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Coral Vue Hydros

1/4 Gallon Open Top SPS Cube


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Looks like you haven't been in in a while, but I'll leave my comments just in case


This is an epic build, I wish I had seen it sooner! Your DIY micro vortech is amazing :wub:, I'm inspired and I'm gonna build one for my pico now. You got any advice for any issues I might run into? It seems pretty straight forward, seal the magnet inside the tank and attach to the prop housing. Then attach the other mag outside to the motor and place in its housing, then enjoy. I need to look into my local RC hobby shop and see if they got any tiny props..


Anyways keep up the awesome work, its really inspirational and pushing the boundaries of the hobby.

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Life happened to this tank unfortunatley. i moved twice since the last update on this tank and since then have found myself loaded with work (managing a public aquarium and functioning as an instructor at the community college).


BUT! ive reincarnated the system into a 0.9G Marina Cubus with the same general parameters except volume. The "pump" is still going strong, did some rebuilding of the electrical components but other than that its all the same.


The new tank resides on my desk at work where it will hopefully remain for long to come since ill have to stare at it for hours at a time. Theres a link to the new goods in my sig.


Thanks for the kind words that were so prevelant in this thread and i apologize for my having neglected to update all this time. But im back :D

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there is.....search the googlebox for "diy mini style pump"....

Lol, thread closed for patent infringement? May as well close every diy led, tank and aio thread we have as well.

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1 frag in this?? is it really going to be this? I thought it would be difficult to convert in 1 frag, however after searching in this thread, it is now quite clear to understand the entire thing. A custom Aluminum T-Slot stand I'm creating will be available next week. The stand will be made of "10 Series" T-Slot Aluminum, and while it will be overbuilt, it will allow me to improve in the future with very little money spent. One of my favorite features of T-Slot is the ease with which tanks of the same width can be upgraded. For example, I can simply upgrade to a 100g tank (48x24x20) for only $50 by purchasing four 46" pieces of metal.



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