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  1. I have 5 babies in the NICU but more in the big tank. My biggest in the 40g is 1/4". The ones in the nursery are all smaller but 3 are getting stronger. I'm fine w/ the strongest surviving though I'd certainly like as many to survive as I can.
  2. I've never had one grow from birth. But mine birthed 11/25 and my largest is 1/4". So, yeah, slow process. Others at the same time are smaller. So you're feeding them a lot more than what you're paying for one. However, part of my joy IS the process and seeing how they change daily. I haven't been as active lately, I got down after Gertie passed and then now I'm also an Independent Distributor for SeneGence, and I LOVE their LipSense line. It's incredible. I was hooked after I bought one lip color and gloss, now I'm to 5 and then Sat night late I signed up. So, this week I'm busy reading as much as I can and learning what I can do. And I don't know what I can do but I do know one thing, doing this on the side is making my 8-5 job more bearable.
  3. Oh, awesome, you got the long nose. So sweet, never hurt anybody, I love mine and I know you will yours.
  4. OH, love the starry. Miss mine though he was preventing the rose coral from growing. He'd perch up next to it and it remained closed. They're masters at hiding right in front of you.
  5. Yeah, it's great if you find it in the beginning. I also take that as I sign I need to up my water change schedule. Especially after feeding 31 nems. And I'm sure stuff gets exuded from the leathers too that I'd need more water changes too.
  6. Hope you're feeling better. Sinuses and snow and slush suck.
  7. Yeah, people think they look like black emeralds or something. Yeah, I definitely have carbon, luckily I only found like 3 bubbles. I've been able to take out 2 of every 3 when I've had it.
  8. Luckily I've never had a big problem, I count like 3 in the whole tank and it's always a spot with little flow, like the underside of where a clam is.
  9. When I removed it I just couldn't help myself. It was "cute".
  10. Seems Micky Mouse frequented my tank.
  11. Thank You. She had a large impact on me. One of which was the topic of trust. It took a long time for her to trust. But at one point, if she didn't, she wouldn't eat. She was a baby mantis. But as baby she was, she was still very leary, observant, careful. Compare to humans, babies and kids are very open right away- maybe it's more instinctual to them, but people, I think as we get older, we give up that feeling, we trust less right off the bat. Or maybe I'm wrong. But right now for example. I don't have anyone in my life, on my own, recently purchased a gun. I'm not in immediate danger, so why do I trust less? I'm not even dating anyone. No one has given me reason to not trust them. I admired Gert's strength and that no matter how many months or years went by, she was very reliable & predictable to be leary, observant, and careful. I hope this made sense to someone. I don't know if I captured what I meant.
  12. Well said!!!I appreciate that.
  13. Everyone Thank You so much for the empathy & heart felt words. I did fine at work until I told my friend & local reefer. Now as I read all your notes, it brought me to tears again. I feel like I lost my dog. If you have one, you will get attached, maybe attacked (all depends on how much you push the limit). She did give me a light punch once to say back-off. What you'll enjoy and miss the most is interaction, even these green Wennarae s. Believe me when I tell you they're not boring. I loved her blue underneath. You can tell she paid attention, watched ever move. She was most incredible to me and I'd like to think she liked me too.
  14. Thank You, when I heard people say when they found one in their live rock that they would catch and throw them away, that irritated me to the core. Didn't even give them a chance, buy a $10 gallon tank, learn about it. They're such cool creatures. They certainly didn't get asked to get plucked out of the ocean. I was very inspired by Islandoftikis peacock shrimp Betty. And I cried too when I heard Betty passed on last year. Actually I wailed like I did for my own today. I knew from that I could teach her to trust me to feed her.