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Animalmaster6's Official Nano Contest


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Animalmaster6's Nano Contest!





Welcome to the current nano contest! This year we have veterans, beginners, skilled advanced reefers, and past contest winners (Maria :P). This contest will be great!!


Let it Begin!!!!!



Official Rules of Animalmaster6's Nano Contest



Official Dates

- You may register from June 25 to July 31. To find out how to register you must see the Submission Rules.

- You must post a FTS once every month in the FTS Thread

- The contest starts June 25, 2010 and ends January 31, 2011





The goal of this contest is to create a contest that shows the skill of a reefer.




- You may start your tank before the deadline of entering. I.E.- Before another person joins you may start your tank.

- To officially join you need to make a thread and post your first FTS in the FTS Thread. Your first FTS must be of you empty tank with a living or non-living object in it. For example it can be a cat, a parrot, a keychain, a shot glass, a mouse, whatever.

- You must join with a tank that does not have water in it. You can only join if you have not added water to your tank yet. Once you place the first submission FTS you can add water.

- Your thread must be in the Member's Aquarium Section and it must have the word contest in it.




- Your tank must be a nano: Between 6-40 gallons- It may be any brand

- Your system could be 9999999999 gallons and it doesn't matter, as long as your display tank is between 6-40 gallons you are fine





- There is not a Livestock budget

- There is not an Equipment Budget

- There is not a Food Budget

- You can use an unlimited amount of money


This contest is to show you're skill as a reefer, not what you can do with a limited amout of money.



- You will need to post a FTS once a month

- You have to post it on the FTS thread.

- You must start posting your FTS every month starting July 1. If you join in the last days of July and can't PM me and you will be fine.

- You will be excused if you are gone for the month, very sick, or any other personal issues. We do have lives Please PM me or one of the mods and tell us why.


- NO bullying, yelling at, or anything that manner towards another contestant. There is no need for this at all! If you do you shall be disqualified.


Other Rules

- You may add livestock to your tank from an old system

- There are NO growout periods. Add at will

- You MUST keep on the first post a log of what you have at all times. All the equipment and livestock. If something dies delete it from the list. You should put your most recent FTS on the first post as well. The purpose of this is too let people know what myou have

- You may buy, trade, and get anything from anywhere

- You may transfer from other systems.



If you are interested in donating prizes pelase let me know! Send me a PM.

Current Sponsor's and Donator's

Pismo_Reefer- Very Nice Frags!!

Markusha- Macros

got2envy- Macro Algae Frag Pack

ReefCleaners.org- Gift Cards

Youreef.com- $25 Gift Card

FragFrenzy- Frag Pack


All this will be organized into the 3 places in the end.





********If you need to be excused for an ENTIRE month than please PM me!!!!!!!!!!!!******


Official Member's:




.Newman.- 10 Gallon Contest Tank

AJ_Tsin- Custom 13.5G Rimless Studio Reef

ajmckay- 40 Breeder Contest Tank

cody6766- 14 Gallon BioCube

Dasani- 20 Long of Epicness

got2envy- 20 High Rimless Reef Wonderland

JoeD- 40 Gallon Indecision Tank

kdino- 20 Gallon Long of Awesomeness

Markushka- 20 Long Macro and NPS Tank

seabass- 17.4 Gallon Seagrass Nano

SlowGoing- 29 Gallon BioCube Contest Tank

steely185- 37.4 Gallon Shallow Rimless

steve hwang- 40 Gallon Custom AIO Contest Tank









Administrator- Animalmaster6






Thank You to all three moderators!!!


"Ok so once upon a time. There was a reefer whose job it was, to cut the noob tail clean off & christen one a wise old reefer. But those days are past & tails have grown long. The reefers need guidance. But who will lead now that the wise are silent. Who shall step forward. Who will hang them self with an extra long tail. Mmm... we shall see, we shall see. " - Bitts



Let the Contest Begin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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:haha::haha::haha::haha: You have got to be kidding me. This contest will go down in flames like the last one. :haha::haha::haha::haha: Just my personal opinion.


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I'm in :) Add me to the official memby list. Tank thread is in sig.



im in



Count me in.



Slap me on the list. I has a tank thread and has posted in the fts thread.



omgomgomg:angry: YOU MISSED A K!!!! ITS MARKUSHKA!!!! lol fix it. :slap::closedeyes::haha:

Sounds good guys!

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Go ahead and count me in. Link in sig.

this tank is already started thus cant be used in the contest I thought.

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I have an already running tank which may be connected as a sump which is still up in the air. If connecting an already setup sump is not allowed then I will not use it.

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this tank is already started thus cant be used in the contest I thought.

It's empty right now. Livestock is currently in a holding tank.

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Thinkin that with am in communicato. Pm me if you need anything. Can't do much but I'll do what I can.

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I don't understand. You have to set up a new tank, but it doesn't really matter when. Also, if you have an existing tank, you can just transfer everything into a new tank and be ok. Size also doesn't matter, ie I could plumb a 5.5g into my 120g and be fine.




We have so many failed contests now that the word 'contest' is as ubiquitous in thread titles as 'random' is. Bah.

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Come on jer. you know ya want in on the fun. Plumb a pico into that monster of yours already.

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