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  1. My first royal gramma hid, but he did live in Gertie's tank. My second one in my 40g was always out n' about. The pygmy I had to remove though. Just by trying to nip for algae it was causing the rose coral to shut down. And now that my clam is in there I made a good choice for removal.
  2. I was going to post a pic under the Bloomin' tank but it wasn't working, not found so I'll do it here. Hair cut yesterday. This 2/21/17 will be a year since I last dyed my hair. I'm so loving it. Natural is not synonymous with looking old. I predict another 8-12 mos before I'm done. The middle top and back are salt n' pepper but more grey is coming in slowly.
  3. Sounds like a great idea! That's why I love Gertie's tank, just natural looking with just a few corals, hob filter & those little hydor koralia flow pumps. And one fish. I need to clean her tank & have a do over of rock cleaning. I love all the different color macros you have in your signature. I want to incorporate that into this tank. You'll have to educate me some.
  4. Yep! Takes a lot of time. Now Stella said she didn't really purposely feed hers, it ate what floated to it. I'm hoping by feeding them a little every day in the nursery they will grow more quickly. And with those clowns it's why I have to remove them quickly. It's a challenge.
  5. It's not connected to the rock so you can move it. I've had to rotate it, I have several rfa babies on or nearby the rock below.
  6. That's a distinct difference!
  7. Hey, here's a pic of my teeny guy. I don't know if it's a flame or what it is, but also tiny.
  8. I believe Stella said 6 mos to get dime size! I did feed the 3 in the tank here today and the babies in the 40. Now I see just how much the clowns have been taking the food from the babies. They're right there for every flower I feed there, every baby, watching, watching, trying to snatch it from the large tweezers. I FINALLY found 1 new baby, just grey or white but I sucked it up & put it in the Nursery. I haven't see it yet, it could be underneath some gravel so I hope it climbs out. These things when they ball up look like the gravel. Diatoms everywhere and some brown diatom little hairs too. I put one of my scarlet hermits in to help. I'll do a water change on Sunday.
  9. I wanted to share a pic of the branching gsp when it's dark in the tank. Still really cool. I can't believe how fast it grew. Then, March 2016 Now- after I've cut 2 branches twice, like trees it does branch off.
  10. Welcome to The Nursery!!!. 18 x 18 x 8 It's probably like 12 g total. The Nursery has been set up. Water is heated and now salted. There is a tiny drip drain side but I'm not concerned with it as it's just following the drain pipe down. I'll need to make an IV drip ATO. Thanks to SkinnyBunny for the drip line. I'm going to let the salt mix up overnight before I add the substrate and rock I love this tank!!! And it's starfire glass, what a deal from a local club member. Unreal. Just owe him $100 in rock flowers once they've grown. Unsalted. Salted. Ordered socks for the sump. All I gotta do now is add the substrate up top and the rock below tomorrow. And add lights for top & bottom, opposite lighting schedule.
  11. Hi Everybody! You all have been so amazing. I love having a hobby family. And thank you also for interest in the leather thread, Leather is for Lovers! And personally, all I own is some pleather! As some of you already know, I wanted to take this in a new exploratory way and learn about a new-for-me classification of corals. So...this will be a rock flower, leather & softy, macro gorg tank. I have enjoyed some recent videos and many, many pics both in the leather thread and StellaBlue's Softie thread she began. Yesterday----20 lbs Live Reeflakes and 30 lbs Mesoflakes Today---- My NanoBox Quad thanks to Dave and the uber thoughtfullness of everyone that helped me out after the electrocution. And if you would, because there are so many threads on this forum, if you'd shoot me your NR name, I'd like to follow your thread too if I don't. I've learned so much by reading about other's threads. And the history if you weren't following. I had a 60g Deep Blue Shallow filled with rock flowers. But....it succumbed to the cyanodinodamnitall and it won. I had some babies but they didn't stand a chance living. Some were way premature. And then..it started changing Then I emptied the tank, later sold it to someone locally about 3 mos ago and they have an extremely lovely lps tank. So then I split up the nems, putting them in Maiden's Voyage before it looked cluttered.... and Gertie's tank wherein she proceeded to beat up ones that were in her way- had casualties. Then I moved. Excited again with a 40g painted black and had black mini gravel, I put most of all the corals from Maiden's Voyage and all nems from both tanks into the 40. Zapped it when my elbow hit the egg crate that the Kessil was sitting atop of as it hadn't been mounted to the wall. No electrical noise when it splashed into the water by an inch. No pop, no zing, no zap, snap, crackle or pop sound to know there was current. 2 hrs later everything's contorting, droopy, urchins spineless. Fish survived & moved to other tanks, duncans, grandis paly and Lil' Bit my maxima survived ironically. There were no nem survivors. Some of the beauties I lost. And I sobbed, bad, knowing that I was helpless to make them survive and I was mad at myself. And here I am now. 1.5 hrs and 3 razor blades later...