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  1. Well since there will be no water in this build --- EVER -- then I think a blood sacrifice is appropriate --- AM's blood to be precise........................................... And no I am not back .................... Will check back in in another 20 pages or so to see if AM made the appropriate blood sacrifice.
  2. c_k_kuehne

    Unofficial Pico Methodology Contest

    Well things are sort of looking better (health wise -- not tank wise). With all your encouragement I will try and pick it up for Nov. --- I feel much better today then the last 3 weeks. The tank is still up and running but just barely. Now that I am starting to think straight I will see what I can do over the next week or so. Thank you all for the support. Will be back in a few days.
  3. c_k_kuehne

    Unofficial Pico Methodology Contest

    I am here --- sort of. Basically been crazy sick for the last 3 weeks and still not better yet. Went to the Doctor again today. Maybe this time the shot will work. Also During all this the LED's in the pico Lamp started to go out. Not sure whats up with that but between being sick and missing a whole bunch of work I really have no time to figure it out, so ............................... I really need to respectfully pull the Pico Lamp out of the contest.. I will still be around to administer the contest so please nobody back out just because of me. Just be a little patient with me over the next week or two as I hopefully get better and have more time to spend on forums. I did put a place marker in the FTS thread for the start of November. My parents are coming to my house for a week starting tomorrow and will edit that post for the new official roster for Nov as soon as they leave. Sorry for the confusion. Sucks being this sick and sucks making it this far and feeling the need to pull out.
  4. c_k_kuehne

    Pico Methodology Contest, FTS Submissions

    Space reserved for the Official contestant roster. Nov pics begin after this post.
  5. c_k_kuehne

    Pics of desk, will it handle a 20g L

    Wouldn't even take 3 people for a good test. SW is basically 8 #'s per gal so a 20 long would be 160#'s plus maybe another 20 for tank and filters. If someone weighing 200 can sit on it without it wobbling then you should be good to go. Also if you can put it in a corner of the room so that the back and one side is up against a wall that will help . you could also install small angle brackets underneath the desk top to help hold it to the room corner.
  6. c_k_kuehne

    Pico Methodology Contest, FTS Submissions

    Official Contestant Roster for the Unofficial Pico Methodology Contest as of October 1, 2010: BigRok -- BigRok's Little Rocks c_k_kuehne - Hawke's Pico Lamp Friar1 -- Friar's Pico hemi - Hemi's Reef Ledge JoeD - JoeD's Pico Paludarium .Newman. - Newman's 3 Gal Pico nOrk - nOrk's SPS LED/ZEO Pico Experiment Bonanza reef2.5 - my pico methodology contest build Shyla8 -- Kailyn's 5.5g AIO thesmallerthe better - 1/4 Gallon Open Top SPS Cube Weetabix7 -- Weetie's 4 Gallons of Simplicity Wendy -- Crab Cakes 5.5 All 12 contestants made it another month -- good job everyone, all the tanks are well on their way to true long term success Please keep in mind we are entering the final 5 month grow out period. No new livestock additions can be made (nOrk's special situation excluded). Corals can be fragged/trimmed back at any time. Corals/Critters can be removed at any time if they start causeing issues or start to die. Normal CUC type critters can be added at any time. No new equipment can be added. Defective equipment can be replaced with an item of similar specifications. Normal maintenance procedures and addatives etc... can be done/added at any time. This is really about being able to keep a long term pico. If any special situations come up please let us know in the contest thread and we (as a group) will try and work with you. October Official Submissions Start After This Post
  7. c_k_kuehne

    Crab Cakes 5.5

    Wendy overall your tank is looking really nice as usual. I too have a flat worm infestation. You can see them all over the round, back rock in my Sept pic. Best thing is just step up the WC's and suck them out as you do the WC. Whatever do do don't use any drastic method of removal -- in a pico than can be very detrimental to the tank.Sucking them out on a regular basis with WC's should suffice.
  8. c_k_kuehne

    Unofficial Pico Methodology Contest

    Last day of the month and we are still missing 3 pictures. Fingers crossed.
  9. c_k_kuehne

    Pico Methodology Contest, FTS Submissions

    Well here is my Sept Pic. During the month of Sept I basically neglected the tank but then attempted to pull it through in the last few days of the month. Anyway here is what i got -- will try and stay more focused in the months to come.
  10. c_k_kuehne

    Animalmaster6's Official Nano Contest

    After seeing the number of tanks that are not even wet yet --- extending the contest seems reasonable to give everyone time to catch up with each other.
  11. c_k_kuehne

    Hawke's Pico Lamp

    I think it's recovered decently. Did a glass cleaning tonight and will take and post my picture tomorrow night (dang I hate last min pics).
  12. 143 pages of nothing -- except bumpin' for me -- of course
  13. c_k_kuehne

    Friar's Pico

    Yea well I took out a plug of zoa's and with a tooth brush scrubbed them clean last night. I was as gentle as possible with an old tooth brush -- but I did scrub. They are starting to come back out tonight. Did this to 2 frag plugs of zoa's Don't be scared -- torch or scrub away
  14. Bump for ... me ... of course
  15. c_k_kuehne

    Friar's Pico

    A Man that thinks like me