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  1. ok now i am voting for this one. great picture.
  2. just draw eyes on it and you're good lol
  3. good stuff
  4. lol why can't he be "Anemone Porcelain Crab"?
  5. this is awesome! two very elusive animals. very nice picture to get!
  6. crazy cool eye + crazy cool camera and skills - enigma ftw
  7. I think this one shows the crab's face well. He lives in my pico.
  8. looks like the hard work really pays off. great fish and pic!
  9. trying to figure out what this is lol, but i agree, great abstract pic
  10. this pic is very cool :0
  11. this has the pattern and even some really nice color for abstract photography. i still think this is very abstract. well done.
  12. you did? which photo is it? can you please link me.
  13. this is called abstract. well done! i like this pic the best by far.
  14. yes, i have sand. thank you good pic
  15. no, actinic light does nothing to clams. they are not like corals, and do not glow neon under actinics. under the royal blue LEDs, my clam just looks black. the stripes barely show in black-dark blue. it blends with the rocks under normal light though it looks great.