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  1. haha mr. nipples I too dont get why people kill off their fireworms. the more common ones are kinda harmless.
  2. what kind of algae are you dealing with? Tank is looking good!
  3. I hope you get rid of all those flatworms! Sounds like the treatment is working
  4. the emerald crab will only really come out at feeding time i think. otherwise you'll see it in the shadows. maybe try some camel shrimp because most people wouldn't keep them. Also maybe some coral banded shrimp. two gold ones or one normal one. could look cool if you build a cave for it to hang out in. you'll see two big claws coming out of the cave. i think that could be a cool attraction to the pico.
  5. peroxide is cool for bryopsis along with an emerald crab (optional). I remember xenia was about the only coral that died back from peroxide treatments in the aquarium. most of the others should care as long as treated SW is replaced with fresh SW.
  6. Glad to see it back up. Zoas can be really weird when they first get introduced to a tank.
  7. Looks like this is the upgrade tank now eh? I can see a ton of work has been put into it already. Best of luck with it and happy birthday to your cat too.
  8. acans can take a very long time to get going, i think it's fine
  9. new frag looks related to pipe organ coral nice to see this tank progress
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