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  1. .Newman.

    Where can I get a custom lid for picotope?

    +1 That's what i did. the cutout and any dimensions you can give them will make their job easier. glass/mirror shops will do this for you.
  2. .Newman.

    2013 pico age survey

    why pico reefs fail? 4. too many fish are added to and kept in the pico. this goes with the detritis buildup point. probably not a good idea to have too many fish in a tiny reef setup. similarly with too many larger invertebrates like blood shrimp and skunk cleaners. you simply can't have pairs or more of them in a 1 gallon tank (or some rediculous nonsense like that). I was guilty of keeping one in a 3gal though
  3. .Newman.

    2013 pico age survey

    peroxide + emerald crab = very clean rocks. i always loved that combo in my pico. btw tylernt, your (dyamax is it?) reef looks incredible. looks full and right
  4. .Newman.

    Kristin's 3g pico tank!

    That's not a very good biology teacher... anyway, Nice start to a tank!
  5. .Newman.

    2013 pico age survey

    mine lasted more than 2 years. it was a higher tech setup, but I'm sure it could have lasted much longer had I not been stressed into parting it out and taking it down.
  6. .Newman.

    Pico Reef Jar

    looks great btw
  7. .Newman.

    My first pico! Dymax IQ3 now 5 YEARS OLD!

    I really like the top of this tank, it looks so nice with the larger colonies of corals. It's awesome that this pico is still going. My suggestions for the hair algae was going to be peroxide and have an emerald crab clean it up after. unfortunately an emerald might complicate things for your corals in there since the tnak isn't very large.
  8. .Newman.

    Jgpicos Pico

    This was a great pico. Sad to see it go too...
  9. .Newman.

    Kat's Ol' Max

    You can't test iodine? Too trace a quantity, or something else? Darn
  10. .Newman.

    Kat's Ol' Max

    So thats where my Kent Iodine went. I was wondering who I gave that to Molting issues often do have to do with trace minerals that the crustacean needs. Hopefully you will have this solved. It must be that the corals are constantly competing with the other inverts for minerals, and somebody is going to get left out (maybe its the porcelains in this case.) I'd wait for a test kit. Avoid problems with possible overdose.
  11. .Newman.

    Kat's Ol' Max

    Blast, so it's happening to anemone porcelains now too? I thought(and was hoping) that it was only an issue with the greens - maybe they are not fit to be in a reef setting and reef parameters. Let me know which porcelains you lost. Were they the white ones or the Caribbean ones? The missing appendages sound like big molting problems - where the crab was unable to molt successfully and remove the claw or mouth part from the molt safely. Or it could be something like another porcelain may have taken that appendage off in a fight right after the molt (when they are still soft.)
  12. .Newman.

    Kat's Ol' Max

    I see, glad you figured your salinity out
  13. .Newman.

    Kat's Ol' Max

    Do the more expensive ones do that? Because I had (still have it) a cheap $50 one.
  14. .Newman.

    Kat's Ol' Max

    Congrads on the tank making one year! I am concerned about the refractometer calibration issues though. Did you figure it out? I always used freshwater to calibrate mine and held my reef at 1.025 SG By freshwater I mean tap water and sometimes the RO/DI that I made. i think both of them had the same readings. I did have that 35ppt calibration fluid in a bottle from when i bought my refracto, but i almost never used it. My question to you is does it stay at 35ppt always? As in it doesnt evaporate and cause an inaccuracy when you calibrate? I am talking about the liquid inside the bottle itself. Also how off was your reef's SG after you calibrated your refracto with the fluid? Also idk how relevant this is but I remember that if my calibration water and my testing water were two different temperatures, the calibration was off. Let me know what the salinity was and how you fixed it Most importantly though: where are the fuge pics? Can't seem to find them. Found it. That photo made me laugh. It looks excellent and I can see exactly how all the macros form a landscape. It's the house that made me laugh lol!