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  1. Hypo's Underwater Garden - RIP Elegance =[

    oh i also forgot to post this pic, which is why I wanted to post in the first place. I found a asterina starfish in my tank that is munching on some cyano red slime that's growing on some of the glass. I thought you guys would enjoy this; you can see the circles where the asterina has been munching on the cyano:
  2. Hypo's Underwater Garden - RIP Elegance =[

    Hey, sorry I've fallen off the NR face of the Earth, work has gotten the best of me. The zoa sickness seems to have stopped it's crusade in my tank. Looking at older posts, I sure had a lot of different zoas at one point... I literally don't know what happened to most of them. I think I would go on vacation and they would disappear..... Now I'm down to like 7 types... but yeah, no new stuff to report really. I thought I'd take some quick phone pictures for you guys (sorry for the weird colors and low quality). I'm slowly building a micro mini carpet nem army: Oh I also got a hybrid maroon and perc (or occelaris?) clown to keep my lone occ company. My occ has gotten much bolder, buttttt also has turned into sorta a jerk, and attacks the glass whenever someone walks past haha. At least they're not hiding anymore. Oh, and they've also decided to make homes in two of the gonis. They gonis didn't really seem to care, but they were just loosely stuck into the sand, and the clowns kept knocking them over. Soooo I decided i'd cement the frags onto the bottom glass to keep the clowns from killing the corals. Both parties seem to be accepting the accommodations: And that's pretty much it. Happy reefing.
  3. Hey, don't know if anyone's seen this, but if you were thinking of getting a jebao, you might want to hurry before it's too late: http://www.advancedaquarist.com/blog/hydor-usa-files-international-trade-commission-complaint-against-jebao
  4. Kat's Birthday Party

    kaaaaat. what's new! I haven't been on NR since like July lol
  5. Hypo's Underwater Garden - RIP Elegance =[

    Long time no see NR. things have been.... not the best. The zoa sickness is striking again; this time it's the eagle eyes.... sigh. I've separated the original frag from the rest of the colony, and it seems to be fine for now, but I have no high hopes....
  6. Please Delete

    wow stunning
  7. Hypo's Underwater Garden - RIP Elegance =[

    Yah, one of my frogs.Here's what this species looks like:
  8. Kat's Birthday Party

    Yesss we need some tea time before you escape to texas permanently
  9. Hypo's Underwater Garden - RIP Elegance =[

    I'll post a pic of the remeining elegance tissue when I get the chance. I've been SUPER busy recently, so I haven't been posting much or anything. Seems like love is in the air in the mantella baroni enclosure:
  10. Hypo's Underwater Garden - RIP Elegance =[

    One of the orchids in bloom: Howeara Lava Burst 'Puanani'
  11. Hypo's Underwater Garden - RIP Elegance =[

    Sigh yeah. The goni was flipped by a snail, so that I can cope with (I expect that chaos from them), but the powerhead falling on the elegance was not. There's actually a tinyyy bit of flesh still left on the skeleton that looks healthy, so I'm kinda hoping it might do what plates do in situations like this, where a baby will rise from the ashes. I'm not holding my breath though.
  12. Hypo's Underwater Garden - RIP Elegance =[

    So I went on a 2.5 week vacation.... and there were a few casualties in the tank Most notably, my elegance died. I guess something happened to the powerhead that was right on top of it, cuz it looked like the powerhead fell right on top of the elegance... its tissue must have gotten sucked into the powerhead and been chopped up. SIGH. That coral survived a few years of my abuse, and quite a few moves. Here's to you old friend: One of the gonis was flipped upside down, and half of that colony was lost as well. Hang in there, goni. A few other things are a bit pissed off as well. On the bright side, all my orchids and frogs are still alive. I even found a new tadpole today. So at least there's a bright side.
  13. Kat's Birthday Party

    I'M BACK!!!!!!! Brazil was good -- I got to see some of my family which I haven't seen in a few years, so that was nice. Also taking a break and relaxing was nice as well. Not to mention the food The tank wasn't too happy about my vacation though... not everything survived
  14. Kat's Birthday Party

    Kaaaaaaatttttt. Greetings from Brazzzzzil! Tell me all about RAP! Is there like a thread where peeps have pictures in general of the show?
  15. Two Cats and a Reef

    I.... Didn't know you were into that o.0 Does it really stop RTN and STN? I know it advertises this, but I have my doubts...