feeding 31 nems. And I'm sure stuff gets exuded from the leathers too that I'd need more water changes too.