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  1. Thanks. Came out mighty colorful. Just can't get bad colors with Dave's Nano Box lights. It's impossible.
  2. Sorry about the glitch, my internet hiccuped.
  3. I'm glad this toadstool has room to spread it's wings.
  4. No, just one baby here or there. But the largest spawning was that Thanksgiving. I'm keeping a close eye.
  5. It's a leather coral. I'll have to meet up with ya. Aside from the branching gsp I also have some grandis paly.
  6. So the toadstool was bent in half yesterday, so when he opened up he was facing the wrong way. Turned rock around, now looks great! The blank spot to the left of the toadstool is where I want the yellow fiji leather. I just turned off the pumps while the food is thawing for the nems and baby nems.
  7. Thanks. It was a good tank maintenance day today. A little summary across the 3 tanks I have. I did a 5 g water change on the nursery, did a 10g change on this one. I took 2 branching gsp and put them in the nursery, including the duncans I have- those I will send to my sister along with some grandis palys. I just put some chemi-pure blue in the nursery and it's looking crystal clear. Hoping the water change and that addition will make the red cyano go away. I also took my gsp covered rock out of the previous Gertie tank and put it in the nursery. Lastly, I took the large toadstool out of Gertie's tank and put it in this one, temporary housing while I clean up the 20g. I'm trying to clean it up so I can get a new mantis some time. I want to keep the curlique anemone in Gertie's tank but it's on a huge rock. Thinking I want to cut away some of that rock. The substrate needs to be dumped and I want to get rid of the rocks too and get some new rock from KPAquatics and maybe by chance getting a mantis again. If I don't get one I'll order a peacock. I'm ready for a larger mantis. I don't know where to put the 6 line in the meantime because I don't have a cover for the nursery. I don't plan on fish in there and in the 40g at feeding time he'd pull the food out from the rock flower anemones and babies. He'd do the same in the nursery. I also don't want to tear up the 40g trying to catch that wrasse.
  8. I just watched the Nat'l Geographic link. I got teary eyed seeing all the colors, corals, fish, shark, etc. Just beautiful and that's all it takes to make me cry. Just something beautiful.
  9. I hope to put more in soon !!!
  10. I hadn't been on in a while. But I have to admit, I'm getting better. I forgot the Devil's Hand, it's doing well too. It's getting a pretty shape.
  11. More pictures!!! The biggest one in this tank. You can see it to the left of Lil' Bit, the clam. I love the purple ticking on the edges. Love the top down of the leather. They're finally doing it after sitting there a good while, like since the beginning. Hehe. I love this one !!!
  12. Thanks. Scored a great tank. I love that nothing can pull the food out of their tiny mouths!!!
  13. Thank You, there are more in my big tank but not in a spot that I can remove them. Boo hoo. I'm going to transfer when I'm able. This one is turning into a beauty, purple and red. and well this one......holy moly!!!
  14. Hey Harry, though I'm not a fan of sps, I have to say yours look damn pretty- colors and extension out the ying yang!!!
  15. Dang your pictures are outstanding !!!